“Talking About BIKES” “I have had a FEW”


This  is how I looked when going to “HIGH SCHOOL” – – the Bus Service in Saint Louis was on strike – – but … that was no excuse for me to stay HOME – –  – – My little School Beret  on top of the “Dunce Hat” – – since that is what I felt like – – having to ride all the way to “Rosati- Kain High School on Lindell Boulevard – – from Carter and Linton Avenue – – and had to carry my school books  – – I am  guessing this went on for at lest a week.  (1950’s)

This is me at “St. Vincent’s” – – maybe fifth or sixth grade – —  and this is on the “Girl’s side of the Play Ground.”

Naturally my brothers DENNY and TOMMY would want to ride the bike from time to time – – and sometimes I did share it – – I could not ride the bike all the time – – did have a few other things to do – – like work.

So… this next PHOTO  is of DENNY – –  and he did ride quite often –  –  can not remember TOMMY ever wanting to ride – – not at lest when I had film in my camera.

“Here’s  a THUMBS-UP” – – how in the world would someone my age  – – now…  ride this – – nothing like giving it a thought or two – – just glad that no one talked me into buying  – – sometimes…  my son, Al talks me into buying something – – that he likes  more than I – – but I am guessing  – – this was not just what he wanted?



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“Birthday Memories from a LONG TIME ago”


        “Down… ‘MEMORY LANE’… for RAYE in CALIFORNIA”


Since we were talking on the telephone…today – –  just thought that  this collage of photos – –  from the “German St. Vincent’s Home” will have you maybe   remembering some good old days – –  some thing  even special  – – that may have  happen…    so long ago???

This page of  “PHOTOS” is from  the …  “1950 – Souvenir Program”  – this book does have a good number of  “old”  PHOTOS – – and what I can not figure out…is that in all the years that I was there – – I can not find any PHOTOS – – of which  my brothers  DENNY  and TOMMY or even  of myself…   just nothing   shown – – all though in the PHOTO with the three girls on bikes – – they do have   someone  on one  of those bikes –  that does   belong to me?

As far as I can figure…  is that there must have been only some special ORPHANS  – that were used in the special dress up for a special time to be photographed.  

Like they say… In LIFE…everyone has their own fifteen minute of FAME and FORTUNE… and being in the Orphanage  – – was not to be a very special TIME for me. That must have been a TIME for a much deeper understanding …for me to learn…maybe something more substantial to the type of LIFE  and the WORK …including what my FAMILY would be   and their needs – – requiring something that you need … in the line of strength and to develop more FAITH in  how I  would be able to use those special talents  and to use  them to the best of my ability.

In other words… “We are here to LIVE and LEARN” – – do that and someday  – – better things will come along for all!

So…looking back…I think that I have done most of what I was   suppose to  do – and  – I am still learning  – – so that I can always do somethings a little  better – – than the day…before!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYE… in California – and many more…and celebrate all week – – that is the best way to have a BIRTHDAY!”

Also… sending special BLESSINGS from our CREATOR – – that all is well with you and your FAMILY – – now and forever!     D.V.

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“Rayetta’s Birthday is almost here”


As “good luck” would have it- let us rejoice and have a merry good time helping those who have “Birthdays” this month   – celebrate to the fullest!

March 2nd – 2018 – Rayetta Ludwig Mangano – a very good friend of mine, starting all the way back to the good ole’  1940s and German St. Vincent Orphan Home –“Good Luck and Best Wishes!”



On this PHOTO  – L – R   Mary Jane – – Grandma –  – Carol

As a saver of old PHOTOS – – found two of a Class Mate – Carol Ludwig – – the card that she sent the photos of herself  to me – – were to “GET WELL’ – – wishes of “GOOD CHEER” – – “BEST WISHES”  – – – and “HEALTH” – – and her message to me was to send to her  – – a PHOTO of myself to her. I should have checked the date or Post Mark – – just to see if…  I was under the weather back then – – but sure was glad that a friend thought of me – – and was sending  “GOOD WISHES” – – as  good wishes always help – – and each time that I look at the card – – I  start to feel  much  better – – now  at a  much  older age.

Back then… I did not make notes…   like I do today – – so… I do not know if I  did send  a PHOTO  – – back to  Carol Ludwig. Sure hope that I did?

“Miss Carol Ludwig”

“PHOTOS”  make up  – – for the forgotten memories – – as these computers were not around – – –  way back and when – –  and so many of  us  older generation – – just have given up  – – in trying  to keep up with all of  these new up to the minute gadgets?

My GRAND-CHILDREN  work so fast and just know everything about these gadgets … today – – and I know nothing of all the fast short-cuts of how to work my fingers so fast across this key-board – – what wonders for today  in 2018 compared to way back in the 1940’s.


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“SUNSET CAT and her travels”


                “9 Lives” to the Rescue!

With all the snow we have had – lots of ice and snow covered ground for the last two weeks –guess what shows up?   The “Sunset Cat” – herself!

Since we had so much snow and the ground was covered with the thick white stuff – there was no way the birds could get a good meal – so we put out more bird feeders – even on our deck- and you know who comes for a visit to my back door – the “Sunset Cat”  and always to my door. Well, with the bad weather – the “Sunset Cat” found a safe place to keep warm and find a free meal? “I’m guessing” because no one  really  owns a  “cat” they  will own you. They show up and you hurry to please them and as long as you please them – they will continue to visit you – since cats like the “royal” treatment  – they like  to  receive  – – only from some of their  extra special and favorite friends.

Like I have been telling everyone, the birds of all  “NATIONS” and “KINDS” have found a free meal here, as well as  a very unwanted   and very hungry  old squirrel, who  will eat  and or likes something in the bird feed – just as if  it was a good “nut”  just for  him  to enjoy and  then scare  some  of the poor birds away! So, a new job for me is to be a “police man” and run off the old squirrel. So, when I do not see the birds eating – there has to be a good reason – someone big enough to eat “birds”  is lurking around  – that’s when I go in for the running off of  the old “critters” that are not nice and or friends  to birds.

Yesterday, shortly after having put fresh food in the feeders – no birds – flying in for a free meal? Looking out on the deck- who do you think is sitting on the rail watching all the birds fly by and then away – wondering – who in the world …  invited a cat? I had a small amount of cat food and fed the cat. After awhile the cat left – and a long time after her departure – the birds did start to come back for a meal. Would you believe the “SUNSET Cat” returned for a second meal – the same day?

My son, Al went to the store and picked up a bag of “9 Lives” – just for the Sunset Cat!   I told the cat, as if she  would understand  a word that I’m saying – “we all have to share our space – and if she runs into problems – this “9 Lives” will help her to live longer!”  Maybe even to give her the extra strength to   fight off – – all  of those bigger and wilder animals – – that are lurking around the “Sunset Park” – – each one looking for a free tid-bit of something  “good to eat” – – and to be able to stay alive for another day!

We will see what happens! Only our CREATOR can help all of those animals – – that are dropped off in the PARK –  in hopes – – that  some will find a new home?     D.V.

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                        “Rain-Bow” is my name!”


“Spring Time” is  just around the corner  and when you look at the above photo – you are looking at  “Miss Rain-Bow”  born on April 4th, 2006.   “Valentine” is the Mother’s name and on this  ‘birth-day’  of   our brand new  baby…“RAIN-BOW” – there was the biggest  of  a  very special kind of   “RAIN-BOW”  in the sky  above… and it was the most beautiful of days  for a little filly to be born!

Just looking at this photograph – you  can see how the  “SKY”  above is rejoicing – –  so that  you would almost think that someone has  just painted this  “master-piece.”  Just look at the  special  way the colors – –  are formed – – to just blend into each other – just the way the colors would look…  if you were painting  on the canvas – with a bushy paintbrush??   These  colors on this canvas are for a sign  – –  exactly done for the purpose  of  our  “Almighty Creator”  – who saw fit to have another of  HIS  “beautiful animals”  give birth to a very beautiful baby  filly   – just so  the proud owner of this wonderful event could see by all the wonderful colors in the sky  – the baby filly’s name should be  called   “RAIN-Bow”  – and so – we  will all get to enjoy some of the wonders that are found  – – sometimes in  small  and little FARM   areas – – – in the center of the  “UNITED  STATES”… that we might even call –   “a little piece of Heaven!”

Thank you  – Darlene  – for sharing … by sending some of the prize PHOTOS  of some of the extra special  gifts – that we receive from our Creator!  AS only  – –  our CREATOR can send special gifts of  “NEW LIFE” to us – – if we will … but ask – – we will receive!     D.V.

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“one HORSE to another HORSE”



“As One Horse to Another…”


“Shadow – I just want you to know  –  that I really appreciate   your  being right…by my side!” “You know that when  – My Mother , Valentine died – I was really afraid   to be without her and  was wondering if  there would  be – – anybody  –  to really take a liking to me – as I am kinda  – on the “bossy” side  –  and most of the animals here do not like  ‘others’   and also – those who are – –  younger “bossy” animals?”  “What I am trying to say – is that  – you seem to tag-a-long with me –   all the time – and you don’t’ seem to mind me giving out with the orders?”

“Digger  – I like it…  that you like me  – and,  you’re  giving me orders – is just…  “OKAY” – – because when our owner Darlene came to the ranch where I was – –  I could hear her tell the owner  – that  – she needed a very  young horse to grow up with her little baby “Digger” – who  had just  lost his  “MOTHER” – and she was wanting someone  – who would act  almost like a sister…   to her little  “DIGGER”, baby!”  “So, – If you do not mind me following you around and being at your  side  – almost   – all the time –  “I’m just tickled…  PINK”   – to be your very best FRIEND!”

“Shadow – how about us  meandering  over and see what is  in the feed basket for tonight?’ Looks like a few of the other horses are heading over – so we may as well be in line – and see who gets  extra  – special  treatment  tonight???”   “I just love when –  Lee our owner –  gets back from being on the road as he always likes to play with each of us – and that’s something that they did not do at the other ranch – where I was – I just  love people  – the ones that LOVE me back!”

********************************         *********************************


Mary Ellen Aldrich “My sons wanted horses – – and we moved and bought horses – – the best thing for children to learn… to take care of their own horse… daily – – feeding and cleaning the stalls – – and the reward to learn to ride your very own horse – – – – early care and work skills – – – with rewards that last a life time – – – good for all children” *********



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