“A Little BOY has HIS Best FRIEND”

       Charlie Brown – 06-13-1963


Lee Aldrich  Jr.,  and little Charlie Brown having fun in a rocking chair that also swings around – best of friends –  just having fun!

Charlie Brown is only (7)  seven weeks old on this photo.

Just  like a boy and his “favorite pet”  should do… start to get to know each other, while rocking in a nice big chair… that is so very  comfortable…  for all!

This over-stuffed rocking chair was  also always  just the “best for rocking the baby”  to sleep – as you are as comfortable as “you can be”  and you can rock and turn any which way as fast or as slow and  all in such comfort.

It won’t be too long and our little Lee and  his friend, “Charlie Brown” will both  be –  sleeping and not even mind, that  their  falling asleep together  – since  – now and forever … it looks like they will always  have each other to be with…  in the best of all  our earthy places to  ever be  in  “LAND of BIG DREAMS!”

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“Good HOME CARE for your small animals”

“This is a ‘REAL’ DOG’s Life!”


This is “CHARLIE BROWN” our little “French” poodle and she is being groomed by a professional dog groomer that makes house calls.

We were living in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time and I thought it would be nice for our little son,  Lee Jr., to see exactly how, our  “CHARLIE BROWN” is made to look beautiful  – when she has someone to take good care of her.

Looks like “Charlie Brown” knows that this is a regular course of events – when you are a poodle?

You will have to have your hair trimmed just in a so-so, way to be seen and identified as a “Poodle”…  and a special bath with all the good smelling soaps  – made just for the “well-care-for”  little doggie?

When,  having good experiences like this done at home for the children to participate in –  in my opinion –  it helps for the children to always love and take  good care of their animals.

It helps for children to have a healthy and safe bond with animals  – because as in our case,  the children have always had animals at home with us and also, as they have grown … married and in their new homes and with their new families… where ever they have moved … in  to their own new  homes and with  with their own children – and now –  even the grand-children have their own animals with a very good and healthy  life  – for all!

It was handy to have a good size  “card-table” that we could use for the “Groomer” to set up and with lots of  “news-paper” to protect the table – – we were always  in business for these home events – – and the children  enjoyed seeing and helping – – and learning  those things that they have been able to put to good use … all through their own LIFE and  even now – – able to do the same for their own animals.

“Thanks be to our Almighty CREATOR – – to have  given  to us beautiful small animals that we  can bring into our homes – – and treat just like FAMILY – – for all of their LIFE.”    D.V.

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“Memories of Yesterday, Make for Terrific Tomorrows”

“These are just two more of the many memories… 

needed for the this most important day…

for listening too, and remembering the best of yesterday!”

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AMERICA is the very best for All”






“Just sit back and relax… while enjoying … just one of the many… that is … of our very best memories… especially if you are old enough to recall and then…  love to remember the BEST…”

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“Rejoice and with PRIDE Celebrate This DAY”


If you are reading this today,  the 4th of July, 

Rejoice and be Glad! 

You are an  American, living on American soil, which was blessed by  Our Creator!

Your  Fore-Fathers,  from all parts of the world…

They all… each  and everyone, wanted  something better for their  families, and fought all kinds of hardship, because they had  a Dream, with a  Vision of a better Life for all posterity.

My  great Grandparents, came here, to AMERICA…  because of the potato famine, and poor working opportunities in England and Ireland. 

They were not,  ‘slackers’! 

They came here fully- motivated to work and work around the clock, regardless of their age – till they could provide well for family and all of the  families they generated.

My  gratitude,  go’s to all of my past generations, for being firm believers in  our Almighty Creator… with their  Family, and Freedom – also, for their  inspiration, promoting all to get a  good education – that learning tool, that is  most needed in this world.

Encouraging   – Work –  as… One must work  – for self – family – and a great  Country! 

  May our Almighty … Bless America!

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“TODAY, We All – United need to Celebrate”

4th of July – Celebrate

Americans !   Come to the aid of your Country –  Celebrate!  

While taking an active part  in seeking those who have, and will continue,  with our  Best interest at Heart. 

It took hard-working men and  the cooperation of even the Rivals, to help in the United Cause  of our Forefathers, when they  decided they had enough — 

  Taxation without Representation. 

We are in that same boat, now!

We are in need of help: 

We the people have to get our Country, turned around, with the right people,  put in office, and with the original ideas put back to work, that, ” made in America” made us #1!

How could we forget the Almighty Creator  of  “us” All, that without His direction, our forefathers would not have  sought out,  a place to Worship, without the interference  of Big Government.

Now without Prayer  –  Repentance,   and a resolve to change  our greedy – evil ways  — where do we   think  we and our Country are headed?

Celebrate!   “TODAY”

The 4th of July,  by including the will of our Creator, directing our Path —  Together  —  United!

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