“HOW HIGH…Is He Going?”


“Looks like there is – –   NO STOPPING Al Aldrich – – he is on a real “ROLL” – – and…   that is to entertain the crowd!”  How  “HIGH” can one go on one of those small  “Twirly Birds”

 Easy to do and lots of  FUN – especially if you can ride a  bicycle  – – build your own “mini helicopter  – -right there in your garage.

There are many  energetic “hobbyists –   and some of us are very handy with the most basic of tools – and with some good friends and or neighbors – – who also …  like to  FLY – –  can – –  in maybe 500 hours can build a very basic   “Mini-Helicopter” – – and  then …  take  the final  “Mini-BIRD” completed  with a special “name” that you have christened your  new  design  copter – – head out with friends – –   to an AIRPORT – –  near-by… for a first  testing out?” – And…a celebrating “PARTY”…   afterwards!

So many of our enterprising hobbyists who wanted recreational rotary-wing flight  – – have formulated plans and  with good preparation – have made a first class business for more like-minded pilots  – who want some great FUN – but  –  with  a much lower up front price. 


Take you choice – – – so many “Flying Hobbyists”  came in for an entire weekend to show off their special craft –  – and  – –  did  even  more  – – taking turns  – – entertaining in the “Beautiful Blue Sky”  – – and everyone with  cameras – – well – – just so busy taking  lots of pictures –  – so many while the chance to get them – – as it is not everyday – that you have such special “talent” – – doing what they do best!  – – “FLY” and  – “Fly with FRIENDS!”

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“Let’s FLY…NOW!”


If you want to learn to FLY and have some  FUN – – “LET me show you how to do it…   NOW!”

This is Al Aldrich  – – and there are a lot of “LOOKERS” – – but in the looking  seem to be  afraid that they can not FLY – – since they are just…  ol’ fraidy-cats???

Just watching   “Al Aldrich”  take off and  FLY   all around the AIRPORT – – makes one think  – –  that they can do it too – – but when  it comes to sitting in the   that “Pilot’s seat” – – all of that  “get up and go” – just went out the door! – – Just watching someone do all kinds of  maneuvers in the air – – seems  as if   just  anyone can do the same  – – – but without that special  “NERVE” –  – “OH  Well” … – so many give up – – just at the moment – –  that the crowd is thinking that a NEW FLYER  is going up and show off – –   we all wait patiently…  just to see… will he… and what… will he try to  do!

“Catch your breath… and come out to the AIRPORT – – so we can  all have lots of FUN!”

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“School Children take AIRPORT TOUR”


School children just love to visit different places…as their “Field Trips” with their teachers along to  explain all of the new and different things  – – in the specif place visiting – – as each business offers so much more  – –  than some others – – and “WOW” – “WHAT fun it is to go and visit  the local AIRPORT!”

Each group of children get to sit on bails of hay  – – set up in the trailer attached to  the tractor – – which is used to care for the grounds – summer time  all the grass needs to be cut – – and during the winter months … when it  will snow – –   all   the run-ways need to be cleared – – so that the airplanes can take off and land – –  but NOW… to make for a comfortable ride and trip for the children to see and visit all the various  areas of the AIRPORT.

The children have a marvelous time getting an  up close look at … and into some airplanes – – into hangars where the airplanes are kept – – and into the school room for  and where the “Sky-Divers” learn the rules of  – – “falling out of a perfectly  good airplane” and be able to land on the ground… all without  breaking their bones!

Some of the children that made the visit to the AIRPORT – – took home for their parents – special invitations  – – that their child can come back in the FALL – for a special party for the children and their parents – – since some of the pilots would be offering  FREE RIDES – – but parents had to go along – some children may or may not feel comfortable up in an airplane – and only the parents would be able to make that decision.

We also offered  Pilot Training Lessons – – for those young people – as some wanted to start as soon as they could – – so as to be  doing   something that if they waited – – would be  sidetracked  – – and maybe lose the opportunity to their  best dream – – and that is to  “Fly up and above the Clouds” – – the best place to be!

Airport owner and manager  – Al Aldrich – –  also…  – driver – tour guide – with all the answers – – and daughter, ALYSSA – in his arms – learning the ropes – – as good lessons that you learn early – – stay with you forever.

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“Come – FLY with ME!”


Such a beautiful day…  “How about you coming up and FLYING  with us!”

This is baby ALYSSA and she is almost 10 months old.   Looks like  DADDY is taking  little ALYSSA for a perimeter – –  check ride around the AIRPORT – on his bike.

The weather is  so much better as each day comes and goes – – so NOW is the day to take that   FREE AIRPLANE RIDE  with ME today. – When you take the time and go flying – – – you will find that you will soon want to take lessons – and be at the AIRPORT – – every good chance   that you can – – –  to be  able to FLY up and over all the little homes – – below – – – and just to be up in those big beautiful  shades of the blue sky – –  it makes you feel like you are NOW  …  in the wonderful world – – the one you always want to be  in – –  because it is all enjoyment!

“TIMES a flying – – COME and FLY with ME!” – – “DADDY  and  ME!”

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“HAPPY EASTER to all!” – 2016

This is little   “ALYSSA” – and she seems to be so busy opening something – – that she is giving  her full attention to  open – – and to share with all of her FAMILY – – as you can see  – – everybody is patiently waiting!




This is little “JAIME”

showing us something

special that she received

today,  “EASTER” – – as 

there were lots of “FAMILY 

and FRIENDS” that came 

up to the  “BOWLING 


help all of us  celebrate the holiday – – “EASTER’  and have  FUN meeting and talking with all of the visitors to the  “AIRPORT” – – as they would stop  by to fuel up their airplanes – – while they and family members  were also traveling to visit their relatives in the near-by states!

These PHOTOS were taken in the kitchen and dining room area of the AIRPORT.

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“SAVED… just in time”

This poor little fellow needs a HOME – if you know someone – – that would like to have  a very good friend – – forever – – and share LOVE – – like no one can do – – WATCH  –  this little guy’s story – – and pass it on –  – our little friends…  need our HELP  – – and we will be paid back – – –   with more LOVE … than we could  ever   have  expected to receive!



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