“Checking out the meaning of D.V.”

Some time ago when reading,  “Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”— yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. “(James 4:13-17).” –  I just had  to check this out – as a person that reads the BIBLE – to find the answers to the many questions that come up, every day.

If you read “fourgrandmas.com” you most probably have seen “D.V.” at the close of some of the articles that I have posted and may have wondered why or what does this mean?

So,  “D.V.” refers to the Latin phrase, “Deo Volente” and means, “God willing.”  And in, James 4:13-17 tells us,  why we should use it often. Since this world and all of us are on this EARTH for only a short time – we do not KNOW  everything – we do not know what the very next minute will bring to our door step – but, some of us make plans – as if knew everything  and exactly what will happen in the very next year.

Tomorrow starts the “NEW YEAR of  2019” –  and  tonight there will be lots of people making plans for the full  “NEW YEAR” ahead – as if they  will for sure be here,  to carry out the wild plans that they think – that they will be able to go forth with.

Since each and every day is different  – and we did not create this EARTH and have no idea of the events that are to take place today – tomorrow and have no idea of what will for sure happen in the next five and or ten years, down the road. From my reading of the above scripture in the BIBLE – I feel that we should  consult with the CREATOR of  everything – the ONE that knows the PLANS  of which, HE has for each of us – just to be on the safe side of doing things.

It only makes sense to me – that what ever I would like to do – that I would first check with someone  regarding this idea – to be sure that I am able and qualified to undertake this venture. – For instance, I have a beautiful new vehicle sitting outside at the curb – looks good – all most brand new, but there is a problem – I have been informed that there is something drastically wrong – and a special type of  Company which will be picking this vehicle up – in such a way – so that no one is harmed in any way – – but do not touch not try to use – and you will be compensated – no matter what happens, later.

So, along comes a couple of people – looking at the vehicle and I guess that they think that  – they could just take it – as there in no one around – the keys are still in – what harm will come to just take a quick “JOY RIDE” – and before anyone could tell them to stay away – they start opening the doors – and immediately  – they are blown sky-high!

“Is it too much  for us to just take it upon ourselves – to assume that whatever we are doing is the correct way and we know that which we want to do is correct and safe – without first checking in with our CREATOR – the Almighty Yahweh – and ask for guidance  – in the plans that we are making for the future days and moments – and possibly for the entire  NEW YEAR? 

“Why not play it safe – ask the Almighty to guide  our every step – LIFE will   then  be filled with more BLESSINGS than  we could have ever dream of receiving!”

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“Christmas TREES – small – medium and TOO LARGE”

“GETTING “READY” for CHRISTMAS” “Make a NOTE for next year… that,

This is too BIG of a CHRISTMAS TREE –  after so many years – you do learn a lesson or two – on  and or about…TREES!”

Can you guess the year of this CHRISTMAS TREE? –  After this year of the  TOO “BIG”  of a tree –  each succeeding   year – we went to a smaller size – and then to the artificial – and the last tree – well –  it even came all made up – with  electric lights and the works –  such an  easy up and take down –  no muss – no fuss!

Just the other day, I was telling someone about this “rocker” that rocks and swirls around and was the best of  “ROCKERS” for rocking our new born baby, Al in 1962 – it just was so wonderful –  that,  what ever we paid for it – we received every dollar back,   and even more – in happiness!

This “Rocker” was so comfortable for me and  also to be able to hold a baby in my arms –  after I had just put a stack of records on the  record player – all with songs that I could sing along with –  and rock and then swirl to the right and then to the left – and baby, Al – what could he do – but fall asleep as fast as he could.

Could be that “baby, Al” went to sleep fast – so that,  I would put him in his crib – where he could really catch some  “good sleep” – without  being spun around in circles   and someone singing off key  – and making up some of the words – just as only a silly    “MOM” will do – not thinking that even the neighbors can hear  this silly “MOM” as the windows were open – because in FLORIDA – the “SUNSHINE STATE” –  warn weather    and “sound” will  travel,  all the way to the OCEAN!

Looking back at that “TREE” – I almost have to die laughing – I sure did not  read the book of instruction – when it came about,  “How the PUT UP the perfect CHRISTMAS TREE” – and, now too,   I am also wondering – since no one made any comments – guess –  that they all liked the “TREE” – or they did not even see it –  as, all that anyone could see –  is,  “WHAT is under that TREE, for me?”

So just for YOU, today – and, if  YOU   are reading for the first time – we are  NOW  wishing to YOU and YOURS’ a very HAPPY… “MERRY CHRISTMAS! –  To all – and to all,  a very  good NIGHT!”

Since and  that,  this is also the “30th”  “Let me,  be the first to wish YOU a very HAPPY and Prosperous NEW YEAR – and that the “year 2019”   – will be filled with many  Blessings from our CREATOR – the one and only that can give to HIS children so many wonderful BLESSINGS – in ways that we could never even dream of – being just the right things that we need –  in these days and times!   “HAPPY  NEW  YEAR with many BLESSINGS to follow!     D.V.

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“Christmas Celebrated also on the 28th”

On CHRISTMAS DAY – you can only celebrate with those that are available on that day – so we  also celebrate  “CHRISTMAS”  DAY within  the  same week – for those that have to be at several homes – but due to distance and travel –  another  day during the CHRISTMAS    WEEK   – just adds to more FUN and excitement with more of the FAMILY!    “No one is left out!”


“Visiting Family and Friends on CHRISTMAS!”


The picture of the “GRANDMA”  in this picture  – is how I see myself!

A picture is worth a  ‘thousand words’   and this  picture sure reminds me of the ways  –   visiting was  done back in the day when  –  we  did seem to have more time for  “FAMILY and FRIENDS” to just pop in and visit  –  with no big hurry to be somewhere else.

When we were little  – that is  my brothers and myself –  my DAD  would drive all of us to Columbus and  to  Circleville,  OHIO –  every Spring and Fall  –  and we would stay maybe a month for a visit with all of his  –  our  DAD’s  FAMILY.  I remember in  “GRANDMA’s house,  there was a big “HOME  STYLE  ORGAN” – this was the kind of organ that in order to play it  – you would have to have  –  someone on the side pumping the bellows to  pump plenty of air to the insides  – so that the Organist could make some sweet music. Now that I think about it – wonder what ever happened to it – and who in the family was the Organist?

Some of the silly stuff that you think of – when you start to think about  FAMILY –  I still have  a “PIE PLATE” – must be at least a hundred years old – as GRANDMA gave to us – filled with a pie – as they all like to eat and to eat they all did very well –  but this was on the occasion of our heading back to Saint Louis –  after one of our trips!   This is the same “PIE PLATE” that my DAD and MOM would always bake a “PUMPKIN PIE” in –  and that is exactly what I do,  today!   There is something about baking a “PUMPKIN PIE” in that “PIE PLATE”  – that makes that the best tasting pie ever!   –  “Just must be some magic in that “PIE PLATE!”

Isn’t it wonderful – that  “SOMEONE”  is old enough  – NOW –  and  remembers those  good old days  —  the really good times  —   and even TODAY – has a memory   of stuff to talk about – everything that made CHRISTMAS  worth  telling the new younger generation all about  and even to pass on to  lots of old FRIENDS and  all of the young generation of  our FAMILY  and with all of the PHOTOS that are taken now,   with those “SMART” Phones    – which will make is so easy in the future to pass on  even better memories with Photo and sound!  So one more time – while it is still the SEASON – we wish  a  very HAPPY and “MERRY  CHRISTMAS”  to all those we have not been able to visit with this year – but letting you all know we do LOVE you and miss you  and ask for the  Almighty to  send many BLESSINGS    —   to  ALL!”      D.V.

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“Best of TIMES – and WWII made us stronger”

Just looking at this old PHOTO of 1942 – and what we did – we did it because we LOVE  our CREATOR – our Country, AMERICA  – and  learning to LIVE  and LEARN new LESSONS every day – HOW could we have had it any better?

ME & Tom 001

This is our baby in the family, little Tommy,  and big sister, Mary Ellen.



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“Play this song NOW and Often – For Christmas”

“Just received this  Song to PLAY – and feel that I should also pass it  on to everyone  – that likes very good Christmas Music!”



Just so I do not forget – this came from “Mr Wonderful” and he does have a good ear – for   good MUSIC!

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“Here is what happened to your Christmas Present”

In case,  your were thinking that  –  I may have forgotten what you had ask me to have sent to you – via – “Santa Claus” and his favorite “reindeer,   Rudolph” – it seems that there has been some kind of a delay!

In the PHOTO, below – you will see on a pallet – just exactly the surprise that I  had ordered from dear ole “SANTA” – and was in hopes that he would be bringing to you by the “25th” of December!

BUT, this is the message that I had received – “Due to circumstances beyond “SANTA’s” control – the above item was just too much for  poor  ole “Rudolph” to be responsible for at this day and time of the year!” – “”Rudolph” is no longer leading the crew of deer on such long and hard trips – with items that are just too much for the average “KID” to be getting at this time of year!”

Seems to me,  that further in the small print – I was reading that, there are new laws on the books that restrict  some items from being delivered to  some persons – because they are not quite qualified to operate without the  proper certification from the CITY and STATE to which they will be delivered – and one more really important thing!

If you  really want the item, that  you see above – there are “TAXES”  – that amount to amounts  – that are just out of this world – in reality –  I can not figure out why all of these taxes are necessary –  and then, they want some kind of a guarantee regarding the “INSURANCE”  on the vehicle and on the person that will be the “NEW OWNER”  – and all of these fees must be paid up in advance – for  and  at least,  a year in advance – and the “paper work”  is all “GREEK” to me – some of it looks like there are several different languages – and I have no idea  – what the forms are  all for, and to which COUNTRY – all of this is,  to go too?

So, just to make you real  – HAPPY – I just  thought that  – if and when “YOU”  become the big  “16 years old”  that someday that will for sure happen – than and only then – will I continue on with the sending of this  extra special gift – but – and so that we do not forget – I am sending to you – this small version of the model you see above – was able to find one – at the  “5 and 10 CENT” store!

Just remember that – we will  be seeing you in the above vehicle – when you pass all of your tests and have learn to drive – “OH” – I was told to tell you – that if I buy the vehicle – you will have to have a job – so that you can maintain the up keep and buy the INSURANCE – because at the age of  “16” – INSURANCE  is too costly – it is just plain out of this world to most youngsters!  “Merry Christmas and have FUN with the toy version – as it is so much safer  for you – at this time!”          D.V.

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