“When does “Tomorrow”  ever come for ME?”

“An Extra Special Happy Birthday Mom… and forever more”

Mom & all 4 001

This is the…  SAME LOCATION…  as the PHOTO below.

But in this Photo… that is my MOTHER… and  now… she is holding our baby sister Karen… this twin, that was a survivor!

Identical twins were born, each weighing eight and a half pounds… but first to be born was Kathleen, and had some trouble with the lungs… and was buried at Calvary Cemetery.

                        “Life Changes in… SEPTEMBER…”

Baby Karen 001

In SEPTEMBER  of 1945… LIFE as I knew it …came to a big change.

Since my MOTHER would be having twins in FEBRUARY of 1946…

My two  brothers DENNY  and TOMMY and ME  – would need a place to be taken care of … for a short time… A time long enough for my Mother to have the “TWINS” that she was now  expecting and a few months after the delivery… so that she could get back on her feet… to be able to do… all that she was now doing… but then… with five children.

This is what  my MOTHER was told while …all of the paperwork that she was  now signing … for this temporary placement to get started …that all  of this  preparation was just a formality … but once we were actually placed in the Orphanage … there was another story and they were not letting us leave…  when something sounds too good … beware… that which you were told … was not the truth.

To begin the search for this temporary housing…

There were three locations  – that children could be placed on a temporary basis.   The first one that we all went too… for a visit with a social worker  – doing the driving and giving us all the details  – as to what she thought would be a good place for each of us…

First, Saint Mary’s Home for Girls – in the South Saint Louis area.  This place – made a real impression on me – it was a very tired  and worn out place – and not at all friendly  and not really  a place… that I was wanting to go – and no amount of telling me – it would only be for a short time… was making me think differently!

The second place would be for boys only… Saint Joseph Home for Boys… and since I was not to go there – well nothing at all was very appealing  to me.

My two brothers – well they were just  too young to know what they wanted  and or even like, and I do not think that they had any idea … of what was really going on.

When each of my brothers were to be born… well I was the one that had to go somewhere for a short stay  – – and even the bag of candy  that I was given … did not set too well with me.

 That is one time – I’ll never forget!

I have this bag of candy to hold, all the while these adults are showing us this place … the different rooms … where I will be sleeping and  eating and playing… and then secretly my parents are no longer around… gone!

All the while I am taken to different places where all the children are… and I am still holding on to my bag of candy!

Now… it is that time of the day…  for us, children  to go to bed. I will not turn loose of my bag of candy. 

Finally I am placed in this bed… still holding tight that bag of candy… will not turn loose of it for no reason … at all!

Surprise it is MORNING… and I no longer have that bag of candy. Looked all over and started to cry… so that someone would help me, to find that bag of candy.

Nobody cared about my bag of candy… and was told “Tomorrow you will receive another bag of candy!”

To a young child… being told … “Tomorrow  YOU will receive a bag of CANDY”… means nothing at all.

“When does “Tomorrow”  ever come for ME?”

In the above photo… My FATHER is holding the one surviving twin KAREN –  then there is DENNY –  Mary Ellen – – TOMMY.

Did you ask…  are we HAPPY?

– – NO!

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“Remembering a very Happy and Young MARIE”

“Marie Brady at age 13”

This  is  another of those old  – (over 100 years old)  –  PHOTOS… that just does not seem to have much LIFE in… to last much longer, and  before it completely fades away…  just thought,  that I would give it one more shot, just to see…  if we can view the faces better, as “I  LOVE the fact…  that my “MOM”…  “to be”… is so cute!”

Lots of things will happen  between the date of this PHOTO and my BIRTH.     “America”  has not as yet  entered in the “First  World War” … and the “Roaring Twenties” has not as yet  “hit the scene” … and  young  “Marie”  has not completed  “GRADE SCHOOL” and of course my “FATHER  to be”…has not come  back from the  “WAR” situation…

And then…  on that “TRAIN to St.Louis…”  coming from ” CALIFORNIA”  destination to   “OHIO” in traveling,  met  a  “Mr. FLEMING, a cousin” …  who invites  “Mr. McClarren”  to celebrate their “home-coming” with all of  his   “BRADY clan”  in “MISSOURI” …  before continuing his trip to “OHIO” … and of course…  at that large gathering…  there  “DENNY”  meets   “MARIE”!

“WOW” and another  “WOW”!

In the above PHOTO is “Irene Brady Riley” sister to  “MARIE”   and the lady in the center a cousin, and  or she could be the wife of the eldest brother,  “JIM BRADY” …  and the little girl  seated on the left…  could be their  adopted  daughter, JIMMY BRADY ,  and so many years later…

I met her when she was married to  Mr. Shilling, and living in “FLORIDA.”   The boy seated on the right is unknown to me… at this time.

When looking at  “old photos” …  and we know … what has happened since…  good – bad…  indifferent…   there must be a reason…  that we do not know – – all the stuff in LIFE – – that  “will happen” …  if  we continue…  on the “PATHS” we took and or take… in those younger years? ********* 

 “We just could not move another step!”    D.V.

Marie & Family 001

Seated…”MOM’… “Neighbor and a good friend”… “Marie, and very young and living at home with MOM and POP” … and standing is “POP, Mr. Thomas F. Brady, himself”

Marie Brady – 1918


Miss Marie Brady  – Today is her  121st –  Birthday!

This  PHOTO  on the back side…is stamped that if you want more copies of this “PHOTO”…   the charge is $1.00 or 6 copies for $5.00 –

 “Now you have an idea of how old the photo is.”

I always,  liked this photo of my  Mother  “Marie Brady McClarren” …  but she did not like it… why ??? 

She did not say   and I  could – never get a reason?

So, today in Heaven…  I know that they are singing and dancing …  dancing the “Charleston”,  that was MARIE’s  favorite dance during  the “Roaring Twenties” and those  days of the “FLAPPERS”… they must have really  been having fun for those… who  did like to kick up their heels?

“Happy Birthday” …  to the  “BEST of  MOTHERS … and wishing lots and many more happy Birthdays in Heaven!


 If only they made cameras that would be perfectly focused in,  on that…  extra special  subject, my MOM to be, way back  and then,  in the 1930’s?

If  –  “Marie” did mot have to be the one child in the “Brady Family” that had to be the “Care-taker” of the older “PARENTS” …   since they did not have  that “Social Security”  thing,  set up way back then…  maybe we would have had the chance to get to know our MOTHER when she was much younger?

But of course, we do not have that choice to make,  as we  have been “thought of ” – way before the ‘world’  was a reality – – and we are only the “creatures” …  and never  have been,  the “CREATOR” of this universe. 

Everything had been in  a special  plan of the Creator and only by the “CREATOR”  as we read in the BIBLE  “Psalm 139”.

So, I am very  well pleased,  with the way everything has been and is going according to a plan and we just need to learn to be content with what we have and have received.

And then…  to do our part to help to make everything better for our neighbor as our self … and without complaining.

“Who in the world likes to hear constantly,  from a big complainer – any way?”

There was an old saying so long ago …  forgot who started promoting it …  but it goes like this…

“The LORD helps those that help themselves” … and of course most people took that the wrong way  but,  if you give a thought or two about it … it means that if you  can help someone along the road to Eternity… instead of only doing for yourself , you will be receiving so much more help in your own needs.

Because …  when someone is only receiving and never giving… his empty hand will cause such “backache” …  that there is no healthy  LIFE for  such a stingy one.

“In giving,  we receive  more Blessings from our CREATOR, and that is what is most important  for us … on this trip to our Eternal Reward!”     

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“The 25th is here …Celebrate with MOMMA”

“MOM will be celebrating another BIRTHDAY”

      “Remembering “MAMA” reading to us”

When we … children in the 1940’s  sre were “LUCKY” – to have a “MAMA”  –  that would take some time to read   – as in those days – there was no “TV” to park your children… in front of… for hours.

WE had in our Living Room… a “Davenport” –  that is a sofa  that would open up –  into a very large bed  – but during the day and  with no company and or relatives from OHIO, that would spend a week or so with us –  we would  all sit in a row –  with  our MOM in the middle and she would start to read to us.

One  extra special thing about my MOM –  was that she would   change her voice…  to indicate a child speaking or whatever the story would require.

Another thing when reading to us… there was no word that she could not say  and every story would come to real, LIFE in our minds… as we could see exactly  what the “author” of that book wanted us to see  and  to really understand fully,  the  whole story.

The one story that…  I  really  remember more so than any other is  of  the little “Hiawatha” … especially  when MOM would be reading… 

 A much-anthologized excerpt begins:  

   “On the shores of Gitche Gumee, / Of the shining Big Sea Water, / Stood Nokomis, the old woman, / Pointing with her finger westward, / O’er the water pointing westward, / To the purple clouds of sunset.”

  and as this was coming to LIFE  –  those poems of “LONGFELLOW” …  just  found a permanent place in my brain …  so that when I had my children and they were very young…

I also bought the  same book… “HIAWATHA”  … and my MOTHER also read the same story…  just the way she read it to me  and my brothers, and to this day…  I still have the book,  as worn out as it is…  it is a real treasure to me!

For those that want an idea of this great story of little “HIAWATHA” – – have it added right here, for you … listen if you like?


Image result for story of hiawatha book

With out …  looking for my old copy of  “HIAWATHA”  the above cover… take a look and see if you also have this wonderful book for children, too. 

The pld above  cover … sure  does look just  like the cover of my   old 50 years  and  or more  … keep “safe”  and a  “keepsake”  book.

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Happy 85th Birthday Grandma!

You are the absolute A#1 greatest of all time! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Denver Broncos Football GIF by BroncosHappy Birthday GIF by Vincent Winterbirthday cake GIF

Everybody Dance!!

Happy Birthday Reaction GIF by The Officedance party dancing GIFHappy Dance Party GIFDance GIFDance Off GIF by Europeana

LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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“A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”

Just have to post this series of pictures … for all of those, that will be celebrating their  BIG “BIRTHDAYS” in this  very special month of SEPTEMBER  in the year of 2022!

First of all … someone does have to do all of the planning of this very  special occasion… the … BIRTHDAY PARTY…

Must have a list of the guests… you know all the family and special friends that like  and do enjoy a special party …

 A party that will have… just the best of  “BIRTHDAY CAKES” and some very  delicious  “Ice Cream” … because we all know, that  in every family that there is always a  “someone”  that just lives on cake and ice cream … and that person will usually sneak some seconds… when no one is looking and  also when the  “coast” is clear… for them to just help themselves… “you know who”… right on!

“Okay… the candles are nicely placed  on the top of the  cake … and it looks like we just  may have to call the “Fire Department” … we are getting  entirely too much smoke  and fire …by putting  such  a great number  of candles  on that most delicious  cake, too much fire  can really cause problems  sitting on the top of a very delicious Birthday Cake!


Start singing NOW… we want everybody to hear all of us… all the way down on “GRAND AVENUE”     as we all know who lives down there… and hope he can come over for the party!


“Hurry up… and start to blow out all of those candles… we do not  like to eat  melted candle on the wonderfully made cake!”

Just in case … we need a little help with the “Birthday” song… just had to add some expert help … a little of that most famous of songs with singers to help make us all sound like we know how to sing along! 

“Just terrific… if…  I say so myself!”

“Almost looks like… we will have to all give  of some of our “WIND”… we need to get in and help put that big “FIRE” out… and save the “CAKE” … before we end up  calling  the “Fire Department!”

“You know…  that the “FIRE DEPARTMENT”   will want to take the whole cake for themselves… only because they saved it… from burning up!”



This is the best part of the “Birthday PARTY”… now we can get some  of delicious Ice Cream and Birthday cake, and  then… we can now… just sit back and watch the  “BIRTHDAY PERSON” start working … opening up all of the wonderful gifts and cards … and making stacks of all those goodies… and somewhere along the way,  try to remember whose card goes with what gift… because this part of the party… lets you know just exactly how old you have just become!

It just came to me … that I just have to make one more remark about “Birthday Parties”.

By our having a “Birthday Party” every year… we are making  sure that we are getting older… just like regular old clock work!

So… what if we were to skip this yearly “Birthday Party”  stuff … and just live LIFE without getting older… because,  if  we stop counting up years as they go by… we could always be just so young and nice looking … for our very good and young age… maybe we could just  live forever and a day longer than the next guy!

“What’s the good word on that?”


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“One Step on EARTH, Two STEPS ABOVE”

“Would YOU like to be, UP Here”

AA 001

When a family is on a “family trip” to visit relatives in a city or a very small town, and not too far away, but a pretty good drive  with lots to see…

and  also has lots of  extra special  items to see of the “Kennedy Space Station” with very good  back ground scenery… all of the lovely  landscape with some small parts of the Ocean  to quickly catch a sneak  view as we fly by on the road, never driving  too fast, as we do have very precious cargo in this vehicle, and we do want to be all in one piece … when we arrive at our destination… our  relatives’ home  and land, to enjoy  seeing as  we just seem to be flying by along the coast of Florida….

but still a pretty good drive…

does each of the family members get to say or put in their two cents worth of their mind… as to what  or where they  will be put in this PHOTO?

 In the Photo coming up… is the youngest in the  “Aldrich FAMILY”  a little Al , himself was just “AIR” lifted up and onto  the footing holding a much larger and permanently place Aircraft… to be displayed, forever!

As you can see  “little Al” is looking to his father for help… and his Dad and young brother Lee, standing down below him are also keeping their eyes on our, little Al… just in case, he would make a quick move and start to come down… from  above.


  L to R – is Donald and little Al and Lee, Jr. Aldrich

We are at ” Cape Canaveral, Florida” and on our way to visit our cousin,  “Jimmie Brady Shilling.”

She and her  husband live on “Merrit Island” which is  just a little further for us to travel.

“just in case I forget, how to get where I am going…posting a map” “Only 171 miles one way!”

What is Merritt Island Florida known for?
Image result
The unincorporated “town” of Merritt Island is located on Florida’s largest island, which serves as the home of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, still a major tourist attraction, even though space shuttles are no longer being launched from here.
What is there to do in Merritt Island today?
Top Attractions in Merritt Island
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 20,538. …
  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. 953. …
  • Black Point Wildlife Drive. …
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis. …
  • Brevard Veterans Memorial Museum & Military Museum. …
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. …
  • Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area. …
  • Obloy Family Ranch.
 We finally got to where we were going on Merritt Island… our cousins had their own swimming pool… just something,  that all of the family enjoyed and we spent a lot of time there,  just watching  as the kids did all of their fancy swimming…
we had a wonderful week with family and then… like all good vacations, there comes a time…  for the end of fun… we then packed,  and took that long  and slow  drive home… to relax!

“A very good time was had by all”

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