“The day to play a FOOL’s Trick”

Food For Thought – For Tomorrow!

Look at your calendar… some will see…  the “DAY OF DAYS”  when you can play a “Trick” on someone and not get into too much “TROUBLE!”   

Starting the Day… Right and having Fun with lots of “Laughter!”


April 1st, 2020 … The day to play a FOOL’s Trick on someone?

Some things you might be thinking of  to do,  just may need some preparation and planning Now! You may want to start something in the early, wee hours of the morning…  before those in your household have a clue as to what is going on   and you and everybody will achieve a bigger and better laughing   session with so much surprise…  that you pulled off such a terrific “TRICK”  one that takes a “CAKE!”

Standard old tricks, but new to you and your family if you have never tried these before… switch the SUGAR with the SALT for those in the household that would have their eyes closed, or at least half-closed in the early hours of the day? 

You can blame the “LITTLE PEOPLE”  that come in the night and do these kinds of things to unsuspecting people. That’s just in case some times some “early in the morning people”  with their eyes have shut cannot take a joke?

This is for the person you live with and that cannot get up early in the morning… You will need to sometime in the “WEE HOURS”… get up (on the quiet) and go through the house and set the clocks all ahead an hour… even sleepy-head’s watch … and their vehicle. 

Everyone at work will be surprised to see that they were there before them, and your “SLEEPY-HEAD”  will at first wonder “why is everyone so late” …  how did “he” get through the traffic and get so early to work for a chance?

Chances are you will really have “FUN” after all the  “HOW could YOU have done this TRICK to ME “…  and if you can just not pay any attention to some   of the “STEAM”…  and other words that sometimes come out of the mouth  so fast sometimes…  the words would even surprise the average  “Truck-Driver!”

Remember “LOVE”… start the evening before with “LOVE” … early in the morning adding more “LOVE”… You and YOURS will end up with lots of  “Fun… Happiness… and Joy!”

***** and if that does not equal… “LOVE” …  I’ll  even eat my  HAT!

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Each year, on March 31st children and adults alike, pick up their favorite colors for National Crayon Day. Opening up a box of crayons opens up a world of imagination and hours of fun. 

Wax and chalk-based crayons have been used by artists around the world for centuries.  Edwin Binney created the brightly colored crayons we are familiar with today.  He was part owner of Binney & Smith, a company that produced products such as paint, pigments and slate pencils for schools.

In 1903, Binney & Smith created the Crayola Division and produced colored wax crayons for children for the first time. Then in 1904, they presented their An-Du-Septic chalk at the Colombian Exposition in St. Louis winning a gold medal.  The chalk was designed to be dustless at many teachers’ requests and was an immediate success.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCrayonDay

Get out your crayons and color away! We’ve provided three color pages for all age levels for you to download and print. We would love to see your final creations! Post them to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages and we’ll definitely respond. 

Use #NationalCrayonDay to share on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to research the founder of this colorful and fun holiday. In the meantime, we’ll keep finding more ways to #CelebrateEveryDay!

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“Love and Kisses to Everyone Staying HOME”

                  “A BIG KISS – to YOU!”


“Look what we found!”  

“This is the biggest “KISS” that we have ever seen and we found it….  and we hope it is filled with only “HERSHEY Chocolate Candy?”

“Alyssa,  as soon as we see Daddy… I’m going to ask him if he can put this “BIG KISS” in his truck…  so we will have candy for everybody… when we get back to Saint Louis, Missouri… OKAY?”     “Okay”

When you travel with children…  it is good to find  monuments as big as  possible and especially… when they remind you of something that you like…. such as those wonderful “Hershey Chocolate Candies” that  are also so good for you!

It seems that a long time ago… that I heard,  that the good dark “Chocolate” is good for the “body” at Ten o’clock in the morning  and at Noon and at Four  o’clock in the afternoon…. so, that  being  the case… having a large “Chocolate Kiss” as in the photo… the whole  “City  and County of Saint Louis” would be ever so happy… and for a long time, and would just LOVE us … for bringing it home for all to enjoy!

“Just wish that we had… such Good Luck!”

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“As I Remember”

Now is the “TIME” to do it…

Every FAMILY  has one important thing that they usually do every SPRING and or in the  FALL!

Have you already guessed what it is that we did?

We would drive up to OHIO… that is where my FATHER is from  and his FAMILY wanted to see all of us  as we little KIDS were being born and as we were getting older.

The very first trip that my FAMILY took, was when I was about seven months old. My MOTHER told me about the trip  so many times… that I feel that it was just as she described to me. The back seat of the car was set up special, just for my comfort. The open area where you would put your feet is the area that my DAD put our suitcases and added some other items that they would need to change my diapers and extra baby stuff, but to level it so that the basket that I was to travel in… would sit still and level.

This basket that I was to travel in… is the very same  oval laundry basket that we had when I was older and every time that we would be doing laundry my MOM and I would reminisce about the traveling and how good of a baby I was  when traveling long distances.

When you are little I feel that it is good – if  – what you are doing  is making good memories that both you and your parents will  always remember  and really enjoy talking about  later … till the last day you are on this earth.

My MOTHER  would tell me that when they put me in the basket in the back seat of the car that … they had to really be ready to start the car and get it moving.  If they still had some packing of stuff  to put in the trunk or anything that would delay the car from getting on the road,  “I would sing out loud and clear  for the whole wide world to hear me!”

Seems that I just was not about to lay back and keep my mouth shut… either you get this  “show” going  or you will be hearing from “your back-seat driver”  and…  that was me!

When my MOTHER would tell me about the trips and  all  of what went on she sure enjoyed re-telling me all the stuff  that we did  on the way up to OHIO and  then back down to Saint Louis. That is why I feel it does one good, internally to remember the good times  that we have… as so many of us have enough bad times  but,  if we would  only remember more  of the good times…  maybe we would not have…  so  many bad times?

What I enjoyed most…  was hearing about  me!

I bet that there were times that they wished that I was not in that back seat, just from the way I know  that some kids act… when they are cooped up too long and where they  are not wanting to be?

Over all my Mother would say, that I was the “best baby” to travel with because for hundreds of miles of driving, they would not hear a peep from me. “BUT…  if we had to make a quick stop…  just the second that our  car stopped then,  I would scream so loud… there was nothing that I wanted  and nothing that I needed  but if they would start  the car…  moving… I went right back to sleep and I would sleep soundly until the next stop!”

“Keeping that car moving … that’s when I was in HEAVEN, I would travel without disturbing a soul!”

Since I have had my own children,  there has been  some times when I have heard of children that would be babies and under six months old… who just could not or would not sleep in peace for the new parents, that is and unless they  all got into  their car and drove around the block a couple of times…  just to get the new born baby to rest quietly and fall into a sound sleep!

Are you  “ALL” ready to take a long trip with the newborn baby?? “It will be FUN for all – I know!”    and…   “PROMISE!”

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Learning how to use – “Attach!”

When you are a “Grandma” – learning new computer skills are way pass “Dumb Dora’s,” ability!

This is one such day, for me, the “Grandma” … when the learning just does not want to go into the right part of my BRAIN.  When, like in my case, have some pictures that someone would like to put in their book…  that they are writing…  and to be published soon…  had to get instructions on, “the HOW TO DO” …  and my biggest mistake was not making written notes, as I was doing  the first couple pictures.

My Instructor walked away and said “I’ll check and see if what we sent has been received?” “Go ahead and do the next picture and send it, just like we did the first pictures.”

“Dumb Dora”…  that’s my name for myself…  when I have a task assignment to do and I feel completely out of my realm as to what to really do…  being afraid to make a mistake…  I start out as I think I remember and as I begin…  the sequence seems just a little different and as I cancel and try to start over… I feel like I am so far into the “FORREST” of mentally  being lost… there has to be a step or two…  to do…   that I have forgotten?

When you have a picture to send on the email, and you keep going over  and getting the picture and you are looking at the email and everything you see… looks good to go  and you click the  “SEND” and you receive no response….  that the picture has been received?

You  now have to wonder… what the heck am I doing?

What am I forgetting to do? Should I get up and go to the desk that is waiting for the picture and really be so “DUMB” so as  to have to ask,  “Did you receive the picture, yet?” 

 And then, what I have to do is just tell them….  that I sent the picture several times… just  have no idea…. as to why it didn’t get where it was supposed to go? And then have to say, “Would you come and show me how to do it  all over again?”

So, we go over the sending of a picture with the email again! I,  sitting there and doing one step after another … just as I am being told and then, the  magic word is said!

“Hit the symbol for “ATTACH” – “WOW” – I had to say the word “ATTACH” – several times!

That’s what I forgot to do. Every time I went to send the email…  never gave “ATTACH” a second thought…  so no wonder no picture was  received on the other end?

So, nowGrandma,” do not forget…  if you want someone to receive “SOMETHING”…  You do have to give it…  and the only way you are going to give it… “YOU have to ATTACH it!”

“That’s Right: “HIT ATTACH!”

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“PIANO DAY is March 28 and April 6, 2020!”

PIANO DAY is March 28 and April 6, 2020!

International Piano Day is the 88th day of the year. (The traditional piano has 88 keys.) This year that lands on March 28, 2020. However, we had intended to celebrate it in Portland on April 6. (That’s because the Bösendorfer Model 290 Imperial piano has 97 keys, and that is worth celebrating!) But, because of the current restrictions on gatherings, we have postponed this celebration until a later date.

Want to learn more? Contact … @portlandpiano.org 

We all love piano music. Please help us support piano and piano education in our community, through this fun and rewarding activity, coming soon!

Where we will be on PIANO DAY 2020

Union Station: 800 NW Sixth Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209 Performers will be found inside in the center of the room.

What is Piano Day?


In 2017, Portland Piano International (SOLO) presented its first Piano Day event to celebrate the 88th day of the year, March 29, 2017 — an official day that had never before been celebrated in the United States!

Four years ago, German pianist Nils Frahm declared the 88th day of each year to be “Piano Day,” a special day to celebrate the piano. The 88th day of the year was chosen because the modern piano (usually) has 88 keys. In 2016, there were more than 20 events held across the globe, from Japan, Australia, Russia, Slovenia, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Lithuania, France, the UK and Canada.

How does Piano Day work in Portland?


On Monday, April 6 from 9am to 7pm, there will be one location in the Portland Metro area where you can hear the piano played by local pianists of all ages: Union Station in Northwest Portland.

The choice of music is up to the performer and there are no restrictions on what can be played.

This event is free to the public, but each performer raises funds from the community with a minimum goal of $20 per minute played. A robust software platform is in place to help manage the peer-to-peer fundraising process. The funds raised are used to support the educational programs of Portland Piano International.

Over 80 events around the world are scheduled in honor of Piano Day this year and we can’t wait to have you participate in this international celebration, right here in Portland. Here’s the signup link to play.

Why do performers participate in Piano Day?


Play a fabulous piano. This is a chance to play on a truly great grand piano.

We’re making history. Each time we do this, we are joining pianists around the world celebrating the piano! 

Play on a world stage.  Performances are streamed live and are watched around the globe.

Get swag. After the performances, the participants receive a certificate of participation. They also get their choice of two free tickets to an upcoming Portland Piano International performance (pending availability)!

Help a great nonprofit. Since 1978, Portland Piano International has been bringing some of the best pianists to Portland and providing educational opportunities to teachers, students and the general public through master classes, a summer festival, professional development in rural Oregon, commissioning new works for solo piano, etc.




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