“Happy Birthday to DARLENE”

“Darlene’s favorite song… words at bottom of the screen…

“The Birthday Party for DARLENE”

Mary Ellen Aldrich
When I bake you a CAKE – – I bake a CAKE – – that will serve all of us!
Mary Ellen Aldrich
This is more like the “DARLENE” – – that I remember – – Is this your favorite horse – was her name “RAINBOW” – – can not remember all of your horses’ names – –         





“Happy birthday to You…

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Darlene Vicky…

Happy Birthday to you

AND many more…



There’ll be no strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can’t bind your heart
And there’s no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start
I see no need to take me home
I’m old enough to face the dawn

Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Then slowly turn away from me

Maybe the sun’s light will be dim
And it won’t matter anyhow
If morning’s echo says we’ve sinned
It was what I wanted now
And if we’re victims of the night
I won’t be blinded by the light

Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Then slowly turn away
I won’t beg you to stay with me
Through the tears of the day, of the years
Baby, baby, baby

Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling

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“Happy Birthday Darlene” “From All of US”

“Today is that big day for “DARLENE” to receive lots of “BIRTHDAY” wishes from all of her FAMILY and FRIENDS?”


There is nothing like good ole Uncle and Grandpa, Lee to get the horses all set up to take the Family children for a ride on a beautiful day… like TODAY!

“Looks like Uncle Lee is giving a few last-minute instructions to this horse – – just so she knows what kind of ride she is to give to the “Grandchild” and just to make sure that this horse knows what “LEE” is talking about…he is reaching into his hip pocket for a special sugar cube treat with the promise of more treats for giving a good safe and gentle ride to each child that will be sitting high in the saddle… today!”

“Today is a very special day… It is  “Darlene’s BIRTHDAY”  and I hear that “LEE” even baked a “CAKE” for DARLENE’s Birthday… as LEE gets up with the  “chickens”  just some of his “NAVY” training many years ago… bright and early and also being one of those “JACKS of all TRADES”  looks like he can do…  anything he puts his “mind” to doing how’s that for a terrific husband?

“Let me hear everyone start to sing at the same time… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE” make that loud so that they can hear  it on “BROADWAY” we may all be  in their next MUSICAL?”

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“Have the very Best Birthday All WEEK”



and many more – – from everyone in the FAMILY

LOVE and Kisses… xoxooxxooxxooxxoxoxo


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National Tell a Story Day on April 27th each year in the United States encourages people of all ages to share all kinds of stories. Whether it’s read from a book, one from your imagination, or an actual story from a childhood memory, the day supports gathering with friends and family to share those stories.

Storytelling is an ancient practice used to hand down knowledge from one generation to the next. It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions, histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational. Some of the very best stories come from real-life experience.  

Many people enjoy listening to their grandparents share their stories about when they were growing up (back in the day).  Spending time telling stories with family, friends, and loved ones is a time for all to learn from each other, to remember, and to grow closer together.

Besides creating a bonding environment, oral storytelling provides rich opportunities to reminisce. While connecting the past to our present, oral storytelling also fosters creativity. It encourages the use of imagination that lasts a lifetime.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTellAStoryDay

Libraries around the country participate in the day with special storytelling times for children. Do you have a story to tell? It does not matter if the story is a short story or a long story, fiction or nonfiction, a tall tale or folklore. Seek the storytellers in your life and encourage them to regale you with stories. As you listen, record them in some way. This is a day for them all.

While you’re practicing your storytelling skills, try these tips to make your tales come to life:

  • Engage your audience and invite them to participate, too!
  • Be sure to give your characters their own voice.
  • Get physical! Body movements give your stories extra impact. You will capture your audience’s attention, and you’ll also bring your story to life. 
  • Ask your audience questions.
  • Use misdirection to surprise your audience.
  • Facial expressions punctuate your words. Use this powerful tool to drive a character’s emotion home.

We encourage you to tell your stories and even share them on social media using #NationalTellAStoryDay.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for lessons designed around National Tell a Story Day. 


National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this storytelling day.

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“It is a WONDERFUL Day to be Alive”

“When the Sun shines… It shines for you and me… to enjoy   and celebrate a wonderful day… for a young family to receive all those Blessings our Creator has promised to give to us!”

This is TODAY… what a wonderful day to be alive and to enjoy…Mama and baby Ruby” xoxo

If only we could know… that which a “BABy” thinks at this age”

“Mommy…Mommy…Look, I just  found a beautiful flower… and  it is just for you today”

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“Birthday Greetings to Melania Trump, First Lady

Just in case someone has not seen these photos of our  “First Lady, Melania Trump”… here are two that I like and hope you like, too?

“Wow” the Big 50th Birthday!

“Best Wishes, Melania”


Since it is the “First Lady’s Birthday and I wanted to wish her a  very “Happy Birthday”  om this wonderful day in America…I deleted some of what was in the back ground, all of which would not be necessary to be seen as I only wanted this First Lady on this photo.

On the photo that I have… this photo is taken on the grounds of the White House and in the near distance… you can see one or two of the secret service men, of which I was not going to include… as we all know that there are plenty of guards nearby.

Sending Blessings from the Almighty Yahweh to Bless our lovely First Lady … today and forever and to Bless all the American people at this time that so many have the virus that is going around…making LIFE very difficult for so many.   D.V.

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