“Only 2 MORE Days for Daddy’s Birthday”

It is so good to be able to find some photos of “Daddy” that cover a good many years … showing the difference of how one changes in the way they look and  also the line of work that they are involved doing and including how you look…while being signed up… to be serving AMERICA in the uniform of the day… as Daddy was in the Army in the 1930’s.

Call me “MAC”

Daddy 1975 001

Just call me “MAC” – that is what my Dad would always tell people.

What I remember most about my Dad… he was always friendly,  he  was there to help work, no matter what.

Always the best person to have around if you were having a gathering of people…  he would do all the cooking and everything served was excellent and all attending… could say,  “another job well done by – MAC!”


1928 -1932 Daddy in Uniform

In uniform 001

Another picture of Daddy, Denny H. McClarren.

His face is too young for me to remember and nothing on the back of the photo?  This photo was with the other older photo…  that went to “war”  in the billfold.

Too late now to ask anyone for information…  as no one  lives forever.

So if you know about the  above uniform – let me know – I can  also look for more information and pictures and also  start reading  more real old mail? 


Photo survives a lifetime!

Dad Service Photo 001

Denny H. McClarren – on back of photo  – 1st Infantry Div., Fleet Philippines.

From the looks of this photo – the “war” was in the billfold. 

This is the oldest of photos of my Dad. Never a baby picture  – no teenage  photos – times back then were bad,  and if you wanted to eat  – you would join the ARMY  – and work in the kitchen.

My Dad was a very good Chef!

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“Daddy Will Sing to His Little Girl”

Just have to go through some of the old photos of Daddy and us children with him…as the memories are all good and never to be forgotten.

Today… with the help of a computer…it is wonderful for all of us to be able to pull up all kinds of old photos and then… start to remember… that we had such good times with Daddy… as our “DAD” was terrific,  when it came to having FUN… as he was always one for doing things that he wanted… whether or not it was approved by others…and later on…I will spell this out… as there was no other Father, that did some of the things he would do!


During WWII days it was a time when we had to ration coupons to buy some things and  because…most things that were needed for the WAR effort…were done by most of us… so as a reward for all of out efforts and to have FUN…Daddy took us to Fairgrounds Park to play.

We  would play on the swings. and also do some fishing… and on one exciting trip… never to forget…which included  our little “Tommy falling off the Bridge and into the Lake.

Take note… Tommy is the one without the shirt on… and he also  lost one shoe and sock in the water.

Doubles 001

This next photo is taken in OHIO and on the Farm of Daddy’s  parents…and we were  younger, and as you can take note… we are just a year apart in age.

As I remember… we took this trip to Ohio in the Spring and in the Fall of each year…sometimes  in the months between …Grandma and one of Daddy’s brothers would drive down to Missouri to see us and stay maybe a week or two…Grandma especially  liked little Denny Jr., and would  take Denny Jr.,  home when they would  return back to Ohio.




This next photo is one of my favorites…Daddy holding me  in his arms… so nice and high…that I could see everywhere and forever…

Guess that I am learning to talk… as I must be seeing something so important… that, I have to point to it …just so that everyone knows… that I like being able to see so far away… when I am so high above the ground… it is like seeing the whole wide world!


“Just have to add a special little song “Daddy’s Little Girl”… because when you are the first girl in the family… you feel that forever… when you hear this song… all of those very young days and years in your LIFE… your Daddy was the “Super Man” of the world!”

“Sit back and enjoy… and sing to your little girl… she will LOVE it!”

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“Magic Door”

from little Tommy… xoxoxoxo



Watch again with friends… xoxoxoxo

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“Daddy’s Birthday is Coming Up, February 2nd”

So many writer’s start their story at the beginning, but… this time I am starting in the reverse order… just for  a little something different.

This is a picture of our Daddy, Denny  H. McClarren Sr., and  to celebrate his birthday  which will be on the “Second of February” and I wanted to start  out with our Daddy and the youngest child with Daddy … for our first memory photo.

This is Daddy holding baby, “Tommy”  and of course ME…aka “Motorcycle Mama” just as ready as I can be to get going … flying all the way …up and down on the sidewalk… in a hurry … going no where fast!

This a new move for us… to the County… a very nice home in Pine Lawn. You can tell that these are all new houses… the street is so clean… everything so spick and span… and when  “Daddy Dear” takes his heavy foot… off  the tire of my bike…I’ll be off …in a flash!


This is a good photo of  “Daddy”…he is young and in very good shape, as he has been in the “Army for three “two” year stents and  did his duty in the Philippines.

In the arms of “Daddy” is our  baby brother, little “Denny Jr.”…and this photo is being taken on one of our many visits to visit  our “Aunt Irene  Brady Riley” when she was living on Ashland Avenue in North  Saint Louis… where so many of our relatives including lots of cousins  lived.

ME & Daddy 001

This is “Daddy” and with ME holding my little “Doll” also, in the backyard of our Aunt Irene… as we made so many visits to her house when we were small.

I was trying to tell if this photo was taken on the same day as the photo of  “Denny Jr.”  in the above…but as you can see… I am too young to remember…I am  just “Lucky” to have all of these old photos… and they are still in pretty good shape.

One thing that caught my eye… in looking at these ole photos… the grass in cut and everything looks so clean…almost as if no one lives at these homes… they are just there for the pleasure  of those that would want to take pictures… they will always have  a good looking background.

Wish I could say that about some pictures that were taken lately… guess we are all too old  to be doing all of that un-necessary  and very hard work!

“Just an early  “Happy Birthday Daddy” memory!”

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“Amazing Grace: The Story Behind the Song”

This documentary, produced by Emblem Media LLC, focuses on the person John Newton, and the experiences that inspired his words to what has become one of the world’s most beloved hymns, Amazing Grace. For more information Emblem Media LLC visit: www.emblemmediallc.com

Who am I LORD that you have brought me here. Forgive me LORD for my sins. Thank you for YOUR MERCY and DELIVERANCE

Lesson here is that as a parent it your duty to introduce your children to the Lord They will cry out to him when the time comes

Sheila Ayers is correct about Newton’s conversion; few know that Newton was also the pastor of WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, who fought for 40 years in Britain for the abolition of slavery. That’s a Gospel transformation with a lasting effect.

The most touching song the  earth has ever witnessed. God bless His words…

This song is all about hope forgiveness redemption and grace. wonderful amazing wonderful saving grace.

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“Story Time for All Kids”

👌Tips for Successful Reading Habits:

1. Children that are able to read should do so for 15-20 minutes a day.

2. Encourage new readers to sound out words.

3. Take trips to the library and bookstore.

4. Encourage your child to read billboards and buildings while riding in the car.

5. Read aloud stories are great resources for building language and vocabulary skills.


Hello Awesome Readers!

Today’s book is “A Chair for My Mother” written by Vera B. Williams. This story is just in time for Mother’s Day! It’s the perfect story about overcoming a tough situation that any of us could experience at any time of our lives. Hard work, dedication, determination, and family always help us persevere during difficult times.

Book written by Vera B. Williams (ISBN: 978-0-688-04074-1).


1. Human resources are the quantity and quality of human effort directed toward producing goods and services. Human resources are also known as labor. Who are the human resources in the story?
Mama and Rosa are human resources. They both worked at the Blue Tile Diner.

2. Why did Mama come home with the biggest jar she could find at the diner?
The jar was used to collect change from tips at the diner. Mama wanted Rosa and Grandma to help her start saving to buy a comfortable chair.

3. Income is payment people earn for the work they do. Tips are a part of a server’s income. Did Rosa have an income when she helped Mama at the restaurant?
Yes. Josephine, Mama’s boss, paid Rosa when she helped at the restaurant.

4. Saving is keeping some income to buy things in the future. How did Rosa, Mama, and Grandma save their money?
They put their money in a giant jar.

5. Where else could Rosa, Mama, and Grandma keep their savings?
In an account at a bank or credit union.
*Note: Banks and credit unions are a safe place to keep savings because the money is protected from loss (up to $250,000 per account). Also, banks and credit unions pay interest on savings—so you can reach a savings goal a little bit faster.

6. A savings goal is a good or service that you want to buy in the future. What was Rosa’s savings goal? Was she successful at meeting her savings goal?
Rosa’s savings goal was to buy a comfortable chair. Yes, she was able to save enough money to buy the chair.

7. Do you save money in a piggy bank or jar? When the bank or jar is full, where else could you keep your money?
In an account at a bank or credit union.

8. Do you have a savings goal? If so, what is it?
Answers will vary.

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