Prayer “Bank Account”

The Power of Prayer  “Bank Account”   –do you know how this works? Let me tell you my story.

In the 1940’s  I was placed in an Orphanage, and this was to be for just a short time.  My mother was expecting twins  – she was only a small-bone woman – and each of the twins when born, weigh in at 8 1/2 pounds. My father was working at the “POST Office”  and was receiving a small pension from when he was the the Arny.

After the twins were born,  my mother’s teeth took a real hit.  When a woman does not get the proper nutrition and correct vitamins, the  babies will take from the mother’s system  – everything they need.  So, the “Catholic Charities” organization that placed us in their  “Orphanage”  – told my mother that she needed to have her  teeth fixed before we were to go home with her.

The next hold-up in our returning home to be with our parents,  was that  “CC” had time to garnish my dad’s pay for  our care in the orphanage.  So, he quits a perfectly good government job.  That did not stop “CC”  – they went after his pension and were able to get paid for our care.

When visiting Sunday came along – the one and only thing on my mind was  – when do we get to go home, to be with  our parents?   The same old answer  – that I always got   – “we are doing everything that  they want us to do – but they always have something else that has to be done!”

So this is where   putting “prayers in the Bank”  started! I said every prayer that I could find that might be the one special one for us  (my brothers and my self to get to go home)   but no  single prayer did anything?  I even started making “novenas”  and to each  “Saint” that I was told had miraculous powers. I even,   would burn  candles  – as some “Novenas” called for. I never gave up,  I did pray and always with the one and only “HOPE”  – that soon I would get to go home!  I was in the orphanage until the day I graduated from  the  8th grade.  That was  (7)  seven  long years.   At the age I am  now   – I understand things a lot better. Every body has to go through a period of learning and  when would a better time come along  – then when you are young and  can take  the harder knocks that are thrown your way. It ‘s  never easy learning   –  but once you learn to stay on the “right course” in life you can accomplish so much more.

All those  “Prayers”  went into my  “Bank” account  in Heaven  –  and with interest   –  all the days of my life  – I now have to give  “Thanks”  to  my Heavenly Creator   – for giving   to me  –  the best family that I now have here on earth, and for ever more!

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Can you “Bake a Cake?”

What happens when I start feeling good?    Really good!    I would like a piece of  home made cake   –  from scratch!

The recipes are  all so enticing   and I  can hardly wait to see just which one    – will I choose?  Every so often  –  when I think back in time   to when I first was going to make  a cake  – I don’t know    –  if I should cry  or just start laughing so hard   that I do cry   –    over the mess!

When cake mixes first  made their entrance  to the store’s    shelf  –  they were something to really consider    –  would they be  faster,  easier, and taste better or   what?     In the early 1950’s  –  I was about   ’14’   and the  cost of a box of cake mix   was  only thirty cents.

After school, I went to the “Food Center, on Warne Avenue” and got the different things I thought I would need.  When my mother came home from work, told her my idea of making a box cake ?  We never made a “Box Cake”  –  the only way we  ever made a cake  was from scratch!  I think  that I read everything on that cake box, and everything that it said that I needed, I got out  and put on the kitchen table. (Everything at my finger tips.)

So, with the bowl  and  large spoon to do the mixing of the ingredients by hand  – I was ready.   You would have thought   –  I was getting ready for  “Major Surgery”  – without a mask!   The pans were greased and floured  – the oven on –  everything in the bowl  –  mixed and mixed  by hand   – and into the pans  –  level the pans  –  and into the oven!  The timer was set and I was sure waiting patiently for cake made a new way.

The time was nearly up –  a burning  of the over-flowing cake dough all over the inside  of the oven  – “what’s wrong”  –  what happened? I could see a  “fine mess”  that I made needing to be cleaned up and the sooner the better!

Started going over every step of the instructions on the cake box? “Can you guess what happened?”     On the table still sitting there  –  were the  “2”  eggs called for in the recipe!

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“Catch-up” Work!

Today  –  I’ve decided to do my “Catch-UP” work! When    –  You start something important  and you spend a few days in the hospital   – you just have to get back into your old routine of living and that includes your daily reading.

In the past I told you that one of the best daily books I order each year is the “Daily Guideposts – 2013”  –  and I  have to order   the  large print edition  –   makes it a little easier on the eyes!  Each of the “writers’s pictures ”    in color   is on the back cover, and each has a short bio  in the back section of the book.  Some of these writers seem to be my personal family  –  just the way they write and some of the inspirational material they are talking about. Sometimes the daily message is just like the letter  from home you  are  so happy to receive. If you know of a “Shut-in type friend or relative” this would be the  perfect gift  and I know they would really enjoy and   “Thank You ”   – for caring enough to send the very best!

So, on  the days that I was in the hospital  –  I did read  the daily reading  –  but each reading starts with a verse from the  “Bible”  and each reading  ends with extra verses from the  “Bible”  –  these are called this year  “Digging Deeper” verses!     So how can I say  that I am reading a book  –  if I do not follow through with the digging deeper  verses    –  by looking them up in the “Bible?”

Like I said –  I get real excitement with my digging deeper into the “Bible”  – simply amazed with the wonderful  and inspired words written from  hundreds of years ago,  so very much needed  –  today!

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Listen and learn!

Do you keep your ears and eyes open when shopping at “Wal-mart” stores? You should really watch people when you are in a large area of people  –  there are lessons to learn.

At this particular time – afternoon  –  a family, father, mother and three sons ages  15  to  21  –  all well dressed.  They moved through the store and if they were not so  very quiet and well behaved  – even I, would not have noticed.  But something caught my ear. “Snap Snap”  or you  might say  “Click Click”  – when you rub your  thumb and middle finger  together  making a noticeable noise!

Out  of the ordinary noises catch my  ear and I have to look and  listen further for what is going on? Observe  and learn for what is  to be expected?  You might just say  that I am nosy!

When the “Father” snapped his fingers, his three sons, immediately  –  turned toward him watching for his fingers to do the talking!  His pointer finger  – selected the son’s attention he wanted  –  he would point to something and then move his wrist toward himself or to the basket to put said item in.  Everything so mechanical!

He would talk in a very soft voice to the  “Mother” of the family  –  but when doing so was very close to her ear.  So, now  –  I was finished with my shopping and  it  seem that they were also looking for a lane to check out in,  and  so  –  I follow them in the same lane.

They spoke with the cashier,  gave  their credit card information, and as the cashier was bagging merchandise  – the  “Father”  with a quick  “snap or click”   and a point  to one son and a quick point to another   with wrist  pointing to  the basket   –   the sons knew what to do,  they  finished  the  bagging and putting the filled bags  into  the basket,  with precise   “clockwork”    action,  just as if they were in the  Military?”

You know this training started as soon as these boys began to walk, it was just  so  natural   – I’ll bet these boys  were never in the store  as   small children crying for everything that they wanted  –  and or  were crying louder when they were not getting it.  When  there is a strong “Father figure”  in the family  you can move mountains with little or no effort!

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“Pray To Be Inspired”

It is Memorial Day and all of us who  are alive  today  –  are only alive  because someone was  there to give his or  her  life   –  so we can enjoy  “Freedom”  today!

To  say “Thank You”  just isn’t enough!  Our Veterans and their families deserve so much more!

We really need to make better arrangements  as a whole Nation to change the laws on the books  to do what is right.  We need to find  the
true way  – the way that has true justice for what  a person gives to his country.  A young person giving his life today has never had a chance to realise his goals and dreams.  His family  no longer has that “someone extra  special Person”   that was to be with them  and carried on the family’s dreams.  Too much “Blood” is shed  today  –  and for what  “just cause?”

“Pray with me!”    Pray as often as you can. We need a way  to make the changes in this  “Country” to save the lives of our young people! Pray to be inspired to make the right decision for the  “Future”  we hope to enjoy!   Amen!

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Do I Have Pain?

“Rate Your Pain” – it is almost unbearable ?  Just had another surgery, that’s two within a month’s time, and I really do not know how I feel.  At least  –  to give a number between  1  and  10   –  that would really convey  how miserable I really feel. I have pain  covering from the hip area to the top of my head  and areas that just plain   –  well just feel dead to the touch.

Always,  it must be “Murphy’s Law”  –  pain attacks me on the weekend and of course this is a “Holiday Weekend”   – which means  –  No Doctors available! Can not  just go to the emergency Room  – on this type of  “Holiday Weekend”  – if they don’t   see “Blood”   –   you went to the Hospital   –   just to waste time!

So,  what to do with myself?   Suffer  –  until I just can’t stand it  any longer  –  or take the  next pain pill a little sooner?  When,  I left the hospital,   I was told to get plenty of rest.  Do not do anything?  Do not think you should now start to clean the house?  And,   don’t spend all your time on the   “SOFA!”  Well, what do you mean – “Do something  or  Rest?! ”   Which is it?   You can’t give orders  – where the one order washes out the good sense of the the other order?

So,  just so every one that reads  this will know that right now I am not working with   all my marbles   in the right place,  In fact,  the brain cells have turn to mush and most probably everything that I do for a while will be on the scrambling side of the road for me?

If any of this makes any  “sense”  and if   or not  –  maybe  very soon  – all will be well  –  with  “ME?”


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