“Happy Birthday Darlene”

“Today is that big day for “DARLENE” to receive lots of “BIRTHDAY” wishes from all of her FAMILY and FRIENDS?”


There is nothing like good ole Uncle and Grandpa, Lee to get the horses all set up to take the Family children for a ride on a beautiful day… like TODAY!

“Looks like Uncle Lee is giving a few last-minute  instructions to this horse – – just so she knows what kind of ride she is to give to the “Grandchild” and just to make sure that this horse  knows what “LEE” is talking about…he is reaching into his hip pocket for a special sugar cube treat with the promise of more treats for giving a good safe and gentle ride to each child that will be sitting high in the saddle… today!”

“Today is a very special day… It is  “Darlene’s BIRTHDAY”  and I hear that “LEE” even baked a “CAKE” for DARLENE’s Birthday… as LEE gets up with the  “chickens”  just some of his “NAVY” training many years ago… bright and early and also being one of those “JACKS of all TRADES”  looks like he can do…  anything he puts his “mind” to doing how’s that for a terrific husband?

“Let me hear  everyone start to sing at the same time… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE” make that loud so that they can hear  it on “BROADWAY” we may all be  in their next MUSICAL?”

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“Tomorrow I start singing… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE”

  ********My Lottery Winnings – for you!  ********

Darlene…   you are in “LUCK” – since I WON the LOTTERY … – and you are having a BIRTHDAY –  – – what could I do…   but share my WINNINGS with you! “How do you like this card?” – ‘Who” was the BIG WINNER… – I do not know…  – but my WINNINGS gave me just enough to get this beautiful card and send it    right … to you!

Just thought that I would also mention to you – when it comes to the LOTTERY… I allays…   consider buying a ticket a “donation” – – – since I have not heard of anyone  – that is in the last ten years  or even more  – –  ever winning any size-able amount of money  – I do not think there are any real winners???   Next time  – that I think of a Birthday gift – I think that I will just go to a store and buy – – something  – – that I can see – since I think the Lottery money must be sent to another Country  – since America has no extra money???

img196“What do you think???”     “Happy Birthday”       “Darlene”  and don’t forget  to…     –    have the best day ever!”

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“Birthday Greetings” from “Three Special Kittens”

   **********  “It is almost the 30th of April 2018”  **********                                   ** “Three Extra Special Wishes…Darlene!”  **


This is the “BIG DAY” for DARLENE – – and since you love little   bundles of sweetness and  JOY – – sending these  three sweet little “sisters” and each has a special  WISH – – just for you… DARLENE – – just for  you  and on your  “BIRTHDAY!”

The first special WISH… is for lots of HAPPINESS – – in all that you do and for as long as you live!    NOW…  for an extra  special WISH… for  all the best  of  GOOD HEALTH – –  and  that is for  some real good and HEALTHY HEALTH – – today – –  tomorrow  – – and forever – – because without good health – –  how can  you enjoy all  of these sweet little “KITTIES” and the LOVE … that they bring   – – especially – – just for you!

There is an extra special wish – –  and   – – it is the best of all!   Each  little “KITTY” will bring  just a little more  LOVE – – than the bundle of LOVE  – – of the previous  “KITTY” – – this is  because each “KITTY” will always  – give to you LOVE – – that is extra special to that “KITTY” – – and each “KITTY” has their own unique amount of LOVE  –  that  – – when you combine them – –  the three little LOVES of your LIFE – – you   will   ALWAYS   – – – FEEL LIKE A “MILLION!”



“Hey… MOM – – you know…  that all of us…  the inside kittens” – – are all here  just for you… too!”  – Just so you will know…  “We  all have clean “mittens” – – and we all … are ready for some of that  “APPLE PIE”  – – that we all know … that you like and  are  making… so that you can  share with us – – on your  “big day” – – your BIRTHDAY!”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – “Mo Ma Mia” – – “MEOW – MEOW – MEOW!”  –  – “xoxoxo no scribble”     D.V.

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“Little Miss Beebe – – missing and found”

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Can any of the other dogs track “Beebe” to see if she is injured and needs HELP – – NOW???” *** *******

Mary Quinn Crangle When Ryder got home from school, he and Owen were playing in the yard, looking for Bebee, and I couldn’t believe my eyes…Ryder was on his moms back porch step, sitting with his head down in his hands, then, he looked up and made a sign of the cross, and put his arms up in the air, and he did this one more time before he spotted me watching him from our yard, next door,,,he ran over and said, “I was praying for Bebee!” I thank you Sacred Heart School, for teaching my grandson how to pray on his own! Sure, we say prayers together at night and at meals, but not everyday. I hugged Ryder, kissed his head and told him he is my little angel. Owen will be going to SHS Kindergarten next year, if all goes well. Still missing Bebee, but seeing my little grandson pray helps ease my sorrow. In His Holy Name, Ame

Mary Quinn Crangle Melissa Crangle is on her way to get Bebee!!! She said someone from her second job at Gettimeiers said her friend picked her up from Old Jamestown Road, and took her home. Thank you whoever you are, for contacting my daughter about Bebee! I missed her so much last night,,,and my fb post might have helped find her, but a child’s prayer is what I believe did it. Praise God for He is truly an awesome God, “Who keeps his promises” And thanks to my fb friends for your thoughts and prayers as well…Second chances are rare for me, and I appreciate this one.

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Mary Quinn Crangle
 Missing my Bebee girl…this afternoon around 1:45pm, she was in the yard and the last time I saw her was when I turned off the water and she was standing in the water bowl outside…I thought she followed me into the shed, but that is probably when she was taken…I miss you my poor doggie Bebee…and I have been crying and searching the woods for you all day since then…I hope you are in no pain and in heaven…the coyotes and owls and hawks probably took you away. — feeling sad.

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  LOOK – – special gift under tree – – Miss Beebe….

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” This is my special toy – – and I am not taking a chance of letting go – – do not want it to get accidentally …lost!”

“All is well – – that ends WELL!”     D.V.

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“You are Digging… for GOLD”

********  “IT is… a Whatchamacallit…” ********


“OKAY… WHAT in the world are  you digging  for – – in that “HOLE” it  is getting pretty  BIG – – and we could get into  – – some real BIG trouble??”  “ARE you going to stop digging  – – for a minute or two – – and let me know – – WHAT is going on  HERE??”

“ARE you the only  ANIMAL around here – – that does not know what is going on?”  “When the rest  of us  small   ANIMALS  – – are communicating – – –  – do you just sleep and or close your ears – – are you not at least a little bit  interested in what the rest of us are all  doing??”

“I am asking  NOW – and in a very  nice way – – I will even  HELP –  YOU… dig – – if you will let me  share in whatever – – we all are suppose to be doing!”

“WELL!”  “Since you want to HELP – and share … It is “DARLENE’s”  BIRTHDAY – – and all of us small  ANIMALS  are digging up some of their best  hidden  “prizes”  some of our “treasures” that we were saving for  a very important time  or occasion – – and so – – “NOW is the TIME”  – – to  “FIND” the best we have…  and wrap them up  and put them by the door… for “DARLENE” to  “FIND”  for her BIRTHDAY!”    “OKAY??”

“LOOKS like  there is a lot of hard digging  – – to be done – – and I want to “PARITY”  – too… so NOW…  we will have lots of FUN with the one person that really LOVES us all – – and always has such “good treats”  for us all, too!?”



“Did you hear every thing  – – – that those old “DOGS” outside were talking about?” “Do you want to join in  – – in getting some of your “old TREASURES” ready for “DARLENE” – so that we can have some FUN…  at the PARTY, too?”

“I have an old “Whatchamacallit” – – that I have been saving  – – for a very long time and an extra    special occasion  – – and NOW – – I will go and  find it  – – and place it by the door – like the old  “DOGS”  … said to do –  – – It sure is a good thing – – that we have this special place by the window – –  just to see and hear everything – – that all of  the other   ANIMALS – – are doing and even planing on doing!”   “DARLENE” – – she,  sure will be so  surprised – – with all of the  “FUN  GIFTS” –  that she will be receiving  – and all  of us  – her special FRIENDS… to   HELP  her  in  celebrating – – a very extra and special  –  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  – – time!”

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“Baby Beebe!”  “Sending BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES to DARLENE”

**********     “Best Wishes- from Baby Beebe!”  **********


No…    “Birthday”    could be complete – without a very “Happy Birthday to Darlene”  –  – – this message  is coming from one of your very favorite  “Chihuahua’s”  baby pups  and sister to the smallest of our breed,   – – you still have  my baby sister,  “little –  Miss  – Termite” – so a very big  and merry ole “Happy Birthday” – – and many more…

I’m sitting on my new owner’s sofa – my new owner “Mary” is just so in  – LOVE  – – with me – that she has me all dressed up – just so everybody will notice me – that’s because I am so small – and when I am wearing   something – –  fancy –  – everybody just has to stop and say  – how terrific…  I look  and they are always – so surprised that  – I am full grown –  – just because… “I’m so little!”

I was just thinking…  that everybody would really have something to talk about –  – – if they saw my baby sister, “Termite” and me together –  – since she is only half of my size – – –  “Termite”  is just a beautiful … small,  little and  most delicate  – “tea-cup” size Chihuahua – – and  the  one and only special Chihuahua!

“Darlene” – – I’m sending you a great big hug and kiss  – – from,   me – your little “Beebe!

Also… all friends and relatives up here in the NORTH and colder part of MISSOURI – – are sending LOVE and BLESSINGS from our Almighty Yahweh – – to bless you  – – since you LOVE and care for so many of my ANIMAL FRIENDS – – and… we want this  to be the best of BIRTHDAYS  ever – – just for YOU!    D.V.

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