Lawn Care Family pg.3

After some months of living in Florida, it was time to have our furniture brought down from storage in St.Louis. So changes needed to be made. The house we purchased came with a lot of furniture that we were not going to need.

Checking with Mr. Johnson and his family, we were giving him the sofa  that made into an extra large size bed and several other pieces.  What we did not know, was how extremely heavy this sofa-bed with all the extra heavy duty metal would weigh?   No  wonder the previous owner was so happy to have us agree to purchase what they were leaving behind. It would have cost them a small fortune to have moved?

Mr. Johnson and three of his men and my husband, all had a heck of a hard time getting that sofa on their truck. Even though we were giving the furniture away, my husband  felt he had to pay them,  since this move out , and also to where ever it would be going   –  was no easy job  –  took  –  way more time than having our regular  “Lawn Service” job!

Weeks later, they were still telling us about how terrific the sofa was, and so glad to have it! One thing  about living in Florida –  You always have unexpected guests showing up and it pays to be able to offer them a very “good night’s” sleep!

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Lawn Care Family pg.2

When you find a “Lawn Care Service”, such as the “Family” taking care of our lawn and all the trees and plants, you want to be sure you keep them. My husband, Lee  came home from the restaurants around supper time, so the kids  and we could all eat together, before any evening activity was decided on? On occasion the lawn service would be finishing , and I would call Mr. Johnson , to come in and join my husband for a drink of  “Laurel Springs and Water!”  Lee’ s doctor suggested that 2oz. of wine or whiskey would help  Lee  with  his circulation problem  and Mr. Johnson would always have additional flavorful stories of what was going on in the neighborhood!

The lawn service family would let us know when Mr. Johnson was needed and off they would go till next time! I know that Mr. Johnson enjoyed  a quick “Happy Hour” with Lee , and when we were all together we enjoyed  having a lite meal  with a dessert made from scratch. It is a shame that I like  cake, pie and ice cream!   And the kids always like something sweet to eat either before or after piano lessons or ball practice and games to play. Some times there would be special activities in town or some thing to do on the beach as the ocean was only a mile away.

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Family Lawn Care

Now is the time to have your  “Lawn” fertilized, so you will be the “envy” of the neighborhood, in the coming “2013” Spring! Do you  plan on doing this project yourself  or do you usually have your Lawn and Garden and or Grounds Keeper take care of how beautiful your lawn will be now  and in the future?

When we were living in “Florida”, and were in the Restaurant business, there just was not enough time  to take care of the “Lawn”. So, we were  “Lucky” to find a “Family Man  and Family Lawn Care Service,”   and I do mean the whole “Family”  each member  had a definite part,  in taking care , in the service of your lawn!  His wife was in charge of the bushes and shrubs and was very powerful with those cutting shears!

One time, I went out to ask about the “Mango” fruit  growing in our back yard, and as I was approaching  the area where she was working, I called out, “STOP!”  “You’re  stepping into  Thorns!” She was in her bare feet! I thought she would be  injuring  her feet without shoes  for  protection?

We nearly died laughing , as she showed to me the bottom of her feet , and was telling me that the bottom of her feet is the same as shoe leather! She also said she never wore shoes in all her life and probably would not be able to walk with shoes ?

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“Mother” Grand and Great!

Mother equals Miracles!  Let’s start at the beginning. Without “Mother,”  there would  be no  “New Little Creations of Life.”   The way,  God  created His  world to continue,   to give “Mothers”  the “Blessings of Life.” And, the word for life,  is:     It’s a   Miracle!” Are those not the exact words you hear by everyone at the maternity-ward?

Whatever  road  –  your journey in “Life” takes you  –  remember always,   your “Mother” was the first one to “Love You”  –  no matter what else happens on the way.  We, all are not born with “Silver Spoons”  in the “Land of Plenty!”   As some enter on the “Road of Life” with the most meager amount of substance, and as in  this great game of life  –  You work,  on your own plan to success,   to enter into Eternity  –    into the arms of  Your Creator!

Today, Mom!   It’s your “Birthday” to celebrate and remember,  “for all you did,”  for your family!     I know ,  what a rough road you were on for awhile.    Some families  get  side tracked and do  not  remember their  own families with  honour and respect,     because they   have let their eyes   become blinded.     They forgot   their  first    “Love”    Mother!  “Happy Birthday!”

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I’m Ready For Today!

When you are getting ready to end your day, do you think to check out the sky? Don’t you  just  want to see who is dancing, sparkling, twinkling up above  –  waving  “Good Night” to their “Special Earthling?”   Now the day is done, your work for this day  is almost through and some one  very “Special”  is ready to guard over you with special light,  every night!

Every night,  I look out the bedroom window and check out the sky above, and always see the “Brightest Star” looking right back at “ME.”  The best thoughts  going to sleep  are when you are saying your prayers,   and almost  asleep!   You know  you are turning  over all of  your unfinished business  to a “Higher Power”   to guard, enlighten  and rule  over you through this night.

So, for your tomorrow,  your “New Dream” will be fresh   with all the  correct answers, empower and encouragement  implanted, so each  “New Day” is the very  “Best Day”  – ever!    For ever!

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Practice Hearing

Some days when you do not turn on the radio  and no TV …(I  have heard  of some people only having  the “TV” on  –   for  a background).

What do you hear?  Each of us lives in our own “Little Worlds,”   and are also totally  unaware “if” or “what”  and… do not really care… if anything else  is going on?

We all probably…  Start our day like any other  – turn the radio off,  “it”   was so nice to wake us up  to a “Brand New Day.”

Walk to  the kitchen, put your coffee maker to work, prepare a “King size Breakfast” or just a “Bowl of Cereal.”

“WOW!”  Coming toward me, sounding not too high up in the sky, “Airplanes,”   but  something making  a sound  that I never heard before?

Sounds like the sliding ,  side to side  that “skaters” make  at a roller rink, coming down a straight away. Then all of  a sudden ,  gliding into a sharp curve sounding  just as if   they were “Dancing”   – they  also have  the whole dance floor …  just to themselves! …  “UP There!”

Now … I almost wish, that  I had  went outside  with a “Camera”  and caught  all of  which… I  have heard.

One’s imagination gets   carried away …  unbelievable stuff all  of a sudden…  happening, and all  without  seeing everything,  that was  going on  –  as when we  just  take the time to use  only our ears!

“What’s happening in your world… without seeing…just listening?”

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