“Best Wishes- from Baby Beebe!”


No…    “Birthday” could be complete – without a very “Happy Birthday to Darlene”  –  – – this message coming from one of your very favorite “Chihuahua’s” baby pups  and sister to the smallest of our breed,   – – you still have  my baby sister,  “little –  Miss  – Termite” – so a very big  and merry ole “Happy Birthday” – – and many more…

I’m sitting on my new owner’s sofa – my new owner “Mary” is just so in  – LOVE  – – with me – that she has me all dressed up – just so everybody will notice me – that’s because I am so small – and when I am wearing   something – –  fancy –  – everybody just has to stop and say  – how terrific I look  and they are always – so surprised that  – I am full grown –  – just because “I’m so little!”

I was just thinking…  that everybody would really have something to talk about –  – – if they saw my baby sister, “Termite” and me together –  – since she is only half of my size – – –  “Termite”  is just a beautiful  – “tea-cup” size Chihuahua – – and a one and only special Chihuahua!

“Darlene” – – I’m sending you a great big hug and kiss  – – from,   me – your little “Beebe!”

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My Lottery Winnings – for you!

Darlene…   you are in “LUCK” – since I WON the LOTTERY … – and you are having a BIRTHDAY –  – – what could I do…   but share my WINNINGS with you! “How do you like this card?” – ‘Who” was the BIG WINNER… – I do not know…  – but my WINNINGS gave me just enough to get this beautiful card and send it    right … to you!

Just thought that I would also mention to you – when it comes to the LOTTERY… I allays…   consider buying a ticket a “donation” – – – since I have not heard of anyone  – that is in the last ten years  or even more  – –  ever winning any size-able amount of money  – I do not think there are any real winners???   Next time  – that I think of a Birthday gift – I think that I will just go to a store and buy – – something  – – that I can see – since I think the Lottery money must be sent to another Country  – since America has no extra money???

img196“What do you think???”     “Happy Birthday”       “Darlene”  and don’t forget  to…     –    have the best day ever!”

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“Happy Birthday Darlene!”


There is nothing like receiving   – a real  – larger than “LIFE”  – a real live  horse – and on your “BIRTHDAY!”  The day that baby “Rainbow” decided to come in on the scene  – was the  same day  that –  two “Rainbows” – circled  the farm – for  her birth.  So, when you see two “rainbows” in the Heavens – that has to be a  very good sign that this baby horse  wants to be called “RAINBOW!” Everybody loves “Horses” and that in and of it’s self – lets everyone know that “RAINBOW” is loved  by everyone and “Rainbow” also loves all of her visitors, too!

When on a FARM – there is always new  and MORE … Life –  so, today. … we have to welcome in… “ABBOTT”  and then … “COSTELLO” – the  – FUN  – never ends…One of the “CATS” – which one  – – this poor reporter did not get it’s name … but  –   when you have so many animals and each one has to have its’ very own NAME –  – –  otherwise –  how would you call the animals to come and eat???

So, today – this is how the names for these two kittens  was decided  –  the one little kitten was  the thin man and so “Abbott” and the jolly round and butterball little kitten  is lucky to be called  “Costello!”

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“Happy Birthday Darlene!”


“Happy Birthday Darlene!”

Everybody should celebrate their BIRTHDAY – all week!  So, since I am not there with you  – here is the way that  – – I feel   – –  will be a good way for me to be there with you  – all this week… As you can see – I am sending to you – three special “Cup-Cakes” all iced with a very sweet icing and decorated with a real nice candle on top of each one …

Now, all you will have to do – – is to have someone light the candle on one of  the “Cup-Cakes”  – and on that day  – – I am there with you… till we can all be together and   – – really celebrate!  “How does that sound….  for doing something different…   and  – – for all of   us  – – having FUN??

Just for your  –  “BIRTHDAY” – You are in luck – as I have some new cake recipes  as well as some new icings  – –  these new  recipes  – I will be  – using –  some very dark chocolate – –   as the darker the chocolate – –  the best  of  ingredients  – on the market – – NOW –  for making the body – really feel good and healthy – –  – “oh!  –   we  – will be  – HAPPY,  too!

And … another surprise – just for you – since you like “PIE” – another recipe that I am planning on making just for you…  is a “Cake-Pie” recipe – –  something new – I have not tried  it out  –  as yet – so it will be a “first”  for all of us!      *****  Since this is a big BIRTHDAY – – for you – plan on lots of FUN and GAMES – and all kinds of stuff  – – we may never get to do again???*****

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We are on our way – to the PARTY!


“We sure do have a big “SURPRISE”  – catch of fresh -caught  FISH – for Darlene’s Birthday Party!”  This “Spring -TIME” is the best of time to  have caught  – – Darlene’s   favorite fish – and  – we’re even going to put these fish  – that is  – as soon as  we get these  “beauties”  cleaned  and dressed – – –  on  a real  nice  and  “hot”  grill –  – – no work for the “Birthday Girl” – –  today!

“Darlene” sure did pick a very good time of the year to have her BIRTHDAY –  just take a look at these  beautiful  trees  –   just looks like a small piece of Heaven on earth –  – right here in our own  – backyard???  This beautiful – lush green grass – –  under foot is better than most carpets – –  where would you be able to get all of these wonderful things  – – – for a big “out-door” PARTY –  – to take place  –  – – this Thursday…

Remember –   you – all…   are invited   –   just hurry on over and enjoy all the fun and games –    we plan on having  – a  real  good – –  time – for  – one and all!!  ***** and  – there will be “prizes! “

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“Daisies” don’t tell!


Looks like “Darlene  V. Aldrich” is going to have another “BIRTHDAY” this week – and I cannot tell you –   which one  – will this one    – be???   Some little “Bird” told me which Birthday  – “Darlene” will be celebrating – but for me to find out   – I had to promise  –   that  – I would not  TELL – a soul!

You see those little – friendly   “BIRDS” sitting on  DARLENE’s   mailbox – well   – they are the ones that  will  tell you   – exactly what    – –  you want to know???    When you hear –   that  – someone says – “a little “BIRD”   told me – – well  – – this is how you can find out – – anything  – that  you want to know… just give those “BIRDS” the very best of   “BIRD SEED” and you will get the information – that you want  – –   and the more you feed the “BIRDS” – the  more   “GOOD” stuff you will find out  – – – and that is about anything that you need to know!

P. S.-    Just be sure – –  you do not give your source of information out – to anyone  –  – as you know  –   that  – – the “BIRDS” are   always listening  – – – that’s  –     how they know  – – everything!!.


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