A “Kid’s” Song -“””Mares eat oats”



“Mares eat oats, and  Does eat oats, and Little Lambs eat ivy – a Kid will eat ivy too,  Wouldn’t you?  — If the words sound queer  and funny to your ears —  a little  bit Jumbly and Jivey,  sing – etc., —  you could go on with this forever.”

In the 1940’s, my Aunt Irene, would come over to our house every  Tuesday, and stay from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  She would play with my brothers and me. She would braid my hair into the “French Braids”, and also measure me to make  pinafore  type dresses and aprons, depending on her amount of materials she had.

But, what I remember the most this time,   she was sitting at the Singer Sewing Machine (treadle type) – her feet going a mile a minute;  She heard a new song  and wanted  to teach us the words – so she sang the words – you see above. She sang it fast and rolling the words together,   the more we all sang it together  –  the funnier it sounder,   and we had so much fun,    that Tuesday,  with an  – UN-  understandable  song.   So,  children, see if you can have a favorite person, come to your home, every week, to learn something new and have a Fun Memory – Forever!

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Alan 27th B.D.

When my , AA#1, Grandchild was soon to be born, and the days were getting close to the  4th of July, I just felt we  would be receiving a  1st class Fire-cracker! We did receive Alan, on the 1st of July, he just could not wait for a Holiday!  He came with a marvelous amount of natural talent and skills, from day one.  He is one little boy that flew before he was born  and continued to fly with his dad ,  after his early arrival.  Alan was planning as he grew up, watch and learn,  without a lot of formal training in music and using  his natural rhythm he plays and  composes, with a group of musical friends,

Alan is a planner and organizer,  by the strong  and sound determination of getting a possition  in the corporate workforce and finishing  his college education. I am happy to see that  with prayer and  hard-work, a young person can achieve their dreams!

Happy Birthday Alan! God bless you, always.

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Summer Birthday

The beginning of  Summer, always brings to mind, a friend of almost “50” years,  Sister Mary Emeline, a nun in the order of , Sisters of Christian Charity. She was in charge of the dining room on the  boys’  side  of German St.Vincent Orphan Home, in  1940’s and 50’s.  I worked for and under her guidance with maybe 10-12 other kids, and she proved to be to me a real friend, and person I would always like to keep in touch with.

She and I kept in touch  ’till she passed on to her reward , and a much better place than here, Heaven. If, ever there was a , Saint —  She certainly qualifies, in my book! She and three (3) of her own family-sisters, entered into the Convent in Wilmette, Illinois.  The youngest of her sisters,  became  Sister Mary Alvera,  and she was also a life-long friend.  Sister May Alvera was our 5th and 6th grade teacher,  and was the  only ‘alto  voice -singer’,  as we were always practicing songs for  church,  and her voice was very distinctive.

Sister Mary Emeline,  you did a terrific job here —  God bless you!  and Happy Birthday

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Cat Protects House

This is especially for children!  “Tiggee Beebe”, has a full report  to make to all her friends.

I was needed at a Grandma Family Member’s house, because she thought she saw a mouse in the house,  so I was brought in my carriage, to Grandma’s, to see what the problem was, and to take care of ‘it’. You know what ‘it’ will be –  a mouse!

The first part of my job was to see where my food, water, litter box, and hair brush  are? Next am I going to get a daily brushing? “I love to look clean and neat on the job!” Then, I do a perimeter check, each room, nook and cranny, you know Grandmas’ have hiding places for “good stuff”. ( that would be my treats)

With what seemed to be about six months and no mice, I even checked out the garage, and all of the area outside, where I ran into  a ground hog problem,  and bandits, raccoons  two  of them. Remember ‘me’, I have  ‘9’ lives,  and used everyone of them  on my visits to your house, just to serve and protect! Your mouse tracking agent, Tiggee Beebe!

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Remembering Dad

June 17th, this year is Father’s  Day, but since my Father, passed on to his reward, I often think  of him weeks’ before. He was a Chef by trade, but could do anything, plumbing, electrical, you name it and he could do it.

In the  1970’s, my husband and I bought a ranch style house on three acres, so we could have horses for the boys. After a couple of years, looking at the drab  redwood 40 year old siding, started talking about painting it green. My Dad, would come out for a week or two to stay with us, since he enjoyed the country more than the city life , for a retired person   “More”  to do!  Weekdays my boys left first for school, then my husband and shortly  there after,  I left for work.

Usually around 5:30 p.m. , I am driving slowly down our  road, up and down the hills, and through the trees, I see lots of white  –  it looks  like a White Elephant!  It was absolutely unbelievable , what  My Dad  could do in one day!  It had to have a first coat and he just wanted to see if he could do it.   Thank you Dad!

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Flag Day June 14, 2012

Does everybody have a Flag, and is  the Flag, ready to be flown  this Thursday, June  14th? Are we,  Proud to be Americans, and willing to show the world?

In my opinion: The American people are not as Patriotic  as we were during WWII  years,  no heart rhythm, we don’t sing  the songs that , George M. Cohen  wrote,  we don’t play the music  he and others wrote, that gives you  Goose Bumps.  And  the words stir you up in a way that you want to do your part to make all peoples  come together united, working for  a strong nation.

When I was a young girl, my brothers and I, were always singing the songs of America and for America, especially of  each service branch.  When we were on a bus or streetcar, my youngest brother, the Show Man, would march up and down the aisle singing , and  had everyone join in.      Everybody  –  Fly  the Flag!   –  and sing  –  America!

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