“A Couple of Good Ideas Makes Money”

High School Days

Sometimes in your Lifetime… you just might want to think back…  about those very busy days you had in High School.

As I am now giving some time  to remembering those “FUN” days at School…  and then also thinking about having a job to go to…  after School, and also on Saturday and Sunday.

It is FUN…   to be able to remember friends at School and also some of the stuff that I did… like having a job, that I really did like, and always made it my business to be there on time and every day as  scheduled.

Just Thinking  about  those good ole  Beaumont High School days in the early 1950’s! 

Two girls, that   I  really remember  – Gloria Starr and Linda Evans, as they, both worked in the school lunch room  and talked me into working  there too…  stating that …  you will get your lunch free and get to see everyone … as they pick up their food to eat,  each  and everyday . 

Gloria Starr  was that gal about and  all around school… as  she just knew everyone!

Those were the days of “high energy” – with a good lunch …”FREE”  and then  making it possible for ME to also have a job after School… as,  I was able to work almost every day after school at  the … 5 & 10 STORE  on the corner of Grand and Olive. 

That was a very busy area with the  Fox Theatre  just down the block. 

Anyway, I was working in the  “Toy Department” on the second floor,  till 9;30pm  and on Saturdays  and really enjoyed working there.

After working there for awhile, and sizing up the area…  that I was put in charge  of … and observing  most of the customers…   that is most people  coming into the store  to buy … did not notice nor see that merchandise  was above eve level in different departments…  and also above those counters with standard items.

  Also, those large items hanging from the ceiling areas  in different areas… some very special items that most all  kids would really  like to have,  if  only they were in plain view for the children and their parents to see and ask about?

If only…  they could see and get their hands on???

  So, one day… when the Floor Manager and Big Boss were walking around  AND IN…  my area …  I just stepped out from behind he counter…  took a breath of air and  thought…  I will put in my 2-cents  worth of ideas…  for all there  worth!

I just ask them if they could see everything  in and around in my area… and if they notice those items up high out of sight?

Also, said that those larger items could be sold if anybody could see them?  

The answer that I got back was – the customers will ask for what they want… and or can not find?

But… then… my answer was,  “why make it difficult to sell?”

Saturday came, and  then… there   were extra people in my work area…  and just like that –   “eye level” merchandise made all the difference…  and…  I was immediately busier!

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