“Happy Birthday Great Grandma Louise Aldrich-Stanley”

       “A – “Great” Grandma’s Birthday!”

Grandmababy 001

“Happy Birthday to our  “Grandma Lulu” – today…  on the 31st of May, 2018…   from little baby Al and big brother Lee!”

This photo was taken when baby Al was three or four weeks old  – in what you would call  “cold” weather  – if you lived in Saint Louis, Missouri  – but lucky for us this was in January, 1962 in much  warmer   weather  – Fort Lauderdale,  Florida.

In looking at this photo… here is what I see…  today – Little Lee  is still trying to get used to the fact  – that he NOW has a little baby brother,  Al   – and since  “Grandma Lulu” is not always living with us  – just came to stay for a few months from Saint Louis –  so.. little Lee is starting to feel like he is not the center of everything   – he has to share his time with the new baby  – so… he is trying to give his “Grandma” a couple of hugs and pats around her neck – – – just as she is giving to baby Al … so…. –  in this way he is  still in the picture of things going on  and all with getting used to sharing  in some or  all  of the time , too – – with his brother and everyone who comes to visit and see a new born baby???

(What do you think???)

Just in case  and for those who do not know “Grandma Lula” she was born in Germany in 1881 and that would be celebrating her 134th Birthday today!  Grandma’s full name – Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley – and if I remember correctly she had twelve children – my husband was the seventh and that made him extra special. Grandma Lula had told me  that – when she came to America from Germany – she had no special shills  – so she took jobs cleaning and cooking in homes of well to-do folks.

One special memory that I have is that  –  when I first met her  – she was living in Dixon, Illinois – taking care of a woman – older than herself – she did light cleaning and cooking  – – – and on this particular meeting – we were picking her up  – –  to bring back to the Saint Louis area — –  but she  had to finish  making a “Pumpkin Pie”  –  for the “woman’s dessert that evening – and when she came to live with us  – she could whip up a “coffee Cake”  faster than anybody  – – I had to get a “cook book” out  to make one. Nothing smells better than to have fresh baking “Coffee Cake” for breakfast.

Looks like to me  – that the Almighty Yahweh  watches over all of His creations – and sends extra blessings to them  – just when they need them – “Grandma Lulu” was well blessed with a wonderful   Family of some of the best of  the very best children!

LOVE and Blessings are sent to all GRANDMAS – – that I know of  and to all those that I do not know – – but my wish is to greet all with the best of  “BIRTHDAY MEMORIES”  ever – – always know that I am wishing you the best ever time on your special day!

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“Remembering Great Grandma Aldrich – Stanley”

“Grandma Louise Aldrich-Stanley born 1881”

How could we forget…. GRANDMA Lulu” –   the grand-children always have a way to shorten the “GRANDMAS” name – – to something simple and easy for them to say.  So… with  “Grandma Lulu” – – we also have … “Grandma GoGo” – – and everybody knew exactly who the Grand-children  were referring to…  as they were learning to talk  and connect to the different adults.

GM Lulu with Al 001 This is “Grandma Lulu” – and she is holding our brand new baby “AL” – and we were then … living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Have a quick guess “Grandma Lulu” would be “82” years old. She did like to travel by “Greyhound Bus” – – and when ever there was a newborn in the FAMILY – – she always wanted to be there to HELP!

So… this trip by “BUS” was a long one – – – coming from Saint Louis, Missouri – – –  I  just had to ask her,  “WHY  travel by BUS?” HER  answer left me  really “thinking” – because her answer was, “I just LOVE   to talk to lots of people and when you are travelling by BUS – – you have more opportunity to meet people and learn about things – – that you never knew before!” Lee & Al 001

This … was very  HARD for me to believe – – as all the years that I knew her – – she was very “HARD of HEARING”  – – and whenever I would be talking to her – – I had to talk so LOUD that  usually – – everyone,  but her  – heard and knew what I said.  BUT…let me whisper   something to someone – not wanting  her to hear – – you guessed right – – she heard every word!  – – – – The above FAMILY get to gather – – and just weeks before “BABY AL”     was to arrive!

This next PHOTO is   – – just a few weeks later,   Grandma Lulu – with Grandsons… Lee Jr., and new baby AL!

Grandmababy 001

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“Paul A. Jung the only person I know with BIRTHDAY on MEMORIAL DAY”

 “May our American Flag  stay Flying over America forever!”


“Decoration Day!” – “Now… Memorial DAY and BIRTHDAY”


“Memorial Day” – – – —  and “Birth DATE!” – –  of the late… “PAUL A.  JUNG”


“WOW!”  – “What a day to be born on…  May 30th – and guess what?”   –  “My Mother always – called me her  little… decoration” – since I  was born on the day – that she only remembered as “Decoration Day!”  “This is what “PAUL  A. JUNG”  – as you see – above –  in his military photo,  – so  very… and many years ago – told me !”  –  “Paul Jung” with his brothers and sisters were also in the “German Saint Vincent Orphanage”  and  PAUL  – – graduated in the same class as I did.” 

Today –  is the “DAY” that President Kennedy had requested  – that all of America  take the time at 11:00 A.M.  – – to spend a few minutes to remember all  of our “fallen soldiers” –  give a few  moments or minutes in prayer!   “A FEW”  – does that still mean at least “FIVE” ??? – why can we not give more –  than only  “FIVE” minutes –  –  time to remember –  those who gave all that they had – their precious  LIVES!”

“Here’s one  more thing – might just say   – “Food for Thought” – give a few more  minutes in prayer for all of our “service men and women”  – and also include asking – the Almighty Yahweh for more protection for America – since we have so many people who want to change all of our “Biblical Beliefs”  which  would completely ruin America – should we ever forget  – that our Creator –  the ONE – who gave to  us – –  all that we have!” ********* “In GOD We TRUST” –  – D.V.

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“Remembering the MEN in SERVICE from Our FAMILY”


There is always a beginning period – – this is ours’s!


Thomas F. Brady – – Photo on left – -came from Ireland and got involved in the above WAR  and ever since someone in our FAMILY had to join – – to keep AMERICA Safe and FREE!

The Photo on the right… is my brother, Denny H. McClarren, Jr.  and he is on leave at Christmas time – – and he has that “MILLION DOLLAR SMILE” in my book – – and that is me with a small piece of ham – – had to have an early taste!


DEN & ME 001












**  On the left below  is  my younger brother, Thomas F. McClarren – – named in remembrance of  “Grandpa  Thomas Brady”… top left PHOTO…

and   our “TOM” is  one of those men – – that train just to be able to  fall out of a perfectly good Air Plane – – as many good  men did need to do that…   when sent overseas – – for the WAR effort!

On the right  below is our DAD “to be” way before he ever met our Mother, “o be” … when he first signed up for service in  maybe 1929 and was serving later in the Philippines –  Denny H. McClarren, Sr.












This PHOTO to the left is Albert E. Aldrich, my husband’s brother  – – and  he introduced my husband Lee to the RESTAURANT business – – when  my husband retired after being shot  while being on the POLICE Force in Missouri.



This PHOTO on the right is also of my Dad while in the PHILIPPINES – – having been injured – – and had this body cast on for six months. That is his stomach coming out of the cast – -one does have to eat  – – and make room for more good eats!

Daddy's Tummy 001

This is Thomas H. Aldrich and his “WAR DOG SHANE” – – and  he was stationed in Korea – – and did  very well there with the  DOG training – – as he had dogs before going into Service and until the day he left this EARTH!





DENNY Sr. on the left and DENNY Jr. on the right – –  maybe thirty years difference in time frame of being enlisted in the SERVICE.




Lee G. Aldrich, Sr.  on  the left…  and Lee G. Aldrich, Jr. on the right – –  everyone serves their Country, AMERICA in different ways – and for AMERICA to stay strong and FREE for All – – All must do their part  to pass on the FREEDOM we all enjoy  – – in the best way they know  to do that  and be proud to do their part  while believing in our great CREATOR of all  and our only true PROTECTOR of all of us …  is our –  the Almighty Yahweh!     D.V.

          Lee Aldrich_001


*** *****   More stories and information is posted throughout the years on “fourgrandmas.com” which comes to all…  because I LOVE remembering all those before my TIME and during the years gone by – – and those that come along during the years that we share together in the FAMILY and  with good and loving FRIENDS – – and when I receive good information to post – – you will see it – – right HERE!

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“Celebrate Memorial Day with Prayer and Song”

“Remember our Veterans  from all WARS  with LOVE  – – Respect – –  and  Thanks for keeping AMERICA a FREE NATION  – – for all under the BLESSINGS  of our CREATOR!”


Lee Rayfield  prays, with Sir Francis Drake, that he may complete what he has begun

Adventurer: Sir Francis Drake, in a miniature by Nicholas Hilliard from 1581

Lord God, when thou givest to thy servants to endeavour any great matter, grant us also to know that it is not the beginning, but the continuing of the same, until it be thoroughly finished, that yieldeth the true glory; through him who, for the finishing of thy work, laid down his life for us, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Attributed to Sir Francis Drake (1540-96)


THIS classic prayer was printed for the second National Day of Prayer during the Second World War, and ascribed to Sir Francis Drake, the sailor, adventurer, and politician. Although the first lines go back to a letter written by Drake in 1587, it seems that the Dean of York, Eric Milner-White, was responsible for fashioning them into a prayer in 1941. I first noticed this prayer when it was included in the liturgy for admission to a religious Order.

It speaks of God’s call to his servants, and of endeavour in great matters. It raises the question what might be construed as “any great matter”, and how we might know that we are being obedient to God’s call. Before you make this prayer, reflect on what constitutes a “great matter” for you personally.

Francis Drake is a figure who stands large in our history and imagination, which may reinforce a sense of smallness in comparison. Yet, in the Kingdom of God, small things can be catalysts for transformation: think of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on that Alabama bus; Nelson Mandela putting on a Springbok rugby shirt; or even Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.

You may be facing choices in your family or community, in the workplace or church. Name what it is that makes this a “great matter”, and what “endeavour” it will demand from you or others. Recognise what causes you to feel uncertain or fearful.

Turning to the call of God, ask yourself whether in this matter you have sought the Lord’s specific leading, and to what extent this may be pleasing yourself or other people more than desiring to serve Christ. Drake was engaged in many voyages that we would now consider immoral, including slave-trading and plundering Spanish colonies along the coast of the Americas. Discernment is required, and in matters that require long-term commitment, it is essential to have others with whom we can seek godly wisdom and find the Spirit’s leading.

The second part of the prayer reminds us that what “yieldeth the true glory” is “the continuing of the same, until it be thoroughly finished”. Perhaps the great matter is something you have already embarked on – a career path, a position in the community, a commitment to family, a vocation.

Reflect on this from your own perspective and, on another occasion, from that of others involved with you. Is there still a sense of God’s call for today, or have you lost – perhaps for some time – a sense of momentum or energy?

Ask what God may be showing you in the answer: we all need refuelling and renewing, and it is important to reappraise what being faithful means for a changing situation. Again, wise Christian companions, with whom we can be honest and vulnerable, can come alongside us in this process. They can share the application of this prayer, in order that we might complete what God intends, and taste what true glory might be.

Milner-White took Drake’s words and framed them in the example of Jesus. May the Holy Spirit “grant us to know”, and through this prayer to imitate, that persistencewhich   characterised  Jesus’s life – and so finish well all in which we have said “Yes” to God.

Dr Lee Rayfield is the Bishop of Swindon.

*********          **********          **********           ***********

Disturb us, Lord, when
We are too pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true
Because we dreamed too little,
When we arrived safely
Because we sailed too close to the shore.


Disturb us, Lord, when
with the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst
For the waters of life;
Having fallen in love with life,
We have ceased to dream of eternity
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
We have allowed our vision
Of the new Heaven to dim.


Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
To venture on wilder seas
Where storms will show Your mastery;
Where losing sight of land,
We shall find the stars.


We ask you to push back
The horizons of our hopes;
And to push back the future
In strength, courage, hope, and love.


This we ask in the name of our Captain,
Who is Jesus Christ.


O Lord God, when thou givest thy servants to endeavour any great matter, grant us also to know that it is not the beginning but the continuing of the same until it be thoroughly finished, which yieldeth the true glory; through Him that for the finishing of thy work laid down His life, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.




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“For LOVE that will last FOREVER”


“Congratulations and Blessings… 05-27-2017”

“Congratulations to… Alyssa and Andy…. on this DAY… I thee WED… and this is the best DAY… for us… for ever more…”


Oseas 2:19 Y te desposaré conmigo para siempre; te desposaré conmigo en justicia, juicio, benignidad y misericordia.♔

“I …  LOVE… YOU!”


“Real LIFE… PHOTOS are so much better…”

“There is nothing better to remember than happy moments that take place each and every day… just the JOY and HAPPINESS of being near to the LOVE of your LIFE… sharing  moments that do not mean a lot to others – – but to you… when you are in LOVE with the LOVE of your LIFE – – the world just does not seem to be large enough to contain all of  the multitude of things…   that only you would love to express – – and still have more LOVE for tomorrow to continue to share!


The above song was my Aunt Irene Brady Riley’s favorite – – in fact she had a silver “Music Box” which you would wind up to hear and being married in the early 1900’s – – would you believe that I still have and it still works – – so there must be something powerful about this song –  she and her husband, William B. Riley were married over “fifty years” – – and so therefore the music box is still in safe keeping!

This is from 1967 – – the words are  for me – – but… I am sharing with you and the world – – You really have to be in LOVE to share – – NOW… Tomorrow… and for ever more – – that is the way I feel and believe!     D.V.  ***    *******

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