“WOW” and another “WOW”


St. Vincent’s Home Picnic, invitation said to bring your FAMILY… so this photo has some of my FAMILY!

This is my son, Al and his two daughters… which are my “GRAND-DAUGHTERS” –  that is  “JAIME” on the left… and then on the right is “ALYSSA” –  and what better  word than “WOW” can I say??? Oh.. well – how about another  “BIG WOW!”

We had FUN and enjoyed  everything and  meeting everyone that did show up – – and our rating  – –  just to let you know …that is for those who did not show up… it was “Excellent” – “TOP DRAWER”  and you might just say  “OFF THE CHARTS!”

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“Did “YOU” – miss out…”


Alyssa – MOM – Jaime – having  FUN at Saint Vincent  HOME – Picnic


Another Photo taken in the CHAPEL…

L to R…  Alan – Alyssa  – G.M ALDRICH – Jaime…

Can you think of anything better … than to share with your grand-children – the Orphanage –  that you lived in  “seventy” years ago… and still standing – and as always  – there are children who will need a HOME – – away from  HOME…


Did you ever think  – – that you would attend  a “PICNIC” that was given for all the old “GRADUATES”  – – of German St. Vincent Orphan Home… and you meet a girl from your graduating class  of 1952??? That   was… only 63 years  ago… when you – both  were  young – full of vim and vigor to start a new LIFE – never gave a  thought of conquering the world – –  but I know that –  I have heard that term used in some speeches –   – when something is planned – and no one knows who will be there – – what a joy it is –  to find that    – you are welcomed with  friendship  and someone who really  remembers you – – from  way – back and when!

L to R    That would be  “ME”  and standing in the middle is  –  Theresa Wieland-Eckerl and her husband. The best part of meeting Theresa – – was that she remembered me…so well – that she went into great detail about one of our class assignments …and  was so exact – in  what I had said  – in front of the class – for that special “CLASS”  assignment.  I just LOVE when someone is really paying attention to what is going on – and then can remember it so correctly – – almost… and as if  – – it all just happened…yesterday!

“I hate to… and  still  have to  –  say this…”   “But those who received the  “INVITATION”  and did not show up on SUNDAY – the 27th – missed out on a real good time!”


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“St. Vincent’s Home – Chapel”


Here we are … in the St. Vincent Chapel… on a tour guide to see all of the new and different things going on…     today… September 27th – 2015!

GRANDMA MARY ELLEN ALDRICH,  Grandson, ALAN  and his Father, big Al and…   Al is  the  published author of   “AEROS: THE STAR  GOD  of AEROS” – –  –   Book by Al Aldrich *********

This was one of the best days  for a “senior citizen ” to have – and to think  – – that I had to wait all  of the ‘seventy” and more years to arrive – and be surprised…  “WOW” what a wonderful   LIFE – and if we just  – do not weaken…  – – Let’s do it again!

We are just having lots of FUN – – at the “GERMAN ST. VINCENT ORPHANAGE  PICNIC – –   in blue dress  Mary Ellen Aldrich – – and next to me – grand-daughter, ALYSSA – – and standing behind Alyssa  – – is grand-daughter JAIME – – and that is their MOM, JILL  – –  we sure would have liked to see ….   more of the old timers… ALUMNI  – – from way back and when – – but maybe there will be another TIME…  and soon!



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Sep 27 @ 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
7401 Florissant Road – Normandy, MO  63121

BBQ & Kids smallSt. Vincent Home for Children Picnic

Please bring your family and join ours!

St. Vincent Home for Children wants to invite you and your family to our Alumni Picnic. We will provide the food, fun, entertainment, and


beer/wine/beverages. The picnic will be a celebration of our wonderful past and an opportunity for you to meet our Executive team and see how our programs are working today.

Most of all we want you to come to enjoy a great fall afternoon among friends!

RSVP: Number attending to Mike Garavalia, Director of Development here.

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“Almost an ANGEL…”

MOM 1920 002

We did try to  get  “Marie Brady” to show up – – on this photo – but at best …she does look like  an “ANGEL”  standing next to her  Mother…”Anne Elizabeth  Smart  Brady.”

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“Marie Brady… age 13…”

MOM 13 001

“Happy Birthday… MARIE –  she is the  one with  Baker’s  Cap  on…” and only thirteen – – standing on the right side of the photo.

This photo could be in the back yard of  Marie’s older brother, Jim Brady, and Jim’s wife  is in the center  of the photo.  On the left of the photo and to the right  of Jim’s wife looks  like Irene Brady – that would be Marie’s older sister – and not married as yet.

The children sitting in front… the little girl on the left of the photo and more in front of  Irene Brady – – is the  adopted   “daughter… that they called Little Jimmie”  – – and of course  and this would be many years… later when we were living in Florida… we had Jimmie Brady Shilling and her husband come to our house.  That was around Halloween  – as I think  – that I have posted some photos of their visit.

Some time after their visit – we  with  all of the family were invited to visit them – – at their home in  ” Cape  Canaveral” and that was very close to the Air Base  –  there are photos of our visit ing the “Space Station  – and our enjoying  Jimmie’s in-ground swimming pool – just such a wonderful  place and so close to the Ocean!

Getting back to the above photo – – the little boy sitting next to little Jimmie –  – is probably just a little play mate that she knows – as no names are available …for him.

Back in those days… when there was company – – there was lots of cooking and baking going on… My Mother told me  about all of the food  and especially the the baking  of fresh bread  – –  as Mr. Thomas  BRADY  – the FATHER of this large family – would never eat  “store” bought bread – – and that her Mother, my “GRANDMOTHER” to be was the best at all of  these domestic duties  – – and my Mother and Irene – – had to learn  how and what had to be done on each day of the week  – and every week – as they had a large family – – and there was always something to  be  done  – – just to keep everything …. “sailing so smoothly!”

“Happy BIRTHDAY…MARIE –  the best MOTHER…that I could ever have had!”   “YOU are my  –  “SPECIAL ANGEL”  – watching over me – till I can be with you for all eternity!”   DV


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