On the last Wednesday in September, National Women’s Health & Fitness Day promotes the largest event for women’s health of all ages.   

Across the country, an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 women of all ages gather at local health and fitness events. They join in groups large and small. From senior centers to hospitals, parks and health clubs, women of all fitness levels encourage each other to begin or continue a healthy journey.

Often, these journeys only require the support of like-minded people. The day inspires many forms of exercise and supplies informational seminars and clinics, too. Screenings provide a way to track our fitness levels and help us get back on track. Forming small groups helps to create a daily routine or simply keep us responsible for our commitments to ourselves.

Developing our physical strength along with mental confidence goes a long way to keeping our bodies healthy. So many of us overlook the rest we need and the healthy foods our bodies need to fuel our days. When we take a few moments to learn the best ways to care for ourselves, we often take better care of others, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WomensHealthFitnessDay

This holiday offers so many ways to join in the action. Many fitness centers and organizations will be offering tips, classes, and screenings across the country. Whether you’re in tip top shape or have goals in mind, this day inspires us to take care of ourselves. Pick your goal and get moving! How will you celebrate?

Ways to get involved include:

  • Join a walking group or another exercise forum.
  • Visit a clinic seminar on portion sizes.
  • Attend a webinar about reducing stress.
  • Learn about incorporating mindfulness into your daily life.
  • Join a meditation or prayer session.

Get the girls together for a workout and use #WomensHealthFitnessDay to post on social media.


Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) created National Women’s Health & Fitness Day in 2002.

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“Do YOU… SEE that which I HEAR”

Practice Hearing

Some days when you do not turn on the radio  and no TV …(I  have heard  of some people only having  the “TV” on  –   for  a background).

What do you hear?  Each of us lives in our own “Little Worlds,”   and are also totally  unaware “if” or “what”  and… do not really care… if anything else  is going on?

We all probably…  Start our day like any other  – turn the radio off,  “it”   was so nice to wake us up  to a “Brand New Day.”

Walk to  the kitchen, put your coffee maker to work, prepare a “King size Breakfast” or just a “Bowl of Cereal.”

“WOW!”  Coming toward me, sounding not too high up in the sky, “Airplanes,”   but  something making  a sound  that I never heard before?

Sounds like the sliding ,  side to side  that “skaters” make  at a roller rink, coming down a straight away. Then all of  a sudden ,  gliding into a sharp curve sounding  just as if   they were “Dancing”   – they  also have  the whole dance floor …  just to themselves! …  “UP There!”

Now … I almost wish, that  I had  went outside  with a “Camera”  and caught  all of  which… I  have heard.

One’s imagination gets   carried away …  unbelievable stuff all  of a sudden…  happening, and all  without  seeing everything,  that was  going on  –  as when we  just  take the time to use  only our ears!

“What’s happening in your world… without seeing…just listening?”

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“Tomorrow is Waiting as Today is Over”

I’m Ready For Today!

When you are getting ready to end this day, do you  ever think  about  your need   to finish some things that were half way started?

As the late evening hours are approaching, and  while you still have  a few good hours … put on that “thinking cap” so as…  to set up some terrific mental plans… for tomorrow?

Almost  time to  call it a day… just getting into that mental frame of mind… that the mind is thinking of getting up early tomorrow and,  so if I will  drop into bed for the brain to quiet down and relax as you kind of just  let your  brain activity wonder to the window in the bedroom… just to check out the sky?

It just seems as if  you  just  want to see “who” is dancing, sparkling, twinkling  high up  and above  and also waving …  “Good Night” to their “Special Earthling?” 

It just seems that now… with the eyes wanting to close… you are wondering…WHO do I know up there, and are they thinking of ME, too?

 Now  that the day is done, your work for this day  is almost through,  as far as you can  remember, and some one  very extra  “Special”  is ready to guard over you with that extra  special light,  as they do … every night!

Every night,  I look out the bedroom window, just to  check out the sky above, and  as I am looking, always see… there it is  the “Brightest Star” looking right back at “ME.” 

Feeling good… Day is done… NOW comes the best thoughts, as I am  going to sleep  and when you are saying your prayers,  feeling nice and sleepy… and soon  to be almost  asleep! 

It just seems  as that there is some unaccountable TIME… You can not put your finger on it… but you do  know  that…You know  you are turning  over all of  your unfinished business  to a “Higher Power”   to guard, enlighten  and rule  over you through this  wonderful night.

So, for your brand NEW tomorrow, and for that  inspiring   and uplifting “New Dream”  sometimes will be  so fresh with all the  correct answers,  to all your questions that you  just had last night… will  have for you as you were wanting to be empower and have much  encouragement  just so  implanted, in those parts of your BRAIN…YOU will rise… feeling that you are now on top of the world…all old problems solved!

Tomorrow … really never gets here… It is always TODAY!

We say we will do it “tomorrow”, but what we  are doing  is… to put that problem  and or situation  into that  special “over night” folder to sort out and work on mentally in that “special time”, that there is no accounting for… as we fall asleep!

So…  here is  to each  “New Day” as  we make this  DAY, with the help of our Almighty Creator … the very  “Best Day”  – ever!    For ever!       D.V.

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“I said It Before, Saying It Again”

“Mother” Grand and Great!

Mother equals Miracles! 

Let’s start at the beginning… without “Mother,”  there would  be no  “New Little Creations of Life!”  

The way,  that our Creator … created His  world, for all of us and wanting it to continue for all eternity, was to give  to all those that He designated in Psalm 139,  as “Mothers”  to receive  those “Blessings of Life” …so that  with His Blessings  we would all want to live to the fullest… according to HIS word.

In other words … when you are Blessed… You are Happy… and when you speak to another  good words… you  will receive  back those HAPPY WORDS… in more Blessings.

And, the word for life,  is:  “It’s a   Miracle!” 

Are those not the exact words you hear by everyone… when you are visiting  a NEW MOTHER and the family…  at the maternity-ward?

Whatever  road… your journey  will be  and you  take in “Life”  as some of  us, can  and will take a wrong turn… here or there…remember always…your “Mother” was the first one to “Love You”…  no matter what else happens on the way. 

We, all are not born with “Silver Spoons”  in the “Land of Plenty!”  

As some do enter on the “Road of Life” with the most meager amount of substance, and as in  this great game of life…  You  will work,  on  a plan… and hopefully your  very own plan….  that will  in time lead you to much  success, and happiness… when you  learn to give and share … as was given to you with many rewards in LIFE!

  In Life … here on Earth… everyone finds so many things  that, we might want to  do NOW, and so many  disturbing distractions… especially  TODAY…in these  times that we are living in  TODAY… but we must not forget that there is a greater …here after…  that which we find in the WORD in the BIBLE… a book that I feel that every FAMILY should have… reading for guidance … so for all REWARDS… that are planned  for each of us to receive…  as WE are to enter into Eternity … into the Loving and Merciful  arms of  Our Creator!

This week  Mom! 

  It was your “Birthday” to  be celebrated and remember,  “for all  that you did,” for all of  your family!   

 Of all people,  I know,  what a very rough road you were on for awhile.    Some families just may get  side tracked and will  not  remember their own families with  honour and respect, because they have let their eyes become blinded… by what they find as difficult and  hard on their  own roads of travel … and also have forgotten to use kind words of forgiveness and LOVE… to one another… as we all need to do! 

” They forgot their  first “Love”  Mother! 

“Happy Birthday!” 

 “NOW…  Always and forever!”       D.V.


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“Recalling Remembering Remembrances Recollections”

This is one photo of MOM… that I took as little brother Tommy  was taking a turn at playing something  on the piano… that required two extra hands … that could complement the other piano player… and have FUN … all at the same time!

Those sure were the days when we would have FUN doing things that  required that you  ‘DO’ …want to have Fun… and you must be sure to do your part… that will eventually get some real good laughter going… and with a Photo or two… you know that… always and  forever and a day… later on… you will  once again,  remember just how much Fun you did have… and will want to do it  all over again!

This is one of those days when little TOMMY… hit bottom.

On this particular Sunday… the Orphanage had a PICNIC going on and Tommy wanted to go,  so  that he could meet up with some of his old Classmates… and ride my bike ( it was a boys bike) which was okay with me.

It is a good distance from Saint Louis… straight  out Natural Bridge and to the Normandy area… but the weather  was terrific and Tommy was full  of vim and vigor… so much so, that when he did get to Orphanage… he did  just like he usually will do… performs a show for his friends.

Maybe just a little too much ‘show’ … as on some  of the gravel road area…  that he was doing these fine maneuvers … Tommy did a high flying crash down on an incline of the road area…sliding down on his bare arms… and lots of the loose gravel became embedded and he is now … not about to let anybody know just how much pain and how bad he feels… as all he can think of…how do I get home?

When little  Tommy finally got home on the bike… all scratched up and the bike looking like it went through a WAR… of some kind… he was very quiet and went to his room to rest… and did not want me to say anything to our MOTHER. His pain got so bad toward evening… I just had to tell MOM about his problems.

We had to take Tommy to the City Hospital Emergency Room… where they  did fixed him up.

The above photo shows  all of us the next day… all tired out from long hours the previous evening in the hospital…  and TOMMY all stretched out resting from the drugs and medicine to heal him… and we are all just taking it easy on a nice Summer Sunny Day… with very little conversation going on… about the terrific-o-o  “BIKE” trip!

Big Denny and little Denny Jr., with MOM and we are in the backyard of Mom’s sister, Irene Riley… as everyone in the family wants to see the new addition to our family… this is back in 1940… and little Denny looks like he is just waiting to be able to get up and  go… on those legs that he is exercising just getting strong and ready!

Some families multiply… as you see above… MOM holding one of the twins, Eve Karen… and now  as the oldest… I am holding MOM’s purse and on the left side of this photo is Tommy and Deeny Jr., is on the right side… and we are starting to grow in size and in new members… just doing what a good family is supposed to do… besides having too much FUN!

“Just have to remember some of the good ole days and what we did and believe that we all  did walk down that good road… as it is stated in Psalm 139… as some of the family are no longer here on Earth… but I’m guessing in Heaven… enjoying the rewards of a good and faithful servant… that  which… we all want to be and do!”

“LOVE and still miss all of the family,  that are no longer here… so have a tremendously  good and Happy  Birthday Party in Heaven!”        D.V.     xoxoxo

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“Happy Birthday to the BEST of MOMs”

This  is the most terrific day of days!

The weather is just right and everyone has let me know that it is your Birthday… and they  are also singing with me that favorite song of songs…”Happy Birthday to Marie… the best of all MOMs’ in the world!”

“Just have to add one of the Photos that I always liked the mostest and have  hanging up for all to see and ask me about!”

This is also one of those prize finds of mine… when I  was doing what I do best… looking into everything and all boxes high up in the closets that no one  else seem either  to know about… and or completely forgot about?

When I was very little… and my Mother was wondering what I was doing… because I was so quiet… She would ask, “Me Ellen what are you doing?’

And since I was just nosy and too young and little to use the correct words in a sentence… I would answer… “I’m doing!”

Seems that I was that nosy and  most doing child in this world, because … that is the same way that I am today!   “I’m doing… I do not know what I am doing…but, will continue doing… and maybe someday…I  will really know what I am doing!”

So… one other prise find for me is the next PHOTO of my MOTHER… and again … could never figure out “WHY” these photos were never hung up on the walls of  our home for all to see?

Evidently there is something wrong with them to  MOM… but, I sure can not see what is wrong…in my book… they are terrific!


To me… this is a real prize photo…  in the photos of babies that are taken today… just seems not  to have all of the  above preparation put into the taking of a “Baby Photo” as they have  done in the above photo!

Maybe… because little Marie was the thirteenth child and the last … they wanted everyone to know that she was extra special by adding some jewelry… and that is how…  it was done back in the good ole days of the turn of the Century!

Since this is  also… an extra special “BIRTHDAY” remembrance… must add some music that MOM likes  and hope this will fill the bill…

and… “The Best Of Classical Music”

Lang Lang wowed tourists in the ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day 2019 as he gave a unique album launch concert in Paris on a boat cruising along the Seine, performing pieces from his new album, Piano Book, such as the French classic ‘Clair de lune’ by Claude Debussy. With ‘Piano Book’, Lang Lang goes back to his first love – to the pieces that made him want to become a musician in the first place. “I dedicate this album to my wonderful piano students and all my friends around the world who love the piano as much as I do.” Rediscovering the most popular and accessible pieces written for learners and lovers of the piano, this album is a journey of inspiration, of discovery, fantasy and learning. ‘Piano Book’ gathers together many of the miniatures that generations of amateur pianists have grown up with. Lang Lang holds them in the highest regard, believing them to be classics in their own right. He wants to encourage piano students across the world to fully appreciate them. Enjoy the video of this famous poetic piece along the landmarks of Paris by night.

“Just have to add some flowers on the table to  let you know that I remember how much you also…  like to have flowers in the garden  growing  year round …and also some  flowers brought in… and put  in an extra special  vase on the dining room table.”

And one more favorite…

“The Sun-Set Cat  just… outside… looking for you!”


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