“Only want to KNOW… HOW MUCH LONGER…???”


“Every day … I have been asking… HOW MUCH LONGER… – till my “BIG BIRTHDAY” party?”

The only answers – that I have been given… “SOON” – well …  how long does it take for “SOON” to get here???

I have been counting  –  the days – and at least “FIVE” (5) days have gone by – and still no  “BIG BIRTHDAY” party… for me???

The other BIG DEAL… is … that I am worried that  – everybody is just  Kidding… me  – just because I’m a little KID –  –  I think that I am getting a BIG HEADACHE??? – I am not KIDDING you –   –  I can feel my HEAD – and it hurts  – Feel it …  so you will know what I am talking about… I am getting a big Headache!!!

So… How do I know that nothing is happening  – – –  – I don’t see any decorations and party supplies  coming into our house – – –  does not seem to me that anybody is getting ready for anything “SPECIAL” like… my “BIG BIRTHDAY” – so… I have an idea – as to what I will do…

“I have a plan – – If nothing “SPECIAL” happens tomorrow… I will be calling my “GRANDMA” – and I know that she will  – let me  know … exactly what is going on…. for me  – and if and when …. My BIG BIRTHDAY” party will take place??? – My GRANDMA knows everything – and she will not let anybody forget my BIRTHDAY!”

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“There’s one gift for a “KID” – that has attached memories   – -that will last all through LIFE!”

Here  is my BEST FRIEND …”Benji”… he LOVES me  – so much – he hangs out with me all the time – no matter where I go  – – good ole “Benji” will tag along … and follow – he just knows – – that I want him with me all day and all night!

Just  look at the way  … my little ole “BENJI”  – he just wants me to hold him in my arms –   “Benji” just LOVES  being close to my “HEART” – he is listening – and he knows that I am  … his BEST FRIEND, too!


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“Getting ready for my – “BIRTHDAY!”

Alan working 001

“No – “BODY” – has to tell  –  “ME” twice – to get ready for my “BIRTHDAY!” Nothing like asking  some “BIG” person – who just might have an idea – just exactly when my “BIRTHDAY”  – will be here? 

“And the TEACHER” at this place said, “If I were you – I would start to make some  big “POSTERS” and hang them “ALL”  around the neighborhood – where you live – so that all of your little “FRIENDS” will be able to find your house –  – – they can tell their parents – who will be driving them over to your house – and  “ALL”  with their presents for you –  – – that if they just look for all of your special POSTERS – – –  they will soon be helping you to celebrate – this “BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY”  –  just –  for you – since this “ONE” will be a real big “HUM-DINGIER” !”

“As you can see – I am working just as fast as I can!”  “MY  “TEACHER”  is giving me some real good ideas –  since she knows that I like to be creative with all of the stuff I do…  I am also designing a new type of game for all of my friends … to have FUN  – while we are waiting for the “CAKE and ICE CREAM”  – this is such a good idea – I had better keep it under wraps – sure do not want someone to use my “IDEA” – that is before my “BIG BIRTHDAY” gets here!”

P.S. – I sent out all the invitations that I made – sure hope that –  you got yours and will be replying –  before the “DEAD” line???

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“IS MY – BIRTHDAY – coming soon?”


“For a little “BABY”  – I sure have a whole lot of questions to ask – someone?”   “Who likes to answer MY questions?” “On this picture  would  you –  say – that I am around six months of age – the reason that –  I’m asking is – –  that the bottom of my “NEW”  shoes –  – sure look as if …I have been running around the block???”

The other day, “I heard GRANDMA – telling someone that she runs around the block eight (8) times  – every morning…?” “Grandma’s friend took the time to ask – GRANDMA,    – “When and where do you  go to run around the block, I sure do not see  you running  – –  by my house???” She continued. “I sure would like to run with you – if it is not too…  early – in the day???”

I – then  –  had to almost die laughing when I heard what GRANDMA said,  “As soon as I get  up and out of bed –  I reach under the bed – grab the big block that I have under the bed… set it in the middle of my bedroom – and I start running as fast as I can – always eight (8)   times around the block – – pick up the block and put it back under my bed!”  – – And then GRANDMA said, “You just don’t know  – how worn out I can get  – running so hard and fast!”

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How many “KIDS” did you want???

“Just let me know – – see how fast … we can make more…”


How about starting off with just “TWO” KIDS and see how we do???

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Remembering “JUNE” FRIENDS…

When… each month rolls around – I don’t know if anybody else gives a second thought or two about “FRIENDS” whose BIRTHDAY…  just happens to be in that month???  (But… I do!)

So, while I am thinking about this  month of “JUNE” – – – one of my oldest and a  very dear long time  “FRIEND” was STELLA – from the Orphanage. Stella’s Birthday was on the 6th of JUNE! Why in the world would I be able to always remember that date???  ( So many reasons – here are a few.)

For some reason – I do not remember the  “WHY”  for all of the “ORPHANS” to be dressed in some kind of costume and we marched for miles –  and –  as I remember – Stella and I were dressed in “INDIAN Squaw” outfits and as we were marching –   Stella and I were receiving a heck of a lot of “WOLF” calls  and whistles  – and we were really enjoying the long marching – with such  attention – just for us!!!

So, for her Birth date – she was highly energetic with  a commanding personality and was always an excellent conversationalist –  as I found out having been around her since we were both in the  same grade in school… One other thing  –  each person had an assigned  “NUMBER” – as everything that you own – was numbered.  You – yourself was a NUMBER – as most of the  NUNS would call “YOU”  by your  ” NUMBER”  and very – very seldom – were you ever called by your name –  and you got to know everybody by their NUMBER, too!  My number was (91) and Stella’s number was (90) – and that is not because we came into the Orphanage at the same time – as she was in the  Orphanage years before me. I liked that we had close numbers –  because – lots of the  things we did – we did together – almost like having the sister – which I really should have had!

On the (28th) of JUNE was another terrific FRIEND! Met with her – soon to be a FRIEND for LIFE – her name is “Kelly” and with a couple of her small children – when she was “HOUSE” hunting into the Jefferson County area. She called the REAL ESTATE office that I was then working – –  and I  just happened to be on duty. “What  –   “Luck” – never could have know – that this was a meeting – that would last forever!”

Kelly has a highly magnetic personality – when with and  always around her  family – there was always success in whatever she and  you are doing – she was always cheerful – very  energetic nature – and  with  the greatest of  skills – –  as she worked in the medical field  –  – and  she knew just what was right for everyone and made everyone so comfortable at all times!

Kelly had seven of the best children that you would want to be around – and at all times – Kelly and her husband did a lot of traveling – as that is what she  would like  to do. So often she would call me while I was still at the office –  – and  would invite me to stop by for supper  – with her and the FAMILY – and this was always a “real treat” for me.

Sometimes in LIFE – YOU just  never know when – but you may  have a chance meeting – and all of a sudden… instead of just  being  “FRIENDS”  –  “YOU” are invited into a “FAMILY” – –  that thinks of  “YOU”  as a part of their FAMILY  –  – and for all the occasions of LIFE!

Would you say… that the Almighty YAHWEH – does have a hand in the choices  and selections  that – you  can or cannot make – depending on how you feel – but – in  some of the “PLACES” and “SITUATIONS”  that HE has “YOU”  show up in – –  “if  “YOU”  play YOUR cards right –  YOU are  really in there  –  for LIFE!”


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