“Friday PARTY, is so close… We’re ready”

“Let Us All Celebrate Today with Alan”


“Alan’s BIRTHDAY Party – – FUN for Everyone”

Alan and the Girls! – – “LET us begin…”


Alan invited everybody to his “BIRTHDAY PARTY” and everybody dressed in their  “cool” easy on the eyes Summer Fashion!

If you were at the party to sing “Happy Birthday Alan” and  many, many, more,  just  never can tell  but,  you may be seeing your  “photo”  here, too!

Sure hope that “whoever”  was taking pictures,  found out how to hold those new kind of cameras  extra  steady, because it sure looks like,  to me,  that someone is a real shaker or a  highly nervous and  excitable mover,   when it come to taking PHOTOS of very important people!

“Just one more time,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ALAN,  and many  more!” 
“OH, I  can not   forget”    “Have the best “BIRTHDAY YEAR” starting,  right NOW  and  for ever!”

“Starting  RIGHT about,  NOW!” 

“May “Alan” continue to receive all the best of Blessings from the Almighty Yahweh,  as “Alan”  always loves to share with his family and friends –

As  he is one of the best of friends, of the Almighty  and  doing that which,  all of his followers  do with bonding, reminiscing,  and finding common ground, when you’re spending time with  your loved ones in the coming weeks  and through out the coming years!”     D.V.

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“The Words in some SONGS, Say Everything”

“What Can I say – These Songs have the WORDS”

If you live long enough – sooner or latter –

You will hear and learn a thing or two – 

See if these songs  – the words – the music – the voice of the singer –  if maybe these songs sound like Prayers.”

When someone can  sing and play an instrument… like you see and hear,  in these songs that I  have selected –

I feel that every child,  should have the same opportunity  to start at a  very early day  in  their LIFE…

  With a chance to sing and be heard by the world –

and or at least – by their own family – 

because “Having a DREAM” –  “Your very own DREAM”

 You will  be making  this  “A  MOST Wonderful World!”


“Just start making the wonderful music… so that… we can just listen with our hearts and souls!

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“Happy Birthday Alan”

“This is the DAY…”



“If you want some of the “BIRTHDAY CAKES” – – You ‘ll all have to start singing!”



“While the  “BIRTHDAY CAKES” are being cut…

Let’s hear everyone sing nice and loud – –

So everyone on “GRAND AVENUE” – -can hear and join in!”  

  “One of those cakes  is called a “Triple Chocolate Cake”  – – and that is for all of you that never have  enough of the good stuff – –

It is also being served with your choice of  “ICE CREAMS”  – –

since “we all scream for Ice Cream”  – –

and we aim to please…  

 everyone  – – – with good taster’s  – –

this…  is where you can “laugh” a little more than at any other time!”


“Happy BIRTHDAY….ALAN….and many – many – more!”

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“My Way, Getting Ready, for MY Birthday”

“Getting ready for my – “BIRTHDAY!”

Alan working 001

“No – “BODY” – has to tell  –  “ME” twice – to get ready for my “BIRTHDAY!”

Nothing like asking  some “BIG” person – who just might have an idea – just exactly when my “BIRTHDAY”  – will be here? 

“And the TEACHER” at this place said, “If I were you – I would start to make some  big “POSTERS” and hang them “ALL”  around the neighborhood – where you live !”  –

This is  something that I feel…  you … will  be able to  do… which will  also make you happy and you  and your friends will also be  having  lots of FUN!

You and all of your friends, will be showing others … that when you all work together on a project… that all of your little “FRIENDS” will be able to find your house – and they can tell their parents – who will be driving them over to your house – and .. just think and remember  that everyone, that is  “ALL” of your friends…  with their extra special presents for you – 

Will all be  coming to help you celebrate your  special birthday!

So just remember… that if they  “ALL”  will just look for all of your special POSTERS – they will soon be helping you to celebrate – this “BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY”  –  just –  for you – since this will be that special “ONE” … that will be a real big…  “HUM-DINGIER” !”

“As you can see – I am working just as fast as I can!”

 “MY  “TEACHER”  is giving me some real good ideas –  since she  also knows…  that I like to be creative with all of the stuff, that  I do…  

I am also designing a new type of game for all of my friends … to have FUN  – while we are waiting for the “CAKE and ICE CREAM”  –

This is such a good idea – I had better keep it under wraps – sure do not want someone to use my  very good “IDEA” – that is before my “BIG BIRTHDAY” gets here!”

P.S. – I sent out all the invitations that I made –

…. sure hope that – you got yours and  that you will be replying –  before the “DEAD” line???

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“There are BIRTHDAYS’ and then there’s MINE”

“Only want to KNOW… HOW MUCH LONGER…???”


“Every day … I have been asking… HOW MUCH LONGER… – till my “BIG BIRTHDAY” party?”

The only answers – that I have been given… “SOON” –

Well …  how long does it take for “SOON” to get here???

I have been counting  –  the days – and at least “FIVE” (5) days have gone by – and still no  “BIG BIRTHDAY” party… for me???

The other BIG DEAL… is … that I am worried that  – everybody is just  Kidding… me  –

Just because… I’m a little KID –  –  I think that I am getting a BIG HEADACHE??? –

I am not KIDDING you –  I can feel my HEAD – and it hurts  –

Feel it …  so you will know what I am talking about…

I am getting a  very big Headache!!!

So… How do I know that nothing is happening  – 

I don’t see any decorations and party supplies  coming into our house – 

It does not seem to me, that anybody … that is  anybody and or family is getting ready for anything  extra “SPECIAL” …

Something like… my “BIG BIRTHDAY” – so…

I have an idea – a real good idea … as to what I will do…

“I have a plan –  If nothing “SPECIAL” happens tomorrow…

I will be calling my “GRANDMA” –

I have her phone number and I do  know how to call on her…

and I know that she will  – let me  know … exactly what is going on…. just for me  –

I do know that she is the one person to ask, for information when no information is made available to little guys like me…  and  I also know … “Grandma” likes for me to be HAPPY and she will fill me in on all that is going to take place on my “BIG DAY”…

Like all the ifs  and when …. My BIG BIRTHDAY” party will take place??? –

My “GRANDMA” knows everything … and just how to make me so HAPPY to be having a BIRTHDAY –

“Grandma”  is so wonderful… and she will not let anybody forget my BIRTHDAY!”

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“Some BOOKS come with Blessed Inspiring Material”

A “Blue Bird” with a Message!

The other day I started reading – The Prayer of Jabez  Devotional Book. 

I first received this book as a gift with another book written by   Bruce Wilkinson in July  of 2006.

Good books are like good movies that you can read and  watch  more times than you can count. 

Like they say about movies  – the first time you watch a movie   – you just do not see half of what you thought you saw   – 

and so much of the MOVIE  you did blink your eyes and or was looking at something not even related  and then half  and or more of the movie did  not make sense.

So after thinking about it  … you realize,  that there wee so many good parts and you  NOW…need to see it again and again. 

That’s so   – with life –  when you will  just take the time …  just taking  all the required time … as you really want to  know  – what it was – as you are  now remembering, some parts tied in with your  very own life… so  that you find enjoyment as well?

The same goes for books, some extra special ones with me. 

Some books, that  I have to have  – in near by, handy places  – so that,  I know when I need some extra special uplifting and encouragement   –  just to be  mentally  as well as totally refreshed  –  I will have just the right   book  – right there  –  the  best of reading material  –  and just as  handy as it can be!

Today  – as I was reading   “Day  18”   – Power with Purpose   –  the line…

If you want to see the promise in action,  right then a  “blue bird”…   hit the picture window with a dull thud  –   down – but only  for a moment  –  unconscious   –  regained momentum  – landing on the near by porch rail! 

She looked at me and… she just had, that look  –  as if asking me   “why can’t … I come inside there with you?”

   I was asking “her”  –  “are you alright?” 

When  “she”  the bird – was confident of flying   – off  “she” went.  

Such an earth shaking  mood  to put me in –  as  I was reading   “If you want to see…”    –  “is that an immediate answer  to something   or not?”

Anyway  – I now have plenty of food for thought.

I just love getting so “inspired ” as I read. 

Try reading this book if you have  it,   again  –   and if not,  the library will have a copy.  But,  I like my own books as I have to write in them as I go along,  and  that’s  for the next generation to read and,  think about what I was thinking about … at that point in time about the material.

Good books are the very best of companions and are always so close by…  and  best of all  –  just so  inspiring!

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