“Share Your LOVE with a Fine Meal”

Sometime ago, seems now to me, to be a good many years ago… that I heard… that there is one time a day that we should share our LOVE with our Family… and that “time” is, when we are sharing our meals together!


So… always liking to cook good foods that I like and know that others will enjoy, too… figured out,  that foods that are made from scratch take time and will taste better  being enjoyed by all of those that are invited to share in this gathering… if and when you , the preparer is enjoying this preparation time and enjoying using only the best of ingredients.

When the Grandchildren were much younger… and staying  with me, overnight up at the Airport… I was up very early and  started something different… the  making of pancakes which will serve many  and  will have some extra for guests coming in later… and this recipe  I was using … I did need to increase and added some extras… as I will do with some recipes… extra time was also needed… when making  from scratch.

This recipe that I follow is one that I still use with all of  my corrections in  new amounts, as I change amounts from time to time and adding something new sometimes… makes all the difference in the world, when your guests are enjoying that which you prepared… just for them!

The Grandchildren  just enjoyed and LOVED their breakfast …they just  sang out how  absolutely terrific this was  and were asking about my secret ingredient… and so you will find out , too!


When the grandchildren came to stay overnight with me, I would always have their favorite  foods…  for all their meals.

On this particular  morning, bright and early, I was making a bigger batch of pancakes.

The kitchen was like a restaurant with delicious smells inviting everyone to come in and enjoy. The pancakes made a real hit with the grandkids, asking what made them so good?

My reply was ,  “I have a secret ingredient,  like all good cooks!”

One started looking in the spice rack, and another in the pantry, and the searching begam to be a very serious search for the item, that makes pancakes taste so good.

When children are young and looking for something so special, an intangible item a substance to see AND or feel,  you know THAT   they are looking for the truth.

So, I took them to the kitchen, for an inspection of the evidence, finding nothing visible, had to leave…  the cat out of the bag.

“Everything I do for You, I add Love.”

That made their day.

Now  some twenty plus years later, I  will still hear, “Grandma put Love in this for us!”

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“We Can Collect New Friends Every Day”

We all start off,  on our journey  on that  one and only  “LIFE ROAD”  by ourselves and all alone!

Everyday of our LIFE…from the very beginning… someone comes along to do something for us and or to help in some special way… as most of us are unable to really do much for ourselves. All we really know… is that we are here and in a strange place… to which we are in great need of so very and many things and services, just to stay alive.

When we are LUCKY to make it  into that “FIRST YEAR” of Life…we feel our “OATS” and we feel like we have to show everyone…”We can do it… and all by ourselves!”

Every big and mighty person has a magic way of doing things… and they all think,  that they know the very  best  way for us “Little Tikes”  to do things … their way…which is so confusing to us…since everybody has a different way to do things! 

“So which way is the correct way…rather than just the RIGHT WAY?” 

Take a look at the above Photo.

I know …”Little Miss Ruby”…and not the older child.

Do you see how easy… it is, for the older child to hold the hand of  “Little Miss Ruby”and  just walk…  and walk with no problem.

Stop and think how easy it is,  for the two children to blend their thinking, that the older knows how and what to do, and the younger child knows and understands, that the  older child, since they seem to have and without words a “knowing” way, to do things correctly and  that they have that, so   very natural understanding of some kind of friendship and trust … that everything,  that they are going  to do… is  done in the correct way.

Keep your eyes wide open… on your friends… watch how they do things. Listen as well… some people have words that go forth for no good reason…evidently something is not going the correct way, and they seem to be the type  that are thinking, that by their crying out… some how…  some magic will happen and everything…  will just fall  correctly into place?

Now,  there are another type of beings…they have better brains developing in that block of wood,  that sits high on their shoulders. This type  will check their computer and or their books of reference, just  to see how this project needs to be completed.

So… before making a complete mess of things im the  wasting lots of time and   money doing things two and or three times,  as so many will do… as that is all done, way  before doing them right the first time, will  immediately get the correct directions and or instructions, and then with knowledge  will complete the project with a song in their heart… leaving them with much more time for the better things in Life… then those that have not taken that small amount of time to wise up…before doing that job correct and only once!

It is so good and  so wonderful to learn from those,  that may be only a year or two older and they know how to to something and will also lend that helping hand… to a very new and younger soul…just starting out  on that road of LIFE… especially  in those very first years!

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National Reach as High as You Can Day on April 14th encourages us to evaluate our goals and do our best to reach them. 

We can define “reach” in many ways.  Search Guinness World Records for highest reach and Guinness gives us 322 results. We can reach for our dreams or our goals. Reach for the stars or the sky. We can even reach for the balloon floating away from us much like the one that carried the Wizard of Oz away from Dorothy.

Of course, records can be set for the oldest or the youngest to reach a particular location, age, height or status.  

While this day may not be about setting records, it is certainly about reaching high; higher than we think we can.  We often become complacent.  National Reach as High as You Can Day is just a reminder on the calendar not to let your dreams go adrift. Reach for them.  Reach as high as you can!

HOW TO OBSERVE #ReachAsHighAsYouCanDay

What are your goals? No matter how high they are, you can reach for them. And once you get there, set another goal! Encourage others to Use #ReachAsHighAsYouCanDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to reach for the origin of this national day. However, until we do, we’ll keep you informed of other great ways to #CelebrateEveryDay!

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“Remembering some older EASTER Celebrations”


Easter Baskets for the Boys!


The story with this picture is… We, Lucky Boy Drive-In…

sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt, for our employees, families, friends.

 We had games and lots of fun for the children. My son, Al with the full basket –  too heavy to hold…  had the basket  that is in his  big brother, Lee’s hand, and with  hardly anything in it.

Lee saw that his little brother was sad because he had a hard time finding eggs,  with some bigger and faster kids  all in a hurry to find the “golden egg”  for “First Prize.” 

Al did not collect many eggs,  but when his big brother Lee gave him  his basket…  Al was on top of the world!

Wishing everyone a “HAPPY EASTER”

These  next pictures are many years later… as these are Al’ s daughters… celebrating EASTER.


Alyssa and Jaime Aldrich are wishing all of their extra special friends a very “HAPPY EASTER!” 

Looks like Alyssa is so busy trying to  open something very  carefully and can not be disturbed for a photo,  right now? 

But, Jaime is so sweet,  she has something she found in her basket and  the look in her face…  it seems to say, “Would you like to taste some of these wonderful candies… that,  I just received from the BIG BUNNY?”


Food For Thought:

All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen!”

by, Ralph Waldo Emerson

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” Gemma’s Bold Baking Art Gallery”

Gemma’s Bold Baking Art Gallery

Calling all Bold Baking Kids! Come download a coloring page & upload your artwork here on Bigger Bolder Baking, and it might be featured!
Color this baking picture however you'd like!

Hi Bold Bakers!

If there’s one thing I absolutely adore, it’s when little ones help out in the kitchen. It’s just a matter of time before I get to teach things like making cookies with my son, George, who will be one soon.

I’m always thinking of ways to get kids involved! Just last year I wanted to combine learning and baking, so I did a series of “Bakesheets” for kids to complete — worksheets for baking — where they could tick off what they’ve completed as they went along. It was so popular that I’ve been looking for NEW ways to get the little ones to keep it up!

My brother, George Stafford, is very talented and offered up this coloring sheet as help! You can see it’s a lovely rendition of me in the Bigger Bolder Baking kitchen as you’ve all known for years. I decided that I’d make a space for it here on the website, and encourage my young baking audience to color it however they’d like and to upload it here, my new Bold Baking Art Gallery, to be featured!

Download & Print Now!

If you want to join in the coloring fun, all you need to do is have an adult help you download and print out this image (click it for a PDF)!

Bigger Bolder Baking Coloring Sheet

Share With Me!

After you’ve colored your sheet with cartoon me and Waffles the dog, I want to see it! In the comment section of this page, my Baking Art Gallery, upload your masterpiece so I can check it out — and share it! Each month I’ll be highlighting new art from Bold Bakers around the world both here and on social media with the hashtag #BoldBakingArt for the world to see.

Give it a go, Bold Bakers! I want to see your skills!

Perfect Recipes for Kids

And don’t forget to buy my Bigger Bolder Baking Cookbook! It has plenty of easy recipes parents and kids can work on together.

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                Each year, National Children’s Craft Day on March 14th unleashes a boost of creative energy right in the middle of National Craft Month. The day celebrates crafting with children. By opening children’s eyes to the world of crafts, we spark their imagination, and from there, the possibilities are endless.

Crafting can give children a sense of accomplishment as well as help build their self-esteem. As with adults, crafting reduces stress in children, too. 

Craft stores hold special classes throughout March. These classes offer a variety of opportunities for children to get involved. They also provide an opportunity for children to interact with others, learn something new, and have fun without electronics or television. When stimulating a child’s creativity, we encourage their curiosity and use of tactile skills as well. Some of the other benefits of crafting includes:

  • following directions
  • improving reading comprehension
  • learning independence
  • overcoming mistakes
  • feeling included
  • mastering social skills

It doesn’t cost a lot to get a child involved with crafts. Use everyday household items for projects. Don’t be afraid to use recycled items such as paper towel tubes and yogurt containers. These items make excellent craft items and demonstrate repurposing. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChildrensCraftDay

The ideas are unlimited for this holiday! Let the creative juices flow. Children will inspire you, but the internet provides endless resources, too. Look for simple projects online or even in the National Day Calendar Classroom. We offer a wide variety of projects for all ages. Scour second-hand shops for glitter and other items for your craft supplies. As you celebrate, take up a collection of supplies to donate to classrooms.

We found some great ways to start crafting at home, too!

  • Use recycled materials to start your craft supplies. Paper tubes, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, old t-shirts, and many more items make excellent project starters.
  • Make crafts with a purpose. A birdfeeder, picture frame, or magnet for the fridge gives their creation additional meaning. Not only did they make it, but they also get to use it as they enjoy it.
  • Craft a game. While they exercise their creative skills, your children can also build on their strategic skills, too. Playing a game they create will develop those skills even more.
  • As your children grow, don’t hesitate to utilize power tools. That includes sewing machines, staplers, sanders, and drills. Each of these will help your students with their patience and S.T.E.M skills.

Share your projects using #ChildrensCraftDay on social media.


National Day Calendar continues researching the origin of this creative holiday. However, we might have gotten glue stuck to our fingers impeding our search.

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