“Keeps Fighter Pilots Awake and Alert”


This Unclassified Technique Keeps Fighter Pilots Awake and Alert in the Cockpit

You never know when you’ll need to use this skill.


Most will encounter a g-force, if at all, on a rollercoaster. Symptoms of encountering g’s include “graying out,” or passing out, due to blood flowing out of your brain and into your lower extremities. If you’re a fighter pilot, encountering and fighting g’s is an occupational hazard, and fighting against them is second nature. For instance, retired Naval Officer Mark “Crunchy” Burgess, who’s been flying for over 26 years, is so accustomed to pulling g’s that he’s less concerned about fighting them than navigating dangerous situations like landing on an aircraft carrier in inclement weather, or flying through the clouds while being shot at. He and other seasoned pilots, he says, “Tend to just hold our breath and squeeze our stomach, pushing the blood back into our head when we start to feel the effects of the g’s coming on.” But not everyone is so accustomed to g’s. Just before we flew in an L-39 jet with him, he taught us “the right way to do it,” which is an unclassified Anti-G Straining Maneuver (AGSM) called the Hook Maneuver.

The Hook Maneuver was unclassified in 1990 in a response to civilians’ desire to know how these pilots keep their cool in the cockpit. The resulting report by the Naval Air Development Center explains that the Hook Maneuver “Simply emphasizes the proper mechanics for physiologic enhancement of tolerance” in a way that is “easily understood, rapidly mastered, and easily remembered.” You may never pull as many g’s as Crunchy has, but you may find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to fight against a G-force, or simply keep yourself from passing out after standing up too quickly, and this technique will help.


Anticipate the G. Pay attention to pressure levels; when you feel the downward force of the g’s, get ready to start your AGSM.

Tense your muscles. G-forces push down, pooling your blood in your abdomen and legs. Tensing your muscles will help keep the blood pumping in your heart and brain.

Start the Hook Maneuver. Breathe in, and begin to say the word “Hook.” You should feel your glottis, the opening between your vocal cords, at the back of your throat. About three-quarters of the way through the word, before hitting the “K” sound, close your glottis and hold for 2.5 to 3 seconds.

Exhale, finish the word “hook,” and inhale. Strongly exhale and finish the word “hook,” drawing out the “K” sound. Then inhale and get ready to repeat. This step should take no more than one second — just enough time to let blood flow into your heart and chest, but not enough to allow the blood to leave your brain.

Breathe in and repeat. Continue the technique until you return to a low pressure level.

This is Al R. Aldrich…himself.

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“Lifting our Hands with JOY and Love”

“I scream… You scream…We all scream… for Ice Cream!”

That is what will happen to you… too!

When a group of friends and the best of all… KING AL, himself is with a group of admirers and they are all holding something very special in one hand… all have million dollar smiles and  what I see is everyone hold in one hand an Ice Cream Cone and all are ready to sing “HAIL to the KING”…. but…

When you look too fast,  and do not take  the necessary time to think… that these friends are in a place of another kind of refreshment… one where you must be over the age of 21 to engage in holding up high… a  toasting drink…. aa all are ready to start singing… that other and most famous of songs… “Hail to the KING of Aeros”!


and then we will sing….

and what fun… we will have today and tomorrow and everyday… forever!


Joanne DuMound
My grandma taught me I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream in the 1950s. I grew up saying this. It wasn’t until now that I realized it was a song and how popular it was. It brings back so many precious memories of my grandma.


Wow, when my mom said that this was a classic song, I didn’t think she meant THIS classic. I just thought that this was from Barney in the 90s. Holy smokes.
Tim Neath
My grandad was 4 years old when this record was released. Now the whole family knows it.
I have an original 78 recording of this. When I was young I thought it very weird.
John B
Well, I suppose it is if it is 45 degrees below freezing point. But that’s Eskimos for you. Where they live (Greenland) it’s probably like that quite often.


Daniella Lujan
Thanks for sharing this old disk and photos!
Lorna I
Rewatching Down By Law. Great original too 🍦

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“Hail… Hail the whole GANG’s Here”

Just have to add some music … that we all love,  and we will be singing to remind you, and the whole gang … we are in this “boat”…  together… forever!



… and…



Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here is an American popular song first published in 1917. The lyrics were written by D. A. Esrom (pseudonym of Theodora Morse) to a tune originally written by Arthur Sullivan[1] for the 1879 comic opera The Pirates of Penzance. The tune occurs in Act II as part of “With Cat-Like Tread” and echoes the Anvil Chorus from Giuseppe Verdi‘s opera Il Trovatore.[2][3]

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
What the heck do we care
What the heck do we care
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here
What the heck do we care now

(Original lyrics by W. S. Gilbert)

Come, friends, who plough the sea
Truce to navigation
Take another station
Let’s vary piracy
With a little burglary

It appears that the lyric “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here” had unofficially been added to Sullivan’s melody many years before 1917. It was referenced in American newspapers as a familiar song as early as 1898, sung at political and other gatherings.[4][5] A Philadelphia Inquirer news item from April 1, 1898, for example, stated that during a raucous meeting, members of the Philadelphia Common Council loudly sang, “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here, what the h— do we care! What the h— do we care!”[6][7] Likewise, a Delaware state legislature session in March 1901 was disrupted when Democratic members loudly sang the song.[8][9] The title line of the song is also quoted in the closing measures of the 1915 song “Alabama Jubilee“.[10] Also in 1915, the Ohio State University fight song Across the Field incorporated the title phrase as the penultimate lyric.[11]

The song is referred to in Kurt Vonnegut‘s book, Slaughterhouse-Five: “The door was flung open from inside. Light leaped out through the door, escaped from prison at 186,000 miles per second. Out marched fifty middle-aged Englishmen. They were singing “Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here” from the Pirates of Penzance.”[12]

By the 1950s, the chorus of the song (with revised lyrics) had become popular in Irish and Scottish communities as being part of “The Celtic Song“, sung by the fans of Glasgow Celtic in Scotland and later other teams. Glen Daly recorded an “official version” of “The Celtic Song” that is commonly played at Celtic Park prior to matches.[13]

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“The Hope | Israeli Hebrew Jewish music songs”




The “Hatikvah” Lyrics

Following are the lyrics (in both Hebrew and English) to this, the song that has given millions of God’s children hope:

Kol od baleivav penimah
Nefesh yehudi homiyah,
Ulfa’atey mizrah kadimah,
Ayin letsiyon tsofiyah;

Od lo avdah tikvateinu,
Hatikvah bat shenot al payim,
Lihyot am hofshi be’artzeinu,
Eretz tziyon veyerushalayim.

As long as Jewish spirit
Yearns deep in the heart,
With eyes turned East,
Looking towards Zion.

Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope of two millennia,
To be a free people in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Salma Osman
Not Israeli or even Jewish , actually I’m Muslim Egyptian , but I love this song so much and makes me want to cry and I love isreali and Jewish people , they’re amazing and loving people , I don’t care about haters , there’s always good and bad in everything


Steven Wolfe
And I am not an Israeli but an American and my trip of a lifetime was to Egypt to discover our joint ancestors. I also discovered that our prophet Ibrahim is my prophet Abraham. When I discussed this with a Muslim guide once in Istanbul, he looked at me and said “Then, we are brothers”. I wept.
Asian American standing in solidarity with my Jewish brothers and sisters…hate and terrorism have no place in God plan for the world..defend your homeland. Praying that hope is found, and conflict ends..
God bless Israel , the people of God


Patriot52 Realfinn
Most beautiful national anthem in the world. Love from Finland. Long live Israel, home of the brave.


She’s one of the most gorgeous and talented ladies I’ve ever seen and I say that with great respect. Her singing as demonstrated in this video and also many others has also made me obsessed with the Hebrew language.
The sound of the language, especially when sung, is so beautiful and I hope to learn it one day once my busy life opens up.



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“Here we are, All Ready to Fly”

Sometimes… when you hear someone call from a high distance… a much higher spot than you would ever dream of being called from… they are calling down to you, as you…

you now have to just  lean back on your plane… raise your head high to respond… so that who ever is calling to you, can see that you are now able to communicate from this lower distance, all the way up to that much higher position.


Now that you have my full attention…

“What in the world are you doing  way up there on the roof… and I sure do hope that you  are not making a hole in that roof… as that is my hanger, to park my plane in… for the night!”

Just let me know all that you are doing, and or planning to do as… I could have stayed up in those high blue skies above, and do that which I love doing… when at the Airport…

as I  now will rest my elbow on my plane… as this talking to someone at  a much  higher up… type of source… requires that I, now at least, be half way comfortable… to just stand and talk!

“NOW… if you can give to me an estimate of the time, that you will be needing to finish this work on that roof above my hanger section…

I do believe… that I would enjoy some more flying and having fun  in those skies above you, just keeping an eye on you… as you are working…

I just know…  that I will feel so much better… up there… now!”

If I park my plane in the hanger now… and leave, while you are still up there on that roof… and you are doing all kinds of work… for more hours then we know… I do believe, that I would not get a  single wink of sleep to night, just my thinking about all of the one hundred  and one things, that could go wrong…

and just by a little ole mistake or something gone wrong… something would break and fall right down on that prize  of all prizes… my Airplane… I just would not sleep a wink!

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“We are HERE for a Short Time”

This is one of those terrific PHOTOS… that everyone that will take a quick look to see, will immediately say that they like this Photo,  very much!

When looking at this photo for several times… I have been trying to see if there is some kind of a distinguishing telltale of a where  in this  world…  is this very happy occasion, has taken place just for starters?

For starters, it is a very cold evening … as Daddy Al and Daughter Alyssa are hugging each other, tightly and we can tell that they are trying to keep warm as they are  also, so very close together… as being instructed to do… in their  posing for this photo.

Looking at this photo, I sure would like to see the other photos that  just maybe… were taken that night… as I sure would like to know, if they and everyone, that they were with for this wonderful evening of fun and enjoyment, had many more photos to see and admire,  as our dearest and most loved  “AL” is no longer here… to ask about this photo… and to find out if he had one of the best of times … celebrating with his children.

During the very cold months of the year, that we have here in Missouri… thee are several really cool and wonderful places to go for their entertainment … such as Shows and then a very nice Restaurant for a nice dinner, and some places that you are able to find all of these fine specialties, in just one very nice area, that when you are young… you will know just where to go!

After seeing  both of your smiling faces, and being  just so very  “HAPPY” to be enjoying this very special evening  so together… on this very special outing … as this, as I am now thinking… may  or just could have been a very extra special night to celebrate your “BIRTHDAYS” as you both just so happen to celebrate “BIRTHDAYS” on the  very same date… each and every year… you are both so, “LUCKY” to always have that very special connection… for as long as you shall live.

But as “TIME” will fly by, and just as fast as it can … it is always so good to have some old “PHOTOS” that show, that we were having the very best of times… when we were together celebrating some very good occasions…

… as all that we can carry through “LIFE” with ourselves… as we travel on this very  lonesome long journey… in that special time of  our LIFE… that we were given, and only for a very short time for some of us… as sometimes, some of us are  called to come “HOME”… just when we here on  EARTH, get to thinking, that we have had almost enough time here… to have really made it so good… we almost think it is near that time… for us  to retire, and  NOW, really enjoy more time with our family, as never before!

Just seeing that number seven  above that business in the above photo… had started me thinking … that a time of warning is given to someone in this photo… perhaps the date of death  and or maybe just so many days left here on earth … such as only seven hundred days left on the calendar…it is all just so odd… to think about

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