“22 YEARS ago… and WE still all miss and LOVE our little sister, KAREN”

Today… 22 years ago… My little sister,  “Eve Karen McClarren Gonzales Scott” died.  Her husband, “James  Scott”  … had called me and told me all about the  miserable treatment  that  “Karen” had received at the    “Firmin Desloge Hospital”   … talking  with me  on the plone, for at least three hours.

“Pancreatic cancer”  is one disease that you have in your body for a long time… then one day … you go to have something in your body checked out…  and in about two months time you are dead.

After “JIM” telling me all about “Karen’s problems… there was nothing that I could do… but only wished that I had known about this problem …  long before  the treatment that she was undergoing had taken  her in such a miserable way.

He had told me…  that she did know  that something was wrong… long before she said something to him…  just thinking that she would be able cure herself with some strong dose of  “Vitamins”  or some  other unknown recipe…  that she would  also try…  and  also said, that she had cabinets full of all kinds of things…  that she was using… and or trying to cure herself.

As you can see in this next PHOTO of  “JIM and KAREN” on a vacation to “Hawaii”  and where JIM had just  purchased  a very expensive piece of jewelry,   that  “KAREN” was  now  telling “JIM”  that she  was being treated so much better…  especially now … she wanted JIM to know… that she was never  ever treated  well by the “Gonzales” family…as they were always trying to stay in touch with her.




This next PHOTO … we NOW have of  “KAREN” … she is still  sucking her thumb…causing her teeth  to be a real facial deterrent…  for when  she will be getting into her teenage years.

This  PHOTO  is at a PICNIC at St. Vincent’s …  and “GAIL PORTER” a classmate,   is on the right side of a Saint Joseph statue… and that is ME on the left side  of this photo…  little “KAREN” is standing below me…  not enough room at the top of the statue…  for all three of us and  of course… ST. JOSEPH.


One more old PHOTO – – and this is  “KAREN” and her first son, “Christopher” when they were first living  in  the Arnold, Missouri area. And just two years ago…  “Christopher” passed away… leaving with  her a  second son, Steven.

There is more regarding this picture … in another article  of “KAREN”  as she was a terrific person…  only wish that she could have lived if  just a little longer… but someday, all of us will be reunited in “CLOUD NINE” with our brother, “Denny H. McClarren”  and  have to include  “KAREN’s” other son  “STEVEN”   who is still living and doing well.     D.V.

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“Remembering our BABY-SISTER… EVE KAREN McClarren”

This PHOTO of  “KAREN ” – – with  big brother, “DENNY”  on the left in the photo – – and  big brother  “TOMMY”  on the right.   I am taking this PHOTO – – on a very  COLD  day – –  for a “visit”  with  our little  sister “KAREN” – – had to go to the “Civil Courts Building” in the downtown  Saint LOUIS area – – as you  can  tell by looking at the background – – You know right where this area is.



“KAREN with  big brother, DENNY – – on his GRADUATION DAY”  “1953”  – – This PHOTO is taken in front of the “German St. Vincent Orphanage Gymnasium” – –  7401 Florissant Road, Normandy, Missouri –  we were in line to get on the “FERRIS WHEEL” – – one of the attractions on the grounds of the  “ORPHANAGE”  to attract lots of Visitors – – to and for this  Graduation-Picnic occasion”.

“If only this Photo would have been in color – – You could see the terrific  shade of  “RED HAIR”  and freckles that DENNY has.”



“This is with MOM and the three of us… February 1946 – – as our baby sister,  “EVE KAREN  Francisca McClarren” was born on the 16th – – and when “MOM and DAD” took our sister to the  “HOLY NAME CHURCH” to be baptized – –  and  were asked what the baby’s  NAME will be – –  he was told  – – “EVE KAREN” – – the Priest said … “there is not a   “SAINT EVE KAREN” – –   DO you have a DOG?” – – “I  need a  “SAINT’s  NAME” – – – So as not to hold up the ceremony – –  “MOM remembered that  – – “Francisca CABRINI”  was in the NEWS – – as just having been canonized a  “SAINT”  – – so that is  “HOW”   – our sister “KAREN” received her  long and full name. This was an “IRISH PRIEST” and his “IRISH brogue” was so strong  – – you could  hardly  understand  what he was saying – -as the word “DOG” really sounded like “DOGUE!”


“This is “KAREN” with DADDY…. and of course the three of  us  – DENNY – ME  –  TOMMY – – in the area where the “APPLE”  trees were growing – – and every so often one of kids – – would run down and get a handful of  ‘apples’  for friends – -but…  for some of the kids – – they could not eat the green “apples”  they would  get… a good case of the “runs” to the bath-room.”

That “SAILOR” out-fit that  “TOMMY”  is wearing – – is the same  “out-fit” that  “DENNY” wore on his trip to “OHIO”  – – when he was  only “four years old”  – – wrote about that trip a couple weeks earlier – – and posted the news-paper clipping along  – – giving all of the particulars of the   long “trip”  that little  DENNY took … all by himself – – when “DADDY” had to go to  “CALIFORNIA”  to work on the  “NAVY SHIPS”   during WWII – – just some the exciting things that the  “McClarren”  children did during those “hard” times  – – and we  all have  lived  – –  long enough to tell about it!

“Just some of the memories of our little sister, EVE KAREN” – – just good to have a few  old  PHOTOS – –  for a “BACK-up” – otherwise – – no one would believe…  half of  the good old days – – when we were  in the bad times of  a  “WAR” and what  “AMERICANS” all did to help  our “COUNTRY”  WIN…  – – but we  “ALL”   just did what we could – – and always felt good – – for what we were able to do.!”         D.V. 

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“Words of Wisdom for TODAY”

… and while…  we are thinking of it – – FOREVER…

On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that when a loved one leaves the body,
it is a cause for a genuine and special joy.

It can be difficult to experience this joy over the death of
a loved one, and sadness is both perfectly natural and very
“okay.” Yet know this: your Beloved is celebrating
Continuation Day. This is the most glorious experience you
could possibly imagine. It is, truly, heaven!
And there is this: You will once again reunite with the soul
of this loved one. Nor will you ever be separate even now,
for their Essence flies to you at your very thought of them.
I would not tell you this were it not true.



On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that the time has come for you to nourish your soul.

When was the last time that you swam naked?
Or sang in the shower? Or blew bubbles?
Or held a puppy? Or kissed a baby?
Or made love all Sunday afternoon?
Or prayed really softly, not from need, but from love?
Has it been a while?
Then hurry. Do it. 
This is life that is going by…


On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that helping family is the greatest joy. 
Let no family member go without, or be in real need,
if you have what they lack.  Share of your abundance
Even if you think you are not abundant,
share what little you think you have.
What else is the point of having something if
you don’t share it?  To use it for yourself,
and yourself alone?  Would that be the point?
I don’t think so.  In fact,
that would miss the point of all of life.  
And while we are thinking of family…could we think
of all people as members of our family?  Now there’s a thought
that would change the world overnight…

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“It is CHRISTMAS… every DAY”

“Nothing is ever over – – until you have had time to view all possible  events… places and most importantly… till all PHOTOS  taken – – have come in for review – – and I just LOVE to review – – and give my comment.


“LOOKS LIKE this PHOTO will pass ‘muster’ and hit the front page of “fourgrandmas.com” – – never can tell – – some awards may have to be sent out for the various customs and ideas that we do award for and  – – never KNOW…Who will be next… to receive one of our  highly prized AWARDS!”

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people sitting, living room, shoes and indoor

“LOVE and BLESSINGS to all – – D.V.

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“Saturday with an ANGEL”

“Just thought that today… “SATURDAY”   would be a very good day to start off with an ANGEL!”







….. D.V.



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“(01-31-1996) – One DAY that I will never forget”

 Karen and Kathleen… birth date was…  February 16th, 1946.

Have to remember my sisters,  ” Kathleen McClarren” and her identical twin sister,   “Eve Karen Francesca McClarren –  Scott”  (01-31-1996).  Life here for some is   ” just too  short”  –  also, to remember both of you  –   I did have  “Masses”  – –   for both of you and “MOM” since she is also  – –  NOW  joining  you, both…  in HEAVEN…   were said at  my favorite Church   “St.Francis Assisi on Telegraph Road.”   Have to believe that you all are  with the Angels and Saints, spending time   with  the  Almighty Yahweh!

 HAVE… NOW  posted  some of my favorite  and  the  best pictures of you and Tom when we went bowling, and  also … when we went ice-skating  I think Tom was home on military leave at the time?  It’s  good to take pictures to help remember all the good fun times   –  so long ago?

Also, was looking at that notebook you used to write all of your stories in – –   and “Alyssa , my Grand- daughter”  will have to do all  of the  required  art work – –  which will  help to get that book  published for you. Alyssa can work wonders illustrating the stories, and with an original work like your  very own “STORY”  book   –  it is just what the  “writer’s market”  want and are looking  for..  today!

So, Karen, and Kathleen,  just so you know   – neither one of you will ever be  forgotten! Everyone  – everywhere… who ever met you  and even everyone I tell about you  –  always ask for more information  –  since you have a real story…  one that needs and should  some day  hopefully  be told!

I can only say … “YOU”  may be absent from the body, but I do   know…  you are   “ALL”   in the presence  of  the   “Almighty our Creator.”   May blessings… be with  you  all…  forever and ever…  more!      D.V.

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