“What a DAY to GO to Heaven”

Big Al


Alyssa Leverenz

Many events of worth 

Took place in ’62. 

Man first orbited Earth,

The planet, green and blue.

There was the crisis

With Cuban missiles.

People tried to entice us

To change civil judicials.

The Space Needle tower

In Seattle was completed. 

Spiderman first came to power 

In comic books, undefeated.

The Beatles performed;

Their first single was lit.

The Rolling Stones formed, 

Launching hit after hit.

Elvis Presley, King of Rock,

Released album number five,

Right before Spock 

From Star Trek went on live.

Of all the exciting stuff of the era,

The most monumental of all,

Was the big-puff entrance where

Dad ushered into the world as “Al.”

As a kid, I was often the new girl in school,

Teachers asked me to share something rad

About myself, something I found to be cool, 

I told them I was born the same day as my dad!

Dad will be remembered for his brilliance,

Undeniable charm, wit,

Free-spirited resilience,

For being open-minded and having grit,

For his generous heart of gold,

Ways he influenced us,

The stories he told,

His laughter, so robust.

My entire life, Dad was a cool guy,

A steadfast presence.

Now, angel in sky, 

I remember his essence:

Laughter ensuing 

All day long,

And carefully choosing

Words written in song.

Appreciating quirks of a fellow human

Reminds me of lessons

That he would illumine

During euphoric brainstorm sessions.

I always knew he was looking out

For my best interest all along.

In my mind, there was no doubt,

My dad, he was so strong.

He was genuinely curious about our lives, 

Attentive, loyal and very accepting.

He walked us down aisles to turn into wives,

By our side, always respecting.

We talked together about all there is;

He was eager to hear my suggestion.

Dad was a creative force, I know this.  

He forged the way without congestion.

He never felt the need to conform

To a pre-existing standard of living.

He was passionate, beyond the norm,

Pursued things he loved, while also giving.

He’d muse over an ideation,

Extracting something comical, 

From his endless reservoir of creation,

Making storytelling astronomical.

His sense of humor was remarkable.

There was so much he cared about.

So in no particular hierarchical,

Here’s what he did in life throughout:

He was a multi-instrumentalist musician, 

Guitarist, pianist and songwriter who sings.

He was a man on a mission,

Who could fly anything with wings.

Airplane and helicopter pilot,

Motorcyclist, aerospace engineer,

A lot of this, he did in private,

Too much to mention here.

Self-published author, 

Connoisseur of film and rock n roll, man.

Aerocad Chief Executive Officer, 

Plus a diehard Days of Our Lives fan.

Of the many accomplishments in his lifetime, 

The most everlasting was becoming a father,

Creating a multi-generational familyline,

And don’t even bother 

Worrying about generations still to come. 

Each and every descendent 

Will know who they’re from.

They’ll understand the transcendence.

There’s no way they won’t whenz zz

All of us were named 

After the man, myth and legend.

His mark was proclaimed.

Alan, Jaime Allison and Alyssa.

Dad even chose the naming of Lex,

Passing down traits like a genius militia,

So his genes can live on to the next.

I really admire the person Dad was. 

He was methodical and strove for precision.

He was deep and lived for a good cause,

Always full of intellectual wisdom.

He balanced his headiness 

With lightheartedness, of course.

He always had a readiness

To tap into his source.

Even handling terminal illness,

Embracing the inevitable 

Took courage and stillness

And showed he is incredible.

A man with big dreams 

Has now come to perish.

Heartfelt loss bursting at all of our seams,

Leaving us with memories to cherish.

Dad’s precious life reached the end of its rope.

It’s the greatest loss I’ve ever had to face.

Now we’re left to struggle to cope,

And treat our sorrows with gentle grace. 

I miss Dad and hope he knows what he meant,

As we yearn for more experiences.

However, I’m grateful for the quality time spent,

Creating lifelong bonds, and what’s serious is:

Those bonds will connect us for all eternity, 

Into whatever afterlife has in store.

In this life, there was paternity,

Perhaps, what’s next is more.

I’ll wish so badly that I could see Dad again, 

Talk with him, hear him, hug him, joke around, 

Jam out, play and just be with the champion,

Enjoy his love and laughter abound.

Mortality is a concept with complexity 

Difficult to fully comprehend. 

The universe is vastly interconnected allegedly,

And there’s an illusion to the bitter end.

It feels like a mind-blowing symphony,

Conjuring up a grand finale in the final breath,

With vibrations from tones and sweet imagery

As if parting ways at the valley of death.

But, reality is full of infinite potential,

And it comforts me to know my dad.

Knowing how he’d respond is essential

To carry on with what he would have had.

I also won’t hesitate to look for a sign

From him when he is on the other side,

Letting me know that everything’s fine,

And feeling his powerful love as my guide.

Alyssa Leverenz

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“Today and everyday we say our PRAYERS”

“Now I lay ‘ME’ Down to Sleep”

“Little Miss Bebee… praying for peace on earth and good will to every human she knows and loves;

and we start with…especially the ones she loves to bark at, Donny Crangle, Melissa Crangle (Meme), Alan, and those she hears coming thru the door everyday, Amen.

Oh, and she forgot to mention “Grandma Mary Ellen Aldrich,” who visited  all of those  mentioned above  at Thanksgiving TIME and also  Alan… on Alan’s birthday!

She loves everyone who wants to hold her, like Ryder, Donald Crangle (Papa),Owen and his mommy Taylor Nicole Dalton.

Little Miss Bebee goes everywhere with Mary Quinn Crangle whenever she can.

She misses seeing her friend, Daisy, but hopes to visit her soon at Donny’s house, where she spent most of the summer with Mary Quinn Crangle.

She loves her family of friends who she runs with, especially her true love, “Turbo,” who always comes home to her, after his busy days in the back yard, and  in the woods, with Bedee and Zecee, guarding us.

God bless us here and there and everywhere


and  this is from…

Mary Ellen Aldrich – 

 I think that  our little  “Miss Bebee BABY”  is the sweetest of all … looks like she knows how to pray for all of her friends  – D.V.



“Miss Bebee said her prayers today, and will forever more… always remembering her wonderful family of  so very  many  friends!”

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“Who We Are” and “Who We Help”

Prayer Points

Prayer Points and the Fellowship Prayer Team unites Jews and Christians around the world to raise a chorus of prayer to God for the security, well-being, and protection of Israel and the Jewish people. By appealing to God on behalf of his children, the Prayer Team will make a powerful, positive impact on Israel’s struggle for peace and security, and provide a tremendous source of encouragement to Israel and her people.  Add your voice to the members of the Fellowship Prayer Team.

Prayer Points

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.”

This weekend, Jews around the world will observe Tisha B’Av, the holy day marking the many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people over the years — most notably the destruction of the First and Second Temples. While it is a solemn day, it is not without hope, as Jews everywhere are reminded that their survival through so many difficult trials is a miracle from God Himself. Given the hardships many of us still face today, may we remember this message of hope, and trust that God has the ability to redeem any situation, no matter how impossible it may seem.

  • Praise God for this holy fellowship of people of faith — Christians and Jews — who continue to enable us to provide humanitarian aid and rescue to those facing the continuing war in Ukraine. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor” (Ecclesiastes 4:9).
  • Pray for the people affected by the terrible flooding in Kentucky. May those who are missing be found, and may those who lost loved ones find comfort. “Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering…” (Isaiah 53:4).
  • Remember all those who are facing wildfires out west, that God will protect those in danger’s way. “You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word” (Psalm 119:114).
  • And praise Him for our faithful donors who continue to help us provide children, families, and elderly Holocaust survivors with basic needs during the summer. “And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:3).

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“Call YOUR Radio Station just for FUN”

Sometimes in LIFE… and while you are at “WORK” and you have your radio on… YOU will hear something,  that you just have to immediately  call that radio station and then, add… “Your two cents to their conversation!”

Where I was working… and in my office, I was suppose to answer the telephone … as they had four incoming call-in lines, and see to it that those calls… were all answered by the correct person.

On this particular day, while listening to the Jack Carneyprogram… whatever he was talking about,  his voice sounded so much like something my brother, “Tommy” would also be saying … that, and immediately … I decided to call into his program and tell him, a few important pieces  of information!

Evidently there was an open line, and I was talking to  “Jack Carney”… and what I was telling him… was that “he” sounded exactly like my brother, “TOMMY”.

Jack Carney  needed more information and had  ask me … “Where does your brother work?”

Without even  thinking… I just gave the  name of the Company and was telling “JACK”” and also without  knowing that the whole wide world  were  all listening … to our conversation  just exactly as to how and what a terrific person he, my brother “Tommy”  was.

And then want on… that he could do his job on the radio… if he was not so busy…  where he was working and went on  bragging… just how great he, “TOMMY”  my brother was!

Just being on the radio show with “Jack Carney” for maybe ten minutes… was tying up the work phones where…  I was working and also the telephone lines at the place where “Tommy” was working.

I just had to get  off the phone with “Jack Carney” and listen to the radio… and all of the conversations, that were going on… and take note of  my… tying up the telephones…

 As… it did seem to be  a “wild fire” of some wild  excitement of   Companies and  for the persons working for those companies… almost too much excitement had  started … because I was bragging about my brother, “TOMMY”  as to how good he was… just as good as “Jack Carney”…  on the radio!

“Do you remember …Jack Carney?”




Jack Carney

1932 – 1984

Jack Carney was born in Los Angeles on August 23, 1932.  He attended UCLA, where he studied law until, out of curiosity, he took radio classes, eventually abandoning law for a career in radio.

Carney’s radio career began in New Mexico in 1951.  He moved through several small market stations in the southwest before becoming well known as a rock n’ roll DJ serving up hits to teenagers in Phoenix, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Boston.

Carney arrived in St. Louis in 1958 as a rock n’ roll DJ on WIL.  Six weeks after he joined the staff, his sense of humor and bizarre stunts brought WIL from #7 to #1 in St. Louis.  Carney invented a character named Pookie Snackenberg, who became a hero with St. Louis teens.  Carney once asked his listeners to pull the tuning knobs off their parents’ home and car radios so the dial couldn’t be moved from WIL.

Carney’s ratings success at WIL brought about a job offer from WABC and he was off to New York City in 1960.  This proved to be a bad move for him.  He only stayed a few months in New York and then left for a stint of West Coast radio jobs.

Carney returned to St. Louis in 1971, taking over the KMOX morning spot from Jack Buck.  He was an instant success.  The Jack Carney Show ran from 9 am to noon and made Carney a legend as a St. Louis entertainer and live-commercial pitch man.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch broadcast critic Erik Mink said, “The effectiveness of Carney’s commercials was due to his mastery at weaving them into the fabric of his program.  The two elements were so intimately intertwined that often it was impossible to tell where the program stopped and the commercial began.”

During his KMOX years, virtually every celebrity that passed through St. Louis stopped by to say hello to Jack Carney.  He completely dominated morning radio and became a fixture in the St. Louis community for over 13 years.

Tragically, Carney died of a sudden heart attack at age 52 on November 27, 1984.  He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001 and is also a member of the St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame.

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“Remember those SONGS, sung with LOVE forever”

“Lee would sing this song to ME… with LOVE”



“There was one extra special thing  – – that…  I would just  “LOVE”  about…  MY HUSBAND, LEE –

and that was the way he would sing to me.

Somewhere in some box … there is a long playing “reel to reel” tape of my husband, Lee singing and talking and playing the harmonica – –

and if  ever… you have heard  “Dean Martin” sing – –

well … their voices   are almost  a match – –

in the fullness of LOVE – – that you feel when  every word in the song is coming to you – –

with such LOVE  in their voice – –

and caring… that you could just believe – –

that this was right there in HEAVEN – –

 and be hoping that  –  in  every minute – –  

this  minute… would last forever.

When Lee would sing to me – —

I am now guessing that he knew his TIME…

here on EARTH… was short – –

and being older than me – –

he knew  that he would not be able to always be here to sing  as he did – –

and the singing that he could do NOW – –

would have to last for a “LIFE-TIME” – –

and or until we meet again – –

but for as long as I would be here – – and…

until that date for us to be together again – –

a few of his favorite songs – – would just have to last… till then.

“Detective Lee G. Aldrich, Sr.” – –

till we meet again… DV

“Sit  back with ME and enjoy”

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“Back in the GOOD OLE DAYS”

“Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich”

“When this month of August starts, as on the First of August is “Lee’s Birthday” and he does make a big difference in our family… as “LEE” was always … just the best and always  a #1 person in my book!

“LEE” may have known that he was here for only a short period of time… after having been shot was he was a Detective of the Saint Louis Police Department for over twenty years, and in my book just the best of the best Police Officers that have ever lived and also did the best job of working with all the people and in all kinds of situations 

When “LEE” took an early retirement from the Police Department… hi brother “Al” was with the “Dobbs House” organization and they wanted to open their restaurants up in Florida.

So… this gave Lee and me a chance to do something together … working together and learning the restaurant business and best of  all… having that extra income, which all families needed back than, and also today!

This “Dobbs House” restaurant was located across the street from the  “Broward General Hospital”… and guess what… our son “AL” was born there … and my attending Doctor had his office next store to our restaurant!

There is something about this great big world, being on the “small size”… when you think back to those good old days… when we were all so young and always looking for new and better ways to make this great big world come down to a normal family size arrangement… where we can all live and be very happy… learning new and different ways of creating a very happy family … just doing each and every thing … for all the next generations and newer families that will  follow in our footsteps!

“How is this for a PHOTO – – Lee and ME!”

One of our regular customers — during the “SEASON” wanted a PHOTO of us – – to take NORTH – – when he returned home – – so that he could tell all of his friends – – what  a terrific guy, “LEE Aldrich” is – – that when they go to Florida – –

They have to be sure… to tell them  (that is Lee and  Me) – – that they… also like going to the “race track” – – as Lee always knows – – which horse will WIN!

“And… this is the customer…

…with my husband, Lee – – – 

… they like  watching the “ponies” running  — – –

… and once in a while – – maybe … picking a WINNER!”

The list of of the regulars at the “Snack Bar”

… also – – in season… at the “RACE TRACK”


… where  “FUN in FLORIDA”  is the name of the GAME!

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