Remembering my Sister, Karen”

“Karen McClarren Scott and BABY…make three”

Is there ever a more perfect picture… than… when you see a new MOM with  her very first baby?

This is my little sister… “Karen M.  Scott”  rocking baby  “Christopher M. Scott” when they first lived in Arnold, Missouri. 

Looks like… they are both getting some “SUN SHINE”  while having a FUN time swinging low and  as we all know … that  the new born baby  “CHRIS” should  and will now receive some  extra fresh “Sunshine”   which is  a  very good way to get those extra  special  VITAMINS, too!

“KAREN” sent this PHOTO to me when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Since I would be coming up to Missouri for VACATION in JULY … and with the whole FAMILY  … there were a few things in FLORIDA…  that she wanted me to bring to her.

The one  and most important item… was a special “swimsuit”  and  then… some  other  special surprise items…  that she could use in her house, but would  be items indicating  they were made and or came from Florida!

 When you live in “FLORIDA”  and on the Coast…  bringing items that can be used and or just used to decorate a spot or two… as a little reminder that you had a visitor from Florida… just makes such a good impression … to have  these items sitting around… for  a show and tell to your friends to see and then hear  how the  whole story…  will finally  be  one that develops for more fun and games.

 After all is said and done… she just wanted to be reminded… that she, too…  would be taking a trip down to see me!

“Karen and  her son, Chris”  are both in Heaven as Karen died just two weeks,  before her “50th” Birthday…  and her son, CHRIS died on a day…  that none of us will  ever forget… it was  on July 17th,  2015 .

July  the 17th…   just so happens to be … our  “Aunt Irene Riley’s” …  Birthday!     Just something to think about?

One can not ever forget FAMILY … no matter where you are …  no matter what you are doing…  we all think about the  FAMILY …  and always…  will hold them in an extra  special place in the “HEART” … just  because we know… there will be a “DAY” …  when we will…  all be together  in that SPECIAL PLACE …  that our CREATOR has reserved…  and just for us!     D.V.

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“Remember this back then and again Today”


““Remembering my sister, Karen”

 –   On this 29th of January  1996  –   will make twenty-four  years since my sister, Eve Karen died.  This was just two weeks before her  50th Birthday and almost  35 years married to her husband, Jim Scott.

When one says that LIFE is too short…  must have also experienced  this same thing as someone in the family having everything going for them a wonderful family  and home and taking vacations to Hawaii… no fear of very long distance flying and health that was very good. So… One wonders what really happened?

Is it true that you could be a carrier of cancer and never know it? It would seem to me that there is something… that would call for further attention… in the yearly medical exams that one has… that would surely show up some kind of tell-tale-sign, at least giving someone a small clue that something is brewing inside the body… so that… we could  start getting better medical exams and  the best of  medical advice.

What can be done when you, and or a member of the family is told that…  “they have pancreatic cancer?”  The only thing my sister was told, that…“there is nothing…  that can done… once it is detected?”

“Eight to ten weeks and you are gone.”

As you can see in the above picture of Karen and her husband, Jim… they are very “HAPPY” and  are having a very good time in “Hawaii!” 

   “I only wish that my sister,   “Eve Karen”   could have lived  just a little longer?”        D.V.

“Karen” did have an identical twin, her name was “Kathleen”  and she just lived a very short time… after being born…  so we  do know, that  now that they are together  and  as identical twins… in HEAVEN!

Malinda  “Kathleen” Reese


When you get a Pantheon style church with a 6 second acoustic delay all to yourself… ⛪️🔊🎵


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“Are We willing to HELP Our Neighbor”

When you take time to listen to all of the NEWS broadcast… from all sources available… is there anything at all  registering in the brains of  anyone on EARTH?

I was in a conversation with others… making comments on all of the odd things happening… right NOW . Seems like for  the last months there were a number of  catastrophes such as  the FIRE all across Australia which just did not seem like it could be put out… while receiving HELP  from  all NATIONS that were able to send the kind of necessary help that would be  for sure …  that HELP … that  would put the fires out!

But it seem… that just maybe… there were people  getting the word,  that PRAYER was needed…and just so fast a heavy rain storm came and did that which  our Creator wanted. The FIRE was put out!

So… just today, with some of those… that I read from the Bible each day…three different Chapters… and the special read for today  of which  I have read several times… could be  called the “Blessings and the Curses” …  Deuteronomy 28 has everything in it… as if … just for our times today.

We had to talk about what we were reading and stop … just because of what is in our  NEWS today! In China … that  outbreak of  an unknown disease  and it is traveling fast via Airplanes and other means of travel… to where we are hearing  that it is in  so many  other Countries…  all around the Globe  and  to be told… they have no cures… so what are people to  do or to think?

So  to have a situation like this on EARTH…now… everyone needs  to think  about that which would be good for  all our Neighbors across the Globe.

In a joint effort to work together  as this is a crisis situation as people are dying  as they pass this disease one to another not knowing… as they have something, that evidently there is no known cure…. nor a medicine to heal and  of course nothing for pain relief. 

In the Bible you read that  everything was fine for everyone… then  some of the people began to change their way of living – thought that  they were the great creator and forgot  about the true Creator! When something like that happens… a LESSON IN LIVING must be dealt out to those that need to receive that lesson… First Class Disaster happens!

Seems that this is a standard practice  from generation to generation and  the BIBLE has been there for all of us to read, but we all get caught up  with so many side lines of things to do… here on Earth… that when we forget as to why we were put here… and  we get too carried away  with all this stuff that will eventually turn to dust… we end up getting a hard reminder of what is really and truly the most important thing and or purpose of  our being here in the first place!

“Is it possible that we could all take a few minutes each day to be grateful and thankful to our Creator for all of His wonderful gifts to enjoy here on Earth… for all of those days that  we are to be here … to LOVE our neighbors and  to help with a sharing heart… all that we can… for the greater good … for all!”     D.V.

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Data Privacy Day on January 28th reminds us each year to review how our data is used. It’s an excellent opportunity to take stock and evaluate our personal cybersecurity.

Our personal data is collected and used through a variety of media and for numerous reasons. Part of the problem is most of the time, the people who have access to our data, don’t need it. Additionally, it gets redistributed legally and illegally. Thanks to the internet, massive amounts of personal data can be easily distributed. While the information may be out there due to our own carelessness or privacy violations, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • On any new device, set your privacy settings immediately. This includes new applications, social media, and programs.
  • Never use unsecured WiFi – especially for banking or shopping.
  • Check your bank and credit card statements regularly. When you spot anything questionable, contact the organization to stop payment on the purchase and cancel your card. In the same vein, check your credit report at least annually.
  • Keep your software up to date. Out of date software is vulnerable to hackers.
  • Never give personal information over the phone, email, or text.
  • Stop taking online quizzes that ask random questions about your childhood, children, tattoos, marriages, pets, and favorite foods. Each time you take one of these, people trying to access your data gather a little bit more information about you that allows them to steal your data or identity.
  • Use strong password phrases. The longer the password, the harder it is to break.
  • Do not save your passwords on your device.
  • Change passwords when your accounts may have been compromised or when you visit the dentist.
  • Use virus protection and a firewall.

HOW TO OBSERVE #DataPrivacyDay

For more tips, visit for tips on keeping your data safe.  Use #DataPrivacyDay to post on social media.


The Council in Europe first initiated Data Privacy Day in 2007. Their mission grew to a global platform. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives recognized National Data Privacy Day. The United States Senate later recognized Data Privacy Day in 2010 and 2011. Since then, various groups and organizations continue supporting the observance annually.

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“JANUARY is in NEED of Flowers NOW”

When January rolls down to the very last couple of days… and all that  you have been seeing  from the inside  windows is  the residue  of dirty old Snow…Rain… and streets that  all need to be  cleaned from our town to your town!

If only we could  go outside and  walk into our yards and or gardens and  find that we have a choice of lovely FLOWERS… just blooming and waiting for us to gather an arm-full  of  fresh “Sunshine” flowers… just exactly  what a “DOCTOR” would order for us… because the freshness of the flowers will bring LIFE with real freshness to  our entire being… we will feel  as if we have found that mythical  “Fountain of Youth!”

and…. IF…  WE HAD ANY SENSE… we would sign up for  a “Flower of the MONTH” program… where it was set-up… that they would see to it… that we will receive an arrangement of flowers for each month… that are healthy and will also charge up your inner spirit with vim and vigor… to almost … where  you are starting to  grow younger as the months in each year…roll on bye!

 and…  For those that are fortunate to have a “GREEN 
 Thumb”  in the household…”Wonders” never cease. Those living in this home  are living LIFE  to the fullest…. no matter what the outside looks like… who cares when you have the best of all FLOWERS… flowering right there in your very own windowsill…. for all to envy … wishing that  they  also knew your secret… to the saying, that LIFE if worthwhile… when  you  have “LIVE FLOWERING PLANTS” in doors… and all  year long!

and… All flowers and flowering plants inspire us with some wonderful words and phrases to pass along.

For instance…

“When I count my BLESSINGS… I count  YOU twice!”         “Shine like  the whole  Universe  is yours!”                                        “Your Heart and my Heart , are very very  old  FRIENDS!”


and… This is a little “Flower Fairy”… sometimes when you wish strong enough… she will help you with your “Garden of Flowers”… when there’s a WILL… there is a WAY!

and…  For all of us that have  had enough of the bad weather… that is now  keeping us indoors…  for most of JANUARY… enjoy this “HAPPY day Friends ” arrangement of flowers that will make us all feel … that in a very short time… we will all be outside in our gardens… using those tools…  turning up the soil… and some  beautiful flowers will then  soon surprise us…making us just  feel once again… “Living Life with Flowers is Beautiful!”

“Enjoy Life with Flowers… everyday!”     D.V.

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“Wistful Vista”

“Just some old time radio… bet that no one remembers about closet… always over-stuffed with too much stuff”


The King’s Men (vocal group)

Led and with musical arrangements by Ken Darby (1909-1992), the King’s Men (tenors Bud Linn and Jon Dodson, baritone Rad Robinson, and Darby singing bass) joined the Fibber show in 1940 to sing mostly novelty numbers and, during the war, patriotic songs. They also backed Jerry Colonna in some of the memorable Disney cartoons based on American folk ballads (“Casey Jones” and “Casey at the Bat”) while Darby was choral arranger and musical director at Disney.

The quartet was formed by Darby in 1928 as The Ramblers, Robinson replacing original baritone Joseph Galkin in 1929. They were renamed the King’s Men during a stint at Hollywood station KFWB and sang at various stations in the area until an offer of stage appearances with Paul Whiteman prompted a move to New York. From there, they were featured on several network programs, including their own NBC show in 1936. They returned to Hollywood in 1938.

The group was heard on the soundtrack of several films, some as early as 1929, and appeared onscreen in several Hopalong Cassidy movies and 1938’s Alexander’s Ragtime Band.

Darby was also a composer, creating the musical arrangement of “The Night Before Christmas” that became an annual Christmas presentation on FM&M and was released as part of a Fibber and Molly 78 rpm album for Capitol. In addition to his Disney work, which lasted from 1941-48, he supervised the music for several films at 20th Century Fox, including Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe films. He also shared three Oscars for scoring films with the legendary Alfred Newman, the fruits of a twenty-three-year association; later in life, he would establish the Alfred Newman Memorial Library at USC and assemble a symphonic cantata (Man of Galilee) from Newman’s scoring of Biblical movies. He also created the sped-up Munchkin voices for The Wizard of Oz, and performed the voice of the Munchkinland Mayor.

“A long time ago… there was a house for sale in Crestwood, Missouri…  with  the same address that was used  for  the  “McGee'” house on their radio show… I looked at it… liked it… and almost bought it…just now  giving  that idea… a second thought… would I have like it or not?”

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