“Powerful Katrinka”

When you hear words and or names that sound funny to your ears – that is when you are a little kid – they have a way of getting stuck in your brain, somewhere. My Mother had the best command of the “English Language” and with her voice and diction – she could have been a stand-in for actress, Betty Davis. When my Mother wanted your attention – she had the voice to let you know exactly what she wanted and there was no way for you escape – it came across so very clear!

As I grew – up – taller- and able to reach and do what she was not able to – my Mother would refer to me as her Powerful Katrinka! I always thought that I was the next “Super Woman” since I was able to do whatever Mom wanted me to.  There was the time when my Father was not around and not available and with the cold weather coming and Mom needed the storm-windows hung and she was unable to do the hanging – and she was not able to carry then up from the basement.(I was the only one around and available to be told how you get these windows up from the basement- without breaking – clean – and hang.)

We lived in North Saint Louis and you may have seen the windows  on some of the old houses. The height was at least 6 foot and all one piece with the hanging hooks at the top. So, the job for me was to bring each one up from the basement – without breaking – wash both sides and dry. The windows have all been washed on the outside of the house – so that when this storm-window was hung- we would have clean glass to see through. There were 6 storm-windows for me to hang – now just thinking about doing that job – I’m worn out and could not begin to do any of the work involved!

This was just one of those times when I was called “Powerful Katrinka!”

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Family Kaleidoscope

In the 1940s I received my first Kaleidoscope – and had more fun watching the change of beautiful designs each and every time – just the slightest touch and or turn – a completely different wonder to behold!

It has been years now, since I have had my hands on a Kaleidoscope – but was thinking about life and family – and can see similarities.

In our FAMILY – I at first was the center of the attention. This information comes from hearing about what I did and looking at old photographs of me, before my brothers and sisters arrived on the scene. My comparison comes from the amount of beads or stones in the Kaleidoscope and as you turn it you see bigger and more elaborate designs.

So, My Family Kaleidoscope is a thumb-nail sketch Legacy to my family of stories with some pictures – every picture tells a story – and the older the photo is a memory that my words today can never really tell or explain.

As Family members are born and develop on the scene of life in this Family – the picture develops and the slightest change of what each of us is doing builds up over time a more beautiful picture and or Family to build bigger and better Family Memories!

In the beginning of my “Grandma’s Stories” there was no special plan of who or what I would be writing about – but only to write about “Stories and Activities” that I remember as “LIFE” takes me on the journey that each of us is on to a more Blessed End – and my beliefs on how to arrive at the best destination – following “The Way” and “The Bible” as the manual

All inquiries regarding any and all that is on the FourGrandmas.com are answered and we love hearing from you!

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Time of the Old Woman?

In North America; Weather Prone Accidents! The headline above is what I read on “Coast to Coast” – evidently this period of accident prone time for “Old-Women” – starts February 25 and goes through March 4, 2014!  Since I caught only that small bit of information, thought I would pass it on.

Maybe this “Old-Woman prone to accidents” period has occurred last year to me and maybe even years before and just now we are learning to check out “strange happenings” with one another to see if- in reality – if some mysterious things are reoccurring to us?

Last year, February 28th I took a fall during the night – did not feel bad when I was getting up  – out of bed to go to the bathroom – but the short walk to the bathroom – something – no one knows what could have happened, but I passed out  – falling flat forward and breaking a bone in the nose. How long was I out – like a light – how did I hit the dresser and end up black and blue on the side that hit? No one knows?

My grandson, Alan took me to the emergency hospital – they ran all kinds of tests and I was there for days. I almost felt like a porcupine – everything was x-rayed   – needles putting stuff in me – other needles stuck in to take blood for testing for everything – checking what the medicines  I had been taking to see if they needed to be changed and if others meds would correct everything and anything? I felt like a big “PIN-CUSHION.”

Surgery was found to be the necessary item needed now! I was just not ready for surgery – by a doctor I did not know! I wanted a second opinion by a doctor that had an idea of how my body works – this was more than my brain could fathom? So, I signed for my release from this hospital – so I could check all this information out.

When I left the hospital – all of a sudden I could hardly walk – pain up and down my right leg – so now I have another problem? This now took more testing and checking to see what my problem and pain situation would entail.

This prone accident week for the “OLD WOMAN” – last year – caused me to have to go through two major surgeries within the month of March 2013.

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1954 – “Looking for more “CHAMPS!”

1954 Champs 001

Tom McClarren celebrates a second year with the  German St. Vincent Parochial School Champs! Ron Holtman is in this picture and  is the team’s coach. 

A complete   Sports Program – for  both Boys and Girls  is a must in “my book”  for all schools to have  – to encourage children  in all grades – there are so many good things each child learns and in sone cases leads to the perfect career – and bringing up  more new coaches to continue the game  for health and maybe even wealth?

Family and friends – do you see someone you recognize?

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“Where are all the CHAMPS – Today?”

1953 Champs 001

Denny and Tom McClarren are on German St. Vincent  Parochial School Team of “Champs!” Ron Holtman is the Team Manager and a man who knows how to work with boys to bring out their best qualities both off and on the team.Everyone you talk to – gives the “thumbs-up”  for an excellent job  – done well by Ron!

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“9Lives” to the Rescue!

With all the snow we have had – lots of ice and snow covered ground for the last two weeks –guess what shows up?     The “Sunset Cat” – herself!

Since we had so much snow and the ground was covered with the thick white stuff – there was no way the birds could get a good meal – so we put out more bird feeders – even on our deck- and you know who comes for a visit to my back door – the “Sunset Cat”  and always to my door. Well, with the bad weather – the “Sunset Cat” found a safe place to keep warm and find a free meal? “I’m guessing” because no one owns a “cat” they own you. They show up and you hurry to please them and as long as you please them – they will continue to visit you – since cats like the “royal” treatment they receive from some of their friends.

Like I have been telling everyone, the birds of all “NATIONS” and “KINDS” have found a free meal here, as well as the old squirrel, who eats  and or likes something in the bird feed – just as if  it was a good “nut” for them to enjoy and scare the poor birds away! So, a new job for me is to be a “police man” and run off the old squirrel. So, when I do not see the birds eating – there has to be a good reason – someone big enough to eat “birds”  is lurking around  – that’s when I go in for the running off of  the old “critters” that are not nice to birds.

Yesterday, shortly after having put fresh food in the feeders – no birds – flying in for a free meal? Looking out on the deck- who do you think is sitting on the rail watching all the birds fly by and then away – wondering – who invited a cat? I had a small amount of cat food and fed the cat. After awhile the cat left – and a long time after her departure – the birds did start to come back for a meal. Would you believe the “SUNSET Cat” returned for a second meal – the same day?

My son, Al went to the store and picked up a bag of “9Lives” – just for the Sunset Cat! I told the cat, as if she understands a word that I’m saying – “we all have to share our space – and if she runs into problems – this “9Lives” will help her to live longer!”

We will see what happens!

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