“Celebrate with LEE, Sr., – One More Time”

        Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich, Sr.Birthday 001Happy Birthday   Lee, Sr.  ( around the table, left to right)  Lee Jr. – Tom –  Donald – Lee Sr.  –  Mrs. Louise  Aldrich  Stanley,  and  I am taking this  picture.

  Our new addition to the family  will be  arriving  around the first of the New Year and that will be,  Al Aldrich.

How do you like the looks of this  “Birthday Cake”   that is one of the things, I love making a  nice tall  three-layer cake! 

Everybody should have a special  “home-made Cake” for their “BIRTHDAY” and that calls for, a very special ingredient,  “someting” that can not be bought in the stores. There are a few HOMES that will have this ingredient – did you guess the name of “it”  yet? 

When you receive “rave reviews” –  “You know” that everyone enjoys  that which, you specially made, since it  was made with  “LOVE!” “And all,  just for you, that extra  specail “Birthday Person” – that is so Loved by everyone, on this day, helping in the celebration, by being in attendance, at your Party!”

   “Home” made cakes,  always taste so much better than that quick, last minute store bought. And the  “Birthday Person”  feels like they  are wearing a “CROWN”  since they are really having  a most wonderful birthday celebration, with their best friends and family!

Lee’s  “Mother”  on this picture, was  around  83 years of age and still going stroung. The kids called  her “Grandma LuLu.”  She  did have enough children so that she was able to travel to  a  different   one’s  home to live, for a month or two at a time – maybe with some of the children, evrn longer,  until she passed away,  which was  almost ten years from the date of this photo.

“Little Lee” is patiently waiting for a chance to blow out those candles – as every time we have cake – he would like to try to see how good – he could do – just to be able to make a good wish – for himself? That is what I call “PARTY” enjoyment – let the little ones  enjoy something different – and we as a family  can enjoy togerther and forever!

“Just remembering the good days and times with Lee, Sr., – today and forever, more!”    D.V.

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“Get Ready to Celebrate with Lee Aldrich”


Some times in LIFE, we know not what we are doing, when we are doing,  and WHY we are doing something, because  there will be a TIME in the future, when something so unforeseen will happen,  it will break our heart,  and we would not be able to live any longer, if we had that fore knowledge.

On this particular evening,  Lee was sitting in my favorite “Boston Rocker” and while we were talking, I just had the urge to  get my camera and snap this  PHOTO of Lee,  just something about how he looked,  right there,  in his suit ready for work.  A Detective on the St.Louis Police Force,  had to take  just this one picture and no others,  and years later always ask myself  “WHY”  as there was really nothing extra special, going on at that time?

In 1967,  when Lee had left this EARTH to be in HEAVEN,  I just felt that I had to go through all  of the old PHOTOS to have just  one enlarged,  and hung in a prominent spot,  so that the children and all those that visited  our home would remember Lee,  as he looked  and would never ever forget him. So,  after a couple of months of searching, finally  found several  old pictures and took them to the “Famous Barr Store” downtown. 

  I knew,  that they could do the best work on restoration and enlarging,  just  the one store,  that I trusted to do what I wanted done.


This is the same PHOTO,  but after Lee passed on to HEAVEN, I  wanted a PHOTO  that could be restored,  so that our children would never ever forget what their “DADDY” looked like.  I felt that  they would always have a memory of him as he was  and remembered him, as he was here on Earth with us.

So, this is what the results  were, the above was enlarged to maybe 16 x 24 inches and in a beautiful frame,  just looks like a master piece of art,  done so well,  the coloring and all of the old back ground,  in the old picture removed,  just can not think of  all of the wonders that were performed, and everyone has said, “It looks as if  Lee’s  eyes follow you, when you move around the room!”

When I hung this PHOTO on the wall,  that one spot at the top of the entrance foyer  stairs of our home on “Cherbourg” and I had brought Lee’s  MOTHER out to stay, for a few days, never gave a thought about  “Lee’s”  picture hanging where you will see it, just  as you ascend the stairs.

I almost thought that  “Louise”  was having a “heart attack,   she was crying” she thought, she was seeing him alive!

That was another strong memory, never to be forgotten!

Just amazing how some small things  that we  will do, and without any real thought,  at the time,  find much  later on, that  for the rest of our lives, those  very same small incidents,   were to become  a special memory,  that will be ever-lasting memories,   in fact, the very best of  memories, that will last  with us  forever!

Today is that  big day for a “BIRTHDAY PARTY”  for the best person, that  I know and LOVE  forever!   May our “Almighty Yahweh”  continue to Bless  “LEE”  forever and ever!    D.V.


“Lee” was in  St. Joseph Hospital just before CHRISTMAS 1966 and,  since it was so close to Christmas, they left him come HOME,  which really was a bad idea,  as he was so weak,  but, to be “HOME for CHRISTMAS” with the children,  was great!

One of the last things that  I bought for Lee, was the “record” which  had just come out, and was such a great “HIT”  being played all the time – something I really liked.  I still have this “record” as well as so many others, that we would listen too! 

Let me know,  if you heard this before,  and if you still  like  “Winchester Cathedral”   –   just posted   “three versions”  of it, on  yesterday’s  “POST”  –  sit back and…Enjoy!

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New Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral”

Will be playing this on the  “1st of August”  –   just to see, if it rings any bells?

One is better than the other – will have to play more  times – to decide?

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“Get Ready for a Big Birthday Party”

           “Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich”

“How is this for a PHOTO –  Lee and ME!”

One of our regular customers, that is,  during the “SEASON” wanted a PHOTO of us, to take NORTH  when he returned  back home, so that he could tell all of his friends, what  a terrific guy, “LEE Aldrich” is  and  that,  when they go to Florida,  to be sure to tell them,  (that is Lee and  Me)  that they also like going to the “race track”  as “Lee always knows” which horse will WIN!

“And, this is the customer,

with my husband, Lee 

 they like  watching the “ponies” running  

and,  once in a while, just a big  maybe,  picking a WINNER!”

We have a  list of   the regulars at the “Snack Bar”

and  also  in the “season”  all  are off and to the “RACE TRACK”

 where  the  best  “FUN in FLORIDA”  is the name of the GAME!

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“Lee, Sr.’s BIRTHDAY coming up, soon”

“Remembering Lee Aldrich and his brothers”

“This is a memory of Lee, my husband – when we came to Missouri for our vacation a long time ago   –  also in this PHOTO  are  Lee’s brothers – and NOW they are all together and in HEAVEN – doing the same thing – enjoying being together!

           “PICNIC TIME in MISSOURI”

The weather  right NOW in Missouri  is just  HOT enough, so that everyone who wants  to have a good TIME, will pack a lunch and  some assorted cold beverages in the  trunk just to keep the “Whistle wet” not forgetting  all of the best of  meat and vegetables  to put on that  “Bar-b-Que” with any and all kinds of special side treats!

We all plan on having lots of Fun – catching up on all of  the NEWS  of the day – stuff we did not take time to pass on – to each other on the phone –  then some games we have planned on playing, and finally,  the  just resting,  after all of the hard  and over worked bones,  we will be  sitting in lawn chairs confortabbly,  to eat in the shade of the trees,  and every so often,  take a running leap into the Lake,  and just having   lots of TIME, to make memories, to remember forever, our having  lots of  FUN!


The men in the ALDRICH  FAMILY are doing the unloading of all of  the cars,  putting food and  drinks into those areas,  for the right person to take care of,  and as  will be needed  for  our guests, as well as for all of the cooking and prep work!

Starting on the left, and with a cap on his head is Ralph Stanley, next the man with the very  good tan, since and due to the nature of his business, as  he has the “Aldrich Roofing Co.” and  is number  “one big brother”  also the sole-owner,  Harry Aldrich, and the man on the right is Lee Aldrich Sr.,  now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

We usually plan on  spending a month in Saint Louis to visit with all the FAMILY.

The first of August is coming up – so have to wish “LEE,Sr.,”   a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  and hope that he and his brothers are planning on having a big “BIRTHDAY” celebration and more  FUN – like we have,  when we all got together,  so many years ago,  on our trips, back and forth,  to Saint Louis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida!  D.V.

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“What Can I say – These Songs have the WORDS”

If you live long enough – sooner or latter – you will hear and learn a thing or two –  See if these songs  – the words – the music – the voice of the singer – these songs sound like Prayers.”

When soneone can  sing and play an istrument like you see and hear,  in these songs that I  have selected – I feel that every child,  should have the same opportunity  to start at a  very early day  in  their LIFE,  with a chance to sing and be heard by the world – and or at least – by their own family –  because “Having a DREAM” – – will make this  “AWonderful World!”


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