“Maria Elena +++ The Language of Love”

Maria Elena · Jerry Vale


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“Look Up To See ME Fly By”

Mid mornings … when the skies look like, what you are looking at … in this PHOTO below… just take a good look at these skies… so that when you see them in the future … you will let your eyes  start searching  those skies above … and you will open your ears, to hear from  me… always that one and only PILOT… that said … he will be flying back to EARTH… just to see and watch over his favorite people!


Just to be able to FLY on EARTH … for all of those years… that I have been a PILOT and always did enjoy flying with all of my family… as they took to flying just like I did, at an early age… when you feel just like a young “bird” that knows, that it is just so wonderful to fly … as we were told so many times, and also we  all know that flying will get you to your destination so much faster, than to have to drive in  such slow and heavy traffic day after day… everywhere and everyday  and getting no where fast!

To be able to FLY… when and whenever I want to too… is just so much more FUN for me NOW!

I remember back to those early High School days,  when some of my class mates were just a little on the “scaredy-cat” side of the fence… when I told them… that they could go flying with me …  and to… just to let me know when… the date and hours  that they had in mind to go flying… as I did have to pre-arrange those dates and times… as those small  planes, only have so much room.

If you remember back to when and where you were flying with me… all those years … long gone and almost forgotten… check in with my MOM… as she most probably can find some of our old PHOTOS,  and then…  she can post those good old memories of those great  flying days… that  we remember enjoying and having so much FUN… and as we  all had flying together!

To ail of my Flying Buddies… that do, still get up nice and early… especially this week …I am guessing,,  that you did hear us flying around, so very nice and high above all of you… but to attract attention and so that so many would take a small pittance of  their  time to step outside their homes,  and take a look high up and view the skies above… looking for all of that noise that they were hearing and was flying by… just to attract attention and let you all know… that I and my friends…   would like to give you all a wake up call… just letting you all know… that we are also always thinking about you all … down there…too!


I do enjoy thinking about you as…  you all are also thinking about me, each and everyday!

Your Blessings are being received by me… as all of my Blessings are being sent each day to each and everyone of you… that I LOVE!

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“A Wonderful PCNIC To Be Remembered Forever”

“Grandson LEX, reading Grandpa’s Book, AEROS”

  • When it comes to having a PICNIC… nothing like having some of your published books on hand… to hand out to ALL … those attending…to see what they like?

Nothing to do but to give to young Grandson LEX, a copy for his very own…

…. as he wanted what everyone else was receiving… a “Hot Off the Press”  latest addition of the adventure of “AEROS” and…  to be signed to him, from his Grandpa Al… himself!

and… So glad that some guests were watching and grab their cell phones and began to snap photos.

Just looking at this photo… it seems that our little LEX has found something of high interest… as his looks indicate… that he is very interested in what he has found in the book of “AEROS”… and,  as I look at this photo … I see a very young child highly interested in reading and learning… he holds the book so well…  that he can read and observe that which is of interest to him… and most importantly… his posture is so good… sitting up straight and book resting on tabletop securely… and with all of us so interested in what LEX is doing… Little LEX is not distracted… at all… by all of us!


and… Then, the loud sound of many automobiles on the street… suddenly attracted all of us, to leave the back yard and go to the front of the house… to see, what  in the world was going on?

Seems that a parade of highly decorated vehicles… decided to parade in celebration of one of the neighbors…  “65th” Birthday…

… since we can not celebrate with large get-to-gathers… due to “coronavirus” that is keeping all citizens homebound… so now… we see many cars having  balloons flying all over… in seconds a few balloons left their hands and headed to the sky… so high above… seeing  all of these balloons  just flying away, Little Lex wanted one, too.

and… We all  started going back to the picnic patio and little LEX went back to the arms of his favorite of all the guests… up and into the arms of his “Uncle Alan”… the one and only with nice strong arms to hold and rock little LEX… for long periods of time.

“Low and Behold” one of  our guests evidently went over to where that big “Birthday Party”  was going on… to see if…  he could get a couple of Balloons for Little LEX.

“Coming through the backyard gate… everyone could see… two very nice and extra large  gas-filled balloons… flying just so nice and high… this way and that…  and they were handed to our  Little LEX.” 

This was just one of the  very best things, that could have taken place… as this  gift to LEX, made this to be… just the happiest part of the whole day… for little LEX.

Just to make sure that these balloons did not also fly into that high sky above… each Balloon had a very long ribbon… and on  to that end … was  added a weight… heavy enough that LEX could hold  it… but if … he let go… the Balloon would stay  right here on Earth… where ever LITTLE  LEX set it.

Nothing like having a very nice afternoon with family… one that we will all remember and remember forever… and all  of us, had  so much fun and with good eats… with lots  of very good things happening  for all of us  to remember … so that we will all get together soon again.            D.V.

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“We have a “KING” in the Family”

“Research and research until Photos were found”

When one first starts a new project… there is no  real thought … as to how long this project will last… so…will I enjoy doing what I am starting… can I give at least one full hour and… or much  more time if it is necessary to do an adequate job… will I always find the necessary materials to make this project interesting to others… and  also to fully enjoy that which I have started? 

“Preparation is the name of the game… as one does always… want to put their best foot forward… especially when…  Photos of chidden are involved and  requiring lots of good  information… just so that the whole and correct… a most beautiful story is told!”

So referring back to the post… “We have a KING in the Family” …I did some research and did find those PHOTOS that I had …  and finally able to now decide on those that I will add to our day in the “FENTON  PARK” showing just exactly how our “Little Billy” looked as he gave the JUDGES a big smile and a wave of his right arm… as I had inspired him to do!


and…  “This is our…  little Billy with his Mother Mary… and he is raising his  right hand and arm… as I did show him … so that…  he would know what to do while standing in front of the “JUDGES” …  giving  to them… a big “WAVE”  as he is talking  to  them, the “JUDGES” …  and saying… “MY name is BILLY…” … and as you can see him… with a very big and HAPPY  smile!

and… This is our   “little BILLY”…  when he was called up as today’s  “WINNER”… to be crown the  “KING” and reign for a year!  As you can see… “Little Billy” is a very HAPPY child … and is still sharing smiles with everyone!


and… This is “Baby Alan” with his Mother…and “Alan”  and younger brother to “BILLY”   get to be in the PHOTTO taking for maybe a chance at being selected  “KING” that day  and…  I am now  guessing…  maybe only six weeks… as his birthday was  on “July 1st…”  and was a very good baby… considering the crowd, and having to wait for your turn to be brought to…  and presented to the JUDGES’ desk.


and… This is the baby that Won…I think because the Mother is holding the baby in a position…so as to see more of the baby… and the MOTHER is so full of smiles!

If you take a look at the people to the right of this photo… that LADY dress in a black shirt and white pants… so tall and good looking… I hate to say…that is ME!

and… Just another of the small children hoping to be selected for KING … but since they gave this photo to me…

I am sitting on that picnic table and holding little Billy… either he has already been up and did his thing or is still waiting…it was a long day for the children that were there… as you can see they did have a very good crowd of people.

This type of event taking place with children… does take hours… and all children do tend to get tired and on the cranky side… so,  just be prepared for that … and have some  of their favorite treats…  and or something to keep the children happy… if you want them to WIN!


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“Wishing Birthday Blessings for November Birthday Family”

November “Birthdays”

Just dawned on me…  to wish a  Very Happy Birthday, to  all of those who have a  Birthday this  wonderful month, November! 

When you get to be my age,  you are allowed to forget  half of what I thought I did know  –   and that which remains – I can not be too sure of any more?

What I have said  – is that … I am sure your Birthdays are in  November, but for  those dates  –  I can no longer remember … just exactly what date goes with the four (4) Birthday Girls?

Sister Margaret Mary,  you were my 7th and 8th grade teacher, and we  did become very good friends over the many years… as   we kept in touch over those…  so very many good years, you even  visited my home, and  you did play the Lowery Console  Organ  in my Living room, with  so many  of the very best Irish music,  almost thought… that I was in Heaven!

Judy McClarren, is my younger brother  Denny’s wife and  at that time in his his LIFE  and for a good while… was also taking good care of  Denny, which did  require  a whole lot  of extra care time! I am also  so glad…  that  you are also able to keep me  in the loop …  with photos and also his  many care updates!

Rose McClarren,  wife of  my brother Tom, aka  Mr. Wonderful, and…   I also am always happy to see you both on  “TV” and in the “Newspaper”!  You are both doing a fine job with the flowers and garden arrangements… that you provide  in your community! Also sure  do hope that YOU, Rossie did receive many more than the Eighty Birthday Cards you were expecting  for your “80th”Birthday… must have kept the Mailman very busy this last week!

Char Bay, another extra special Grandma! Our united families  have brought forth the very best of  “Best Grand-daughters – Alyssa and Jaime! Sure glad to see you and all of the family… when we have the many get-togethers during the year … for so very many great occasions, are always taking place in our wonderful family!

Almighty Yahweh   has  truly blessed me with these   wonderful    November   – Birthday     –  People!    

I am asking    Our Creator, and  Giver  of all  good gifts to those chosen    –  that is for  those good and perfect… 

to  also Bless each and everyone – abundantly from His generous bounty.

“Thanks be to our  Almighty Yahweh!”

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“Ready or NOT…MORE SNOW Coming Today”

“More SNOW coming this week…Be Ready!”


Dune Buggy 001

When it  “SNOWS” – what do you do???

Make sure the kids…and the BIG KIDS – bundle up in the warmest of warm wear –  and just  let them go.  

When they… have had enough – they will soon be in – and asking for some “HOT CHOCOLATE” – and sit  by  the warm FIRE PLACE – and tell you…  all about the FUN… that they  were  having, and also… that they were doing  some  fun and crazy things in their  new  SNOW-mobile .

They  were doing … what you call … ‘DO-NUTS’ …  and if you were inside, by that window looking out –  you could  also hear them  “yelling  to the highest of  heavens” –  that they were having so much FUN!

Well… with that most  terrific  SNOW fall last night…  all the kids that could… were now unloading  at SUNSET PARK.

 Parents were pulling some small kids up the hill on their sled – and lots of other children were getting ready for a very fast … fun full sled ride down… and yelling… just as loud  as young children  can yell… all the way  down.

Just letting the  whole  wide world  know… that they are having the most FUN… that is possible, when the SNOW hits EARTH… in all  of the  “just right places”… and,  just for our  Kids’ sake!

I think that their yelling,  “louder”… “than anyone else”…  means that …  they are just having so much more FUN…  in fact… so much more FUN… than  all of the rest,  of  their  friends!

Well… it is NOW… afternoon – and those early birds  –  they all have… had their FUN – and  NOW … with their parents – getting  a warm ride home.

There may still be some SNOW and ICE out there – but you have more FUN early in the day – as  we all know that wonderful saying…  about that “early bird”…  and if you are that early bird – YOU did get up…  and  YOU did it –  and YOU are NOW  being that early-bird…  with that “tid bit”  of all of the FUN…  you  have just had … YOU and all of those other early birds … are NOW  on their  phones… calling all  of their  good friends – the ones who missed out …  on TODAY’s … SNOW DAY off   from school – but were able to make it to the  SUNSET PARK… for FUN in the SNOW and GAMES.

Sorry for all those,  who missed a good … “FUN in the SNOW DAY” – You just have to learn to be an early BIRD in these months… when you never know for sure…  just exactly when and where that wonderful “SNOW” will decide to come,  and fall in just those right places…

So…for all those,  that have a sled,  and just LOVE to be out with all of their friends, will have so much FUN in this… SNOW…

Just when it likes to fall in your neighborhood…   but then … one never  knows –  when another  SNOW fall  – may be just around the corner.

I do believe…  that the Forecast for more…  SNOW, and a whole lot of it,  was posted … for  our area, and to come in the middle of the coming week!

SEE you all …  real soon  – then!

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