“Remember – EASTER – 04/14/1963”

Easter Sunday and an “EASTER BUNNY” – is all  foreign    information…  for a fifteenth month old baby – –  and we can see – – that baby Al – – sitting in the “high-chair” just has no real idea of what all that stuff is doing on the dining room table – – – and so early in the morning?

The table is set up … for four boys – – Tom in high school gets the smallest basket – – and  for  baby Al – – the youngest boy gets the largest basket – – – but it is not the size of the basket that makes you feel good – – it is all of the sweet treats that are spread out on the table …  that – –  when  being  bigger and older  –  you  know – – there is   more  that your hand can reach for  and grab –  – all   without any help – – every  thing   on the table is there – –  for each boy  to enjoy  while they   just share and even  enjoy sharing with their class mates when they  can come over!

“The early bird gets the worm”  – – he who gets up early – – can start to try out some of those colorful and fancy wrapped candies – – mostly chocolate – – who wants any thing else – -but who will get the  big “Chocolate Bunny” – – some of the larger size…  are now made hollow inside – such a  big disappointment – – I always enjoyed the solid “Chocolate Bunny” as you would have more of the good stuff –  – and the longer it  will last  – – the more you think about  “EASTER”  and all those goodies — – I can see you  and your friends  are enjoying “EASTER” – too!”

That’s big brother, Lee  serving baby brother, Al   with some  of the “EASTER” treats … the ones he knows he can give to  baby Al – – but … he is big enough – and knows  what he likes – – as  Lee has been around  a little longer – – and NOW  – – can tell  – his  little baby  brother, Al – –  all about the way – that things happen on  “EASTER” –  – so nice to be the bigger brother – – the one who  NOW   knows  and has  all of  the answers –  – just knows so much  – – for being   “so” big … four years old.

“PHOTOS” taken along time ago – – always –  have a good story – – – – and help one to remember the “GOOD” old days!” ***    *******   D.V. 

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“Let This EASTER be the BEST EASTER ever”

          “HAPPY EASTER to all!” – 2018

This is little   “ALYSSA” – and she seems to be so busy opening something – – that she is giving  her full attention to just get it  open  and see  HOW – – it works – – and  then to share with all of her FAMILY – – as you can see  – – everybody is patiently waiting!                                                                                                                 img124



This is little “JAIME”

showing us something

special that she received

today,  “EASTER” – –  and “Jamie” has  that whimsical look – – that is saying you know what this is – – that I am holding – – better than me… as  her sweet little face – – just seems to be asking – – “if you do not  know what this is – – how would I know?”

There were lots of  “FAMILY  and FRIENDS”  that came 

up to the  “BOWLING  GREEN AIRPORT” – – to help all of us  celebrate this special  holiday – – “EASTER’  and also to  have  FUN  meeting and talking with all of the visitors to the  “AIRPORT” – – as they would  Fly  and stop  by…  to fuel up their airplanes – – while they and  their family members  were also traveling to visit their relatives in the near-by states!

These PHOTOS were taken in the kitchen and dining room area of the AIRPORT.

“If you are also traveling – – flying and or driving – – please be extra careful – – as all of this rain that we are having – – is unexpected – – and causing delays  everywhere – – and then with the possibility  of  “SNOW” tomorrow – –  check the areas you are heading for – – and use caution above all else – – be “LATE”   if you have too – –  but  do  be “SAFE” – – since we  do want to see you  and your FAMILY – – happy together… forever!” ***    *******    D.V.

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“Easter is almost here”

“Getting ready for EASTER – – and this is my first “HAPPY EASTER” wish for everyone this year!”     2018 ***    *******

          “As early as – I can remember?”



Since “EASTER” will be this coming SUNDAY…just had to check through my PHOTOS – – –  just to get an idea of  all of the  many    EASTER PHOTOS – – that  would  be available for me to post and tell  everybody – – all about the many EASTER’s  – that were a part of my LIFE!

When there are small children in the FAMILY – – my feelings are to let the young children enjoy the many occasions that we as FAMILIES  celebrate together,  and always with as many of our   FAMILY members – – that are still living and are near enough to  come and  join in…  with  their  FAMILY CELEBRATION!

In the above PHOTO,  is my youngest brother, Tommy and myself hanging on – so as to not rock the swing that we received for this Easter. This “SWING” was  later moved to the back yard – – as my DADDY also dug up an area of the yard… so that he could build a small  “in the ground swim-pool”  – all concrete and  also we had  another type of  “SWING” – – so that we had plenty for three children  to play on. If you look at the lawn – you can see this is a new house –  just built  in a new    subdivision – and  lots of landscaping was needed – as you can see from the photo.

In those days…my MOTHER  had told me… later in my teen years –  – my FATHER would fix the basement up – –  with several of those large galvanized containers – so that they would have  lots of beer and soda for all  of the people to drink – – with all the food that my DAD would make – – almost as if we  were feeding an army – – tables  – chairs and benches – and they had music – so  that everyone could stay  for  a long time  with lots of  enjoyment – – for all!

“Just wishing that everyone will have the time to celebrate  “EASTER”- – at home with as many of their FAMILY  – – all will be able to be there – – where  lots of PHOTOS and MEMORIES will be made…  for  a LIFE time!”     D.V.   ***    *******

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“An Old 1940’s Memory”


“At age seven – Grandma did this…”

Today, while I was doing some bathroom cleaning – I got to thinking – “Why or when did I first start to think that I had to be the person to do the heavy house-hold cleaning???”   hen it dawned on me – it was something that I just thought that I had to do – after seeing the movie  “SNOW WHITE!”

Today – the movies that are supposed to be so good – I just hate to have to say – do not motivate me to  do anything – but to turn them off. To me there just isn’t anything worthwhile – unless you are from a  planet that does not know how to get in bed – first you have to take off all  of your  clothes! The other half of the movies teaches you how to commit any and every  kind of crime – especially if you are of  the type who wants to kill and murder everyone. Almost forgot the language – in just  one simple  word it’s – rotten!

What ever happen to making a good movie to inspire and motivate people – especially young children! So – that takes “ME”  this old  “GRANDMA”  –  back to the early  1940s – when I watched the “SNOW WHITE” movie – and I must have been right at the age of seeing what you should do – to help out in your home – and that  was to fill a bucket with water and get down on your knees and start scrubbing the floors. That scene sure made a big impression on me – because that is exactly what I planned on doing.

My MOTHER was a couple of months pregnant and she was not feeling too good – some days she would stay in bed a little longer than she would normally do – as there were the three of us  children – and I was the oldest. It just seem to me – –  to do what I could to help when and where and keep an eye on my little brothers – no sense in causing problems – as everyone knows – everyone feels better when there is complete harmony in the home.

So, one day – when my MOTHER was staying in bed – and I thought that she was completely asleep – I filled a pail with water and got the scrub brush and cleaning cloth – just like I saw “SNOW WHITE” do in the movie – and in one corner of the Kitchen – down on my knees – I started to scrub the floor – wipe up and start another spot. My Mother had good ears – she knew that I was doing something – so she called me – “Mary Ellen what are you doing?” My answer was, “OH I’m just doing??” And then – she said, “WHAT are you doing??”    “I’m doing just like “SNOW WHITE” did in the movie – I’m cleaning!”

Evidently, being down on my knees and scrubbing the floor was not a job for me – because my Mother came to the kitchen – just to see what I was doing???   Well, my Mother sat me down – said that she  appreciated me cleaning the floor – but…  she will do the heavy cleaning – that I was supposed to be playing and other things at my age – that to clean house will come later on – maybe when I’m older. So, to please MOM – I went and got my “nurses’ play-kit”  and started being the nurse to my brothers – giving them  ‘candy medicine’  and taking their temperature and wrapping up their  arms in bandages – as they must have been ‘heroes’  – since we were still at  WAR  and there was a ribbon hanging in the front window of our house with a “GOLD STAR” – our DAD was still in the service.

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“With just a little PRACTICE” – “Listen and LOOK”

This is remarkable and should be passed on  – – for everyone to  get to – – maybe…  even  try to play the Harmonica – – at least for FUN!


Pass  this  page on to families with children – – so that,  they can NOW …  have an idea, or two…  of what they  and the family can do – – If only they will try this…  NOW!        D.V.

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“56 Years and still married to MR. Wonderful”

On the “Twenty-fourth” – 24th – I posted the Wedding Photo  of this couple you see in today’s article – – enjoying a terrific dinner together – – just as if they were back in the “teens” – – those years when you are  just full of joy  and so  happy about everything – – almost as if the WORLD – – did not have a care  – – just more time to share LOVE!


Mr. Wonderful, himself sharing one of those smile’s – –  that all of  the Lucky Irish  just love to pose  and give to the inquiring audience – – since to pass on lots of Laughter with even more LOVE  to everyone – – is noted to be… one of the best of pre-meals  type of medicine – – for it makes for better  digestion enjoyment of the meal.

This PHOTO is proof positive that “56” years   of married life with the one and only “MR.Wonderful” is  very much possible… since  there are folks that do NOT  live the “Wonderful LIFE” – – which is very possible…  if they but put there mind to doing it.  And since more and more people would like to know  – – the secret of “HOW” to stay married for many years – – and  always LIVE and LOVE each other as much  as this couple – – just perhaps  and sometime in the near  future – –  a book will come out… on just  “HOW” it is done!

So…Let us wish this  “HAPPY COUPLE” many more years of  living the HAPPY and WONDERFUL LIFE – –  – – since they have received this  special  Blessing from our Almighty Creator… himself – – and will do the same for all of us – – that will only take the time to ask. – – For in asking – we receive!     D.V.

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