“A 1968 Olympic Champion in Ladies’ singles”

Peggy Fleming
American former figure skater
February 10, 1968: Figure Skater Peggy Fleming Won Gold at the Olympic Winter Games - Lifetime
Peggy Gale Fleming is an American former figure skater and the only American in the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France to bring home a Gold Medal.
She is the 1968 Olympic Champion in Ladies’ singles and a three-time World Champion.

 Stamp › Peggy Fleming (*1948), USA

Who Is Peggy Fleming?

Peggy Fleming started figure skating at age 9. Soon the hobby blossomed into an amateur career and Fleming won several accolades for the sport, including U.S. titles and world championships. She then participated in the 1968 Olympics, where she won the only gold medal for the United States. 

Thirty years later, Fleming was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through surgery and chemotherapy, she successfully conquered her cancer.

Early Life

Peggy Gale Fleming was born on July 27, 1948, in San Jose, California. She began skating at age 9, and her family made several sacrifices to support the young athlete’s amateur career. When she was 12, her coach was among those killed when a plane carrying the United States figure skating team crashed in Belgium. 

With her new coach — the lithe, elegant skater Carlo Fassi — Fleming went on to win five U.S. titles and three world championships.

1968 Olympics

In 1968, Fleming won gold at the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, France. Her gold medal  was the only one achieved by the U.S. that year. The victory was also particularly sweet because it signaled a resurgence in U.S. figure skating following the 1961 airplane tragedy.

After winning her Olympic gold, Fleming starred in several television specials, including Fantasy IslandThe Magic of David Copperfield VII: Familares and Nutcracker on Ice, and performed in countless skating shows across the U.S. She was also a popular commentator for ABC Sports, often working… with fellow Olympic champ Dick Button.


Dick Button 1948 Olympics Montage   


A compilation of footage attempting to recreate around two and a half minutes of his free skate from the 1948 Winter Olympics in St Moritz.
The music is Rumanian Rhapsody which he did skate to although whether it was this particular part,    I have no idea.



Battling Breast Cancer

In 1998, Fleming was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery to remove a malignant tumor on the 30th anniversary of her famous Olympic win. After completing radiation therapy, Fleming was cancer-free. 

She shared her battle with breast cancer with the public, appearing on such television shows such as The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Since her diagnosis, Fleming has been a tireless champion for health-related causes.

Personal Life

Fleming and her husband, Greg Jenkins, have two sons, Andy and Todd, and multiple grandchildren.

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“Get that High School Diploma, Some HOW”

“School and Work continue”

When you are young, there is nothing better than to get into a regular program of schooling and work and some young people are more able and willing to be more enthused  seeing to it that, LIFE has  a definite plan and the sooner you  set your aims  high  with plans that will work, it is then, best to follow through  with your best of  efforts!

My first choice to finish my High School credits on a  course by course of study was at the “Hadley Tech School” in Saint Louis, which may or may not be there now,  as the City has done some major  building and lots of changing over the years, at least since I was going to School.

 Here I am, took my camera to School to take a few PHOTOS…  just to let everyone at my place of employment… at the Telephone Co.,  know that I was in School on those days, that I was working the  “split-shift” schedule. 

Sometimes, when you are working and want to do something, and ask for a change of your hours, to be able to do that which you need to get done on a certain day and time,  I am guessing that, they (the Employer)  may not quite believe everything that you are saying, so… just to be sure, that they knew that when I ask  for something, it is because,  that is what my PLAN… is and something to be an improvement and I need to be doing!

 This is the class …where I would go for my assignments.

The Instructors are standing and the class of men are mostly “Service Men” returned  from  where they were stationed, and are NOW doing  that which,  I am trying to do…  get those credits that are needed to finally have  that “HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA” in my hands. 

Not to have that “DIPLOMA”  back then… kept a lot of people from getting that  “Work Career” that they were dreaming of, and so many were most anxious, to do what ever it took.

That Document…  was of great value.. that little piece of paper, that would get your foot into the door of “OPPORTUNITY!”

Working that “split-shift” the hours would begin  in the morning,  from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Then you would be off work all afternoon till 6:00 pm. Then you would return to work till 10:00 pm.

So, you worked… only seven hours and were paid for eight hours of work and in addition  to that.. you would receive a designated rate for “car-fare” on your  pay-check, which made it so very much more worth while for  me.

This is a guess, but I  am  thinking, that  we may have started out  around a $1.00 per hour working back then, and also had to pay “Union dues”   and something came out of your pay check for the  “United Fund” … and to make sure of all  of this…  I would have to check some of my old pay stubs, of which I have…  just in case, I was  ever in need of checking out just exactly that which… I was making?

When you are young and dumb, not knowing  what to save, and for what, that something would be needed, I just  got in the habit of saving most documents  of any kind, as some people collected assorted things,  and now…  after so many years, you would hear that this old “relic of something”  was worth millions.

Guess that I was thinking that… that would be the way, that I would make my first million, by saving an old collectible!

“Thanks be to the Almighty Yahweh… that I have found out, that I do not need to save something that might be worth a million…  as I would  not know,  what to do with that million… if it drop down right in front of me!”   D.V.

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“Today is just ‘Give Something’ Away DAY”

Today  is one of those days, that we should give something away to help someone in a way, that would be of a help to them.

As I was reading about this giving away something, just had to stop to remember back to when I was in High School, and of course, that was a long time ago!

My Aunt Irene, who has a Birthday coming up on the 17th… just came to mind… and about her giving away of stuff. 

She would call me the day before  she would want for me to come to her home … so that… I could just make one nice long trip home from School… via seeing her that day.

I was going to Rosati Kain High School on Lindell Blvd.

So my trip would start in the morning  with me walking a couple of blocks to catch the Vander venter Bus several blocks east of Fairgrounds Park… a very nice ride through the Park everyday… straight on to Lindell Blvd… I’m guessing at least a half hour ride.

When School got out… took the Lindell Bus to Kingshighway… and then catch the Kingshighway Bus going South. This was a pretty long distance to 6010 South Kingshighway, where Aunt Irene lived.

Get off the Bus, cross the street, walk a short distance,

Then to the North side of the Apartment Building and walk up to the first floor…. as I am going to her back door entrance… and the building had a very good view  of their backyard  and the front of building areas… just more for the occupants to see, as well, they could enjoy sitting out on the side lawn, watching  traffic and people walk by.

Once there, Aunt Irene would  immediately have something for me to eat, and she would start showing me all of the things,  that she would receive from another tenant, who was a model for some Company  and they would give to her, some clothes that they no longer needed.

Some of the things were nice and I could wear and would use, but there  would always be a few things, that I could not  use and  did know of a “Second Hand Dealer” near our house, and I would take these items and receive money for them, as these items were  only used for a day of Photographing.

So… “a day to give something away… TODAY… must have always been in the works.” 

Living in an Apartment Building, as Aunt Irene did for fifty years or more… as she was well known by lots of  Church people and if and when they wanted to give something away… she would know exactly to whom she could call.

Aunt Irene knew of organizations  for any and all causes… as she belonged to so many and attended all most all of their functions, as she did have the time and the friends that would pick her up, and I knew that she would even travel out of town with these different organizations’ friends and members.

As I remember, when we were young and had a question about almost anything at all… especially the giving and donating  of items … “Aunt Irene was just a telephone call away!”

“Blessings to all those, that will have… that which to give”

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‘The First Thing YOU DO Each Day”

Do you remember the first thing that you were taught to do… as a young child?

Al of us come from different households and taught many different things as we are growing up, but the one thing that I am asking…is “when you move from the “baby bed” to the big bed of your own?”

Now that you have your thinking cap on… what do you remember?

In some cases you may not remember, so when were you told to start making your own bed?

In the Orphanage…  and you were in first grade,  now you were sleeping in the Dormitory with maybe ten to fifteen other children, and each child had to make their very own bed. I am guessing most households across the Country would be doing the same thing.

There is a very good reason for “YOU” to make your own bed, as you get out of bed. 

When you start the day at  the making  of your own bed… YOU are starting your day… doing something. So… in LIFE as you go through the day… you will be seeing something that needs to be done, and you will follow through with doing that task, and or a creative thing that you have planned to do.

When you are older and thinking of joining the Army or the Navy or any other branch of Service… you will be assigned a cot to sleep on as every other person,  and will be shown the correct way for you to make after your good nights’ sleep!

Almost any Movie you see, regarding the different Branches of Service, you will see a shot or two of the men in the sleeping quarters, and they will be having an inspection scene where the sheet or pillowcase or some other reason that the cot was not made according to their directions and that service man will get “K-P Duty” or some other duty to impress upon their brain…that the cot has to Pass Muster!

The idea of making your bed first thing to start your day…gets you ready to continue the day doing those things necessary for an orderly  and clean  LIFE, committing to and doing those tasks that are necessary … small and or large… making for just a clean and well organized LIFE!

When guests come into your HOME, and like most people, they like to see your “BEDROOM”… You take all kinds of praise and good comments  with your HEAD held high… sure glad that my “MOM” made me make my BED when… I was a KID!

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“Every DAY A New Lesson to Learn”

“How Was YOUR School DAY Back Then”

“My High School Days of Activities – Not in the NEWS”

 Just found this  ‘poster’ with,  “This too shall Pass” and was wondering,  if anyone that listens to the  NEWS on Radio and TV “Is there any TRUTH,  at all, in anything that is said or done?”

Over the years, each of us has different experiences than our neighbor, and further back, our Class-mates.  So, I was thinking back to HIGH SCHOOL days, and I can remember some things that did pertain to me,   like walking to and from ‘School’ and through the “Fairgrounds Park”  and that, was in ‘hot’ weather – rain and or snow on the ground, can not remember ‘School’ ever being cancelled due to weather – I just had to be prepared for whatever –  hit.

Several times my  “Aunt Irene Riley,”  met me and we went to the Grocery Store,  as she thought,  that I should learn how to cook a decent meal for my “Mother”  while she was at work,  and have it ready for our dinner.

She would show me how to select the vegetables and fruits for ripeness and good flavor and then the right selection of meats – we did walk  to and from the store. Then,  when at home she had the best of ways to prepare everything, just the right seasoning and cooking times –  for  a very tender and enjoyable dinner.

This is a photo of Irene and husband, Bill… and as you can see… she has an apron on, preparing for Dinner,  and she was an expert… as she received all of her training  from her Mother Anne … my Grandmother… the real  expert of the “BRADY” family!

There came a time when so many friends had after ‘SCHOOL’ jobs,  so  I thought,  I should also apply for work at the “Dime Store” – the one close to home and within walking distance.

One of  my  “Teachers”  told me about a program that they had to help  “students in need” with  a “Bus Pass”  if they were working after school and on weekends. So, I applied at the “Woolworth’s” on “Grand and Olive Streets” and was hired to work on their second floor, in the “toy” department. This was a very good start for me in working and helping my Mother with the paying of our bills.

  By having a job and working after ‘School’, I was also able to use this “Bus Pass” to catch a “Bus”  in the morning to School, saving me some time,  in the walk time – – had a little more time  in the “HOME ROOM”  to prepare for that day in class  and not feel too rushed .

There was  a “girl-friend, Gloria”  that worked in the “Lunch Room” and she knew everybody and anybody – and told me, they needed another person to work in the “Lunchroom” and if,  I wanted to work during “LUNCH” instead of  going to a  “Study Hall” – that,  I would get my “LUNCH” free!  “WELL, who in the world  ever turn down a free LUNCH?” 

 I was right there – she showed me where I would be working, and I am guessing,  that I worked there for a couple of years. Easy work and did get to see lots of the students –  a good many more,  than I would have ever had the chance to see and talk with – and just over their selection of what they would be eating for lunch!

Will have to write more – could find some excitement to unearth – just so grateful,  that so many had  me in their PRAYERS!     D.V.

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“Just remembering Aunt Irene’s Son, little Bernie”

“Bernard Riley”


Bernard Riley  – September 10th, 1913 –

The one and only son of William B. Riley and Irene Brady Riley.

If only…  he had lived… he would have been “President” of this Country!

Those were the words of my mother… Irene’s sister, Marie. 

“Little Bernard” …  was the most beautiful child and always so well behaved…  but his life was planned…  too far in advance of reality…not really  having a  real chance to live… just one day at a time.

In the “Lord’s Prayer” … where it reads…  “Thy will be done here on earth…”…  my thoughts are that we have to remember to ask our   Almighty Yahweh,  for  His direction…  because,  HE just may have a plan for each of our “LIVES” and with out a consultation with HIM…  how do we know the correct plan and path we are to follow?

This is where I believe,  that we should start using that special  verse…  that states;  “Ask and you shall receive…  seek and we shall find… knock and it shall be opened to you!” 

Is there a better  “plan”  to follow?

“In this here… Life?”

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