“You can bet your bottom dollar – – I DO!”

Just  take a look at the above PHOTO. It just has everything in it – – to win AWARDS – – like none other that I have seen.

If this isn’t the face of a WINNER – – I’ll eat my hat – – and I have dozens of hats!  Such enthusiasm with a perfect profile and smile that is worth a million.  You just could not tell a young child to give you this response on his face – –  there are no words for you to describe what they should do – – to sum  up this eagerness – – to have feeling with such LOVE and Happiness  – – giving him this posture  to show that he  is more HAPPY – – at this very minute – – than at any other time!

 This too… a PHOTO that if  – – I were trying to sell something  — this  hands on  – – to demonstrate what I was selling is what I would want the customers to see – – and realize that   – – what you are looking at – – is a person so dedicated to what he is doing – – he is able to show you HOW – – and without you losing interest  in the demonstration – – In other words – – what little “ALAN”  is doing is so important – – that even though his PHOTO is being taken – – he is able to continue to do what he likes – – and to completion – – no matter the distractions of any kind!

Little Alan has a plan  – – has all of the necessary components to create the very best “POSTER” for display in his Class Room – – and then to take home for his FAMILY to hang in  a place for all to see and admire…forever!

Just so everyone knows – – tomorrow is the 1st of July – – and we are celebrating with ALAN – –  and for the whole week – – just so we will all know that he is jumping into another  “NEW YEAR” of LIFE on planet EARTH – – as I feel that it takes a week to adjust – – as we go up the ladder!

“Let us all  join in together an sing that ole song – – the song that no one has ever forgotten the words to – – as each year  – – we all receive it – – and give it… all we can – –  for  and to all of our FAMILY and FRIENDS… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY … to YOU… ALAN… and many MORE!”        And to never forget – – sending Blessings from our Creator the Almighty Yahweh – – the One that has richly BLESSED all of us – – for ever more!

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“Time seems to FLY through the YEARS”

  “WOW”   “What a wonderful day is was … when little baby, Alan  decided to come to EARTH – – as in HEAVEN all of the “BABIES” that will become a part of a FAMILY enjoy  being in a Heavenly realm  – – where there is a choice given – – is it this FAMILY for me to become a part of – – or shall I wait… and see what other choices come along – – before all choices are taken… and I must leave – – like it or not!”

July 1st… came up on the calendar on EARTH – – and as looking over this one particular  “FAMILY ” – – I could see a resemblance of  “Al and Mary”   – – and thought that… this  is the  “FAMILY” … for me!

  “HOW do you like my choice?” “That’s my DAD… big “AL” and I am little “AL” and just maybe a week old – – here on EARTH!”

On EARTH… there is this thing with “TIME” – – at first when you arrive – – “TIME” runs very slow. This PHOTO is of DADDY and me – – just a few years older than the  previous PHOTO above – – because when on EARTH – – the people eat more than we did in HEAVEN – – and as you eat – – you do get to be taller and grow more  – – and are always learning new things.

This “TIME” that  “DAD and SON” get to share alone in the first years here on EARTH is so very important – – at least… I think so – – and feel that everyone needs more “FAMILY  TIME”   together – – as LIFE is so much more FUN  that way!   This PHOTO  has the ‘title’  that I will call – – “Boys NIGHT OUT” – – what do you think?

This is a favorite PHOTO – “DAD and SON” – – this is the  best of  the SUMMER TIME – – and it  is a special day for all of  our FAMILY . There is just something about the “SUMMER” and when the FAMILY can get together just for the sake of having FUN – – well  then – those are the days that are  “for sure”  to be  put in to the “MEMORY BOOK” forever!

“It sure is getting close… so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ALAN” and many more wonderful BIRTHDAYS –  to follow!”

“May the Almighty Yahweh  richly bless you and all of the FAMILY!”

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“Piano Lessons are so very important”

When you can play the piano – –  YOU have a talent like nothing else – – since from the youngest day of your LIFE – – till the last  years of your LIFE – – and no mater your circumstances – – You can make money and entertain – – while all the  world around – – will stand and enjoy – – and wish that they could also play as well – – so continue on – – we LOVE the pleasure  of listening to you!




“May the Almighty bless  all those that  have talents and use them as HE provided you with gifts that the whole wide world will enjoy with you for ever!”   D.V.

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“Let’s Party on the 1st of July 2018”

*****“We are ready to CELEBRATE!”*****


“One of the “RULES” – that we  have at our HOUSE is….It took one  whole year to get to this “DAY”  – to turn the “PAGE” on the calendar – so…  It will  now take… a whole week to CELEBRATE –  to get into  a feeling –  – that  will make one feel older and wiser – – for this new  and higher age bracket???”

TODAY… with the FAMILY spread out across the COUNTRY and in  so many  places –  that it takes some…  almost a week to “FLY-IN”  just from some of the locations … and   – it takes a whole week to get…  – to know when and where and “WHO” can meet   –  – and then the extra get-to-gathers – just because some people – just have  to be  available  to be in and on each and every  meeting scene – –  as they …  as it just so happens to be  – are what I call …  the “VERY MOST  and IMPORTANT” of of all of us  people – – – and without – – –  you may as well  – – just stay HOME!

As “LUCK” would have it… how could I have planned on  anything   any better?  July 1st is  on  “SUNDAY”  – and some will  plan on  Monday and Tuesday as “DAYS” off – and  “WEDNESDAY” is  a HOLIDAY  “PAY” DAY – – since the  “FOURTH of JULY” falls on  Wednesday  and  just so happens to be the biggest of our  favorite “HOLIDAYS” the “LUCK” just wants to continue with  us starting on SUNDAY – and that is for sure a “DAY OFF”  for everyone –  – –  “WOULD you know of any   better  “DAY” to have your BIRTHDAY” – and always know that  your FAMILY will always have the chance to be with you  –  celebrating your BIRTHDAY – and everybody including – the “BIG BIRTHDAY”“GUY” – is always receiving the best  of BIRTHDAY GIFTS – and that  is to always  have the ones  that  – you LOVE the MOST – close to  your HEART – whenever  and where ever it  really  counts!*****“And that is on YOUR BIRTHDAY!”*****

“Everybody can NOW start to sing….”HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALAN  ****** and many MORE and some MORE ****  just for good measure ***** MORE good wishes coming to ALAN!”   

“May the Almighty Yahweh bless Alan – – more abundantly  NOW – – and for ever more!”     D.V.

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“Watch at Your OWN Risk”

“Because – – sometimes one can LAUGH too MUCH – – and too hard – – but remember “GOOD LAUGHTER” – – is ever so GOOD – – for  the HEART – – that would  also be called  “GOOD MEDICINE” – – to some!”



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“Saving Valentina.6.8.11.h264.mov”


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