Friend of Daddy’s – 10/19/1913



This picture has only the date  o f – 10/19/1913 –  – the young man  was in the Army with  my Dad   – and so I have to think that my Dad is taking this picture.

Since my father had this  photo in his album  – next to some  of himself  –  after he was injured in the Philippines  – this could be  where this photo was taken?

The photo-album that my father had was purchased in the Philippines  – as it has all kinds of special embossing on the outside cover – making it so enticing to just  want to look and study  the cover.  Also, my Dad had a keen eye for the ladies  – and has some beautiful photos of the women that were in and near  the barracks – where he was stationed. Some of the photos are done up in oil or some  special coloring system – they look as good as the photos you wold have made here  – at a Photography shop – today.

If someone has or knows of someone who was in the Army  – way back then – and may know who the above  young man  is   –  be sure to leave your comment – and if you want to see other pictures of people who are in the album – let me know – as there are plenty. I am happy that the Almighty took good care of all  our young men – who serve in the different areas  of  conflicts and even in the Wars  – – – to make America safe and free for  – –  – all  of us at home!


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“Daddy’s Birthday is coming!”

Geo. Raft - look-a-like 001

This is  Denny H. McClarren Sr.,   –   he was still in  the ARMY  – and before he ever came to Missouri  –  and before he married  my Mother!

When  Daddy   had finished his three stints in the Army – he was traveling on a train from California to Missouri and the next destination to his home in OHIO! While traveling on the train – he met some of the family relatives   – the FLEMING  cousins – to my Mother  – and in a get-to-gather – to welcome “HOME” all the boys in the service – who were friends  – there was a party  and of course my Mother  – a most beautiful young lady  – was introduced  – and  the rest  of the story in now “HISTORY!”

The above picture of Daddy looks a little like  –  “George Raft” a movie star  – that my Mother liked  – and who was a terrific  dancer – but I guess when I was in High School – I told my Mother that  – I thought Daddy looked like “Clark Gable” – – and in fact –  if you ever watch the movie “Any Number Can Play”  – my Daddy could pass for “Clark Gable!” Something about the way they move and especially when you see them smoke – they could pass for twins – they were both born in Ohio and near each other  – so  maybe  – we can just guess??? Their birthdays are just a day or two apart – 

“So  – here is wishing  – DADDY a Happy Birthday  –  that would be on 02-02-12  – and lots of fun – where ever you you are???”

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A Day of Remembering!

Eve Karen 001

Some days’ of the year – sure get one to remembering – people – events –  and the things that happened  – all –  so long ago – that one would think – everything was  long forgotten?? The above picture of my sister KAREN – brings back memories of the situation – and the events – that were taking place – and  when I stop to think of the things that were done to make this picture a reality – I could have enough material  with  the facts  – that would make a –  MOVIE  – AT LEAST  – A TOP SELLING BOOK! 

I am born under the sign – and I would guess that –   whatever this  “SIGN” would be  – there may be  many others – and only if you experience what I am talking about  – would understand?? When I want something  – really want  and ask for that  something  – there is the possibility of my getting  “my want” – but not for long . If I do receive the “want” – some how or the other – it is taken away and so is this  the case  –  concerning  –  KAREN – and me –  and has always  been. In additions to “want’ –  I have to sit on the fence – when it comes to my saying anything  in a positive  and or negative way.  If  I really want something – I have to say that  –  I do not want  – what ever is the option . And that goes for my opinion on what will or will not take place and  or happen – always works that way  – so I prefer to sit on the fence – and just wait and see – in  that way I just might be happy – about the decision .

Today, was a cold and windy  – very strong winds –  so strong were  the winds  – they could blow you down – if you were not holding on ?? No Sunshine – just a gloomy day to remember  – my sister KAREN  – and think about the letters  that she wrote to me when I lived in Florida – and if I had been in Missouri – could I have been able to help her. When – you start to think about what you may have been able to do for someone – how would that change  – make a difference in the scheme of events  – and or the changes that could take place in the lives – in lots of people. Would the LIFE  – of others change or not?  And would there be any good results and changes in our own LIVES?? Too many questions – seem to be coming to me that need some serious thought  – and should I want to write  a book  – just to see if  our story  – and with  all the facts –  and there could be some people  – who  need to hear what really happened  –  would  I  be able help some one??

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“Remembering my sister, Karen”


Karen & Jim Scott 001Tomorrow  – the 29th – makes nineteen years since my sister, Karen died.  This was just two weeks before her  50th Birthday and almost  35 years married to her husband, Jim Scott. When one says that LIFE is too short – – must have also experienced  this same thing as someone in the family having everything going for them  – wonderful family  and home and taking vacations to Hawaii – no fear of very long distance flying – and health that was very good. One wonders what really happened?

Is it true that you could be a carrier of cancer and never know it? It would seem to me that there is something – that would call for further attention    – – in the yearly medical exams that one has  – that would surely show up some kind of tell-tale-sign  – -at least giving someone a small clue that something is brewing inside the body – so that  – we could  start getting better medical exams and  the best of advice. What can be done when you and or a member of the family  – is told that –  they have pancreatic cancer?  The only thing my sister was told  -that  – “there is nothing that can done – once it is detected?” “Eight to ten weeks and you are gone.”

As you can see in the above picture of Karen and her husband, Jim  – they are very “HAPPY” and having a very good time in “Hawaii!” –  ” I only wish that my sister,   Karen   could have lived  just a little longer?”


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What is the GOOD WORD for today?

Some days – when listening to the conversation of the people around me – I have to start wondering – “are they listening to their-selves?” “Is what they are saying – just to get someone to react – and give them a word or two – of some other way to express their selves – and – maybe just take the conversation – somewhere else?”

If my Mother were alive – she would let you know – “under no circumstances – do I want to hear that kind of language!” My Mother knew her words – and there was not a word that she could not spell and when she would take dictation – she could take the entire conversation down in shorthand and then type the whole conversation from her notes – and since she worked for the government – there was not a mistake anywhere! Letter perfect – and without mistakes.

Just listening to a program the other day about WORDS and that there were ten (10) words that are used more often than all the rest of our WORDS. “Once upon a time” – the first four of the ten words – is the beginning of almost   all of the stories that we hear. In fact – as I remember when as a small child – almost every story that – I would start to tell – would start with the “Once upon a time!” Still, today it is so easy to start to tell a story or most any little interesting item of idle conservation with the “Once upon a time” just to start the mouth talking in the fashion of saying something – and letting the listeners know this is a story!

“I LOVE YOU!” Those are the next three (3) words. Since February 14th is just around the corner – “I LOVE YOU” will be communicated at least a million times or more?? Everyone knows that if you can say – “I LOVE YOU” – no matter what you did – either right or wrong you are forgiven – and you are now the best thing, since sliced bread!

“I’m SORRY!” These two words will clear your slate – once and for all causes – no matter what – you are accused of doing – so that now you will be waited on – just as if you are the “KING of Hears!” The only problem with most of us HUMANS – is that we just do not know up front – the miraculous power for the words – “I’m SORRY!” If and when there comes a situation that starts to brew into something that – will soon start maybe WWIII  – “I’m SORRY” will splash water on that fire so fast – and the best  of things  will soon follow.

“I”  – this is the last   “one” word making  up the ten most used words  – and for me to add more to the “I” than to let you know  – something in LIFE  – the only best way to use the “I” – is to say “I LOVE YOU!”    “And  –  the fact is that – –  I do LOVE you!”         D.V.

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“Guess – I have to wait??”


“I’m waiting and waiting – but for how long  – do I have to wait??” Seems that  – there is still a “Birthday Gift”  – on it’s  way and it has been to P.A.  – N.C. and Florida and in this picture  –  – I’m sitting here at my “Grandma’s  house in Ohio.

The message about a  “Birthday Gift”  for me on my BIRTHDAY – was the 24th – – so what happened??  I’m sure that they said that  – my gift – was coming via “FED-X”  — – but now that I think about it  –  “I’m wondering if maybe they said  “Pony-Express??”

As –  you can see  – the photo is on the older side –  and as old as this photo is  – back when I was sitting in this chair – I do believe that the “PONY EXPRESS” was not running  – guess that  –  the Indians shot all the Cowboys – those that where riding their horses in the “Wild West”  – – – so that today –   there surely should be a much faster  –  shipping company running around with packages in their trucks  – and hopefully before I get too much older???

“It’s the PITS – when you are a small child and have to wait – almost forever – just for a “BIRTHDAY GIFT!”  – – “One thing for sure  – I am tired of sitting in that chair – don’t they know that the “SUN” is in my eyes  – -and I have to squint – and now my picture is not going to be as nice as it could be – – –  only,  if I did not have to squint?”


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