“OUT with the OLD – – In with the NEW”

“This only happens… once a year – – if you count by MONTHS – – that would be TWELVE – – or maybe you like bigger NUMBERS – – then you might say 365 DAYS – – but… maybe – – –  you  are a glutton for punishment – –  what figure should I put next… What about 8,760 … or how about this number 525,600?”


“Happy New Year” … and…………………………………………….


…………….. and  – – “Oh … Just  one more thing” ……………………………..

………….. “OH… Yeah!” ………   “HAPPY NEW YEAR”…  “to One and to ALL!”

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“The Last Day of the YEAR – – What can we DO:

“Little Lee… as fast as LIGHTNING – – can we catch up with him?”

“Look Out… here comes  “LITTLE LEE” – –  and he sure does have something important to do  – – or so…  it looks like… he would like to help cut the grass!”

Just looking at this PHOTO – – it is hard for me to believe that as little as “LEE, Jr.”   is – – he has  more strength than I do  – – today… to be pulling the lawn-mower – –  – – and he is really on the move!

What ever it was – – back then – – Little Lee would  pull and take all most all of our working in the yard  tools – –  it  would be one of Lee’s  busy duties each day  – – to find some kind of a  “yard tool”  and pull it down the street – –  to his friend’s house. “Little Lee” had a friend on the next street  down from us – – the first house – – the block was not too long  to walk – – as they were always playing together – – and the other boy may have been a year or so older – –  than Lee.

There’s nothing like it – – when good ole DADDY gets home from the Restaurant – –  and we will  have dinner at home – – and then there is some time    – – just for  “DADDY and SON”  – – to have some extra special time together. Even though…  we had three restaurants – – each with different menus – – we still had our meals at home with the children.  One thing that I always did  – – was have  extra good meals at home – – even when my MOTHER  and or even my MOTHER-in-law – – wound be spending … sometimes months living with us. 

Since I did my fair share of working in the “BAKERY” at the Orphanage – – and all day on Saturdays  – – just loved working for and with Sister Augustella – – just one of the very best  of NUNS – –  I was able to get my  taste for “good cake” and “cookies” – – and the cleaning up was… of  no problem – – since work was offset… with “good eats!”

“Since the year…  2017…  is  within “hours” of being over” – – have to think of some good cookie recipes to try out – – as they say…  what you do on the “first day  of the   NEW YEAR” – –  “you will be doing most of the NEW YEAR!”     “Sure hope so!”     D.V.

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“Close OUT the YEAR… IDEAS”

Dull Facts…  make Exciting Story!

My son, Lee Jr. and I were talking on the telephone – when he started to give me some ideas of old stuff I had done a long time ago. All kinds of silly stuff that one would put in “FILE 13” – Lee was telling me to write something about that which…  everybody would like to hear about. I’m telling him that I want to be reminded about stories that I had told him or someone in the family, that he remembers and if I were to re-tell them now, would these  old  stories mean something special to the reader and would  they also be… something  that…  they would really enjoy? The time just flies so fast, when you are talking about “NOTHING!”

The days between Christmas and New Year’s – are the days that we do not know what we should be doing … everything and  anything special  was done…because these days are  NOW… the “extra days of the year”  – some of us are on “HOLIDAY” from work and without a regular schedule to work from – “WE ARE LOST!”

We all have heard a million times of all the “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS” we should be making and to make amends for all the wrongs – and resolve to make this coming year “a better than any other year” – we are  NOW  – – moving up and to a better than ever position in time!  This requires … maybe using our  BRAINS… for something more important than… a “HAT RACK!”

It is important that we look back and take note of some corrections that we can make toward  putting  forth…  a much better effort in all that we are now planning…  to make our life and the lives of our family better. Have a pencil and pad of paper ready for this list – so that by writing down – we are making sure we have a written record and date  of this with dates as to when we are going to do…  and  or start new resolves to correct ways that were not productive in the past. This of course takes time – but we will find this will be the best start for a new and fully indigenous new person we will be in this NEW YEAR!

Time spent now on the plans to make ourselves a better person to be and to live with – will make wondrous results in all aspects of our life – today, tomorrow and forever!  D.V.



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“Christmas remembered in 1942”

This is the best  “NURSE” – – at HOME and on call at all times for my brothers, Denny and Tommy – – I would bandage them from head to toe – – and administer the best of medicine – – always had those long sheets of paper with  – – with the very best tasting candy medicine. My patients would get well in a hurry – – with plenty of my care – – good medicine!

Christmas Remembered pg. 4

Christmas  Day  –  It’s hard to be good  –  forever waiting  –  but it pays off!  My brothers received  a   red Wagon  –  with the high lattice panels  –  something we all enjoyed!  My “Mom” dressed us warm,  my “Dad” took the wagon outside   –  we all got in  –  and Daddy pulled  that wagon with us  –  singing and having  fun  –  around the block  –  again and again! I’m guessing it finally got too cold for us , and as much  energy  as Daddy had  –  going around the block  — his steam wore down  – and we had to call it a day to remember to do more often!

I received  “ice skates”  with the double blades –  no snow  – had to wait for  a day of ice and snow.

America was still at war  –  so there were lots of war type related gifts   for “Santa”  to bring   – a Nurse/Doctor  kit  for me! A good gift, that I enjoyed for a long time since I had patients  (my brothers) –  They needed me to bandage them from head to foot  –  and the  “cure – for – all”    – candy medicine!   While one would be recuperating  and or waiting for a  1st class bandage job  –   there was always my little bottle of red hot candy pills!

No “TV” back then,  but on “Sundays”  –  for just   “ten cents”   –  we got to go to the Theater  – and watch the movies, cartoons and the news-reels of the day!  Also, there was a “Confectionery” on the way and  I could buy a bag full of candy for pennies. They had those long strips of paper with little dots of candy for a penny. There was no shortage of  “candy medicine”  for my patients!

When you receive a   “Doctor and Nurse Medicine BAG” for Christmas – – the next best thing … is to have sick patients – – that must need your immediate HELP! – – So… I was in luck – – I was lucky to have … two younger brothers. That Is DENNY and TOMMY – – and they need  a “NURSE” that has a magic cure for every thing and any thing – – all in her “Doctor  Bag” – – and the medicine that I gave… always did the trick – – it would heal  – –  but my patients would be always finding something  – – anything and every thing wrong  with their selves – – just to get more “GOOD MEDICINE!”

“Hope every one can remember  – – way back to the days before “TV” – – and the children had lots of FUN – –  even during the WWII days – – hearing about our  “Service Men and Women”  as so many HOMES on every block in  ” Saint LOUIS”  – – would have  those “GOLD STAR” Flags   – – hanging in a window  facing the sidewalk – – so the whole world would know – – someone from this FAMILY  — –  is giving the ultimate GIFT for AMERICA – – to keep our NATION FREE!”

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“Pondering this CELEBRATION WEEK”



No Small Feat


Posted: 27 Dec 2017 12:13 PM PST

Inspired by the Story of Luke 1 & 2, this writing makes parallels with our world today…




When the birth of a joyful season gives way to the next cold winter day

When the courage to live your dreams and hopes are deflated by King-sized anguish and wonderings

When the diligently searched for baby-perfect beauty is adored and worshipped, but then disappears

When that certainty of the path winds to feels like one of exile

When the burdens of life become the most significant events in the world  

When future hope and comfort are destroyed by trickery and fury

When gifts of kindness, joy, and peace become lost in boxed thinking and wrapped in paperwork.

When special care and wise words for the Mary and Josephs, the poor, the rejected, the homeless, the powerfully hungry fades to the voice of the power hungry

When the joy and warmth eye-witnessed in embracing loved ones dulls to cold receptions

When the prophetic past conceived in us is obscured by fear raising voice

When the ordinary moments of a holiday shepherded by the star struck spectacular muddies to a dark, lonely journey home


We still need to allow the weeping and mourning to turn to dancing

We still need to listen to the dreams that direct our lives

We still need to find significance in the beginning of small things

We still to be guided by the Spirit of angels in real-world clothes

We still need to escape to find our purposed journeys

We still need to serve the secret fight within against supremacy and status

We still need to liberate the recorded Word

We still need to proclaim the message of peace and goodwill towards men on earth

We still need to seek saving graces

We still need to rediscover this powerful narrative of His heavenly birth 

We still need the whispered cries of a Savior to sink deep in our souls


“Thanks to my niece, Cherrie… having been so inspired… reading  from  the BIBLE…  Luke 1 and 2  – –  there  are  some real  deep thought provoking questions – – that we do not think  to address – – as we should at this time of the year – – we  over look the real meaning … for this celebration – – and are left spiritually empty.”  D.V. *********

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“Is this for TODAY?… or WHAT””

“When it is the last WEEK – – of the YEAR – – and one must pay  “TAXES” – – –  WHERE do I find the CURE?”




“For…  NEW YEAR’s EVE” – – save the last DANCE for …  ME!” *********


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