Expecting? – Mr. Holiday?!

Today – the 31st of August will finish the month – but tomorrow the 1st of September – welcomes “Mr. Holiday” – which used to be “Labor Day” – a rest of from “work” – according to whom? Every store will be “OPEN” and so many will spend the whole day shopping – and the rest of us are going to be in the back yard bar-b-cuing – and “SUN-baking” ourselves to a crisp! After all these many years of doing the same thing – even  myself – I’m  letting everyone else do the work – and will just sit back and enjoy!

While just sitting back and thinking about how this day was celebrated when I was  an “ORPHAN” and there were 350  of us children – and on a special “HOLIDAY” such as this – this would be considered a “RED LETTER DAY” in our times!

“LABOR  DAY” was a day that all the children would have been preparing for – in the previous weeks – there would be different “RACES” – which we would all participate in  – to see who might win prizes. If you were a runner – we would see  you running all around and with others – just to see who possibly would win? Some of the kids would try doing the two-legged and three-legged races – just trying to see which combination of kids could coordinate –  together and maybe win in those types of races? Some of us would get some spoons from the kitchen and each participant would put a rock in the spoon and we would run against others – just to get an idea of  who  – would win? On “RACE DAY” the NUNS would hand out an egg, to be used in the spoon – so you had to learn self-control and be fast, too! Dropped eggs = looser!

There was one race that I enjoyed doing and that was the one – which involves that you put a book on your head – and walk/fast using complete control over how you hold your head – so as to not let that “BOOK” fall off! I was lucky to win at this race several times – guess I might have a “HEAD FOR BOOKS” – small laugh – here??

The NUNS would have tables set up with all kinds of good stuff that the kids would like to have – most was donated for the kids – but they would collect  and save things just for this “LABOR DAY” event for the kids to have fun! Also there would be 1st – 2nd  – 3rd  and 4th place prizes – that way almost every child would get a chance to pick out something for themselves – and have “FUN” – while feeling apart of the “RACE” event!

We would always have “Supper” at 6:00 pm and to finish the “LABOR DAY” FUN – there would be a movie for us to view outside on the “BOY’s” side of the play ground – that is if the weather is good – in the case of bad weather the movie would be shown in the Auditorium. For “ORPHANS” – having FUN – was the one part of living in the “Orphanage” that kept a lot of us growing up with some kind of “HOPE” – someday when we leave and have families of our own – we did  have  some fun and will be looking to give even more to  our own families  with more “LOVE”  than –  that which we had  received  – just so – as “LIFE” continues – “TOMORROW WILL BE A BETTER DAY!”

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August All Gone!

When it is – the end of  “AUGUST” and “SEPTEMBER” is just about to begin – I get the feeling that tomorrow will be “CHRISTMAS” – because the year 2014 is “SHOT!”

This weekend – everybody is hurrying for the last good sales – which really are not “GOOD SALES” – the prices are higher than ever – and the merchants feel that if they don’t get you in their store -NOW – they will have to wait till they can offer you some “deals” for “Christmas” – so there you have it in a “NUT SHELL” – “Christmas” is tomorrow!

September – we must finish up this month in a hurry with last minute “BIRTHDAYS” – “Oh –  I almost forgot – “Grand-parents Day” – I put in all these years and  with me – getting the “Family” to multiply – just so – I could enjoy being a Grandparent!” “CAN NOW CELEBRATE!”

October – Wow – What a month this will be and everyone in a big hurry to get to the end of it just so they and finally dress-up  – and think they can scare someone – they forget, that –  all year long they have been scarring everybody – never cleaning up and wearing the same old costume  everyday for work and play! Do you see anyone dress-up for “Church” – I look around and wonder – “They are in the same ole outfit as  they wore last night – and now they are in “Church” praying for a crop failure!” So much for “Halloween” – too much money wasted – trying to have “FUN” and I do not think anyone – today – really knows how to really have a good time with their “FAMILY!?”

November – This month could be long – for some – since they have a list –  a mile long – of all the things that they have to do – that they could have done this summer – but “NOW” will be looking like they – alone – will have to do everything – just to make a big splash for all the FAMILY – with the biggest “Turkey” – and everything just so-so! It is the same old story – hurry and hurry some more  – nobody is working fast enough and nothing is being done as fast  as it should be and then there is that “TOP – Sergeant” in the FAMILY – that knows how – but does not do – and everyone’s nerves are on edge – ready for an explosion?  READ the newspapers and you will see – no cooperation – everyone does it only their-own  way??

December – It’s over – before we begin – nothing working out the way it should  – no planning earlier in the year – now it is too late ! Let’s just forget everything we were going to do – let’s do it next “YEAR” – it will be cheaper – – let’s just stop all the silly stuff we used to do – let’s start doing everything a new-way – and just play it by ear???

“Didn’t I just say – tomorrow will be Christmas?”  – “Tomorrow never gets here anyway – It’s always TODAY!”



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Clean Out the Closets!

There is one job – that I think we, all should do more often – and that is to “Clean Out the Closets” – because that is what I did today – and  “I am worn out!”  It seems that once I put different things in different closets – at the time I must have thought that – that will be it’s place. Forever! Well, that just is not the case! What I put in a closet five (5) years ago –and forgot about – has no longer any useful “LIFE” for anything important, today!

What I could not figure out – while I  was working – “How could a well organized person such as myself – put something somewhere and completely forget  – that the items that we pay “Good Money” for – are not doing us any favors – just sitting on the shelf and wearing out doing nothing!” A new resolution is going on  my  calendar –  lists of things to do – from here on out and hopefully , forever – “ I will do without what I think that I have to have – for a long time – just to be sure that this new item is going to be used and used more than one time, only.” Why, do we fill our houses with “Stuff” that we just had to have – and then never ever look at and never think to use – continuing “LIFE” without the new gadget – do without – be very slow to buy? “Something is wrong in “Denmark” – we need help – to stop buying ??”

Today, I filled several bags for the “Goodwill” – and this is only a beginning – because this was only one room. I can see that there are going to be some “Happy People” – because like they say “Someone’s trash is someone’s Treasure” and I know that there will be some people having lots of “FUN” – they will think “Christmas” came a little early this year?

It’s almost like going on a “Diet” – you know that you need to drop a pound or two – but procrastination sets in and you just put on more and more –  gaining entirely too much – and ready to bust – and now – like “TODAY” I decided to take the bull by the horns – and pull stuff out of that closet and move stuff around and continue to clear out another space  and work to the point that more is going out  – and finally  now – the room looks so good – with so much less! – This is what I want to continue to do – one room at a time – and maybe I’ll be looking at “HOUSE BEAUTIFUL” instead of what was “HOUSE A MESS?”

Now, I will have to remember – what a job it was to take all the stuff and fill bags  – wear myself out – when it would have been –  easier to just not bring anything into the house – that is not truly necessary now, “TODAY” or ever? Have to remember that – I do not want to waste “TIME” getting rid of “STUFF” that I never needed in the first place!


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The Goat is eating my Shirt!


Lee Aldrich and cousin, Ralph Stanley went  into the “Small Animal” area to feed the  goats and other small animals   –  as  you can see this “Goat”  likes eating  “Shirt material”  – instead of the big bottles of milk the children  were feeding to the animals.

This is one of the many trips that we took the children to visit the “Saint Louis ZOO”  when we would come  up to Saint Louis for a month’s Vacation Time  –  we would drive from,  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – every year as we visited other places in the States that we would drive through – so that our drive up and back down were always interesting!

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“Belle of St. Louis” – Day Trip!


My neighbor, Jackie Jansen and I took a “Day Trip” on the “Belle of St. Louis” and  we really enjoyed the whole trip,  which included a  delicious meal. I can not remember now,  the name of one of the St.Louis Radio stations, personalities’ name – who with his family were also enjoying a terrific Summer trip up and down the Mississippi River!

We would try going somewhere each weekend  – a weekend that we were free to do something that  – we maybe had not done before. Several of our trips were with regular scheduled  groups and took up almost the whole day and due to the length of time –  even included two (2) meals. We sure did a lot  of visiting everything and everywhere  – in and around the Saint Louis area!

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“Story – Tellers”


My husband,  Lee and his friend, Mr. Brewer could tell me something – and as they were telling me – they were so convincing – I believed every word.

Mr Brewer, would bring his wife into the restaurant  – that we had in Florida – as she would be relieving  my husband – as cook –  for the next shift.  Mr. Brewer would arrive,  at least an hour earlier  and on the sly – he would check with my husband  – to see, if he wanted to get a drink   with him – before going home?

So, Mr. Brewer would sit at the counter, and holding his head – he would try looking like he was sick , and say, “Lee, I don’t feel too good – could you take me down to the doctor’s office to get a shot  – for whatever I caught?” All of this conversation would sound legit – so I and all those listening in on this “sad-sack” story – believed  – this  poor old guy is not feeling too well!

Almost an hour later – the two of them would walk in the restaurant – and Lee would ask if I was ready to go home – as my shift was now over.  Shortly – gathering whatever I was taking home and loading the car – off we went – home.

Well –  – after, maybe weeks of this scenario – taking place and no one – that is “ME” – had any idea  – that this poor old Mr. Brewer – wasn’t actually on the sick –  side   – and Lee would so nicely take him to get a shot . As it  happened – one day  – Mr. Brewer came in and was saying he thought he needed a shot? I  – also –  was not feeling too well,  –  so I said –  “if you have time  – I’d like to go and get a shot – maybe I’ll feel better, too???”

So,  we all get in the car and away Lee goes and driving with- in a block’s drive – he is pulling the car into a parking lot  – that does not look exactly like a parking lot for a doctors office – as our restaurant was surrounded with doctors’ offices. “This is a short-cut” Lee said, with a straight face and I am just following, them – as we get out of the  car and walking into the back of a business –  “Into the back of a “Tavern” – we enter”  – I said  – “this does not look like the “DOCTOR” OFFICE” – that I go to?”   … “Ellen” – “this is where they have the kind of shots that help us!”  …   “You mean to say that this is where you, two have been going, all along?” … “Yes!”  –  “we said  – we were getting a shot and that’s what we did? ”  … “You can have whatever kind of fancy drink, you like, OKAY?”  …   “I guess, so?”

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