“Happy Birthday… my LOVER”

August 1st…  is a very “good day”  for a BIRTHDAY!

Just have to post this favorite PHOTO of  “Lee and ME”  and the  “Ben Burroughs’  Sketches”  – “My LOVER”… as seen in the below PHOTO – – It is LOVE in  WORDS  and PHOTO – –  and only the Almighty Creator of LOVE – – could have seen to it  – – that this photo was taken when it was – – and then for me to find in the NEWSPAPER  – – the exact words to frame with the  ‘one and only photo of LOVE’ – – for  me to have as a remembrance of my LOVE!”

When I read these words… there is one place in the BIBLE … that  – – I an guessing that  “Ben Burroughs”  may have taken  some time to read – – for the usage of the colorful descriptive words – – make you see everything in such a more heavenly scale – – almost takes you into the “Dream Land of LOVE” – – where all LOVERS meet – – some time…

In this PHOTO is our son… little Lee, Jr. – – and of course there is something he wants – –  and to have to wait – – looks like  that is something he does not want to do.

Also, take a look at the dress – – that I made before Lee was born – – and it still fits.  – – This is another dress … that I made requiring six (6 ) yards of material  – – looks like at the time – – I liked dresses with lots of skirt material flying around.

Of course  – – every photo has another story – – and the extra story is…. Lee was smoking a cigarette… and   all of a sudden – – some emergency occurred – – Lee hands the cigarette to me  – – saying just hold this a minute – – runs off  – – and as a non-smoker – – I am holding this cigarette – – and not as careful as I should be with this same dress on – – an ash drops on the skirt area – – and of course a nice fire hole – – but when everything was back to normal – – I had enough material to splice into the area of the skirt – – and to this day you would not be able to find the burn hole area.

It does pay to make your own clothes – – you always have enough material to make emergency mending a snap  – – and you  hang on to those things you made – – for longer periods of time – – “A  ‘work of your own’ – – makes you feel good – – to see your own creations – – that still look so good!”  DV

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“Check “IT” Out”

What will be next?

Nothing like having an extra small bedroom in your house – – one where you can multi-task  – – everyone has  several… ‘hats’ – – that they wear in LIFE – –  you have your  ‘WORK’ … love it  or not …  for the major portion of the week – – the income that gives you … the where-with-all   – – those extra ‘bucks’  to do…  all of those  other things … “YOU wish you were doing” – – when  – – you are at your regular… “NINE to FIVE” job.

One never knows… if you keep having  ‘DREAMS’ of making it BIG – – at this other profession – – or getting your “fifteen minute break”  in the “lime-light” – – because all of us have “talents” – – that just have not been discovered. So… before all the  “DOORS” close – – and before we  hear the clock strike “Twelve” – –  we never want to write …  “WE  missed Opportunity” – – as we fade away… from LIFE!

In the PHOTO – – that is ME – – did not want to just stand somewhere in this dress that I had  just completed  – – so to look a little older – – put a “HAT” on for effect – – and that dress calls for six (6)  yards of material – – so had to spread some of it out.

This room is in…  SAINT LOUIS – – and has many stories within the walls of it. You have read in some  of “Grandma’s Stories” at  “fourgrandmas.com”…  stories about my younger brother, TOMMY – – there is a “TRAP-DOOR” in the corner of the room – mostly under the skirt of my dress – – open it and let the  ‘door’  lean up and against the wall – – next to the book case. Check out…  what little “TOMMY” does???

Then  – – little TOMMY is nosy – – he finds matches – – where I hid a small box – – read what he does – – what happens – –  and when I get home from school – –  just let your wild imagination run away… and  be wild?

Most rooms in every house could tell tall tales – – some are true – – and then there are some stories in LIFE that  are so far from the ‘truth’ – – you just have to consider the mind that thought them up?

“Check out these stories… ASK questions… Let me know what you think???”

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“Dress-Maker and Dummy – Dream Designer”

“Did you ever want to make your own clothes?” Well that is what I did after three years  in school and thought…  I had it…  made in the shade!   So as a nosy person – –  that I am – – was searching through lots of my Mother’s closets to see what she had that I could borrow – – or just plain ole use.

Would you believe that I had found one of  those  – – in a box kit… make a dress-maker’s dummy – – for your own body. You would slip into the “jersey” type  roll of material – – have someone run around your body with the tape – –  from the bust area down to mid thigh area  – – using all the tape – – round after round – – just like a body of iron around you. Then this other person would using  something sharp cut through this tight fitting shield with a sharp knife – – from under the arm pit – – on  a straight line down…  on both sides.

Now you tape these two pieces together – – and  you will have your exact body measurements. Next… you will design some kind of internal frame  and or way to have this “body-copy” of yourself on a stand so you can drape material around it – – and design your own clothes.

Well… that was too much work and time wasted for me. So I just put that box… back into the store bag that it came from – – and took back to the store. Looking at everything in the sewing department – – regarding “dummies” – – found a perfect adjustable “dummy'” on a stand of it’s own – – and each part and section of the body could be moved  – – through inside changes of this “body form” – – so as – – if and when you gain weight and or lose – – or even if you decide to make clothes for someone else – – you could do so  – – and all done so easy – –  that if you can “DREAM IT” – – you can “DESIGN IT” for a perfect “FIT” for each and every individual person.

So with the credit applied from the old and obsolete  ‘do-it yourself-dummy” — I was off and running with a perfect ‘me’ dummy – – one that has it’s own stand – – adjustable for height – – and the insides to be adjusted to whatever the tape measure of ‘me’  – – and that is changeable – – if and when needed – – or even when I make something special for someone else.

That is ‘ME’ in the above PHOTO – – with my exact size “Dummy” – – so many years ago – – that poor ‘DUMMY’  went with ME to FLORIDA and made every move – – and always stood up – – always ready for something special to be thrown at it – – just for effect – – and has a place in my sewing world – – just like everyone’s favorite friend!

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“Don’t Worry – I can do it”

“You did say that you wanted  all of these window frames…painted – –  so… here I am…  “PAINT BRUSH” in hand – – and have this  “old shaky ladder” balanced on some   – – 12 x 14 planks – – stretched out and over the steps – – that take you into  the basement – –  so,  from the top step – –  and…  to over  and under the porch addition – – everything seems to be in place – – “half way steady” – –  so…  let’s see what kind of a “painting” job – – I can do?”

“If you can just stop taking pictures… I can stand up on the top step of this ladder…  and  will get started with  some real professional  painting.”

“After the painting of this new back porch addition…  to this “eighty some plus years old house”… there was also the  bedroom inside that we bought paint for – – and of course painting  – – is not something that I ever wanted to do – – but… WHO … ever and else…  was around to do it?” 

My DAD came over to see what I was doing – – and  since he was a  “Jack of all trades” – – well  – –  I was told and shown how to do  everything. This is how you open the can of paint – – with this “special” tool… so that you can close it – – and if you need to open it again…  you will be able too!

Then… and before   anything… ‘starts’…  always  comes  the   preparing of  the room – – and even this outside   job – –  the drop cloths have  to be spread all around – – to catch your  “spills and drips”  – – but…  I was and  still am … very careful – –  “why make for yourself…  a mess” – – that…  “I will be called for … to   even do the  — cleaning up!” 

“Oh… I almost forgot… who  ever taught you “how” to handle  and even hold the  “PAINT”  brush… how to dip it into the paint – – and then how to put  the  “PAINT” on the wall?”  By the time I was told each and every step – –  I  just had to put into practice everything…  that I had just been taught – –  so  we bought more paint – –  and brushes…  as  I was learning “HOW TO DO IT” and  I mean every little nook and corner – – upstairs and downstairs – – and even outside  – –  there was  something…  just  waiting for  little  ole ‘me’ to practice on… and brighten up – – just as fresh as a ‘daisy’. Nothing like getting  plenty of  new colors of paint on everything – – just to make everything ‘beautiful to behold’ – –  then  –  and only then… I could say… “I did it… all by myself!”

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“Special THOUGHTS… for TODAY”



On this day of your life
 I believe…  Yahshua, the Messiah  wants you to know…

…that  He  is talking to you every minute of

every hour of every day.


You are never alone, or without help or guidance,
counsel or advice. You need but purely and earnestly
ask a question and  the Messiah will answer you, directly
and immediately.
The answer may come in an unexpected form, but it
will come.Your only job then will be to not ignore it;
to see it for what it is. For all you know these very words
may be an answer to your question about whether our Creator
is even listening to you or offering you guidance.


Love, your Friend …  

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“Today… Just for YOU”

On this day of your life

*********  I believe God wants you to know…

…that you are a pure child of God, beautiful in your innocence — and
That this is true no matter what you may have done.

There is no offense you could ever commit that can rob you of your
magnificence, or of the wonder of who you are. Yet who
among us hasn’t fallen from the path, betrayed another, acted
unwisely, fallen prey to temptation, given in to a craving or addiction?
All of us are human. And in God’s eyes that makes us perfect.
Really. Just the way we are. Like 3-year-olds, looking anxiously
up at some elder, wondering with quivering lips whether we’ll get
a spanking for breaking the rules…
The 3-year-old is beautiful in her innocence. He is pure as snow,
and there is simply something that has not been totally understood,
or fully integrated into behavior yet. It’s okay. We don’t mean to
be “bad.” And in truth, we aren’t. Not a one of us.
We’re simply, sometimes, mistaken. And God loves us anyway.
Immensely. Completely. Eternally.
Just   as   we   are.
Oh, and by the way, …you already know
the reason that this particular reminder
came to you today…


Love, your Friend …  

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