Still Learning

So, when I read to keep your  body in shape and young looking like a million,  and your  brain alert, with  up to-date marbles floating on deck, learn to do something new! Well, that’s just  what I started to do, and I do believe I’m  in 1st grade,  again.

My brain thought “it”  knew everything , but with me trying to write about all the stuff I talk about – I think my report card will not have too many  “gold stars” on it. The one important thing I’m learning is to keep my mouth shut and try to take more notes.  Do you know how hard it is to learn something new, when at my age everything is turning to mush?

But, I am looking at the positive side of this situation, it is good to see young people today knowing so much more than I ever did, and in such a short time. I’ll bet it is because they have been taking “cod liver oil”, and all the wheels and whistles, are so well oiled, everything moves smoothly!

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August 1st, 2012

Happy Birthday – Special Detective, Lee Aldrich


A picture is worth a thousand words.  The first picture is of  Lee… when he started on the police force. The second picture is him the “Best Golfer” on the course, but taking a rest with his buddy in Florida. The third is picture of “Sport of Kings”, with him and friends at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. And the forth picture is Lee,  just before retiring from St.Louis Police Dept. as Special Detective.

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No Tipping Please!

When you are in High School (Beaumont High), you need an after school job.  Well,  I  was hired to work as a waitress at the downtown  McCory ‘s Dime Store.  So from Natural Bridge and Vandeventer, by bus to  the 6th st. and Washington (50+ years ago) location, as a waitress on the job, you change into your uniform and may  have a free meal before your shift starts. Their cornbread was the beat ever, so I always enjoyed a nice size piece.

Now that you tasted the food, you could certainly give the customers a good report  on and answer questions regarding the available choices. It seemed to me  that the most important part of the job was to be friendly and truthful, along with being  fast and able to  clean up , making more places to sit at the counter available!

One evening, my service, must have  been  extra good, because when I went to cleanup, there was a  Silver Dollar, left as a “Tip“!   I showed the  manager. and was told to ring   up   “$1.00”  and put in side drawer,   management will know?  


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World-Class Heroes

How many gold medals, and who will be breaking and making new world records or  be most decorated, hopefully the USA Olympic Team!  The  Athletes, with day and night training representing  America in London, reaching their greatest potential hope their  Dreams come true in 2012!

When each Athlete decides early in life, that they have talent and a strong desire, that if developed correctly is a “miracle”, since this is something you can not do alone. Your family has made  the commitment to recruit friends and supporters, tracking down the right coaches to provide every possible advantage ensuring  this Athlete’s  dedication reaches the goals set for each performance to compete, achieving many successes in the  years following.

America is here to support  her Athletes, with training resources, and promoting  the Dream, because  the  Olympians are our best Ambassadors! Their team spirit and respect one for another in any part of the  world ensures “Heroes”!

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Tele Communications

In the  ’40s, we had the best, most reliable, “communications” system going! As a  “kid”, then, got up early, dressed and ready to play or work (work was having to help my brothers get ready). Before I even got outside, I could hear; “Oooh Mary Ellen can you come out and play,  Today?” This was in a sing/song  dragged out  repetition, by my friend,  “Alice”, standing on the sidewalk , in front of our  house.  My Mother  would tell me to kindly let “Alice” know that I would be out soon!

Alice lived a block away, walked to my house, and when I get outside, we are going to walk a couple more blocks and both of us will  start calling, more friends, walking and walking  until enough friends are together to play.

How do you like our, “communication system”,  when we “call you”,everybody on the block knows “us” and “you” and what we are going to do, and where we will be! Now, if your “parents” do not like your “friends”, you can’t go out today?   Let me “tele” you something “we grew up with all that “fresh air,  out doors and exercise.”

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“Gruesome Times!”

Do you remember an old black and white film from the  ’40s? The last scene made such an impression on me, it always pops up when, Today’s News Media,  continually keep the current tragedies going, without answering the  question  “Why”?

The scene is on  “death row”, a young man is in his cell with the Priest  – praying! The Mother allowed a last visit and standing outside the cell. She is crying and her heart breaking, asking, “Why son? Why?” The son walks close to the bars and calls his Mother over.  The son whispers,  “Mother come close  as I want to whisper something in your ear…  Closer!”

Then bites off her ear. Everybody is wanting to know, “Why?”  Why, did you do that to your Mother?  “Because, if you would have corrected me,  when I was a young boy,  I would not be here  Now!”

When all of   Today’s News  Media, flock  to the young person’s bizarre behavior,  giving the criminal…  exactly what they want – –   “15 minutes of  notoriety.”   Tomorrow’s news  will be even  worse,  the notoriety seekers are planning something bigger and more gross!

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