Each year on December 4th, National Dice Day recognizes an ancient gaming tool. Many games incorporate dice as a way to add random challenges or obstacles to the objectives.  

Players typically throw dice onto a flat surface from their hands or a cup. The uppermost face of the die after it comes to rest determines the value of the throw. One popular dice game is craps where wagers are made on the total value of the throw of the dice. Frequently used in board games, players use dice to randomize their moves, commonly by deciding the distance a piece will move on a board. Favorite board games using dice include backgammon and Monopoly.

The origin of dice is uncertain. However, it is known that they have been around for thousands of years.  At the Burnt City, an archaeological site in south-eastern Iran, archaeologists unearthed the oldest known dice as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set.

Players originally made dice from the talus (ankle bone) of hoofed animals. They also used ivory, wood, and plastics in making dice. Dice also come in many shapes and colors. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalDiceDay

Play a game using dice. Or hang those fuzzy dice on the rear-view mirror. If you have two dies, you might be in pair o’ dice. Use #NationalDiceDay to post on social media.


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National Play Monopoly Day on November 19th recognizes the iconic board game that lands us on Park Place, Boardwalk or even in jail.

Known as one of the most popular board games in the world, Monopoly was originally based on a board game designed by Elizabeth Magie in 1902. Since then, the game has been played by an estimated 500 million people since 1935. 

 When is National Scrabble Day?

The object of the game is to collect as many properties as you can to create a monopoly. When players land on your property, you get to collect rent. The more properties you own, the more money you make, too. But watch out, there are taxes and other fees involved. To win the game, you need to bankrupt your opponents and be the last landowner standing. Many families have house rules that make the game more interesting, too. 

Monopoly also comes in numerous versions. Do you enjoy a particular book or movie franchise or hobby? The game likely comes in themes focusing on famous characters and likely scenarios. How about sports teams or pop culture? Monopoly money goes there, too!

Monopoly was  published by Parker Brothers, an American toy and game manufacturer since 1883.

HOW TO OBSERVE #PlayMonopolyDay

Put your banker cap on. Gather your family and friends together and play Monopoly. See if you can come out the winner. What are your house rules? How long do games last in your house or do they end up in turmoil? Use #PlayMonopolyDay to post on social media.

We even have more boardgame fun in 7 Stories Behind Our Favorite Games.


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“Little Miss Ruby, herself… the Toe Dancer”

If this does not look like, little Miss Ruby… that is our little Miss Ruby, herself… doing just what she always does… gives everyone a nice big hug and kiss!

And… I do believe… that, as I am looking at this PHOTO of our little Miss Ruby…”she  just may become  a very fancy    “TOE DANCER”  …  if, I say so… myself!”

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“Some Old Memories are Still the Best”

Mickey McLaren – Down Memory Lane

When you think back to when you were a kid,  in  Grade School,  –  Do you think of the  Names  –  old  Friends – just exactly and what do you remember and why?

Can you think of a couple of your old friends names,  do you  have any idea of … “What in the world could they  NOW…be doing?”

So, as I am starting to remember and thinking about some of the good old days… when in grade school,  that is a great place  to start and see what  I remember… have to almost start as to when  some things  were happening for me… so very important for young people… as that is when we really  are making fast connections … as to what is going on… and will remember for always and ever!

“Today?” … As I am thinking about years gone by… America is making HISTORY all about the election that just took place on TUESDAY… because… we will not know WHO  will WIN….  and that question – maybe for months… due the late incoming ballots and even more elections in a month or so… so that everyone is mentally at a standstill situation?

Due to the situation in the whole world today… the quarantine and coronavirus  virus… Things just are not the way they  were … back in the days that I am remembering  and NOW… come to think about it… may never ever be like the good old days… that we had and when they were really good times!

 So…It  must be the change of weather and the  Stores with all the  Holiday Decorations and  ideas –  gets you to thinking of all the get-to-gathers  … of which we can not do…  and or have… but some may do… just because… some always do what they want to do… when they want to – and who will I see  and or remember  – from long ago?

Dorothy Jorgensen  and I ran into each other near the O’Fallon Park, in north Saint Louis, Missouri in the early 50’s, and had a real good time . We should do it again?  

Linda Crow and I would listen to  the radio   –   We would push our beds closer together  to hear  the radio    –   as late as we could or until we fell asleep.  We did not want everybody in the Dormitory to know we had the radio on – when it was “light’s out time!”  

It was a good thing,  that the  “Nuns” rosary beads and keys would hit their knee as they would be walking down the corridor halls  — it gave us  a     “head’s up  –  trouble on the way”   –  kept us out of harm’s way!

Lucille Yoergler, one of the best looking gals, and with such beautiful natural curly hair. When she would be doing  her music lessons… I would always  be eager to bring her something she would like… so  that she would  try playing a new piece of music, that I had just received from my Mother! 

That’s the way it is in LIFE… have to have something to give someone so that they will want to do… that which  YOU want them to do for you…and sometimes…in the end…you both end up being friends…forever!

Today,  my  sons and grandchildren all  have musical talent,  and when  they are playing music  –  some real good old memories … just a keep a coming my way!

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Aviation History Month - November

When it comes to Aviation History Month in November, there’s plenty to celebrate. From the first balloons sent up into the atmosphere to every device invented that elevated humans above the earth, our imaginations have been captured by the idea of flight. Aviation History Month recognizes the achievements of the men and women who make it happen.


Looking back, many of us quickly identify Wilbur and Orville Wright. However, long before the brothers took to the air, others were lifting off in other devices. In fact, the Wrights were inspired by these inventive pioneers in aviation. For example, Otto Lilienthal built gliders and flew them near Berlin, Germany. His very invention aided the Wright brothers in the design of a powered aeroplane.

When is National Aviation Day?

Another notable figure in aviation history many will name is Amelia Erhardt. While she earned many records, the one record she never successfully circumnavigated the globe. The first woman to gain that honor was Geraldine Mock. In 1964, Jerrie Mock completed her feat in twenty-nine days, eleven hours, and fifty-nine minutes. She flew a Cessna 180 named the “Spirit of Columbus.”

In 1941, The 99th Pursuit Squadron was activated at Tuskegee comprised of black pilots and ground crews. They became known as the Tuskegee Airmen, a segregated military unit. Because the NAACP had forced the military’s hand, the airmen were undertrained and expected to fail. Though they did not perform at the same level as their counterparts, they completed their missions and met demands while overcoming obstacles. As a result, they led the way for integrated units in the U.S. Air Force.

HOW TO OBSERVE #AviationHistoryMonth

Do you remember the first time you flew in an airplane? For some it’s the most exhilarating experience and for others it’s nerve-wracking. Explore aviation history, the people, the places and the technology. There are numerous ways to learn aviation history, too.

  • Read a book about aviation.
  • Visit an aviation museum.
  • Talk to a pilot or go for a ride in an airplane.
  • Listen to a podcast about aviation history.
  • Watch a video about aviation history.
  • Find an airshow event near you.

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use #AviationHistoryMonth to post on social media.


We were unable to identify the source of Aviation History Month.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar®!

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