Vicky Darleen

Happy Birthday to you ……………..  and many, many more!

From the fullness of His grace, we have received one blessing – one right after another….  and …. after another, just in our daily life , getting to know you, and being part of  one large happy family. Wishing that your world will be rich in contentment, your spirit light with faith,  and your heart always blessed with joy!

Our Creator, is giving us such a beautiful Spring assortment, an outdoor full- color arrangement, free for our  sight and mind. It is our Best Birthday, when we find – that  –  we are full of life and enjoying every minute – each and every hour – each and every day… and that’s forever!

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“Sing Along”

We had an old metal swing- set in the back yard, rusted chains and seats not  in  the best of shape,  plain to see, unsightly and unsafe. So,to the trash with  the seats and chains and applied fresh paint. Purchased  a new type seat, seating wide enough for 3 or 4 to sit together. You see these usually on a porch , just swinging in the breeze, calling to you, sit and swing with me.

Nothing  could be better than the grandkids and me, all sitting and swinging and more swinging and a light bulb went off!! I ran into the house and quickly searched through the music books ,  finding ,  “just the right one”.

Back on the swing, with the Grandkids, singing up a storm,   from the  Old Mother Goose,  song book. It’s the best fun, you can have, each one picking out a song to sing, and singing for the whole world to hear!

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GG Mary Smart

We ,as the descendants of Great Grandma Mary Smart, are so very greatful and thankful to be in this family. When you hear some one say ,”Pick the right genes”, that’s exactly  what we did.

For Mary’s family to pick up stakes from outside the London, UK area, making arrangements to travel to America by boat, just had to be the hardest undertaking a family can do. That’s next to selling out of your property and possessions and buying into a “wagon-train” journey, west. GoingWest to America, and when you arrive, really going West!  Either mode of travel took a strong  constitution, backbone of steel,  body and soul determined to persevere forward to a free land of opportunity for family and generations to come.

Thank you,  for really being a smart, Smart  family.



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When the grandchildren came to stay overnight with me, I would always have their favorite  foods , for all their meals.

On this particular  morning, bright and early, I was making a bigger batch of pancakes. The kitchen was like a restaurant with delicious smells inviting everyone to come in and enjoy. The pancakes made a real hit with the grandkids, asking what made them so good? My reply was,”I have a secret ingredient,  like all good cooks”.

One started looking in the spice rack, and another in the pantry, and the searching begam to be a very serious search for the item, that makes pancakes taste so good.

When children are young and looking for something so special, an intangible item a substance to see or feel, you know they are looking for the truth.

So, I took them to the kitchen, for an inspection of the evidence,finding nothing visible, had to leave the cat out of the bag. “Everything I do for You, I add Love. That made their day. Now twenty years later, I still hear, “Grandma put Love in this for us”.


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Information, please!

Looking through some Grandma pictures, found out what was missing!! No one wrote a note of who was in the picture and what are they doing? I know some of the faces, but who are the stonewalls showing up and with a look that could kill, if they are photographed again.

Some of these, you , too will soon be seeing. Do not die laughing. When looking at these pictures, I kinda get the message , the camera will break and I won’t have to pose any more if only I can keep this cold, stern, stone face from breaking. The messages come thru loud and clear, show as much dissatisfaction and I’ll never be asked to partake of this boring type of get-together agsin.

Every family needs a Historian, someone who will keep photos and important papers of  what will make the next generation sit-up and take notice. Let’s be proud of our ancestors!  (Do It)

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Library Card

Someone asked me about my library card?

It is amazing how an almost 70 year library card can find a safe place to hide all these years and still look good. The real story is how I got it.

In the early 1940’s,  we moved into the North St.Louis area, and I was sent to the bakery for cinnamon rolls. I’m six years old and on  the corner of Carter & Warne Ave., is  parked a mobile library trailer, not seen by me before. I could not just pass by, since they had two  doors opened. Nosy– me pokes my  head in and someone said, “come on in?” “I don’t know if I can ??  What are you here,  for?”.  Someone said, “You can have a book if you have a library card!” “I’ll come back.”

I had to run as fast as I could to the bakery and home, and back to the mobile library. When I got there, they helped me fill out the library card and pointed me to the  area that would interest me. I picked out a book that had a picture covering the whole front cover. Across the top was the name of the book, Madeline. I could hardly wait till I was back home, to show Mother. My mother read to me and my brothers and she was happy with my selection .She  also helped me  to read it.  The story of Madeline, seemed as if , to be about me.

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