“January – VACATION – Florida”


This is my brother-in-law Al – – with the lady in the center , his wife and small child next to her and on her right , their son and on the left of the photo – – Grandma to their baby, – that is the wife’s mother. (It is a shame that I do not remember their names  – as this photo was taken in January 1968! – Looks like I will have to do some checking out of old information.)

Every photo has a special “story”… “why else take a picture …if there was no  good reason… for taking it!”

Just the year before in “JANUARY”  – –  my husband, Lee died. Al in this picture is Lee’s younger brother – and invited me and the boys to come down and visit – ANY TIME??? – 

Well… when Lee died – it was too much for me to continue working in the nursing home as bookkeeper – too many people reminded me of Lee and how sick he was just before dying. I could not just quit working  – Social Security was not enough – and I was young enough to still work.

So… I called the telephone company and talked with my last supervisor – told her all that had happened – and ask her if they could use ..  me ….again??? I had worked for the   telephone   company four (4) other times – and this would be the fifth (5) time – if they would hire me???

Lucky for me – the best friend  you can have – is a good “Supervisor” –  – she knew that I had a terrific record – always there – work any hours  – overtime – and any shift  – never take a day off – just because I might feel sick – once you start to get ready for work – it’s a miracle – how fast you can be cured of whatever you thought  – you had! She made all the arrangements – all I had to do was to show up!

I was surprised… when the clerk came around  – this is several months  – after having been back – – and asking  “me” – when in JANUARY 1968 – do you want your one week “VACATION?” I even asked her  –  “are you sure –  that I would be entitled???”

So… there you are – if you need a job – this is my review – I enjoyed working every day – and probably would … do it again – check it out – I have friends that stayed and retired – my problem – just needed to move  and try out other things – but if “steady” good work and good pay – where else would you want to go???

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Remembering “Beverly Theresa Porter”

Betty, Beverly,Me 001

In the photo above –  –  this picture  of the three of us –  – is being taken by Gail Porter. Also… in the above photo is Betty Jean Musgrove, and she is taking a picture of  me, Mary Ellen and I have  my left arm around  Beverly Porter – who is  a very good friend

This photo was taken in my last year at German St. Vincent’s Orphanage – as you see I have long hair  – – and I wanted it to be long for “Graduation Day” in the coming up June…. but the NUNS  – – had a thing about long hair – that is long hair on me. They told me that they would pay for me to get a permanent at the “Ragsdale Beauty Shop” if I would have it done  – as soon as possible???

It was January 1952 – and they promised me that my hair grows fast – – and it  would be long again for “GRADUATION” –  – I did not really believe them – but  – and so that I would not be    harassed    any more – about my long hair – disturbing them  – when we were in Church –  let me tell you … it does take longer than six (6) months to grow long hair.

This was to be a message to remember Beverly Theresa Porter Hitchcock – as she was a very good and dear …friendly- person …to everyone… for  all of her LIFE – and last year today … she  left here… for a much greater – a far, far greater rest…with her CREATOR…ending this journey here…



Well… I was able to add this much latter photo of Beverly Theresa Hitchcock … and she lived 74 very good years … with all of us –  – –  her very many friends and Family!

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“Donald Lee Aldrich – FAMILY….”


“The Donald” – with sons and his little brother  – “BIG AL” – – how is that … that the little brother becomes taller… that is becomes the “tallest”  –   in the whole FAMILY??”


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“Donald Lee Aldrich and sons”


“The Donald” – – every FAMILY needs one…”

Lucky for us – – there is more “Day-light” in Florida – so… as soon as we tied down the “plane” – we all jumped into the rental car and started enjoying the scenery – all the fabulous buildings  – double checking the locations and the restaurants –  – – so… we would have an idea  – as to where we would be getting our first “Florida” meal!

We headed toward “Donald’s place – wanted to be sure he and his   FAMILY  were up to joining us – somewhere special for our first get-together meal??

While at Donald’s place – he suggested we all get into his boat  – – get the feel of Florida.. ON THE INTER COASTAL  – since there is a real nice restaurant on the way and it will be something – that we would all enjoy!

Well…  what could we say  – but “YES” let’s all go and have FUN! – So… after parking the boat  – – we decided to take a few pictures. “HOW’s” this one – the back side of the “DONALD” – and he is trying to get his boys… to hold still a few seconds – – – so as to not get –  all blurry photos … – – like this one that I decided to take of Donald and his boys!.

It may have been my fault … that the boys were  act ting up… so much – because – everything that the “DONALD” was saying… to get them hold  – still – I just kept  – up with…- “It’s alright – they aren’t hurting anything!”  Guess – that I was too easy  – giving out the permission – that maybe they were not used to getting??

We all had a real good time – and the “boys” were really enjoying their selves    – as much as I remembered –  – – when we were little boys – and FAMILY and FRIENDS would come to visit us  – way back in the 1960’s  -in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

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“Are “WE” Ready to LAND… ??”



“Sure hope you are ready to land…  We have a rental car waiting …and we will be going over to my brother,  Donald’s  house –  we will have a short visit  – depending on what they are doing, tonight…- get something to eat … with – – –  Donald and his FAMILY …   “Donald and his wife Valerie” have  two boys – so when ever… you want to go and  or  leave  – –  we can…  and …we will be taking lots of pictures… so you gals  – – can put on your “Pretty” face and look  real …glamorous!”

We will be driving up the Federal Highway –  – then A-1-A highway  along the beach – see the area where they made the movie –  “Where the Boys are”  – so you can figure out where you want to stay for a couple of days  –  – –  thought you might want to visit  – “Topper’s” –   one of  the three   restaurants…  that my parents had … when we lived down here? Also, if you want to see where we lived and the other two  “restaurants”  – we will go there  – too – – or where ever  and or what ever …  catches your eye?  “Okay??” – “Looks like the  “thumbs-up”  – – got it!”


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“What is the ‘rest’ of the story…?”


Can you imagine being in a busy “Restaurant” – as this photo shows … to celebrate something… – –  “gifts on the table… “CAKE” always indicates a party to me..”  –  . “is the little BIRTHDAY GIRL” so  – absorbed – with the reading of a NEW book – just totally unaware of any body and every other person  – in a place that has all kinds of noise – probably some real loud music – and a whole lot of extra loud talking – everyone trying to hear and also to be heard by others???

For sure… that is little  “Alyssa and me”   – and it looks like  –  – – we are so engrossed in reading … that we did not even know enough to … put on a “HAPPY” face for the camera…  we just continued in our own little world –  – reading and enjoying  a whole other world in a book – something that must have been “spell-binding” …

So… if any person that might be able to remember this occasion – or be in the photo – or even know who is in this photo – –  or better yet – – – do you remember what the date was … and who  – or should I say…  do you recall all of the people attending this very special night…  out on the town???

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