Read Before Signing!

Pass this message on to all senior citizens, who may not  see too well , “you must check your  sales receipts – for double charges!”

And when must you check your receipt?  “Before you sign!”    Since I have never heard this spelt out so emphatically, we seniors must now be aware of  “merchants who aim to deceive and defraud!”  How?  By distracting  us!

When you are purchasing  a few items – have an idea of what the total  bill  should be .  So, when you are  given the total,  and your bill is much higher  –  check your receipt , immediately.  Because, if you sign the receipt and walk out of the store  –  you “Okay’ed” everything on that receipt, even if you did not receive the items!

With times as they are, today,  some merchants engage you in idle conversation, and  items that have been rung up, are  put on the side of the counter, to be rung up again.  While you are looking at the thief  –  your eyes are not as fast!

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Be a “Kid”, Again!

If I started to write “Names” of all the  generous  benefactors,  who donated  their time, talents and those hard earned dollars toward  providing “Facilities”  for “Orphans” to learn to  “Roller Skate”, the  list  would not have an end!        To “All”,   my sincere   ” Thanks!”

The  last of my skating was  in  “Roller Revue of  ’52”.  Did go to the  “Arena”, with High School friends, and   never thought,   I would  ever go  “Roller Skating” with  my  1st grandchild?  Alan,  must have had the  “Wings of Mercury”on his heels  –   he sailed around the “Rink”, making turns and calling out,  “Grandma, watch this”  and turn and spin away  –  flying  lo  and   on the go!

We were going to the  “Rink”, once a week,   and now  that I think of it,   I’m wondering where my  “marbles” were?    Here, “Old Granny”  in her early “50’s”  –  acting like she knows what she’s doing?   You know when I was a young kid, on skates going around the block  in the   1940’s  –   I knew that if I fall ,  I may break  something?  And,  I hate “pain!”

Thanks to the,  “Angels”     –    who are busy watching over “us”  –  Silly people acting like we  are in our    –  2nd  childhood!

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A Prayer for “Denny”

Now is the time for all our “Prayer Warriors”  to say a  “Special Prayer of Thanksgiving”, for my  brother, Denny.  He was in the hospital, in Florida, all last week, because of a  “Blood Clot ” behind  the right knee.  We know that  “Almighty God”,  answers  Prayers of “Thanksgiving”   faster than any  other!

I picked up a book of my Mother’s, and out fell a   “3 x 5 card”, with  a “Prayer” she wrote when she was in the hospital,  and I felt this prayer must also be for “Denny”!   Read it!

“A Prayer of Hope –  Our heavenly Father as the sun brightens the earth  and gives it  warmth and love, it reminds  us of  Your love.  For it is  in You  that  we live  and move  and have our being.   As  You have been  with us many times  during difficulties   in the past  so continue  to bless us  with Your  help  now. Look graciously upon  Your servants here in the hospital   and bless  all that is being done  for their care.   Guide with wisdom and skill  all those who are ministering  to our needs.  Lend   Your  healing forces  so  that the health and strength of all the sick  may be restored.    We  will always be thankful for  Your generous   and  loving care  of us.    Amen.”

“The Lord is my shepherd:  I shall not want.  I fear  no evil for You  are with me!”

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Sister Florence

Sometimes, I have a wild imagination, realized that in the 3rd and 4th grades.  Sister Florence taught the 3rd and 4th grades, and from what I remember  when she  would talk about her life before becoming  a “Nun”,  that as a young girl she never smelt any unpleasant smells?   It is odd the stuff you remember someone saying.  She  was writing a book,  ” Topsy”,  and every so often she would read a chapter to us in class,   as  a special treat!   Sister Florence may have studied art   because she seem to have lots of  natural talent and  ability , as in her class room there was an “art table” she  had  lots of paints and colored pencils to  do almost anything in the creative field.

For  every  “Holiday”, she would  have each of us students make something  for  our “Parents”, and since my Mother  saved everything I and my brothers made, I now have some of    “our Prize works of  Art”!

My big break for writing came when  Sister Florence, opened a box of “Pictures”, cut out from magazines and other sources in the  1940’s;  she announced  that we should  take a picture from the box  and write a story  –  something interesting   and long enough to be of  interest to our parents and all those who would be reading it on “Anniversary  Day”

Sister , also said there would be a “Prize”!   That’s all I needed  to hear!    A   picture  is worth   a “Thousand Words”,   I wrote  “32” stories and  won the “Prize”!

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“Fire in the Hole”

When your  “Family” gets  together  for a “Good Time”, at a restaurant,  dinner at my home,   or   one of us  who  has just made a  “Special Dessert” and maybe  even  just a “Hang Out  ” gathering  –   “What’s the Icing on the Cake for your… Goodbye?”

Now that I’m thinking about it  –  I know  everybody  has  seen a “Football Game”,  and watch both  teams  getting  ready   for the next    big play  – they get in  that “Huddle Position”! 

This  is really  the   “Hugging and Touching Position”  and  “Cheer Leading Jumping”  with some  “Rah Rah”  with plenty of   time to pass  on some  strong  physical  energy  around  the huddle to  each  other  –  ust to keep  each of us  so highly energized … for that …    “Till  we  meet  again”!

So…   the   “Last is  the Best” –    that  would be  “Me”… as only  an old  “Granny” can  “Yell”  “Fire in the  Hole”!  

 That’s  my signature   “Yell”!     And I do …  yell  a couple   of times! 

Strangers   take   Note:      You’ll want  your  “Goodbyes”    to  stand up  and  mean something,   too!   

“Till we meet again!”  “Lots of Love and Blessings… for Now and Forever!”       D.V.

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Good News – Everyday!

In  “Today’s World”, we need  a good  “Spirit-Lifting Devotional” book!  Let me  recommend the  “Daily Guide Posts (2012).  Each year in the  Fall, I receive the next year edition and get  it in the large print. The book has  “54” writers this year, and I consider each one as a  “Family” member. Each has their picture and “Bio” so you can get to know them. Every writer has a  Bible verse that applies to that day’s writing.

Each day I read the  Bible verse and after that writer’s   message I read the whole chapter and verse from the Bible. It is so inspiring to see the perfect match  for the day, starts the day out, right!

Gail Thorell Schilling,  when I read her writings,  I sometime wonder if the Schilling Family  and I are related? Penney Schwab,  could also be a long distance relative, as my God-parents name was  “Schwab”.    Brian Doyle wrote something some years ago for “March 17th  – St.Pat’s Day” which I thought was really, “Top  Drawer  stuff”, since a lot of my family came from  “Ireland”.

Every writer   in the book   writes as if sending  me    a “Special Delivery Letter”  each day .  I feel that I rate!

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