“Announcement – Boston FIVE – Detective”

“Dr. Aldrich… Come to Surgery!” “code blue” *********”

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“Queen  of the  1940’s MOVIE Screen!”

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“Our new member to join our  Detective Services… from “SCOTLAND YARD” – – also known as … “Det. Boston Five” from their Fifth District – -has been able to solve many of their closed cases!” 

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When on assignment and working with the Secret Service – –  special protection for the “QUEEN of England” – using only the the “CODE NAME… ALA” – – be ever mindful – she does know a thing or two – – when it comes to solving the unsolvable!

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“Remember to give our full cooperation – – to all and any requests that are made – – this message comes to us via the highest of  priority  channels – – remember our FULL cooperation is needed!”

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My Mother’s favorite piece of music – – and she did have six (6) children – – so with this…  important  “CLUE”  – – – on the above evidence…  T-SHIRT message and music – –  to skate quickly too – —  we all can be  – put – together again… just by putting all of the  “Puzzle pieces” together  – – like NOW!

   ******      “The  McClarren’s  – – WIN – again!”       ******


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“CHRISTMAS VACATION” ends in Disaster”

Remember… “Moderation in all things and activities is the best medicine for all – – just a day or two longer – will end up in complete DISASTER!”To be mindful of the moderation is all things – – I have read some verses in the BIBLE…stating that same thought – so…as an adult – – I have tried to remember that – – because,  I know first-hand  – – that you will loose so much more – – when good times last…  too long.

As the elder of  the three McClarren children – -the social worker taking us back to the ORPHANAGE – – was directing all of the reasons that we were going back – – our parents were at our house – –  no room in this car for them – – so I heard about how wrong it was for us to be at home with our parents – – all this time when they should have brought us back. The more – – that I had to listen to her –  the more that I was crying – and so choked  up –  could hardly say anything in their defense – – and that we were having FUN – – and we were enjoying every minute – and that we all wanted to stay home longer and forever.

Back at the ORPHANAGE – – for a little kid – -I felt like a “CRIMINAL” and that I had leprosy…  or some weir disease? My brothers went to the right side of the Orphanage… the BOYS’ side of the building and I went to the GIRLS’ side and to the PLAY ROOM… where everyone was at that time of day. Went to my “LOCKER” to hang my coat and put my stuff that I was bringing back  – – and someone else now had my locker – – while I was at home – – the lockers were re-assigned and everyone NOW – had a new locker location. So the Nun in charge told me where my newly assigned locker was – – and if was empty???

So… I was asking everyone where was my stuff???   Where was my “CHRISTMAS PRESENTS” that I received for CHRISTMAS?  “Where did my “BRIDE DOLL” go?”  AND… “Where are the letters and mail that I have been saving…  that my Mother sent to me?  The special “Birthday Card”   that I received from my FATHER – –

“” Mary, Mary,       quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.”

And … there  was a special “Christmas edition of WOMEN’s DAY magazine” that my Mother had just brought to me on the last Visiting Sunday – – that had so many  things that I was looking forward to making and reading – all gone!

I was everywhere asking and looking for my new “BRIDE DOLL” – -it had just disappeared – – no one knew where it was – – but –  I know that one of the NUNS – – must have taken it – – because…  I searched  every locker in the “PLAY ROOM” – –  so when…  that day comes – – when all answers will be made possible – – I would just like to know  – “WHO”  in the world – – just had to have the  old “WAC WAR doll” that my “Aunt Irene Riley”,  took to the “Doll Hospital – – had it gone over and restored  to brand NEW condition – – and even had some of her  very own “keep-sake” hair  –  from when she was a “young girl ”  – – made into a wig – – into beautiful “Banana CURLS” – – the white “Bride”  clothing all made special  – – this was something…  that I would have treasured… forever!

Now… I had an empty locker – – nothing personal anymore – – everything gone – – and I know what I had – – and no one throws away valuable stuff – – someone knew the value and took it …  and that  happened the first day that we did not show up – –  after the “CHRISTMAS VACATION”- –  someone  wanted my stuff and saw a good  opportunity  and NOW a way to take it – – so…  I just hope that they enjoyed it.

It is funny – – when you stop to think of your road in LIFE –  –  You are here and then somewhere else for a while – –  and usually on all of the cross roads and stops – we leave behind some of what we thought important – – but –  after awhile down another road –  we start to accumulate stuff – – and along that path – – we find that it is easier to TRAVEL – –  without  a heavy sack of stuff –  – that only makes our TRAVELS – –   a tad harder to move   FORWARD!


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“CHRISTMAS DAY” and we are finally at HOME with our PARENTS – – enjoying one  wonderful meal and dessert after another – – and just being in the house that we lived in – – before going to the ORPHANAGE – – there is just no better feelings and memories – – than to  be a FAMILY again – – and not  be called by your “NUMBER” instead of your NAME! Our numbers were #78 Denny – 79 Tommy and # 91 Me – – and my friends # 10 Betty Musgrove – #29  Violet Peiffer – #90 Stella Santoya  and #92 Betty Weisenberger  – – and so many more – – but now that I am older – – I’m guessing we are “all”  only a  “NUMBER” – – everything has a number – everything that is made and all manufactured items can be found by their number – – there’s  just a special “NUMBER” for everything – – and without that NUMBER – – you are just out of business!

Talking about “NUMBERS” – – there were a number of days that we were to be at HOME with our parents – – for this CHRISTMAS vacation time – – and then we were to be brought back to the ORPHANAGE.  But… “RULES” are to be broken when it comes to my FATHER.

As long as we were all together – – and we were enjoying the days running into weeks and then into months – – what in the world would we want to leave our happy time – – all of us being HOME – – as we used to be. I know that we had a telephone – – and can not remember any calls coming in to my parents to upset them – – regarding our still being at HOME with them. Also… back then – – the “MAIL-MAN” delivered the mail twice a day – – in the morning and afternoon – – that is something most people alive today – – would have  no memory of – –  as  the mail is only delivered “once”  today!

Back then… my DAD would send a telegram – – when there was something important going on – – and we did not receive any telegrams – – regarding  – our having to be back at the Orphanage. Before we ever went to the Orphanage – – – – when my DAD was working on SHIPS  – during the WWII  years… in Vallejo, California  – he often sent us telegrams – – so…  I was  now older – – and if such important communication came – – regarding our being absent from the Orphanage – – I would have been right there  and at the door – – to know what was going on – – I always was a little on the “nosy” side.

So… we were HOME for all of JANUARY and the better half of FEBRUARY – and of course CHRISTMAS  DAY and the last of DECEMBER – –  – we did not have any school – – as Tommy would have been in first grade – – and Denny in the second grade – and I was in the third grade – – so maybe we missed out on something – – but who cares NOW – – too late to worry about missing school!

All “GOOD TIMES” do come to an end – – and sometimes – – even an unhappy  time – – as I was crying… when the COURT system sent a “car” out with a social worker – – someone to pickup the three of us – – and take us back to the ORPHANAGE. Something like this  leaves  permanent scars on the brain – – we were all so happy – – and then – have to be divided up and sent to a place where we were not happy at all – -and having to be returned like this – – just made for living in the Orphanage even worse than it was before.

*********now – – –  is when you find out – – what LIFE is really like… ********

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“CHRISTMAS” and going HOME – – is there anything better in this world  – than to dream and or even to think about – – especially for little children – -that are living in an ORPHANAGE? As I was only eight years old- – when first brought to this Orphanage – – and it was only to be on a temporary basis – – till my Mother delivered the twins – – and that was all – -but  – and at a later time  – – you will get the reason for the change.

My parents did not own an automobile at this time – – so we took the bus and the first was the “RAMONA BUS” – which took us to the CITY LIMITS – – and this was so slow – – and the wait for the CITY BUS – – would seem to take forever – and when in the  St. Louis City area – there was  still another bus – – follow with us then…  walking a couple of blocks. This bus stuff could take a couple of hours – – as this was CHRISTMAS DAY – – and in the 1940’s – who travels on CHRISTMAS DAY? You and your FAMILY should have   been  HOME –  with a TURKEY in the oven – – and a couple of pies – would have already been made! That is what I remember and have always  wanted  for our FAMILY – – as HAPPY – – as we once were.

“WOW”…  As we  are walking and close to our house… I just take off running before anyone else and stand on the walkway to the front   door. I can hardly wait – -at last HOME – – and this feeling is the same as running into the “GATES of HEAVEN” – -this is a feeling of being so…  HAPPY and to be with all those you LOVE – – and NOW…  I am hoping… this is where…  I will be forever!

Finally… walking inside…the smell of the “TURKEY” and all the other foods – -my DAD was a CHEF by trade – – and could he cook and do wonders with the FOOD STUFF – – like no one else. But first in the living room – – there  were boxes of stuff  – – more foods and toys  – – it was a whole new world – and all in our HOME – – and I was so HAPPY – – all choked up – – could hardly talk – tears in my eyes — –  if this was not  being in HEAVEN – – where else could it be?

We had so much catching up on – – things to look at  and to do and see  – – how much there was to this  Wonderful  New  LIFE – – that we left behind – -these visits HOME – -make memories in a child’s brain – – that will last forever – – as there is no better TIME on EARTH – than to be at HOME and with your very own FAMILY!  We had one of the biggest TURKEYS and mashed potatoes with lots of good gravy – – and the best “home-made” dressing – – made by the best CHEF, my DAD! There was enough food for an ARMY – – as my DAD was  in the ARMY  – – with three different stints – – and working in the kitchen – – he could make large amounts of food and it was so easy and natural for him – – and the food would just melt in your mouth – it was  “SO-GOOD” – and  there  would  always  be … lots of second helpings for everyone!

*********Will continue and  with something you would never expect! *********

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“CHRISTMAS DAY” starts with everyone in CHURCH for MASS – – then we change into the play clothes – and run to our assigned jobs – – and work till the bell rings for us to get to the “Play Room” – – fall in line for the Dining rooms – – and stand at the table where your family has been assigned – – but if you have no brothers and sisters – – no one but yourself – – you could be assigned to a table of other children (in the same situation)  – – and if the oldest child is a BOY  – – then your family will have their meals  at the assigned family name table in and on the BOYS SIDE of the building – – and the same works for the GIRLS dining room – – and since I was the eldest of our family – – we had our meals in the GIRLS dining room.

Our FAMILY table was along the wall  – – which was the front of the building – – and the dining rooms were in the basement. The  “Marie Anna family table was the first in this row – then our table McClarren – and next Dillard Family the middle row started with Mary Igoe family  and the next table was the Patricia Perkins family – – and the third row of tables and families left no  permanent impression  – – on my very young brain –  – – as there were lots of kids – – but I just did not know them as they could have been so much older  –  and I was a fairly new person here? This  day  was the only day of the year that we would receive an orange – – but all I could wait for  – -was the call that my parents were here to take me HOME!

After breakfast and finishing the assigned chores that I had to do – – as everyone had somewhere to be and working – – back to the “play room” where our lockers were and the change of clothes – – that we would be wearing home. So – – I would wait as my brothers would also be waiting on the Boys Side – –  and after their chores  and then getting dressed and just as patiently waiting for someone to open the Play room door and call my name – – and did I ever run and hurry – – as fast as a little  nine year old girl could go! Had to run up two flights of stairs and down the long hall – – to the “Entrance of this building” – and they had  a large “Visiting Room”  on the right side  of this corridor – – and that is where my parents would be waiting for all three of us – – before we could leave.

Last minute do’s and dint’s from one of the NUNS and the Nun in charge of this area… was SISTER ADELINE – – she kept that area under a very  close watch – – no one got past her – – maybe she expected someone to let someone in the building – – without her permission???

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