“How to Play SOLITAIRE”

Card game, Solitaire – PLAY It Today”


On May 22, National Solitaire Day recognizes a card game that has been around for more than 200 years.

Also known as Klondike, the classic version of the game uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The object of the game is to clear the board by creating a stack of cards from low to high in each suit. If the player completes each suit, the game of Solitaire is won.

It wasn’t until 1990 when Microsoft included Solitaire in Windows 3.0 that the game truly went viral. Microsoft Solitaire successfully helped teach computer users how to use a mouse and, in the process, ended up becoming one of the most played video games in history.

“Over the past 28 years, Microsoft Solitaire has been providing great entertainment to hundreds of millions of players in every corner of the world, and we’re happy to announce that May 22 of each calendar year will officially be designated as National Solitaire Day, recognizing the day Microsoft first included Solitaire in Windows,” says Paul Jensen, Studio Manager for Microsoft Casual Games.

In 2012, Microsoft evolved Solitaire into the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which features five of the top Solitaire games in one app. Since then, the game has been played by over 242 million people and has become so popular that each year 33 billion games are played with over 3.2 trillion cards dealt!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is available as a free download from the WindowsiPhone, and Android App Stores.



There’s no need to be particularly productive today on National Solitaire Day – just play someSolitaire! Either on a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or “go retro” and play using real cards. And use #NationalSolitaireDay to post on social media to share in the fun of this classic card game.



Microsoft founded National Solitaire Day on May 22, 2018, to celebrate one of the most played computer games. In 2015,Microsoft Solitairecelebrated its 25th anniversary. National Solitaire Day continues that celebration with an annual event recognizing the contributionsMicrosoft Solitairehas provided in the computer age of the game.The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Solitaire Day to be observed annually in 201

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“Let the PARTY Begin, It Is Saturday”

“The PARTY – for JAIME is… Tonight!




This is that  –   very “SPECIAL” DAY – when we… are all  ready to celebrate  “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY “?

So…  if you are also ready –  let’s all  get ready to celebrate  with JAIME!

 WE sent the invitations out – and…  so if you find that yours did not arrive  on time – just get in touch NOW, and with ME…

Working just as fast as we can… with and  for you… we will update you – on several things, that we have in the  plans and  on the table … for our terrific  get together and   who all will be doing… what.

As always … some of the places that we will be visiting… as there are always some extra special FAMILY and FRIENDS – that  will be having us over  –  so that with their  FRIENDS … we  all can also celebrate – which will be including, using some of our  extra special skills, that we all have …  and that is just to see, who will be winning terrific prizes just for FUN…

Sometimes there are those that would just like to watch but.  there is always that one of us that would like to show all of us… just exactly how to do everything… and WIN!

So with that knowledge…that there  are those that are our  for sure  natural  “WINNERS”…  they do enjoy  that “WIN  BIG” and combined  “Know How”  to always   winning with so…  much more  FUN in the  GAMES!

I know that  ” Ole GRANDMA”  – has  something … up her ole sleeve for us  to do!

This evening  – has some special things – all set up for  our sweet little “BIRTHDAY GIRL,  JAIME” –  and if you are invited … you KNOW  that YOU will also have FUN and GAMES to really enjoy!

NOW that you know the PLAN… as there is always a plan – and  we all want to take a part  in the sharing  in  lots and lots of  LOVE  and  as we all want to make for certain… being so very  sure, that  our one and only sweet “JAIME” – really will like…  getting to be just one (1)  little ole year older!

( do not forget we will be singing  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  JAIME”  and we want everybody on “GRAND AVENUE” to be able to  HEAR  us – –

so… be sure that  you bring  –  with you… your  full  velocity  –  the strongest singing voice, that you can bring  and muster up…  sing with    an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm… great GUSTO and LOVE )         DV…

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“Wishing for YOU Many Many Happy Birthdays”

On May 18th – our little “baby, Jaime” was born – and this  is one of the very first full “FAMILY”  Photos taken at the AIRPORT! 

   I’m…  the “Grandma” Ellen holding  “big sister, Alyssa”…  

In front of me  and in his “CUB Scout” outfit is “BIG BROTHER, Alan” – 

Left of me and in the center  is “Jill, new Mama”  –

Next to Jill is   “Daddy, Al” and…

Daddy Al is holding our brand new  “baby girl, JAIME” –

This  will be and is as always… one of those “Fun Days when DADDY and MOMMY” will be taking off in  their plane – and guess what???

I will be baby sitting all three of the best of best GRAND-Children!

“And I  will we be having  the mostest “FUN” like never before!”

The best part of “FLYING”  is to have your own plane and “FLY” just as soon as the new day starts!

Everyone knows of  that “great”  little  old “saying”  

“Early to BED – early  to rise in the morning –  makes for  more  FAMILY  Fun Flying together, and as often as possible!”

I’m a big girl NOW!”    “Alyssa… Grandma…Jaime”

There is nothing like growing up and being a big girl –  and having a chance to go to a “Charity” function  –  for the children at St.  Vincent’s  called… “KOOKIN’ FOR KIDS” …

 One of their events held in the SUMMER month of August –  and for us to all  go – it was one of the best times we had –  all dressed in our “SUNDAY”  best – “Grandma” even wore a hat!

The best memory of this PHOTO…  is when “GRANDMA” received it!

You can always count on our “Grandma” having a very good remark to make and, this was just one of those extra special occasions… that we all enjoyed!

Just take a good look and see if you, too… think as our “Grandma” thinks!

“Grandma” is taking a look,  and said … “This reminds me of the days in the   “Roaring Twenties”  Days” – –

We sure are dressed to start dancing the “Charleston”  one of those dances’ that  “Great Grandma” taught  to her “BOSS”  when she work for “Shell OIL Co.”- – as she sure could dance up a storm –  back then in those good ole days!  …(Called the Roaring Twenties… when they could really dance up a storm)

So as we are still celebrating “Jaime’s Birthday”  this week and the weekend is  NOW here…lets start practicing some of those good ole songs… and kick up our heels!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME” – and lets continue to  celebrate all week  long –   it  will take that long for you to  visit with each and  all of the FAMILY and  your many FRIENDS…

 And  while you  are making the rounds to that one and then over here, too

Hoping that you will  be receiving  the Blessings … that I  am requesting for you to receive from our Almighty Yahweh, our Creator and the one that gives to each and everyone of us… all those things that we need in this LIFE time … with instructions … that one day, we will  join HIM forever more!

 As I am praying, that you will  also be forever  enjoying many, many  more “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”  in this LIFE time!     D.V.

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Birthdays are celebrated everyday for “SOMEONE”…

But … I want to know why do we only celebrate for one day… when there are seven (7) days a week?

Just  thinking about this situation and for some reason or the other in today’s way of LIFE…  we just can not all attend  on a one particular day to celebrate  with others for  a special  “BIRTHDAY PARTY” since we all are not…  on the same “FRAME” of  TIME!

“All most a hundred years ago,  most Businesses were closed on the weekend (Saturday and Sundays)  and families were all home,  together to do most of their family gatherings then.”

Some how and or the other… everything has changed.

Today… that family, that once a week did have the TIME  to Pray and Play together…  NOW … have no idea of those benefits of sharing all of the wonderful happenings that families, that is the whole family should be  having to share but… are now TODAY… missing out  and are really not  truly  getting  to know their own family … very well… if and… at all?

If ever… I am thinking  and that is before our situation develops into a situation… where the family members totally forget their families ties… that the whole world of people have to give some thought as to what is best for them and their family… right NOW!

Changes have to be made and NOW!

If one takes a close look at the situation we are in… and  will  sit back, while just letting  things get any further out of control…we could end up in a world of  being complete strangers…  one to another just coming and going… and then, when you start thinking about that kind of a situation…

You…  just may start to think, that you are now ready to live on another PLANET… as you are no longer a part of any personal family… and  now know nothing of your very own flesh and blood family… that at some point in TIME… that particular TIME… has long been forgotten, since we all have never kept in touch with our LOVED ONES!

My thought and or thoughts for TODAY…

There does come a TIME in the LIFE of all of us to start thinking of the “GOOD” here after… and that really does begin … shortly after we become a part of a FAMILY here on EARTH!

There does start to begin a close connection with some FAMILY members… and then, there seems to be a beginning of the “No Time and No Tides”

We all hear these words quoted to us at some point in our LIFE… but we pay no attention to these words… and LIFE just seems to be carried away as all the other good words… that have escaped our hearing!


So my other important thought along this line, that I know that no thinks about is this…

Everyone  has,  at some point in TIME, said… “I will do that tomorrow!”

BUT, when in this world … is that…  “TOMORROW”

“YOU know… I KNOW…and WE all KNOW… that … THAT,  “TOMORROW”  never ever  gets here”

“Did you ever,  hear someone say…”

“It is  “NOW” … Tomorrow  and… I am  “NOW”… going to do…

that which… I  did say…  YESTERDAY!”


“So…  and  since it is…   always… and only”  …”TODAY”


 “I am Now… posting what I really like to say… about myself and TODAY!”







110+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes in May 2022

“Just to look at the above slice of Chocolate cake…

makes me want to celebrate my Birthday… everyday…

as each and everyday… I will always be so HAPPY!”

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“Today is the DAY, Happy Birthday Jaime”

“Today and ALL WEEK- Celebrate with JAIME”

“Lucky Jaime!”- “Celebrating all week!”img181

This Photo of  our “Jaime” – looks just like an “artist” put all of “Jaime’s” favorite colors together!

 On the above  canvas – like none other – mixing all of  the just  right paints   with an extra special little  dash of  some dark and then adding a few lite shades of pink for the dress.

Now standing back to see just exactly  what colors on the palette will add that sparkle  to this canvas, so starting with some golden  shades of paints to make  a perfect  “throne”  –

Just the right size for a very special  “Princess” – and then,  all of the best shades of blue –  with some  little dashes of white puffs,  just to look like some special  “puff smiling clouds”   that  will look  like  they are floating right  on bye, up and away for that special arrangement  of floating in and  out… as then they will hide in the  sky, up  and up so  very high…

Just let me be – the first of many to start wishing “Jaime” the best of all BIRTHDAYS…

We will be starting “TODAY” and  let us all continue to be  in a highly terrific celebrating mood… all week long!              D.V.


100+ Inspiring Happy Birthday Wishes,Quotes and messages for lover



130 Happy Birthday Wishes to Send


We all know those terrific words to that most wonderful song of songs…

Let’s all sing … “Happy Birthday Jaime!”

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Happy birthday, from all of us to you
happy happy birthday may all you’re dreams come true* woo*
happy happy birthday we’re really glad you’re here
happy happy birthday, we’ll make this your best year *woo*

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“Best of Wishes for our Terrific Jaime”

“Jaime will Celebrate all WEEK with FAMILY”

Birthday Memories Last Longer than a WEEK”

This is one of my  ‘favorite PHOTOS’ of our little “JAIME”  as she was never the type to start to cry,   just when it was TIME to be PHOTOGRAPH.

  “Jaime”  will show the camera  man her very best  of smiles,  with each and every PHOTO  that will be taken,  of her… and also as each  picture  is taken, every one will have to say… along with ME… these PHOTOS  are always…  “PICTURE  PERFECT”  if…  “I ,   do say so, myself!”

This  next picture is as a  bigger girl  now, and with the FAMILY on Vacation and  just  a little more more  “SUN-TAN”  “JAIME” …

Our sweet Jaime is showing us exactly, what she can do, as  when  she is ready to get into that big “OCEAN  BLUE”  while family and friends are doing  just exactly as each has thought to do…as to what, they  have on their plan list of getting  just the  very best of all, “Sun Tans”  as Jaime’s plan is working very well  …  on the  FAMILY trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

And,  this next PHOTO, 

Well… what more,  can I say…

“It is most  BEAUTIFUL”   – If only,  I could have had such a glamorous “PHOTO” of myself,  way back and when…

but –  I just never received those  terrific qualities for “IT” and all the others, like me, “OH well” 

We can only wish, a lot…  such is LIFE! 

 “I’m still wishing, but TIME is running out!”

“For those  beautiful  and wonderful “GIFTS”  “my Grand-children” that,  I have received,  from our ALMIGHTY CREATOR, I have to give THANKS!

Since these “GIFTS”   are the kinds of  “GIFTS”  that, there is nothing,  that I can do,  nor could I have ever done to receive, but only,  and  by that  extra  special “GRACE of  YAHWEH”  for which,  I will be eternally grateful,  and Thankful…  that  is going to be NOIW,   forever and evermore!’

“Happy Birthday,  to JAIME” again, with  “WISHES” for many more,  “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”

Also… adding more prayers… asking that the “ALMIGHTY”  continue to bless you, even more, than  He has already blessed me!   AMEN       DV.

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