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Elizabeth Elliot

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“Daddy’s Birthday is on Ground-hog’s DAY”

Daddy 1975 001

When you hear that “GROUND-HOG’s DAY”  is  coming up – –  you just know that DADDY is also going to be out and celebrating – as everybody will  also  be doing…in HOPES of WARMER WEATHER!

Since DADDY  has already  left “EARTH” and is now in the realm of the next domain… if they have cooks making good meals…you can count on DADDY being one of  the top CHEFS…as he was well known for all the wonderful cooking and baking that he was called on to do here  …and was  one person that could go about his cooking without even …needing to look at a recipe .. which is one thing that I can not do… but sure would like to….just plan on what I want to bake and not  even  need the  recipe.

Only… when you do the same things a hundred and one times … finally…you do not need the recipe…so… I  guess I will have to decide exactly the one and only thing that I want to do without the recipe – – then I will be able to say… that I can do what  DADDY   does. This will be a big decision…since…it will be hard to decide on only one favorite dessert…I like so many.


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“Karen McClarren Scott”


“TODAY is the  DAY” that my younger sister, Karen left this world…and…just two weeks before her fiftieth birthday.

My sister, Karen is just  eight  years younger than me and also Karen is the identical twin to Kathleen… being…the twin that died within the first week of birth. They said that Kathleen had a crushed lung…but both twins …each weigh eight and a half pounds – and I know that babies weighing only a pound or two and   with  their general condition not even as good as Kathleen’s … live and survive…so I am guessing that they… did not really try to save her.

So… TODAY is not a happy day for me…because of this being… that DAY…that my sister, KAREN left earth for eternity…but then…there may have  reasons …   that none of us… will  ever understand????

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“Eve Karen McClarren Gonzales Scott”


After a good many years…my sister’s name can be condensed down to only…KAREN  McClarren  SCOTT.

Sometimes one should watch out …for that which their mouth is asking the Almighty to give to them…and that is for me …to always remember.

When I was just a very little girl…I always wanted a little sister…but I received a little brother,  Denny. I was still asking my parents for a little sister…but –  then I received another little  baby brother, TOMMY. I did continue to ask for a littler baby sister…but nothing was happening and then…my MOTHER lost that baby…and in  a past  story… I did take the time to write…all about the situation that happened…causing that loss of maybe  my  little baby sister  – – which would be  just …for me.

Well…for a very long time…when I wanted something…I would continue to ask for whatever that was…and sometimes I would receive that which I wanted and sometimes…there were somethings that I did not receive and it did look like I was not going to receive a baby sister.

When WWII came to an end in 1945… there must have been a whole lot of LOVE and excitement going on in the world…and the two people that could …did that which was necessary – – and low and behold…we were going to have a baby in the FAMILY – – – and I was HAPPY to hear this GOOD NEWS…but… what is GOOD NEWS for one…may not be GOOD NEWS for others.

More to come…

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“Wait” “Weight” or “WHAT?”

Well…it is NOW almost the end of JANUARY… SO…WHAT are you doing??? What promises did you make to yourself? So far…how are you doing in the RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT??? Did   you do  WHAT  you said  to yourself …that which you made such a firm commitment to be  doing to achieve that which you need to do …to make you…you know who…yourself  a  much  healthier   person???

I was remembering something in my past… working in our restaurant…and you know when it is your restaurant…someone will always stop in your office and ask if you would like to try some new dish of food…describing it so that…all you can say…”Yes..I’ll take a small taste.”


to be continued…

The restaurant that we had in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was right next door to a Doctor Hart’s office and directly across the street from the Broward General Hospital…and of course all along the street down from us more Doctor Offices.

So… with all of  the Doctor Offices around…there came a day that I was not feeling too well and went to the Doctor Hart’s office…since it was so close to us.

After being examined…was telling the Doctor… that I would like to drop a few pounds…if there was some way to do it and  that it would easy??? The Doctor said to me…”The best way to loose a few  of those extra pounds…is to just stop eating a few  of  those pieces of pie…that I see you eating.”

I was shocked to hear him say that – –  “he sees me eating a piece of pie” . So… I had to quiz him on this statement.

Dr. Hart then said…from the side of my building…facing your building….it is very easy to see into  the Restaurant windows … across the front of you business…and your business is set back…since your customer parking lot is in font – – and if you are walking around with a small plate and fork in hand…it would seem to me…that you  are having something sweet to eat.

Sometimes…one has to stop an give what they just heard a second thought or two. BUT… Dr. Hart continued with his story, saying…”When my practice was in CHICAGO…in a very tall building…there was a fairly set woman in to see me several times…and each and every time she gave me her word that she was avoiding  all sweets…so that she could loose some weight…but needed pills…as she was not having any luck?”

“With a  few minutes to spare” – said,  the Doctor… was going to give me the proof of the pudding in this “weight gain case” as now he said…”I thought that I had a few minutes…so I waited about five minutes…left my office taking the elevator down to the main floor…and there was a large restaurant there… and a very nice lunch counter on the side area…and who do you think was sitting there?”

With that question…I answered…”the patient?”  “You guessed right” – “there she was  and had just been served a piece of pecan pie  and a cup of coffee.” “I just had to go and take the seat next to her” – she looked to see “WHO” sat next to her…when she saw that it was me…immediately got up…leaving the pie and coffee…did not say a word…must have been all shades of red, embarrassed…to see me…and would you believe that she never came back to my office. So…I know it is hard to loose weight – but  since that happened…I do not believe all I hear about doing without sweets!”

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Irish “Surnames” – check out?

Just in case some one may ask you this question… this is not something    NEW…just so old…that it has whiskers…but because I was with a group of people who were  doing some CELEBRATING on March 17th …and guess you did have to be IRISH…or at least know why you CELEBRATING???

“There are only two kinds of people…the IRISH…and those  WHO would like to be IRISH!”  (They have their own DAY to CELEBRATE on the calendar.)


The most common Irish surnames in Ireland haven’t changed much for a century. Here are 10 of them:

1. Murphy — The Anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Murchadha and Mac Murchadha, meaning “sea warrior.”

2. Kelly — The origin of this Irish name is uncertain. An Anglicized version of the Irish name Ó Ceallaigh, it can describe a warrior or mean “white-headed,” “frequenting churches,” or “descendant of Ceallach.”

3. O’Sullivan — (Ó Súileabháin or Ó Súilleabháin in Irish). In 1890, 90 percent of the O’Sullivans were estimated to be in Munster. Many people agree that the basic surname means “eye,” but they do not agree whether the rest of the name means “one-eyed,” “hawk-eyed,” “black-eyed,” or something else.

4. Walsh — This name came to Ireland via British soldiers during the Norman invasion of Ireland and means “from Wales.” It’s derived from Breathnach or Brannagh.

5. Smith — This surname does not necessarily suggest English ancestry, as some think; often the surname was derived fromGabhann (which means “smith”).

6. O’Brien — This name came down from Brian Boru (941-1014) who was king of Munster; his descendants took the name Ó Briain.

7. Byrne (also Byrnes; O’Byrne) — from the Irish name Ó Broin(“raven”; also, descendant of Bran); this dates to the ancient Celtic chieftain Bran mac Máelmórda, a King of Leinster in the 11th century.

8. Ryan — This name has various possible origins: from the Gaelic Ó Riagháin (grandson or descendant of Rían) or Ó Maoilriain (grandson/descendant of Maoilriaghain) or Ó Ruaidhín(grandson/descendant of the little red one). Or it may be a simplification of the name Mulryan. It means “little king.”

9. O’Connor — From Ó Conchobhair (grandson or descendant of Conchobhar; “lover of hounds”).

10. O’Neill — Anglicized from the Gaelic Ua Néill (grandson or descendant of Niall). The name is connected with meanings including “vehement” and “champion.” The main O’Niall family is descended from the historic “Niall of the Nine Hostages.”

— Leslie Lang

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