December 31st, 2012

All weather conditions are perfect  –  the snow is coming down  in such a delightful way  –  looks like someone has a large  “Powder Sugar Shaker”  and with  a steady firm shake  –  the  “Powdery Stuff”   is accumulating everywhere!  Makes me feel  like I should make a stack of  “Pancakes”   and have a second cup of coffee.

It’s beautiful outside and quite,  a for sure time to reflect  –  what was done this year (2012) and what problems  need a strong solution  with resolve to correct in (2013). While I remember,  generally everyone states  that they are making a  New Year Resolution List. But, this year,  I am going to do this differently  –  the one thing,  I find needs correction will be  written down  –  checked daily  –   to confirm that my brain has registered it,  and this problem  will for sure be taken care  of.

If I  have a  “Whole  List”  – nothing  will be worked on,  and the  “Resolution List “  would  be  “History”  after just a couple of months  – never a thought ever given!

My Mother always said  that for   New Year ‘s Eve  – around  midnight  or before going to bed  –   use a broom to sweep out all the problems of the year  and you will  be staring the  “New Year”  with a fresh start!  And, for “Good Luck”  have made prior arrangements that a  “young man with  Red Hair  –  calls you!”

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In All Things – Give Thanks!

Finishing up the  year  2012 –  so close to the end  –  the year of the “Dragon”    –  it flew by?  So, in thinking back  –  month by month  –  what do we need to  “Give Thanks”  for? As we do our everyday duties  –  do we stop and give a prayer of  Thanks  – to the Lord  – for all the little  unseen  –   unnoticed things  that happened  –  that made our day?  The  difference that day of being  “Glad or Sad?”

Everything we see, from day “one”  – does not cost us a “cent”  –  our world is “beautiful”  –  especially if we do our part to help  keep it that  way.  All “free”   to see and view  – and would it hurt us  to stop for a moment and  “Give Thanks to our Creator for all this Beauty.” 

As I grow older , I am   seeing    “Stuff”    –  I never saw before – I’m slowing down, taking the time to really see what I’m looking at  –  as if its for the first time  –  because it could really be for the last time.  The eyes are not as good as they were when I was young  – and like we often like to think –  a second chance for  your “childhood” comes again after age “70.”

“Better late than Never”  –  Give Thanks!  I’m grateful and thankful that I live near a large park where the wild deer  come into our yards, as well as other small animals.  Also, the “Stars in your Night skies”  are so  “awesome” to view .

‘Thank you, Almighty God, for the fantastic year 2012 !”



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Ben Stein – I’m Taking Action!

Many Thanks!   for your sincere  “Confession”    –  America had just about pushed  all of its  “Decency Buttons”  out of  control!

Our  Fore – fathers wanted religious freedom for all  – but they  relied  on the  “Bible” for the laws – do not kill   –  do not steal , etc.,    and for inspiration  needed  –  when they endured such hardships,   we   today  –    just could not bear up under!

Live and let live   –  Love your neighbor as yourself?   What ever happened to extending a  “little  Charity ”  to your fellow man   –  we could all use a helping hand  now and then and “Charity”  starts at  “Home”  –  in more ways than  we bestow.

“Prayer”  all the time I was growing up   – “Prayer”  came before everything we did!  There was  “Prayer”   when we got up out of  bed – while making the bed. “Prayer”  before and after eating   meals  –  each and every meal! “Prayer” before school  started and before tests  and before basketball games  –  before baseball games!  When the day was done  –  “Prayer”  before going to sleep!  How in the world could you ever think of doing anything with out  “Almighty God”     being a part of a safe venture ?

I’m hoping more will read  “the Word”  and take “Action” –  to reverse our “internal disease!”  Everyone needs  to  “put their  Trust  in God!”    What other country  –  has all their currency  marked,      “In God We Trust”       –      Our God Loves Us!

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Are You “Happy” – Now?

Christmas is over,  and hopefully everybody is not knee-deep in debt? You did listen to me and made  some little creation   –  that only you could do  –  using  all those creative ideas you have stored away for a “rainy day”   –  so now I have  Wonderful Works of Art  –   that  are Treasures  –  which  will  be on display  –  “Forever!”

I love to be able  “Show and Tell” about all  the special  items  –  that some one   “Very Special” to me  – thought they would take the time and make   –  just so I can  “Bragg About!”  Can not speak for all the  “Seniors”  –  but only for a few very close friends –  that have told me ,  they prefer first of all , something  handmade  – secondly, remade stuff from what does not work into something that does work a different way – in other words you had to put on your  “thinking cap” and  “turn  on the light bulb” to get results!

Thirdly,   a “Time Coupon”  your time to do something special!   A time to share doing whatever  both like to do. With good weather a nice walk and talk in the park  –  just what the “Doctor Ordered”  –  Your on the right road!

P.S.  If you did not  receive your “Fruitcake”   –  sorry –   all gone!

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Christmas Blessings – 2012

Did you hear what a friend of mine  wanted me to say  – about giving  Thanks and Kudos  –  to the most Generous Couple in the grocery store  –  last Saturday afternoon!  The store  was very busy, and one  of the stores that attract large family shopping. Evidently, this couple was looking for parents with children , so as to give the children a real surprise! Looked like the families they selected had children (8) eight years of age  and under.  And, the more  children  the better!

My friend  also said that they had another couple or two with them  – and they were the  “scouters”  the ones looking for the families,   they appeared to be shoppers with carts – but they were communicating  with  the couple up near the registers – what families to watch for  –  and what isle they might  be checking out.

A  colleague,    in and around the registers,   looked like an employee  with  some   printed cards  –  message was to the effect that the family with children was to receive their groceries  free –  and each child is to receive $20.00 cash! Charge all to the card given!  Do not say who is paying for for the order.   No publicity or all is cancelled! 

If a question is asked     –  just say    –   It’s a Blessing    –  God Loves You!   Just so you know there   were   5  or  6   “Lucky Recipients!”

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Christmas Remembered pg. 4

Christmas  Day  –  It’s hard to be good  –  forever waiting  –  but it pays off!  My brothers received  a   red Wagon  –  with the high lattice panels  –  something we all enjoyed!  My “Mom” dressed us warm,  my “Dad” took the wagon outside   –  we all got in  –  and Daddy pulled  that wagon with us  –  singing and having  fun  –  around the block  –  again and again! I’m guessing it finally got too cold for us , and as much  energy  as Daddy had  –  going around the block  — his steam wore down  – and we had to call it a day to remember to do more often!

I received  “ice skates”  with the double blades –  no snow  – had to wait for  a day of ice and snow.

America was still at war  –  so there were lots of war type related gifts   for “Santa”  to bring   – a Nurse/Doctor  kit  for me! A good gift, that I enjoyed for a long time since I had patients  (my brothers) –  They needed me to bandage them from head to foot  –  and the  “cure – for – all”    – candy medicine!   While one would be recuperating  and or waiting for a  1st class bandage job  –   there was always my little bottle of red hot candy pills!

No “TV” back then,  but on “Sundays”  –  for just   “ten cents”   –  we got to go to the Theatre  – and watch the movies, cartoons and the news-reels of the day!  Also, there was a “Confectionery” on the way and  I could buy a bag full of candy for pennies. They had those long strips of paper with little dots of candy for a penny. There was no shortage of  “candy medicine”  for my patients!

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