“Long live our precious young KING William”

“A Million Dollar Photo of King William”

“When small children are being photographed for some very special  occasion… like this … the selection for being chosen “KING of Fenton” for a whole year… what do you look for?”

Just going through some  of the older Photos,  that I had recently posted… and just could not take my eyes off  of this one!

It is a very hard struggle to get a young small child to get the understanding of what you want him or her to do… much less be able to have them understand … as this is all new and foreign as nothing like this  came up on the calendar… in this first year of  his LIFE!

This is all new to the Parents, too… something appears in the Jefferson Journal… and sounds like a “FUN”  day in the  County PARK. 

We never thought about  “Contests for Children”  and do not know anything about, nor what you need to do? 

This event is coming up too soon…  we will do  everything and anything that we can,  and just maybe…  we will have something  extra special and exciting  to talk about.

Parents want for their children to “WIN CONTESTS”  and  what the parents  may see in their child and what others will see… that will be complete strangers at  some PARK in the County… offering Prizes for those children,  that may be selected to WIN…

Will others that you know, and or  even anyone  other than a Family member…think your child is to be selected  a WINNER… as you a family member and  the parents see the child?

“Just now looking at this PHOTO and some of  the others in the Family… and…  If I didn’t know better… I do believe that  “Little William” is really  true “KING” material!”

Looking at the “KING”  above … he is smiling and wearing his Crown just right… while holding his gifts … as just received in the left hand close to the body… and his  “King’s Scepter”   just so/so in his right hand… ready to great awards to all his Subjects!

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“Happy Birthday Alan, and Many More”

We are still celebrating Alan’s Birthday as the Party will be at another house today!

So, as the Party does require some to bring gifts … and or even treats to share…I of course thought, that I should go through my “CARDS” to find one that has a terrific message for the occasion.

On opening my BOIOK of Months, full of all kinds of cards, some for every kind of an occasion…just the very first opening of the BOOK and into my hands,  this  beautiful card, pops right into my hands,  just has to be read and checked out first …  before I check out out  cards for the month of JULY Cards.

On the back of this card… is the following reading… and as I was reading it… it just  filled the bill for “the” card for today!


Did you ever think of  “THANKS”  as being a “ten-shilling” word?

I have not taken the time to check out the value today of a “Shilling”  and for “Ten Shillings” and the way money today is changing… WOW!

So I am thinking about “THANKS” and wondering just how many times that I take the time to give THAMKS to someone for what they are doing, and especially … if what they are doing… is for me?

But… when you take the time just to think about “THANKS” and when you use it… that someone that you are giving that  “THANKS” to … soon there after… something happens!

Whatever in the world, that person was doing for you…just seems to change their whole attitude about you, NOW  and that which they are doing to please you… now it seems that they are so happy to please you… that they only want to do even more than ever before!

It is those little things in LIFE, that really make drastic  more improvements in the LIFE that we live.

It is those little steps that we take to make a huge difference  in the long run of LIFE… just as our babies take a few new steps in those first years… we too, should start right NOW taking a few new steps in our own LIVES… to show others that we really do care about them and that every little  act of kindness,  that they do is truly  meaningful to others and should be even more meaningful to them as well!

I bet if we all worked on just that one little word “THANKS”… tomorrow would be a whole new day for each of us, in this  old world!

Since this is for today and we … all are celebrating another day … a BIG BIRTHDAY   for “ALAN” with family and friends…let us  all start singing so loud that they can hear us… way down on GRAND AVENUE!


“Let us start singing  “Happy Birthday Alan”…right NOW!”

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“Happy …Happy… Happy Birthday to Alan”

“It sure is a good thing,  that I preach… about  “BIRTHDAYS”… as they only come up, once a year… so therefore… I declare, that they are to be celebrated for a whole week!”

Some people may go along with the once a year for a Birthday… as they are primarily … what I would call…  an old stick in the mud!’

As some people are just not the type,  they would like to celebrate with family and friends for no more than just a few hours, as they just do not like people having FUN, as they have become too self-absorbed.

So glad that you are like me…

We will plan on celebrating for at least a full week… that way we can have Birthday  gatherings at different locations with different friends and family attending,   as they can on this day, or the next day and at a time… when so many can come and go as their schedule will warrant their doing … and the more the merrier and more memories are made to tide one and all, over till the next “HAPPY OOCCASION” will find its place on our calendar!

Alan 001

Just  have to add…  the above  “PHOTO”… this most enthusiastic and ready to take action… RIGHT NOW!


and just one more…

Alan working 001

From … DAY ONE… did you ever see  a small  child so enthusiastic about  his School assignment… there is nothing that would stir this student from the plan of action he is proceeding forward with… and until completion!

“Happy Birthday to you…
Happy….. Birthday to you ulu……
Happy Birthday…. Dear Alan……
Happy Birthday to…. you……
and… many many…. more……
and…. May the Almighty send His extra special Blessings to you
because for those that ask,…will receive… 
and I am asking  for  those extra special Blessings for
the very  best Grandson Alan…
because I know that he is extra special….
Thanks be to the Almighty Yahweh… forever and ever!

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“Father’s Day”

                  “Is This Men’s Night Out?”


“Is there a better time in “LIFE”  – than a time   – just to share undivided time with your DAD?”

When you are “LUCKY” to be born “FIRST”  – that  means that you have received  – extra special favour from Almighty God – and that He – your Heavenly Father has a special plan just for you!

Everyday  – I try to learn something new – because my Grandma, said  – “Pay attention to all that is going on around you.

AND… you’ll never know unless you were paying real good attention…  was there a special lesson  in that day for me to recall.

AND…much latter on in “LIFE”  – to understand why those actions taken years ago…  caused these  actions  that occurring today?”

Anyway, I’m having “FUN” today – because “GRANDMA” –  also said…                “Little Grand-children of her’s…  should have lots of fun and  always enjoy “LIFE” while she is around!”

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“Jaime’s Birthday …Let’s Celebrate all week long”

“Happy Birthday Jaime”

happy birthday copy and paste ; Happy+bda3




Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true.


Happy Birthday! Dream big for dreams we believe in tend to come true.


Happy Birthday, Princess.

Birthdays are very special and it is that time to get these blessings and wishes from all your near and dear friends and family…

Each  and every day in your life is special, but  that “birthday” has the extra special spark in your life… that  when you  will be celebrating… with your loved ones, that dat…  becomes even more special.

The celebrations of “Happy Birthday” days… actually have an origin.

In the earlier days, the birthday celebration was found in the first book of the Bible , called “Genesis.”

The reasons for how birthdays came to be celebrated.

The Pharaohs in Egypt were transformed into Gods…  after they were coroneted. That day was considered as the “birth of a God”…  and  all of the people use to celebrate this magnificent  event very grandly.

“So the good word word for the day is… Celebrate today and all week… so that all of your wishes will come true!”

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“We are ALL still Celebrating with YOU”

“Lucky Jaime!”- “Celebrating all week!”


This Photo of  “Jaime” … looks just like an “artist” put all of “Jaime’s” favorite colors together  on a canvass …  like none other…  mixing all the right paints  a dash of pink for the dress…  some golden  shades of paints to make  a perfect  “throne”   and just the right size for a very special “Princess”  with all of the best shades of blue  and  with little dashes of white puffs … to look like  puffing smiling clouds floating bye-bye…  in the sky – so high…


  • Jaime says:

    I love this 🙂

  • Mary Ellen says:

    Your thoughts are also mine – fantastic thoughts. This is one picture that just makes me think – – that you sat for “hours and hours” – all the while that – your picture was being painted – – so artfully done – because the “artist”  knew – that … I was going to receive – this picture of you – and  for me to “treasure” for all time – that’s forever!

    ***** Love… from the “BIG G!”

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