“Miami, Florida – Boat Races”


Lee Aldrich, Sr.  and sons, Al  and Lee Jr.  – sitting along the Inter-coastal Water-ways – watching the “Boat Races” – just one of the spectacular events held  each year with all kinds of “Free” sitting  spaces for anyone who is able to find a close enough “PARKING” space – near by!

I am taking the pictures and the big worry was that “Baby Al” woud lean over too far and fall in  – Daddy and Lee Jr. are both good swimmers – but who wants to have something to upset an exciting event, like the “Boat Races?”  A real good and safe time was had by all!

“Happy Birthday Lee Sr.” – The above picture date is  July 1964  – so that is exactly –  50 –  years ago this event took place?    Nimbers – Place –  Time There is something to all of this  – my thoughts are trying to fit the pieces together  – to come up with something exciting???


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“Do You want to Surprise – Daddy?”


“Al  – I want you to pay attention to what I am going to tell you”   – “You know that it is “DADDY’s” Birthday  – this coming Friday, August 1st, 2014 – and you have to help me make this a very special day for “Daddy” – OKAY? ? – “Okay?”

“Lee –  is that when we get lots of gifts and cake and ice cream?”

“Al  – I know that you are not as old as me  – but,  you remember the times, that we have cake and ice cream – everybody is here and we have lots of “FUN” and  everybody is so “HAPPY”   – well that’s  what “we” are going to do –  on the 1st of August – we are going to make  “Daddy”  – so “HAPPY!”

Lee Jr., big brother is telling his baby brother, Al – what the plans will be for their Daddy’s  – Big Birthday Party on August 1st!

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Charlie Brown – 06-13-1963


Lee Aldrich  Jr.,  and little Charlie Brown having fun in a rocking chair that also swings around – best of friends –  just having fun! Just  like a boy and his “favorite pet”  should do. Charlie Brown is only (7)  seven weeks old on this photo.

This over-stuffed rocking chair was always the “best for rocking the baby”  to sleep – as you are as comfortable as “you can be”  and you can rock and turn any which way as fast or as slow and  all in such comfort.

It won’t be too long and little Lee and Charlie Brown will both  be –  sleeping and not even mind,  their  falling asleep together  – since they have each other to be with in the “LAND of BIG DREAMS!”

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“This is a ‘REAL’ DOG’s Life!”


This is “CHARLIE BROWN” our little “French” poodle and she is being groomed by a professional dog groomer that makes house calls.We were living in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time and I thought it would be nice for our little son,  Lee Jr., to see exactly how, our  “CHARLIE BROWN” is made to look beautiful  – when she has someone to take good care of her.

Looks like “Charlie Brown” knows that this is a regular course of events – when you are a poodle? You have to have your hair trimmed just so-so  and a special bath with all the good smelling soaps  – made just for the “well-care-for”  little doggie?

When,  having good experiences like this done at home for the children to participate in –  in my opinion –  it helps for the children to always love and take  good care of their animals. It helps for children to have a healthy and safe bond with animals  – because as in our case,  the children have always had animals at home with us and also in their own homes with their own children – and now –  even the grand-children have their own animals with a very good and healthy  life  – for all!

It was handy to have a good size  “card-table” that we could use for the “Groomer” to set up and with lots of  “news-paper” to protect the table – – we were in business for these home events – – and the children  enjoyed seeing and helping – – and learning things that they have been able to put to good use all through their own LIFE and  even now – – able to do the same for their own animals.

“Thanks be to our Almighty CREATOR – – to have  given  to us beautiful small animals that we bring into our homes – – and treat just like FAMILY – – for all of their LIFE.”    D.V.

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“Don’t Follow Me – It’s Too HOT!”


“It is just too  –  “HOT” for me”   – “I am on my way down to the  “BARN” – we have a place to crawl under where the “Water Trough” is and we feel more comfortable there!” These July days are awfully  “HOT” – and when you have outside animals – sometimes when you are ourside with them – it seems that they are letting you know by their actions – just exactly how they feel!  This picture is of “Bender” – he is one of the best dogs – to have if you will be getting one?

You have seen pictures of Tom Aldrich with his dog Shane  – when he was in the Army  –  and training dogs was one of the things he did so well – it was always goood to have a “DOG” that Tom trained!

“Beauregard” was another dog that we had and we would just call him “BEAU” – and there was one thing we just could not correct  “BEAU” of? Some time after having “BEAU” the neighbors decided to have a few “Chickens” on their three-acre property ? When “BEAU” doing a perimeter check, caught wind of those “Chickens” –  Our old “BEAU” had  a wild streak  – he likes chicken for dinner and whenever a chicken strayed near the fence – good old “BEAU” would snatch that chicken so fast  – and that was the end of that chicken?

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“Grandma Would LOVE – Living, Today!”

If you are a “Grandma” or at least “OLD” enough to have noticed all the wonderful and new devices that have been invented and are mow so improved – you could almost start singing that old song that has a few words, “The Living is easy?”

Living is getting so much easier than it was “Fifty Years” ago – when you think about anything and everything. Back then, I worked for the “Telephone Co.” and they would have meetings for us – with information as to what to be expecting in the future – but I never saw nor had any idea – about the phone being the A – #1 important feature in today’s life? Now, that I am thinking about those days and today – looks like I should have stayed with the telephone company and maybe have retired from them – with an abundance of information – that I do not have on any of the new gadgets?

What I do see and understand is that if my Mother and Grandma were here today – “WOW!” The “FUN” we could have – first just the keeping in touch – even closer than we did! A lot of calling and no one to answer the phone and no message was left and no idea, as to when would be the next best time to call? All the missed connections and “TIME” wasted and lost – just trying to make arrangements  to meet or be somewhere – maybe  even a little later  – since there was a late start due to having to work over-time or the bus or street-car was not running on time?

The best part of “TODAY’s” usage is the – “HOME COMPUTER” – at first – it seems to me that you needed someone with more brains just to tell you how to turn it on? But, now that I have had a chance to work with the use of a computer – I know that my MOTHER would really enjoy all of the information you can pull up in a matter of seconds on the computer and the “TIME” saved by not having to go to the “LIBRARY” and checking out a book for a week or two – and or maybe even having to check out several books covering the subject you need some specific information – so that you can complete a project or finish learning something that is required for the job/position you are applying for?

And “GRANDMA BRADY” – WOW – what she could do with all the ideas for foods and preparation and big meals for thirteen and more – especially when the “BOYS” are getting married and bringing the wife and kids over for meals that end up as pure “FEASTS!” Every Sunday – that was a day for all the family and in-laws to come over and let “Grandma Brady” feed the “Army!” My MOTHER told me that all of the family came over and ate and stuff their selves and even took food home – it was to save them from having to do all the work and continue to enjoy all the “GOOD EATS” – while the getting is good – go for it!  “If only – GRANDMA BRADY and my MOTHER had all these “TIME – SAVERS” – back then?”



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