“January Birthdays Call For A Celebration DAY”

“Let us all have FUN”

Mary Ellen Aldrich
“For an A + report card… always be sure to get your 5A+ people together for a perfect shot of FUN” xoxoxo

“Our favorite January Birthday family members” celebrating … even though it is so cold…the family needs to get to gather just for  all of the family fun and games … and especially for the  sake of the little children… this is all so new  and exciting for them to be the big attraction and having FUN!

Let us… all do this again next year… with all the FUN … that we  all can muster up together!”       “D.V.”

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“For All the Family and Friends…TODAY”

“Sending all the best of  terrific wishes to all those…  I know and or friends with… that have a “BIRTHDAY” today…  and all  of the other extra  special days  of this month of January… the first month and start of this New Year… the BIG  New Year of all  New Beginnings… 2021″


“Sending Blessings and Wishes… for much Happiness  for One and All !”    D.V.

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“When Did YOU Start To Watch Television”

It just seems to me,  that “Television” has become a  “killer of time” and a “DO NOT DO” opportunity for the majority of people today.

Lately, I see and hear of too many people… that have very important things to do, each and every day, but for some reason, that I can not figure out… can not be reach… even if it were the end of the world!

We all come into this world with a certain “Time  Stamp” of Time. We have no idea of how long we will be here on planet, “EARTH”… and, as we are growing up… some of us, see things  and do extra special  things to improve our LIFE, with certain abilities to work and improve LIFE for others and ourselves. Those are the “ones” using as much “TIME” as possible to get things done NOW!

Generations past, did not have “Television” and many may have heard that “Idleness is the Devils’ workshop” … and  they kept themselves  busy  all the day long, and even into to the “wee hours” of the night.


 We do need to find things to do, and  keep doing that which is important to us.

I  do remember before “Television” … we were making creative items with our hands … as I would have something in my hands to crochet and or embroider… and  I would take an item  with me,  so  that… if I ever had to  just wait somewhere…  my hands were very busy making a very special item that would be used for a gift…  at sometime  in the future.

“Do NOT be that… that one that has to only watch… and  continue to watch without being disturbed… and this is  for today … and ends up being every day!


In the last weeks of  my watching “TV” when… I am about to  eat  Supper…I have found that … there is really no sense to watching “TV” at all … a complete waste of  TIME!     

Just too many commercials and interruptions … so as to loose the thought of the program  and or… not making  any sense it that which the commercials should be advertising  for… as they also state loud and clear  to the viewer … do not use if you have this and that because you could die… so why not… let “DOCTORS” tell their patients what they need… instead of a “TV” commercial… that is too  vague from start to finish…  and could  end  up being sued… for mis-information.                                


And…  in my opinion…the movies  are terrible…are the worse of all time… nothing at all like they were years ago… with good  entertaining  and interesting stories and  having very good actors… that knew what acting was all about!

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National Shortbread Day on January 6th recognizes a classic Scottish treat enjoyed around the world. 

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish dessert typically made with:

  • 1 part white sugar
  • 2 parts butter
  • 3 parts flour

Modern recipes deviate from the 3 ingredient rule by splitting the sugar portion into equal parts of granulated sugar and powdered sugar and adding salt. Plain white (wheat) flour is commonly used. However, some bakers use ground rice or cornflour to alter the texture.

Shortbread earns its name because of its crumbly texture. Its high-fat content provided by the butter results in a shortbread crumb. “Shortening” refers to any fat that may be added to produce a “short” (crumbly) texture.

Prepared often during the 12th century, Mary, Queen of Scots receives credit for the innovation of the shortbread during the 16th century.  As it was expensive to make, the sweet cookie was reserved as a luxury for special occasions.

In Shetland (northeast of mainland Britain), they traditionally break a decorated shortbread cake over the head of a new bride upon the entrance of her new home.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalShortbreadDay

Shortbread cookies and bars call for sharing. Invite a friend over for tea and enjoy these delicately flavored treats while catching up. Share them with co-workers or invite nieces and nephews to help you bake up a new recipe. We supply you with four different recipes to try. If you need something a little more challenging, the internet provides many flavorful options. Be sure to share your celebration, too! We always love hearing from you when you #CelebrateEveryDay! Use #NationalShortbreadDay to post on social media.

Scottish Shortbread IV
Shortbread (With Rice Flour)
Shortbread Cookies II
Scotch Shortbread bars


National Day Calendar continues to research this indulgent cookie holiday. While we do, we’re going to dunk a few freshly baked Scottish shortbreads into our coffee. We suggest you do, too!


“Let’s Make Some Cookies”

Shortbread Cookies II

2 dozen

Use only butter in these for best flavor.


Original recipe yields 12 servings
Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C).

  • Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir in vanilla; add flour and mix well.

  • Put through cookie press and form cookies onto baking sheets. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes.

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“MONDAY is My Birthdate… Terrific for ME”



National Thank God It’s Monday Day encourages us to celebrate the first Monday of the new year with vigor and energy.

Not only does the observance focus on the first Monday in January, but on every Monday throughout the year. Mondays are often full of new beginnings. New jobs often start on Mondays. Couples usually marry on weekends and a Monday represents the first work week of their new lives together. Many federal holidays take place on Mondays and therefore special occasions frequently take place on Mondays throughout the year.

Besides the scheduled events, many random events occur on a Monday. When Monday repeats between 52 and 53 times out of the year, important things will happen. It’s 1/7th of our life. Blaming Monday for our woes (traffic) doesn’t improve our personal track record in life (being late). Stop shaming Monday and look at what Monday has to offer.

  • Freshly brewed coffee to keep us perky
  • Opportunity for a bright future
  • 52 chances to see a beautiful sunrise
  • A new week share your talents with the world
  • 52 opportunities to teach someone a new skill that will better their lives
  • Each Monday offers the potential of meeting new people

HOW TO OBSERVE #ThankGodItsMondayDay

Enjoy the first Monday of the year. How will you use your Mondays? Let us know by using #ThankGodItsMondayDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to research this day in praise of Monday. But we’re taking advantage of Mondays to find out more.

In 2017, National Day Calendar® began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union, starting the week of Independence Day and ending with Hawaii. We highlight a small part of each states’ history, foods and the people who make up the state. Of course, many states have their own state celebrations, and National Day Calendar’s observances in no way replaces them. There’s so much more to explore, we can’t help but celebrate our beautiful country even more!

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“Start the NEW YEAR Collecting Family Information”

Are “YOU” in the Book?

When I was researching my  Grandfather, Thomas F. Brady,  and our family information, the Librarian brought to  me  a book identifying him as a merchant,  and in the  North Saint Louis area. 

At that time, reading so  many articles of information, should have made more copies of the information, that  I was accumulating.  Also, one should make several folders of worthwhile info…   because when moving  –  you  and or the movers will pack info in some  places   –  never ever …  to be found again? 

All of that  material  you searched for,  becomes “priceless” after  the number of hours  and time involved!

This one important thing,   I  do believe…  that we can  all do.

  Today,  we  will start to write  about our  Families,  including married in-laws,   all  of the interesting points…  distinctive and personal,  for  all of the future generations looking  back in time… to make a match. 

This  is especially true for  all those checking to see…  if certain qualities of life continue.

When you hear someone say, “It’s all in the Genes”  –  a researcher will be able to agree  –  finding the evidence  clear and  so correct.  “A True Descendant!”

 Of course, as always…  there are those WHO do not want  to be  “found out”… even after being dead for a “Hundred Years or more!

But if you took the time and money  while here  on Earth… to build up a small empire – would you not want  the family history  to be  correct?

So if  “You”  are a  “Smart”     and or  a  “Brady”  –  Relative   or  Friend  –  Let us get to know You?

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