Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich, Sr.

Birthday 001Happy Birthday   Lee, Sr.  ( around the table, left to right)  Lee Jr. – Tom –  Donald – Lee Sr.  –  Mrs. Louise  Aldrich  Stanley.   I am taking the picture and  in less than a month  our new addition to the family  will be  –  Al Aldrich.

How do you like the looks of the  “Birthday Cake”   –  that is one of the things I love making   –  nice tall  three-layer cakes!  Everybody should have a special  home-made  cake  –   made with  “LOVE!”   They always taste so much better than the store bought. And the  “Birthday Person”  feels like they really had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Lee’s  “Mother”  on the picture was  around  83 years of age and still going stroung. The kids called  her Grandma LuLu.  She had enough children and was able to travel to  a  different   one’s  home to live,  until she passed away   almost ten years from the date of this photo.

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Fishing with “DAD”

Lee-Kids 001Fishing with  Dad in Florida!   “Dad’s  birthday is coming up,  August 1 st.” Family Fun is the name of the game! It was very good for  “Lee Sr.”  to have  taken the time to take his boys fishing  –  the time spent  with the family when the kids are young is remembered    –   “forever.”

It was maybe only  three (3) more years  when Lee had a heart attack and did not survive.   That is why I believe that  “One” should make the best of the time  “One”  has   –  so the survivors  will always be able to enjoy the good memories  – as they were made.

I   would  like for everybody to remember   Lee Sr.’s   birthday because he was such a good  and wonderful  “Father”  and his memory will last forever with all of us!

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Pre Flight Test!

AA 001How’s the  “AIR”  up there? This is Cape Canaveral, Florida  –  on our way to  Merrit Island  to visit cousin  Jimmie Brady Shilling.

I remember  – as if it was just yesterday  –  driving up the  Florida Highway  coast and  far enough away from home   stopping for breakfast. We  started our day nice and early, just so we could stop at a restaurant  other than our own.

We were planning on staying a week and enjoying the  swimming at  Jimmy’s  place on  Merrit Island.  They had spent sometime  at our home in Ft.Lauderdale  – and said to come up to their place and plan on sight-seeing.

That is Al Aldrich  –  near or just 2 years of age.  Al made a solo trip from Ft.Lauderdale  to St.Louis, MO   via Eastern Air Lines  at the age of eighteen months.   He is a licensed pilot today   –   Helicopters his favorite!

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1949-1950 Freshmen

49-50 001Botton front to top: Betty Michaud  –  Eugenia Rutherford  –  Margaret Herlitska  –  Mary Boyer  –  Betty Weisenberger  –  Shirley Nivois  –  Elsie Anna

This picture is taken on the steps of the front entrance of   German St.Vincent Orphan Home  –  maybe 1950.

The girls are  dressed for school:  Laboure High School  –  Initiation Day!



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First School Picture!

1944 ME 0011944  –  On my way home from school  –  Perpetual Help School on Linton Avenue, St.Louis, Missouri.

I may have  been in  “First Grade”   and  someone with  a camera all set up  –  stopping some of the school kids and asking if they would like to have their  “picture”  taken  “FREE” to give to their parents?  “Mary Ellen McClarren”

Did I really understand  “FREE”  for your parents?  NO!  I must have given my address and some time later  I’m guessing some one was at our house with  the above picture. There must have been a fee, as nothing in this world  is really  “FREE!”

This is the only picture in my life time that I had been position in just a so-so pose . You can tell by looking at my hand and fingers!  And take a  look at the scarf – just so perfect in side coat.  You know  “KIDS”  coming home  from school have been running and playing and their clothes  are not button and arranged  “Picture Perfect!”

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As we were in 1952!

1952 Grads 001Top row left to right;  Donald Pheiffer  –  Betty Musgrove  –  Jean Saettele  –  Violet Pheiffer  –  Elma Rutherford  –  Elmer Bansbach  –  Paul Jung  –  Daniel Perkins  –  Mary Agnes Seidmeyer  –  Stella Santoyo  –  Gail Porter  –  Eleanor Faucher  –  Theresa Wieland  –  Mary Ellen McClarren

Wish this mailer were in better shape, but as you can see it has folds from being put in the mail, and of course this mailer is sixty-one years old!

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