H To The Horse!

Happy New Year to all the Horses!  Looks like this is the year for all of us to shift ourselves into first gear and make it up and over the next hill. All of us who have been putting off doing what we should have been doing – will now be motivated – all kinds of new social gathering will be starting. All  of the  business industry that was on hold – watch out – -workers with some fresh get-up and go ideas  – – will have much  more to add to higher gains,  NOW!

If you find that your friends are not quite up to par – move on  to  make and build and rebuild new friends. Leave the old ones behind – start changing your image to make it clear to everyone that – that old existence is out and the new picture of you – shows that you are making  “life changes” –  – first class winning changes.

Join in –  Horse People”  are stirring up lots of activity – you will be busy! The Horse People will be knocking at your door – inviting you to participate. They are looking for the very energetic soul to help to  do something – or asking you to hurry – that you  WON  something – but they will get you to join the Calvary!

If you are called and become addicted to all these  “HORSES” rushing around – remember there is  “LUCK” in the air – and Horse Years are Trump Cards! Join in on the fun and make wise changes for the better.     D.V.

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“That’s Daddy’s Tummy!”

Daddy's Tummy 001

While  Denny H. McClarren Sr., was in the Armed Forces in the Philippines and running a message to Headquarters – the motorcycle was hit by enemy fire  – leaving him with a broken back.

After 6 months of good eating – the doctors had to cut a “hole” into the body-cast for his “tummy” to expand to receive all that good food!

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Geo. Raft – “Look-a-Like”

Geo. Raft - look-a-like 001

Denny H. McClarren Sr. did three stints in the Army  1927-1934

His “Birthday” will be February 2nd and will  be  sharing his day with  the “old ground hog” to see what kind of weather  change  – he can forcast?

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Celebration Time

Celebration Time 001

L-R    Linda – Ernie  – Loraine – Paul – Mr. A. Jung – Richard – Irene – Carl

Since we are approaching the  Chinese New Year on the 31st” thought this picture would remind everyone to get ready to  “celebrate” the Year or the “HORSE.” Mark your calendar  – Friday – January 31st, 2014!

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“Must be searching for GOLD!”

Kevin McClarren 001

Kevin McClarren up front. – Mary K. Hanewinkel  in the pink , white  and blue outfit , and her sister, Terri in  the yellow outfit? All of the children are so  very busy doing something  “very important” – but what?  To have a weekend holiday picnic and the chldren all getting along so well with an activity – they do not seem to be aware that their picture is being taken? 

Read the “Comments”for this post to have the names of the children on this picture and the added info – for the time and place, Thanks!

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“Sunset Cat” gets “Name” Change!

t’s the Pits – when small animals – members of a family, are dropped off in the Sunset Park – due to the financial situation in America!

There is one cat, which I call the “Sunset Cat” – she usually stops by around 5:00 P.M. early evening. Usually I have a bag of cat food and a can or two of cat food for the drop-by visitor. When I put a bowl of food out for her – what she does not eat someone else comes by and the dish is always clean by morning time.

Feeding was going along smoothly, and then I ran out of the dry food. When I was giving her the last of the dry food, I was telling her that I need to get more. I’m talking to the cat as if she could really understand a word of what I’m saying. Generally, the most I say is, “Meow? Meow? Meow?”This cat does not even bother to give a “MEOW” back to me? She does a lot of looking and face expression – that give me a clue as what she is thinking of me.

So I bought some “CAT FOOD” that was on sale! Bad mistake of my part! I open up the bag and put it in my plastic container to keep it fresh for whichever of the cats that may stop by? I figure they would like it as “fresh” as possible. Even though they are “free loaders” – I want them to like what they get – FREE!  I see her on the porch on the top rail – looking for me – so I hurry for a dish and put some food in it for her. I rush out the door and give her the dish of food. She put her head down and gets a whiff of the new food – looks like she is going to eat – backs up and looks at me, with a look “that would kill!”

Did you ever see a look of disgust on the face of a cat? I start talking to her – telling her it is fresh – she lets me know by backing up – turning around and down the steps – slowly away to the far end of the yard and over the fence to “Sunset Park” and down the road. I am “MEOWING” and talking and she just will not come back!

A couple days later, she comes back – the same routine – I leave the dish outside and by morning – someone clean it up? One more time – and I am tired of her being so FINICKY” – it’s time to try something else? I get some cans of cat food –the first one I give her is “Salmon Cat Food” – she dug in  and enjoyed herself so we – she was here early the next morning for more! For a week the “Sunset Cat” was in heaven!

Now all the salmon can food is gone and I open up a can of “WHITE FISH” can food – You would think I was giving her “POISON” – she could smell that is was not salmon  – gives me a “DIRTY LOOK” and make a bee line to the steps and away she goes.

My son, Al picked up a couple of bags of Salmon Treats – “Friskies by Purina” – and said to see if she likes these? Well, now I have something she might like – but, she is not coming to see me. I’m guessing she thinks she will teach me a lesson –“If you want to see me the ‘Sunset Cat’ – you need to give me what I like!” So, after about a week of not seeing Miss Sunset Cat – surprise she shows up! I hurry- my fastest to wait on the “QUEEN” – she likes the new treats – so her new name is –Miss Finicky of Sunset Park!”


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