“Back to School…”


“This is a “Back to School” picture of me…at the “Hadley Tech”- – 3405 Bell Avenue in the Midtown area of Saint Louis, Missouri”

When I was hired by the Telephone Company…they told me that they  have a   four week training  period – and –  that  – I would be receiving a full “PAY” check all during the training  time…and that they did not want to hire me … if …there was a possibility of my quitting… when “school” would start up –  that  all of their money – spent to train me… would  have been wasted!

Well… how could I let them down… if they were good enough to hire me –   – I let them know –  that I only needed (4) four more credits … and that I was going to make those credits up – by taking extra classes on my own time  –   that I was planning on getting my High School Certificate –  – and –  that they could also  –  count on me being on the job every hour – and every and any hour that they needed me.

So… that is what I did… after the weeks of training and then working the regular “DAY” hours of eight to five – that is so they have enough supervisors that can check you out… how …you are doing … if you are following the training course… to the letter and without deviating  – or doing something your own way  – and not according to the correct instructions. Training was fun and very interesting to me – – as each student had to write down in their own stenographers’s  note book – everything that would be needed for any  future reference – since  most  of this information – – had to be remembered… and after awhile – everything sunk in and stayed  with me…for LIFE!

The above photo…It just did not look like me… but – now that I look at it  – I wish that I still  had that nineteen inch waist – – sure  would be nice if we could change ourselves… back to the way – we looked  –  when we were young and in good shape??? – – –  (There must be a secret to this idea – and… I was not in class… that day???)

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“I have some good NEWS… and…


“This is…   “Miss  Anne Smart”  and I have some good “NEWS!”

“I sure would like –  for you to look at me… when I’m trying to tell you something…  as you know “we” in the “feline”  type… have special communication  with that “yellow” bird… you know that “squealer”  – you call her “Canary” – you do  know – that  they give us the scoop… on all the events that will soon take place on this planet… and I just thought that you… would like for me to keep you abreast …of what is to come???”

You will be flying your “FLAG” for most of the month…

On the 1st… Maybe someone you might have known from a past LIFE… EMMA M. NUTT  – the one … the first  TELEPHONE OPERATOR…  one of the first of your career s…

On the 5th  is TEACHER’s Day… do not forget they inspire us on to bigger and better things in this Life time…

On the  7th – LABOR Day – Picnics… FUN… GAMES… with all of the Family and Friends…

On the 11th…Let us never forget… Remember always and forever   and PRAY for our country and a real united UNITED STATES OF   AMERICA…

On the 13th “WOW- eee” –  what a busy day this will be for you… “Birthday  DAY…”Positive Thinking Day”… “Uncle  Sam Day” first day his image to be used, 1913…”  ” “National PEANUT Day…”  and I sure do not want you  to forget

“National Memorial Day for your PET” – – the reason for this is that we do not see our old and friendly “SUNSET CAT” – – she must not have been able to find proper shelter this last WINTER… and we just are not enjoying  – daily … her friendly visits… so if anyone has a favorite “PET” and they…too –  are no longer sharing with us  the good and bad times  – that we all have – some times… let’s say a  nice prayer – that we will be seeing them someday … that would be when we  will… all share in the eternal  good reward  – set up  by the Almighty…for all of us!

Now if that is not enough for the 13th…

Do not forget the GRAND-PARENTS … this is the DAY to remember them – they are the guys that do so much for you and when the day is done… they get to send you home to your Parents – who really miss you…

On this same DAY… the 13th – is alwaysFORTUNE  COOKIE  DAY” – – so what we will all do is go and get as many boxes of “FORTUNE COOKIES” – and share all the  GOOD LICK messages with our  “GRAND-PARENTS” – and by the end of the day… everyone will have “very much good fortune” – enough to last to the end of their days… and or even longer…  “Good LUCK” – “GOOD FORTUNE”


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“I’m Leaving Without You!”

Lee take-off 001

“Patience is a virtue… but when… I’m ready to “LEAVE” – –  Let’s get a move on!”  “Okay?” – – “OKAY!”

“Al, let’s go … It is getting darker by the minute and I wanted to show you my “FARM” from the air – but with your “lollygagging” it will soon be midnight… we have a million other things to do, yet???” “You know that you can take those girls …in the early A.M. and you can just let them …take up your whole day… but …I have animals waiting for me  –  and they like to rub their “wet” noses all over me – just to let me… Know how much they LOVE and MISS me!”

“Lee, just hold your shirt on…  we will be flying over your FARM – and you  can drop these “fresh picked apples”  – – that were given to me …  – for Darlene to give to the horses  – –  that is if they don’t get them before she scoops them up – – these sure look good!” “Some of these apples – – I will be taking to MOM – – she will make a couple of real nice “apple pies” – – and from scratch   – and I’ll bet that if Darlene gets enough good apples  – that she will be making a couple of “apple pies”, too?”

“Al, Look over to the left – that is Darlene – she is waving her hands – – – looks like she is pointing and directing us over to an area where we can drop some “apples” – as we were headed out – – I did text her so she would know when to be out and looking for us – – so looks like we made real good time, and she is so HAPPY – just look at her wave!” – – – “Al… when  you take those girls  flying tomorrow – be sure and “Thank” them for Me … as the horses are always …so HAPPY – when they get extra  “apples” – – and   these    just look so… terrific!”

“Lee… just plan on us doing this again…and real soon…OKAY??”  “Lee.. you know… that I always have plenty of time… and always… to go flying with you…”

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“If… You’re Ready? Let’s Takeoff!”


“I’m ready… Are You ready?”

On a day as beautiful as this… we just have to go and see everything…everywhere.  This is the day that the Almighty made… and just for us to go and fly all over  – – to see and inspect all that  is waiting for us!

There is a friend of mine…who had invited us –  to stop by his place for lunch with him and his wife. They want us to see the new new property that they just bought.  In fact…  he was so excited about our stopping by –  he even put in an area … designated as his own “Helicopter-Park” area  –  just  for us to land and –  he said he had it marked with a nice big “H” –  – so that anybody flying low will be able to find it and land!

Also, while we are there…sure hope you do not mind meeting some of his friends… as he wants me to give them a free  – but a short time  flight-ride… up and around his property – –  and part of the property is up high and  has a “Water-fall” flowing down into a small river – just looks beautiful  – – so be sure to take some pictures  – so we can remember  everyone…since  it looks likes this will be  “FUN and GAMES” for some of his friends – – who would not otherwise be able to just schedule  their  very own…  Helicopter Ride – – since some of them have some small Kids… that can hardly wait for us – – to show them all a real good time!

“Be sure to give everyone my business cards –  – – so we can have more FUN – Flying  with all of our new FRIENDS!”        DV

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“Encouragement” – Pass “IT” – Around!

img162 – click on to read

Today…”Encouragement” is the good word! 

Seems to me – that everyone is selling a course on “HOW to DO” something better… than you ever did “IT”  before – – but – – my thoughts… and they are FREE –  – a very  good – kind … with care and warmth- –  energetic  and helpful word  – with a firm    readiness to pitch in… while helping  – – works wonders in my book.

Did you ever  try observing others in a crowded  room?? Did you notice –  – that there is often… someone doing something – and is having problems – they continue and continue –  and are getting  absolutely  “NO WHERE” fast! The room is just full of people – most looking and  hoping to not make eye contact – as if they did – they would feel –  that they should offer to help – so they will look… without really looking.

Have you ever been in such a surrounding such as that above – and then … you will just think –  – “OH!  well… it will not  hurt me to give them a helping hand… and before you can stop yourself – – you find that is just what you are doing!”   “Here you are…knee deep… doing something you never ever dreamed  – –   you are actually helping somebody – – a  somebody you do not even know!”  “NOW… you are getting some… real  good feelings about …”YOURSELF”  – the feelings… that you are getting… are making you feel so good – – YOU are wondering…WHY in the world  – – haven’t I done this before??”

If we can “encourage” our selves to do something good – – for another – – we will soon find – that someone is right beside us… and they are encouraging “US” in such a way – that we are getting further ahead in all of  our new undertakings – – seems that one good improvement here – furthers “US” along  – also – in  even much greater ways… than we could have ever expected!

That’s why I have the “Psalm 139” posted for TODAY… “click on it”  to be able to read it… or check out your  own BIBLE… – this is one of my favorites –  – “IT” is all about us…  When You stop to think  – that there was a plan for YOU… way back and before – – any kind of Creation…took place – – so why not work on the theory –  – that YOU were made for greater things  – – than YOU are presently doing – – and as each of us – are in the same boat… why not give a helping hand – here and there… and at the same time  – – without even  spending a dime –  start earning more rewards – – so someday – you will find  that – you have great “TREASURE” waiting for  YOU …with the new citizenship with  your Creator …and for all of eternity!

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Denny - Best Man 001

“Best Looking People in the McClarren FAMILY!”

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