“Happy Birthday Grandma Louise”


You can see at the bottom of this photo the date  – January 1962 –  and that is when I was born – they call me “Big Al!” My Grandma LuLu is holding me – and she has a very big smile on her face . She is all dressed up  – just because she is staying with us  – for a few months – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. – Everybody likes to come to Florida – and stay with us – we always have “FUN” and places to go – for entertainment   – and the best part is the  “FOOD” – from one of my Dad’s restaurants – oh –  my MOM is the best at baking whatever kind of pie or cake – ’cause she likes cake and makes the tallest and best cakes.   Since,  Grandma LuLu  has a birthday today – I bet we are in for a big   “BIRTHDAY CAKE ” and “Ice Cream” –  – – It’s a good day to party!

Today  is May 31st, 2014  –  “Happy Birthday”  Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley    – from all of us who are still here  –  –  and  all your children who are there celebrating with you  – Harry, Ruth, Gert, Elsa, Clarence, Al,  Lee,  Florence,  Ralph  and all the long list of extended members  of the family — too many to remember!   Love and Almighty God’s blessings,  to you  – forever!

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Memorial Day – Man in Uniform


Today  – May 30th – 2014 is the original Memorial Day  – the day to remember Civil War Veterans – but since we had to continue with Wars –  – we now include all War Veterans – and because we need a day to visit  each grave site  and “Decorate the Military Cemetery  with American Flags ” – we do need an extra day  –   –  So,  Today we celebrate Memorial Day  on the Monday right before the 30th of May and  – now we have a three-day weekend to Celebrate and give full honor to all our Veterans  – and pray that one day  – we will not have to ever have another War!

Paul Jung is the Veteran, today! It is also his birthday, TODAY!   Paul Jung was also in my class in German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home and I remember him saying that when he was a little kid – “He could not figure out why he was a “DECORATION” on his “BIRTHDAY” – because  – everyone was doing all this and that  – and going to the cemetery  – and it was his Birthday”  – and now that I think about it – I think he was kind of  left out of the Birthday celebrating for him? Only vague  memories –  I was not there and do not know  for sure how his childhood birthdays were celebrated. So, from all of us   “old Grandma’s”  we wish you a  –   “Happy Birthday Paul”  –  and  may Heaven be the best place to be – forever!

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“Remember All Those in Uniform”


This may have been taken in the mid 1950’s.  Rossario Greco, the MP on the right  – gave me this picture – some time after I had met him. I do wish that I had asked more questions and would have written more info. on the back of photos, so that  a hundred years  – later –  – – someone would know who is who and what and where –  – – some good info. to talk about – or so that I would have  an idea  of something to pass on?  My wish is that we remember those that serve in all the “Armed Forces”  – that  they are not  ever forgotten and all that they do and have done to protect AMERICA –  – is always remembered with gratitude and  thankfulness –  for all the good that we  then can do for the men and women –  – when they return home and need our help!

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“Favorite Son of Saint Louis”


This photo was taken of my Grand-Father Thomas Brady – while working at the Saint Louis, Missouri Police Department – Dispensary – from the note on the back of this photo – by his daughter – and to become my mother Marie Brady. My Mother always said that he was the best man in the world –  He did one thing that I know of that most men do not want to do –  and that is to take into his home  – his Mother-in-law,  Mary Smart –  from the day  –   he married his wife Anne E. Smart. I checked the Census records and that is a fact!

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1944 – Remember the MEN in BLUE!


This is – – 1944 World Series – Sportsmen’s Park – St. Louis Browns  vs  St. Louis Cardinals

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1944 – “To My Sweetheart”


This photo is of   –  Al E. Aldrich, brother to my husband, Lee G. Aldrich, Sr. – and uncle to my sons, Lee, Jr. and Al Aldrich. The  photo must have been intended for a girl-friend – Al has a date of July 8th, 1944 – Italy and also he has written: “To My Sweetheart”    —   “Al” – also,  there is some other writing on the back of the photo – but this photo was pasted with glue on to a black page of a photo-album  – and was carefully sliced out – and some of the writing can no longer be made out – so I guess we just do not need to know what was there – I feel so “LUCKY” just to have this remembrance of my brother-in-law.

You can tell that some bending of the photo and damage  was done by someone – sometime ago –  no one knows what happens to all their stuff when they move  or leave behind all their earthly possessions for the next generation  —   Al and his brother Lee, my husband  have already gone on to a much better place – but they are  both really missed by us who  are sure to follow soon, enough?

On this Memorial Day – I  do  remember those in my “Family” and all those still serving in the Armed Forces  – asking Almighty God’s blessing –   since – – we all need prayers said for us –  and to always be remembered in some way – – –  my thoughts are that   —  to send blessings of “LOVE”  to all those we hold dear  in our “LIFE” time  – –  makes for a better  world  – and our own loving memories   – will  be passed on to the next generations!

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