“Bishop Fulton Sheen Prophecy 50 Years Ago” is a Catholic video about the Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s words about the prophecy that would happen in the Catholic Church.

It is a Catholic prophecy describing the signs that will make you know about the signs when an Antichrist comes.

The crisis in the Church will make you think… if the Anti-christ is already there.

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ARCHBISHOP FULTON SHEEN ON THE ANTI-CHRIST AND CRISIS IN THE CHURCH – CATHOLIC PROPHECY “Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the Anti-christ and Crisis in the Church” is a Catholic video about the Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s words about the Anti-christ.

It is a Catholic prophecy describing the signs that will make you know about the signs when the Antichrist comes. The crisis in the Church will make you think if the Anti-christ is already there.


WATCH THIS NEXT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBnuN…


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Each year on April 21st, National Kindergarten Day honors the birthday of the man who started the first Kindergarten. Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel (April 21, 1782  – June 21, 1852) is credited with starting the very first Kindergarten in Germany in 1837. Frobel was a German teacher and a student of Johann Pestalozzi. Frobel laid a foundation for modern education, recognizing that children learn through play and experience.

The first kindergarten (which means garden for the children) was developed in Blankenburg, Germany, in 1837. The kindergarten fostered Frobel’s social experience for children. It allowed them to smoothly transition from home to school.

Eventually, the Prussian government banned Frobel’s unorthodox methods. However, the rest of the world was eager to accept Frobel’s idea of kindergarten, including the United States.

In 1856, Watertown, Wisconsin, opened the first kindergarten in the United States. Founded by Margarethe Schurz, this kindergarten was a German-language class, as were many in this region. Kindergarten found its way into private English-speaking institutions across the country. However, it wasn’t until 1873 that it became part of any public school system.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalKindergartenDay

National Kindergarten Day offers an opportunity to thank a kindergarten teacher you know. There are several ways to celebrate the day, too!

  • Recognize an outstanding kindergarten teacher.  
  • Explore a career in elementary education, specifically as a kindergarten teacher.
  • Learn more about elementary education.
  • Donate to a teacher’s supply fund.
  • Share your experiences as a kindergarten teacher.
  • Invite families to see how today’s students learn.
  • Spend a day in a classroom.

You can also visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for projects and ideas to help you Celebrate Every Day. 

Share your kindergarten memories using #NationalKindergartenDay on Social Media.


National Kindergarten Day honors the day Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel was born on April 21, 1782. However, we were unable to identify the founder of National Kindergarten Day.

Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel – 1782

The German student of Johann Pestalozzi is credited with laying the foundation for the modern kindergarten in Blankenburg, Germany.


and something to enjoy…


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“A very Early Easter Sunday remembered”

“More Easter Times”

Talking about “Easter Times” … reminds me that Easter was not only about Easter Baskets and Chocolate Bunnies and colored eggs…  but that there is a reason for us to celebrate  Easter…by going to Church.

When I was born, my family lived  across the street from the Perpetual Help Church and  then… when my Mother was expecting my brother Denny…  it was time for us, a growing family, to find a larger place,  so we moved to a  new  larger location  just before Denny Jr. was born.

So, after several moves, we once more moved back to the North Saint Louis area, and we were  once again in the Perpetual Help Parish and  then… of course at this time,  I was old enough to  start going go to school at P.H.  as that  is is shorter and  what we called the school.

When you go to a Catholic School, there are NUNS and you start to learn all about “Jesus” and also  about your part in participating as a good Catholic child should.

In those days – 1940s – you did a lot of walking…  something that children and their parents do not do… so much of today???

Of course, there was WWII going on , and we in America… were all doing our duty – that  – being to give up on all of the “Luxuries” … so that  united we could  do our part  at HOME… toward the “WAR” effort.

We wanted to be “WINNERS!” So, I was walking to and from School each and every day, and the walk was several blocks long.

It was very important… also  for me to be in Church every Sunday  as the Nun that we had…  would inquire on Monday…  when you were in School – “Did you go to Church  on Sunday and was your family with you?”

Also – in those days – there were lots of extra functions that took place on the School Playgrounds…  and if you did not get to Church…  you did  not get  the Sunday Bulletin… so,  “HOW would you ever know what was going on?”  

You did need the weekly bulletin for… The Bing-go’s – Friday night Fish Fries – Picnics – and all of  those important Church activities– Weddings – Births – Christenings – and Deaths.

Well, I guess that I must have felt like a big girl…  as for this  “EASTER SUNDAY” …  I received a mustard color of yellow tweed suit, something extra special for the whole day to wear…  but, I had to wear it first to services on “EASTER.”

So and if you are old enough – you know that whenever you got new shoes, clothes and or anything special  to wear… you wore it first to Church. They didn’t tell me why,  but now that I am older – I guess it would be nice to let the “True Giver” of all  good gifts to  see you,  and  so you could  give HIM …  a very extra special thanks!

So, NOW  it is “Easter Sunday” and  all of my family is as I am – getting ready for Church and   so when all  are ready… then it is… off we go… I do not remember how many blocks that we would walk  – but it was a very beautiful day! The Sun was out shining and we were  all enjoying the walk and as kids, skipping around as my parents were  walking and talked and finally … there we were  all sitting in Church,  and since it was Easter Sunday – it could have taken a little longer … than an hour?

“WOW!” What a difference an hour makes… when we started  our return for home…   all of a sudden a  very heavy “Spring Shower” hit!

 We had no umbrellas! We were getting wet… soak and wet  and all of us in our Sunday Best – just getting soaked – faster  thoroughly  nice and  wet!

So my DAD said, “Head for the Drug Store… up on the next corner…  we will take cover there!” The “Shower” did not last too long, but for my new little suit…  it was shrinking?

There was a silk or satin liner inside for the suit to hold its shape, but this suit was not suppose to get  all wet … for cleaning,  it should be sent to  the “Cleaners” …  so that they could clean it… so as  to keep its  nice shape!

That was one “Easter”  that I’ll never  ever forget… so for a memory and something that I never used for years…  was the  little matching purse…all that I ever had  as a reminder, for years later was that little yellow purse… the suit –  I never saw again and never ever wore for a second time!


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“Talking About Your Problem, May NOT Help”

“Relief- Recovery – Reform for Gamblers…”

You can hear people on the “talk-radio” programs, and  will tell you things… that are almost unbelievable  all about their “Gambling” problems!

Yesterday, this lady called in,  her voice was as if she was on her last rope of LIFE? She sounded like she was in the  deep depths of hell.  she was in “need” …  as her husband was throwing the little bit of  their money  that they had… down the drain.

When I was a little girl, way back in the 1940s…  we were all told that … what we heard was to stay at home, no matter what someone might ask you…  “You are not to repeat what happens in your home,  nor  anything that was said in your home!”

Then, when we were in the Orphanage, and when a visiting Sunday came around and my MOTHER had ask me what I did there for work and play…  I told her exactly  and of that which,  I had told her,  had upset her…  so much that she typed a letter to the “Courts” in Saint Louis, and as a little girl,  I learned firsthand…  HOW and WHY … it is important to keep your mouth shut!

There must be an unwritten rule of what one can, and cannot talk about to the whole wide  world. In other words, “You cannot hang out your “dirty laundry” for the whole world to view!”

Just thinking about this unspeakable rule… I  do believe that is…  what is causing a lot of  our problems – those  –  which we have today!

Without letting people know what is going on and trying to get help to solve the home problems is wrong for each  “person” – HOW  – can we ever expect to FIX the Problem without the right kind of of help?  

We need to get at the “TRUTH” of the situation  and learn by self discipline… only getting to the real “TRUTH” will we ever  seek and receive guidance from the Almighty… the Father of all TRUTH!

Getting back to the lady on the radio… she was telling the radio host…  that she was on disability social security,  that their Television  and one of their telephones was cut off …  due to none payment,  and that they are behind on their mortgage payments and she does not know what to do???

The radio “HOST” asked about her husband…  ‘Does he work?”– “NO!” “His unemployment payment ran out and he is supposed to learn something about a new type of job to do… and that will not be bringing in any  kind of money  as soon as they  need it.”

Also she added, “Whenever he gets any money…  he stops by the “Gambling” places and spends all his money. He will spend any and all  large amounts of money on “Gambling” as fast as he can!”

The “HOST” ask her…  “Does he have a gambling problem?”  “Maybe an addiction??”She then and almost in tears said “YES” …  “and he tells me that he will “WIN” and he will then  double up on the amounts he bets…  but he never gets ahead in any of his “GAMBLING” …  and I just do not know what to do?”

Of course the listeners can tell that the “HOST” is getting disgusted with all of these negative ways of this lady in all  of her and the husband’s  living and  so  “NOW” what can he do,  but to offer to pray for her…  as this program has no way of sending her any financial help, as her husband will only take the cash and blow it!

Just before getting off the “air “ with the “HOST” …  the lady said, “I knew that he gambled before we were married, but I always thought … that I would be able to help him in some way  or the other,  to cut down  and or stop “GAMBLING!”

Well, that was the last straw,  the “HOST” could not take any more of this,  he just finished with saying he would pray for her,  and asked her to do the same,  but to  try  and get some professional help,  and  to do something,   go somewhere immediately to the agencies that are set up… just  for these kind of problems – NOW!

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“”Take Time to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day”

☘️ Festival Folk was a six-part series featuring The Dubliners, with special guests Jim McCann and Paddy Reilly recorded in concert at the National Stadium in Dublin. ☘️

This episode of Festival Folk was broadcast on 21 October 1985 on Irish Television Channel RTÉ.

I’ll tell you a story of a row in the town, When the green flag went up and the Crown rag came down, ‘Twas the neatest and sweetest thing ever you saw, And they played the best games played in Erin Go Bragh.

One of our comrades was down at Ring’s end, For the honor of Ireland to hold and defend, He had no veteran soldiers but volunteers raw, Playing sweet Mauser music for Erin Go Bragh.

Now here’s to Pat Pearse and our comrades who died Tom Clark, MacDonagh, MacDiarmada, McBryde, And here’s to James Connolly who gave one hurrah, And placed the machine guns for Erin Go Bragh.

One brave English captain was ranting that day, Saying, “Give me one hour and I’ll blow you away,” But a big Mauser bullet got stuck in his craw, And he died of lead poisoning in Erin Go Bragh.

Old Ceannt and his comrades like lions at bay, From the South Dublin Union poured death and dismay, And what was their horror when the Englishmen saw All the dead khaki soldiers in Erin Go Bragh.

Now here’s to old Dublin, and here’s her renown, In the long generation her fame will go down, And our children will tell how their forefathers saw, The red blaze of freedom in Erin Go Braugh.

Get your Erin Go Bragh Flag from IrishNation.com

“Sit back and enjoy, but… if you are so moved …to get up and  dance…do so and have the most fun…ever!”

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“Easy Corned Beef Hash”

Recipe of the Day

Easy Corned Beef Hash
Prep:  15 mins
Cook:  25 mins
Servings:  3-4


2 tablespoons butter
1 yellow medium onion chopped
2 cups chopped corned beef
3 cups 1/4 diced potatoes


Melt butter in large skillet on medium heat.

Saute onion in melted butter. About 4 or 5 minutes.

Add potatoes, corned beef and cook 10 to 12 minutes.

Stir occasionally so as not to burn potato. If desired, fry an egg or two for each serving, serve and enjoy.


This recipe is the creation of our very own Snoop Doug here at National Day Calendar®. He says it is quick and easy to prepare, and fills you up to start the day strong.

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