“Best Birthday Present a real Live Pony”

“A #1 Favorite Birthday Party for Lee Jr.”

       “Happy Birthday…LEE”

No matter the weather…  no matter the age of the boy… when you  receive  your  “first PONY” …  you will be there no matter what it takes … to take good care  of   “Your DREAM”   come true!

This PHOTO  of  Lee Aldrich  Jr., and his best  ever “BIRTHDAY  PRESENT”  a  real live little “PONY” was   what…  I would call, “Top  Drawer”   of  all…  of the Birthday  gifts received!

There was nothing in the world that would keep  “Little Lee”  from being outside in all the snow and ice or even in some rain…

That “PONY”  was what  he  had wanted,  the mostest, in those days  and was  so LUCKY, that  he did receive the “PONY of his DREAMS”  and he was NOW…  in Seventh HEAVEN, Snow  and or no Snow!

“Seventh Heaven” did not last too long” as you can see this PHOTO was taken in our backyard at “100 Cherbourg Drive, 63129”  and evidently  you can not have a “PONY”   in your backyard.    (that is a story for another time)

This next Photo is of Lee Jr., and his new baby brother Al, and this is a new experience having a brand new baby brother and learning…  how to play with Daddy and baby Al, and even a big stuff dog… that  little Lee had to have  for his Birthday… just before baby Al was born!



There will come a day when you are old enough… you can join the Navy, especially when you can swim so well.

One thing that Lee just loved to do, was to swim,  and at a very young age we had him enrolled to take lessons

The Instructor told us that Lee was one of the very best students he had, that he was just a real natural when it came to getting in the water.

In Florida with Lake Melba across the street from us… we just did not want to let little Lee go in… without knowing how to swim.

“Have the best ever of Birthdays!

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“JUST… Give ME one moment more…Please”

“Is there – TIME?”

At this “TIME” of the year – everyone finds… that they are so busy – cleaning the house – fixing special recipes before the BIG  day to see if they turn out all right??

Also, we have to do – all  of the outside sprucing up – what trees will be decorated – what is the outside “CHRISTMAS PLAN” for our house – this year??

Hopefully,  all the “CHRISTMAS” decorating lights are all together and are  not in a tangle like the year – before? And, we also have the inside lights and ornaments and all of the extra special items – that are always packed away with great care – – as some of these are heirlooms – and… no amount of money could ever buy  these – they are just irreplaceable???

Is this the year for a real “TREE” – or an artificial?

Will we be expecting all the same family and friends – or – are their additions, which we  will now need to prepare for – and – surely no one has departed and hopefully, there will be no separations in the family??? 

Should we make some calls and see if there are changes??? Are we recording all the “CHRISTMAS CARD” responses?? Did anyone put  inside their card to us – any special notes  – to give us an up-date – something necessary for us to know,  now – and be prepared for – some questionable things – that are up-in-the-air –  a may or a maybe not!

So far – we have gone down our list and we think that we have checked “IT” twice – but did we really???

What about the “HOME BOUND” family member and or friend??

We all have someone, who is not as well as they once were, and now… for them to travel to and from any of our great get-to-gathers – is just a little too much – and they just will not let anyone know their situation  – that they can no longer par-take in all of  the family gatherings – like they used to do!

Is it too late? Is there some “TIME” – for us to include the “HOME BOUND” – if at all possible? Did we at least send a “CHRISTMAS CARD?”

Is it, maybe possible for us to take something – made extra special just for them and spend some of our “TIME” with them?? Surely someone in the family – should take on the job of checking the “HOME BOUND” – in their homes – just to make sure that they are still alive???

Some of our special family members – gave all of the family so much of their “TIME” when they were younger and also in the best of health – but to all of us mortals – comes a “TIME” – that we slow down and can no longer be the leading force … full of fun – with lots of get-up and go!

All of the “FUN” has now got-up and is gone!??

If ever there was a “TIME” to receive extra blessings – now is the season – just because there is so much to do  – just to be able to make “MERRY” with all our family and friends.

So now… if we  can only remember those words  – that can be found in the “MANUAL FOR LIFE” – it is called the “BIBLE” – and in the New Testament section – see if you can find those verses which promise so very  many blessings – that our cup will over flow…  –

“When you have done  this “KINDNESS” to the very least … you have done it unto me…  and, your reward will be greater, than you could ever expect!”

Never let it be said that you forgot to do a small  “KINDNESS” – when you did have the “TIME” and  also the “WHERE-WITH-ALL” – to do it!

“TIME and TIDE”   wait for no man…  and, will never ever, let you forget… and your “personal sorrow will be…  ever so mindful!” 

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“How Do YOU Mix Christmas with Birthdays”

Christmas and or “CHILD’s” Birthday???

Do you have children and or … maybe  – just one child that  will have a “BIRTHDAY”  in the month of December???  

I’ve  heard of adults recalling – that when they were a child and their Birthday was in December – they always felt that they had been short-changed!

Most – remember that… they would receive a combination type gift – a gift that took care of their Birthday and Christmas – together??

Also,  some other children would have been “LUCKY” to have a definite and separate celebration – they would know – that their “BIRTHDAY” was not “CHRISTMAS” and vice-verse!

Well.  – We were this type of family – one son‘s Birthday is on the 5th of December and  then, another son’s Birthday is on the 9th of January!

Before  either of  their “births” … we would start putting up the “tree” – soon after Thanksgiving – since the stores had all  of their decorations up – and we did like the early Christmas feeling  –  and all  of the fun that goes with getting into  – the “spirit” early – it was fun!

Then, after the “tree” is up – we enjoyed it  –  until – and after “NEW YEAR” – – –  no big rush to take everything down, immediately???

So, here is what we did.

We would have a regular big  “Birthday” party on the 5th of December with all of my son’s friends and or family – and then… the very next day – we would put the Christmas records on the record- player   – – and sing and sort out what  “Christmas ” decorations will go where – and all  of the decorating  – inside and out.

We still – would take our time in taking down the Christmas tree, and all  of  the other   “HOLIDAY ”  paraphernalia!       – And – – Then,  when the next son arrived on the 9th of January!!!   …”Just a few years later!”                                                                 

So,  NOW… in order –  that the children  would know when their “Birthdays” were  and  each – would be  able to have a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” with their friends  and also receive as many gifts  – enjoying as much as their friends  did … and… that their Birthday was special to them –  and also very extra special – –  to us… their parents!

Since, the “THREE WISE MEN” arrived to make their visit to the “NEW BORN KING” – supposedly on the 6th of January – we used that date to end our Holiday festivities – and then, the next celebration would be for our second son’s Birthday!

With young children  “Birthdays” are a very special deal to them… so we plan with them,  for their extra special day with a  big “BIRTHDAY PARTY” – so he could  now invite his friends and we would have some of our family –  – that  – also lived in Florida –  all over to celebrate, too!

Our “BIRTHDAY” and “CHRISTMAS” celebrations worked well –  for us – with this separation  schedule  –  – but I know that there are “BIRTHDAYS” much closer – even some on “CHRISTMAS DAY” – as  for my Uncle Bill Riley.

So, every family has a tough decision to make  – and hopefully – these families  – – -WILL MAKE A GOOD CHANGE SO THAT – ALL IN THE FAMILY –   WILL FEEL THAT THEY ARE REMEMBERED AND  LOVED AS MUCH OR EVEN MORE SO  – THAN OTHERS AT THIS SPECIAL TIME OF YEAR!

For our family – we could start decorating on the 6th of December for the “Christmas TIME” –  – but everything that was for “Christmas” – we would  start taking down on the 6th of January!

This is the way we did this – so that each child knew – when their Birthday was  – and could have friends and completely feel thrilled  with the celebration  – which was just for them – and everyone knew in our family – that “Christmas” was a very special and “HOLY DAY” that we would all celebrate with going to Church – –  –  –

After all is said and done –  –  whose “BIRTHDAY” is it that we celebrate   on the day  – called  “CHRISTMAS” – “NOT MANY REMEMBER – the  “CHRIST CHILD!”      D.V.

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“Some “CATS” Know How to Find You”

   “Grand Ancestor of Sunset Cat!”

Sunset Cat Ancestor 001

Since the writing about the “SUNSET CAT”  – some time ago – I was asked if I had enclosed a picture of the “SUNSET CAT” while she was licking and cleaning her paws ?

When she comes to visit… I will see her sitting on our back-yard picnic table??? 

Especially, since she will be sitting nice and high –  just so that I will see her and know that she  is saying  a  very special “THANK YOU ” to me! 

I had to say  –  “NO” to that inquirer… “because, I just did not think about – getting a picture??  –

 So just in case –  there is someone else,  who would like to know what  the “SUNSET CAT”   looks  like –  I have  posted the above picture  of our cat that lived so many years ago, with our family – when we lived in the  Fenton, Missouri  area.

We had gone to the “HUMANE -SHELTER” in Saint Louis – and  rescued   her  – and she was grateful –  that she could live  with us, she just obeyed my two sons that enjoyed having her live with them inside the house.

Of course,  since we got her when she was a very young kitten – she lived inside the house with us.

One thing about cats – they will scratch your furniture  – so we had to have her nails removed – and she was then, a forever  inside cat!

My sons would take pictures of all of  the animals  – and of course this cat loved to have her picture taken – as you can see on the above picture – she is right in front of the  Christmas CRIB and some of the figurines have been moved  and or knock down, as she poses  – just like a permanent figurine herself?

I’m guessing  that some of our Fenton Cat’s family were  also adopted – and maybe at some time in some of their lives – they were left outside to make it on their own  – and so the one  that we call the “SUNSET CAT” – picked up on our scent –  – – and was able to locate one of her “Ancestor’s” previous owners – also knowing  that  – we would always give  to her kind a free meal.

This  is the way,  that she will be able to continue along in many “LIFE”  times  –  living out all  of her  – “nine-lives”  – or however many  – that she can live – in the “SUNSET PARK!”

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“For RAVE Reviews, Try My Christmas Recipes”

“Christmas Cookie Recipe!”


If you like cookies – here is the recipe for a delicious Christmas Cookie.


1  cup soft butter                                                         2 ¼ cup flour

½ cup confectioner’s sugar                                   ¼ tsp. salt

1   tsp.  Vanilla                                                             ¾  cup chopped nuts

1    Cup confectioner’s sugar for rolling cookies in 


Beat butter and vanilla until smooth.

Combine the dry ingredients together –

stir  into butter mixture just until blended – 

 Mix in walnuts –     

Chill batter for at least an hour.

Preheat oven to  400  degrees —

 Roll batter  into one-inch balls and place on an ungreased baking sheet.  – 

 Bake  10-12  minutes.

Have your powder sugar in a bowl – I use two slotted spoons to take  hot cookies from   the hot cookie sheet and roll in the powder sugar  –while hot  – doing two hot cookies at a time – and  then put on serving dish –

When…Cool! –       

Depending on when you will serve cookies – you might want to roll cookies… In the powder sugar  – one more time ?

While making these “Christmas Cookies” was also making a cake  – and then went to make my own “Butter Cream Frosting”  as… I did not have “Whipping Cream”  – – so I tried something different and everybody had to have seconds on the cake…  just because the icing was so good! 

The general recipe for icing…  that I use calls for:

1 cup butter and I whip that till it is nice and light and creamy – – then I add 2 cups of powder sugar – continue whipping till creamy – and adding almost 2 tablespoons vanilla – and for  the final ingredient  – 3 tablespoons whipping cream –

and since I did not have  whipping cream   – went to the freezer and put 3 tablespoons  of  “COOL WHIP”  in…. and continued for  another minute  – spread that on the cake and decorated to looked like a  beautiful “Christmas Wreath”  with some  very colorful sprinkles on top  – 

So far, best cake ever! 

Try it and see if you don’t also … receive “RAVE   Reviews!”

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He Thought This Grandmother Was an Easy Target.””

He Thought This Grandmother Was an Easy Target. She Scared Him Away Thanks To This Device.
Audrey Beck | Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Violent crime is rising against seniors and women, and authorities are urging residents to carry a simple new safety device that can thwart even the most vicious of attackers.

It was supposed to be a normal day of shopping for 76-year-old Donna Mason, but instead, her shopping trip took a terrifying turn.

“I was walking to my car, which was parked pretty close to the store” she remembers, “but I had an odd feeling – like I was being watched.”

Her instincts were spot on – she was being watched. And targeted. In the middle of the day, no less.

Right when she was unlocking her car, a man came up behind her and tried to grab her.

“He told me ‘just give me your purse and I won’t hurt you!’ and he reached for my purse. I was terrified, but I guess my instincts took over, and I yelled and pulled the pin on my alarm”

“The SafeAlarm immediately went off, with the loudest alarm ever. I mean, it was SUPER LOUD. It must have surprised him, because he stumbled backwards and ran like hell. Then other people who heard the alarm ran over to see what the commotion was.”

Donna was lucky. She was carrying a small personal alarm that might have saved her life. But not everyone is as lucky.

There has been a dramatic increase in attacks, especially against seniors. And as the economy worsens, criminals are getting more and more brazen. Remember, Donna was attacked close to the store, in broad daylight.

“The trend is both clear and troubling – violent crime is rising, especially against our most vulnerable citizens, like seniors. Authorities recommend that everyone carry a small personal alarm that can draw attention and scare attackers”

Donna had been given a SafeAlarm by her daughter about a month before. She carried it on her purse, but didn’t think she’d ever need to use it.

“Since my daughter bought it for me, I figured I’d carry it, even though I never thought I’d need it. I am so thankful I had this little alarm. I’m 76, and have never been a crime victim, so when it happens to you, it’s almost a feeling of disbelief.”

“After my attack, I bought 6 SafeAlarms for my friends at the senior center. Because now I know how easy you can be targeted, even in a crowded parking lot in daytime” .

What Is A SafeAlarm?

Imagine a tiny alarm that’s super simple to use, and has the loudest sound ever. That’s the SafeAlarm.

It’s a personal alarm that has a piercing 120db sound, and is activated simply by pulling a pin. It scares attackers and attracts volumes of attention.

By the way, how loud is 120DB? It’s like a military jet taking off. LOUD.

The design is really good too. Instead of a button that can accidentally be pressed, SafeAlarm uses a pull-pin. So it’s easy to use, but won’t go off by accident. And once it’s pulled, it immediately emits its 120db siren, and will continue to shriek for 30 minutes, or until the pin is put back.

Better still, it can be used again and again.

SafeAlarm Was Born From Tragedy

Mark Adams, the inventor of SafeAlarm, says the idea for the product came after hearing about a recent attempted kidnapping in his hometown of San Diego.

“I was watching the news, and saw where a child was almost kidnapped in a Costco parking lot, during the middle of the day” said Adams.

“Fortunately, this particular kidnapping failed because the father was alert and made a big commotion. But it really hit home for me because it was right down the road, and my own daughter is 13 and is just starting to hang out with friends without adults being around. I could not imagine how I would feel if she was kidnapped.”

He couldn’t get the story out of his mind, so he did some research. He found that thousands of children go missing every year, many of which are never found again.

But he also found that noise is the #1 deterrent to attempted kidnappings and violent crime.

“Authorities say successful kidnappings happen when they can keep the victim from making noise, which is easy to do if someone strong covers their mouth. So making noise some other way is crucial to someone’s safety.”

Mark knew what he wanted. “I had two goals – to make a small device that was easy to use, and to make it as loud as possible.”

The best part about SafeAlarm is it can be carried and used by anyone, and is useful in almost any dangerous situation.

Mark explains “Obviously, it’s great for parents to give to their kids to prevent strangers from harming or even abducting them. But it’s also great for women, seniors… anyone. Hey, I carry one myself now.”

Mark has been thanked by people who have used SafeAlarm to prevent a tragedy. “I like hearing that” he says, “but I also wish I came up with this earlier. Maybe some of these missing kids that I read about wouldn’t be missing.”

Authorities Recommend Safe Alarm

Authorities have been wholeheartedly behind SafeAlarm since its introduction, spurring its popularity and leading to the device selling out repeatedly.

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