“How Was YOUR School DAY Back Then”

“My High School Days of Activities – Not in the NEWS”

 Just found this  ‘poster’ with,  “This too shall Pass” and was wondering,  if anyone that listens to the  NEWS on Radio and TV “Is there any TRUTH,  at all, in anything that is said or done?”

Over the years, each of us has different experiences than our neighbor, and further back, our Class-mates.  So, I was thinking back to HIGH SCHOOL days, and I can remember some things that did pertain to me,   like walking to and from ‘School’ and through the “Fairgrounds Park”  and that, was in ‘hot’ weather – rain and or snow on the ground, can not remember ‘School’ ever being cancelled due to weather – I just had to be prepared for whatever –  hit.

Several times my  “Aunt Irene Riley,”  met me and we went to the Grocery Store,  as she thought,  that I should learn how to cook a decent meal for my “Mother”  while she was at work,  and have it ready for our dinner.

She would show me how to select the vegetables and fruits for ripeness and good flavor and then the right selection of meats – we did walk  to and from the store. Then,  when at home she had the best of ways to prepare everything, just the right seasoning and cooking times –  for  a very tender and enjoyable dinner.

This is a photo of Irene and husband, Bill… and as you can see… she has an apron on, preparing for Dinner,  and she was an expert… as she received all of her training  from her Mother Anne … my Grandmother… the real  expert of the “BRADY” family!

There came a time when so many friends had after ‘SCHOOL’ jobs,  so  I thought,  I should also apply for work at the “Dime Store” – the one close to home and within walking distance.

One of  my  “Teachers”  told me about a program that they had to help  “students in need” with  a “Bus Pass”  if they were working after school and on weekends. So, I applied at the “Woolworth’s” on “Grand and Olive Streets” and was hired to work on their second floor, in the “toy” department. This was a very good start for me in working and helping my Mother with the paying of our bills.

  By having a job and working after ‘School’, I was also able to use this “Bus Pass” to catch a “Bus”  in the morning to School, saving me some time,  in the walk time – – had a little more time  in the “HOME ROOM”  to prepare for that day in class  and not feel too rushed .

There was  a “girl-friend, Gloria”  that worked in the “Lunch Room” and she knew everybody and anybody – and told me, they needed another person to work in the “Lunchroom” and if,  I wanted to work during “LUNCH” instead of  going to a  “Study Hall” – that,  I would get my “LUNCH” free!  “WELL, who in the world  ever turn down a free LUNCH?” 

 I was right there – she showed me where I would be working, and I am guessing,  that I worked there for a couple of years. Easy work and did get to see lots of the students –  a good many more,  than I would have ever had the chance to see and talk with – and just over their selection of what they would be eating for lunch!

Will have to write more – could find some excitement to unearth – just so grateful,  that so many had  me in their PRAYERS!     D.V.

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“5 Lessons by Dr. Wayne Dyer”

Check this out, let me know if it helps – in anyway?

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“Quick Way to Tell Folks – All A-OK”

   “MY very,Young Grandma, Smart-Brady”

This Photo is so old, maybe (167) “one hundred  and sixty-seven years old” but,  just wanted to see if, by some  “magic”  pushing a few different buttons, on this computer, not having  any real idea of what, if anything,  will there be some extra little bit of facial qualities, to compare with all of the succeeding generations?”

“Anne Elizabeth Smart Brady” standing in what looks like the wide open fields of Missouri, when the settlers were coming to America,  finding some kind of work,  and  all living in large “Boarding Houses”  along with several other Families.

So,  in this case, with this PHOTO taken, to look  something  like, the  vast large roaming areas of Missouri.  It just so  happens that,  this pre-printed “POST CARD” is just ready to  be printed with your  Photo,  as the backside has room for an,  ADDRESS  your  Stamp in that pre-printed  area, also a very small space,  to  write a very small message, for this small area is  just  to let your FOLKS, back in ENGLAND,  finally  getting to hear  from  you,  and  those others,  in your  FAMILY. 

So, with this type of Postcard,  your family  see  you  as you look in AMERICA, and now,  with your little  “okay” note,   with your message  written in your  very own handwriting,  all is  “A-OK”    we are all,   just so fine… in AMERICA!”

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“Starting Saturday out Early with – The Complete Story”

From the “The Complete Story”  a program that I listen to – on radio 91.5 fm  the”Father and Son” on the   “Join Dick Bott founder of Bott Radio Network”  

The program started out with this song,”When You Were Sweet 16″  by The Mills Brothers. So, just  to  hear the “Mill Brothers” singing, took me back to the days when I was just a young girl – and really enjoyed listening to this song – and I do believe that I just may have some of their old records!

Carrol Roberson has a terrific voice and his music  is “Top Chart” with me and I would guess with anyone that wants to hear good music. Be sure to check him out and listen – you will want more of his songs – as they did play a new release, “Praise the Lord”  which you will want to buy – as it is so good!

Before and between the music the “Father and Son” Botts were talking about several things  and since everything was so good – all I could think of – “I have to get to the computer and pass on the terrific music and the next item. 

“Paul Harvey” is another personality, that I like – and I am guessing, if you are old enough – “You will like him, too!”  “Mr. Bott” always brings  something so up to date – that which we may have heard in the past – and, of course have forgotten – but this next item – just got my ears turned on – “It is “SO”  for TODAY” – if ever,  I heard anything , so right on!

Sit back  now,  and listen – if this isn’t so right on – let me know?  We have been hearing things that  we may have just dismissed in the past – but the TIMES of TODAY are just so falling into place – like never before!

Sometimes, when you start to get old enough –  and you have stored away in the old brain – bits and pieces of things long gone by – they tend to start adding up to something – that just might be right around the corner?

“What do you think? Let me know what you think – anytime?”

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“and… Mary’s a Grand ole NAME”

Everybody has a  favorite  of something and so I just thought that I would end this MONTH of SEPTEMBER – “MY MONTH”  with some of my favorites!

George M. Cohan is one the best writers of MUSIC in my book, so I have a few of the songs and his performance to go along with – so when I am old and gray – I can just sit back in the old rocker –  and reminisce as I remember!

James Cagney can play the part  of George M.  Cohan  so well – that any Movie that James Cagney plays in – then that is a MOVIE for me to check out. Everyone of the movies that I have seen with him playing the main part – I will watch many  more times – just so I  will know exactly,   everything that is going on!

In my BOOK,  “James Cagney” should  WIN, even more AWARDS!

“Since I received the name “MARY” just so glad,  that there is a nice song about the NAME!”

I have watch this movie more times than necessary – but wherever it is on – I will sit back and watch – just as if,  I had never seen it before.  Just something about this movie – either the story – or the ACTORS – just the right combination of Characters with the right personality  to make this movie an excellent MOVIE in my BOOK!

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National Great American Pot Pie Day cooks up a toasty meal on September 23rd. Warm up the home with a toasty meal of pot pies to celebrate!
Pot pies typically include both a flaky top crust and bottom crust. Occasionally, recipes omit the bottom crust. Fill them with tender chicken, beef or pork and lots of vegetables for a hearty meal. Some other delicious fillings include turkey and seafood. Popular veggies include potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peas. Finally, the gravy and seasonings make the pies irresistible. When they begin heating up in the oven, the family knows when dinner is ready!
This crowd-pleaser draws families together. During the cooler days, a meal of pot pie easily uses up vegetables from the garden and leftovers. It fills bellies after a long day of work, too. Several pies may be prepared ahead and frozen, too.
During the crisper evenings, gather friends and family around the table. These hot pies can be made to serve individually or one large pie. Either way, the aroma fills the home and warms the heart.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GreatAmericanPotPieDay

There are several ways to celebrate! Invite the family to help make homemade pot pies. Go out to eat and order one from your favorite country restaurant. Or, pick up some frozen pot pies at the grocery store. The broad selection will satisfy everyone.

Give this recipe a try.Chicken Pot Pie IX

Then enjoy everyone’s company and share your evening by using #GreatAmericanPotPieDay to post on social media.


The pot pie and frozen food company, Marie Callender’s, created National Great American Pot Pie Day in 2002.

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