“Let Us Start to Decorate… the HALLS…”


When the HOLIDAYS…start to wiggle in slowly…. it sure does    help for all the FAMILY  to get in the mode to what  will be done…and by WHO??

SO… in the above photo…Grand-daughter Chris and Grandma are singing a song and it looks like they are hitting a couple of “HIGH” notes…with their mouths opened so   nicely … and the “MUSIC-MEN” …standing are Tom Aldrich on the left and younger brother Al Aldrich …strumming the invisible guitar!

We are all dressed in our  FESTIVE ATTIRE… as you can see the CHRISTMAS GREEN scarf that I always wear…especially during the HOLIDAY SEASON.

Our fingers may not be working as fast as our  MOUTHS… but we do have some nice CHRISTMAS RED RIBBONS and BOWS are  nicely attached to the wreaths on the door.

Give a LOOK to the BIRD CAGE…the Parakeet is so HAPPY to hear  us sing to him…and a  real “HAPPY” SONG   – –  as  usually the BIRDS think…that they should be singing to us!

Everyone is pulling out all those CHRISTMAS BOXES…filled with lots of HAPPINESS and JOY…all patiently  waiting  for  almost  a  whole year…to  be taken out  from …hiding …and  – NOW …will start to sparkle for us – – for as long as we want to enjoy!

Isn’t   it…  WONDERFUL…to  start with all of  “Yesterday -Years’ MEMORIES…just waiting in all those lovely boxes –  – – just OPEN  and ENJOY!

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In 1976 Rosie & I took our kids on vacation to Hawaii, they were 12, 11, & 10 years old. I thought it would be cool to drive the new Plymouth Valiant all the way around the island of Oahu!! When we were a mile past the Pearl Harbor Memorial there was an old WWII sign that read: “SECONDARY ROAD”. Two more miles down this rugged road a sign read: “YOU ARE NOW DRIVING AT YOUR OWN RISK”. As I continue on a couple of miles I stop because the road was so narrow. I rolled down my window to see how close to the edge I was. It was at lest 500′ straight down to the ocean, and there were cars down there piled up!! The video below is exactly how that road was!! My kids still scream about it!! And…to think somebody might think I’m CRAZY!!
any comments…we will pass them on…    and on…

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For those “WHO” are no longer with us.



The above  ” Empty  Chair  Prayer” was sent to me… by my sister-in-law,  Judy…and she received this special PRAYER – – from her daughter.

My brother,  DENNY was not with us this year …for Thanks Giving… DENNY had a previous engagement… his  CREATOR decided to send to DENNY a very special invitation… and that was to  join all the LUCKY SOULS – – that would be seated at the   HEAVENLY TABLE…above    THAT is… the table that we would all rather be invited too!

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“Giving THANKS… Comfort and Joy…”

When we get to this time of the year… NOVEMBER and DECEMBER…and “IF” – – in the right kind of FAMILY…where the parents want to give to their children…the world with a ring  around it – – well then you may have an idea of what I’m talking about???

In 1900…and the years that followed…my MOTHER was only a little girl…and also the thirteenth and the last.  Some of the older brothers were already married and not even living at home…and hardly even knew that there was a new little sister added to the BRADY FAMILY. In fact…Mrs. Thomas F. Brady, was way pass the years that  – – you would even think of her bearing another child?  Some FAMILY  and FRIENDS…almost thought – – that little  MARIE, was the new little,  baby girl…born to the eldest of the BRADY boys, JIM BRADY?

At Christmas Time…one year…I had to ask my MOTHER about how she was treated as a child and what did she ask for…and what did she receive?  “WOW…what a  BIG  disappointment…” I knew that her FAMILY had money and could give  to her anything and  everything…that they surely celebrated in a big way…since they were IRISH!

During the first and very young  years of  Marie’s Life…the FAMILY celebrated with big FAMILY get  togethers  – mainly eating and lots of music and  singing afterwards – – with all the FAMILY together – – and no real exchange of gifts…did she remember. But…when she was in the lower grades of school…she did receive a DOLL.  She never asked for a DOLL and she said she never really ever asked for anything…since everything was provided.

In hearing my MOTHER…tell me how it was when she was   a little  girl …sure got me to thinking…about how different we do things –   TODAY!  We just go off the charts,  with spending and purchasing items today for people…by putting ourselves  in such a big debt – – that after … which  ever HOLIDAY – – that we are  celebrating…we feel a real sick feeling in the gut – – what did we do?   AND.. WHY??

Some of  the stories that I hear…leaves me thinking…WHY not continue in the more FAMILY  orientated way of old…just getting together …celebrating with FOOD…MUSIC…SONG…just making “MERRY” – – being   comfortable … in our celebration  – and seeing the JOY each member of the FAMILY is having – and all the FRIENDS are also enjoying being included in the making of the “Best of Memories” for a LIFE-TIME!

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1948 Family 001

When we were this age… our parents would come and get us…and take the  three different buses – – that were required to arrive at our  HOME – for any HOLIDAY…and also… there were a few extra trips  to our   HOME…that we were able to do – – – since – – there were times …when my FATHER – – would just show up…at the Orphanage …and tell the NUNS to get his children   ready  – – as he was taking us HOME!

The above photo could be… 1947 or 1948… and I am taking this photo! That is my brother,  Tommy on the left – then  DADDY – – next is my brother,  DENNY – – and then… that is my MOTHER  – – and as you can see – – – it must be very  COLD – – because…my  MOM is freezing …as  she  is just trying to keep warm.

As I …was… one of those kids …that just knew how to get …by bus…wherever she needed to be… in  the last two years of our living in the Orphanage  – – my  FATHER and MOTHER did not need to come to get us – – as we could take the buses ourselves…HOME!  Even before that…there were a couple of times…when someone needed to see the “EYE DOCTOR” in the downtown  Saint Louis area – –  and I would take that child to the Eye Doctor.

In the last couple of  years at  the Orphanage – – my MOTHER needed someone to cut the grass at her HOME…and so on Saturday…after having done all my chores…I would  receive the buss fare – – and off,  I went HOME…to cut the grass and whatever other work…that my MOTHER   would need to have done.   So…on Sunday evening…I would take the same three buses …back to the Orphanage.

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“Back…in the 1940’s …there was a “SUNDAY  LAW”  – – Business was closed …so that the Boss and all the Workers…could be at home for  that special time… that they needed…to all go to Church and then the whole FAMILY would have DINNER – – celebrating  – that with the Almighty’s help all week  long – – now they can rest up and start all over…doing all the things that make for a very interesting LIFE…and sharing quality  TIME… the whole FAMILY…together!

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