“Must be searching for GOLD!”

Kevin McClarren 001

Kevin McClarren up front. – Mary K. Hanewinkel  in the pink , white  and blue outfit , and her sister, Terri in  the yellow outfit? All of the children are so  very busy doing something  “very important” – but what?  To have a weekend holiday picnic and the chldren all getting along so well with an activity – they do not seem to be aware that their picture is being taken? 

Read the “Comments”for this post to have the names of the children on this picture and the added info – for the time and place, Thanks!

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  • Mary K. says:

    Hi, it’s Mary, sorry I missed your call. I looked at the picture and I think that it is Terri in the yellow and unless you know who is in the red and blue, I would be more inclined to think that was me. I also see Peter’s blond head at the bottom right with Leo behind him. He is blocked mostly by Pete. I also think that the boy standing on the chair could be Fred. This was pretty interesting. Where was this taken and when?

    • Mary Ellen says:

      This is the side walk and the part of the back yard , when we lived at 1432 Fenway. We had three acres there so that we could have horses. We had plenty of ground for the kids to play and also for the men to ride their motorcycles and Bar -B-Que into the late evening hours. – Glad you were able to tell who is who on the picture – My son, Al was trying to remember who all were there and the man without the head – we have no idea? This could be late 1969 and or 1970. Maybe you can figure out better using your age at that time? Let me know. Love to all your family – OH! “Happy New Year – Chinese year of the Dragon starts on the 31st!”

  • Kevin McClarren says:

    Very cool – I was probably 3 – so 1970 sounds about right

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