“Remember these GOOD Ole DAYS”

Do you remember these good ole days?

This is up at the Bowling Green Airport…  and we had  the “Skydive St. Louis”   team… doing that which comes naturally to those that enjoy falling out of a perfectly good Airplane and enjoying every minute of those exciting feelings …that you receive… and knowing that most people are just too scared to do that which only you can do!

Just  look at that big smile on this young man’s’ face… you would  almost think that he just received news that he had WON… the “Million Dollar Lottery” or whatever would make all of his dreams come true… just  because he is doing that which he enjoys doing…  more than most of his friends!

With a bright smile like this one… we all know that we are going to have lots of FUN… falling out of a perfectly good flying airplane… all.. just  to know that we can do  that which we were training and practicing …so that we could be as good and even better than our instructor and all of those that have introduced us to this new and better way of doing, what we can do…  with enjoyment…each and every time… just makes us feel better at the end of the day!

“Come Fly and train with us… Today!”

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“Let’s Have GOOD Music, Now and Forever”

Music Makes me – More “ME!”

“The proof is in the pudding!” 

 When you can ask your child to play some of the music you love to hear and they can just sit down at the piano anywhere and start making the music  that puts you in “Seventh Heaven” – a place where all your cares and woes of this world  – just  seem to fade away!

When my sons were in first grade at school, I started taking them … after I had them enrolled  at the Hamilton Music Store, so that they could take piano lessons. At that  time, I really had no idea that they would ever  really like learning and  then… also memorize the songs they were learning to play.

The other night the radio was on and some Scott Joplin music… the “Maple Leaf Rag” which just happens to be one of my favorites, and was just what I like…  so I ask my son, Al if he could play that or some of the other tunes that he knows that I enjoy?  

I went into another room for a minute and just that fast the radio was off and Al was sitting at the piano and playing  the “Maple Leaf Rag” and just one piece of music after another. I was enjoying the best of music and right there in the comfort of my own home!

If it is at all possible… for young children to learn to play the piano and or any other instrument of their choice, I believe, that we parents should strive for that… more so than  for any other thing in life,  just knowing that your children have that opportunity  to learn about music and  then to also perform royally… if I  do… say so myself!

 It is so good for each person to be able to make music, alone  and or with  family and friends at any and all of the  time…  of their life.

I am grateful and thankful that Almighty Yahweh,  enabled me to start my children  very early  in their lives into a musical field to participate alone and also to remember to entertain their old parents, and that would be me!     D.V.

“Just…  Sit back and enjoy… try using those notes above to see… how well … and if, you are able to play along!”

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“Music Moving Feet all in Today’s Work”


Music is the mainstream of all life. If you take time to listen to your world as you travel through the seasons of life, you cannot say … that you hear nothing.  Every step you take on the street where you live, your ears are picking up all kinds of sounds.

Let’s start with the beginning of the day. You or someone in the household has set the alarm clock to go off at a certain time, early in the morning. 

For instance, in my home, my husband had to be at our restaurant to open up and have the coffee urns singing a most wonderful smelling song of that delicious smell of fresh coffee perk,  with coffee perking and customers waiting patiently! 

The sounds of the waitress handling the cups and saucers and the pouring of the coffee, and then the customer adding sugar and cream and all the stirring and sip… sip  and more sipping. Only the best wake up music to the ears, with the eyes, now really opening and now everyone can start doing that “March song” of making the body move so very fast to the office!

Back on the home front, I am fixing breakfast for the boys going to school, and at the same time I hear the baby calling out a distress signal, which could mean “I need to be changed, NOW!”

And then… with that follow-up call to me… will be… “I’m real hungry and I will  feel so much better… when I do not have to wait!”

So, I grab a spoonful of something to energize myself and keep on moving and doing some  pickup of stuff… as I move from room to room, because no step can be made without it being a “Tidy-Up” as I go, since there are all kinds of chores  for  TODAY…that I have planned to do!

This is how the general day starts and every move has a quick step of  a dance… to the sounds of music, because what I hear… keeps me going and doing everything just as fast as I can.

So… It’s either keep in step with the work, that  I’ve planned to do…or find myself  in an overworked  and dragging by the early afternoon?



Music by “Scott Joplin and “Jelly Roll Morton” has the  “beat that I like”  to keep my feet  – up in the air  – moving on “Cloud Nine” as I do my housework! 

“Music  – moves  – these  – feet! ! !”

“It is TIME… for “ME” to get back to  moving my feet and  working… good gravy!”

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Let’s all go outside and play “MONOPOLY”

Today… since children and everyone are confined to the home… due to the “Coronavirus” have some ideas for the children  to play outside, and also the parents just may want to play with the children!

“How about some STREET “MONOPOLY”  for the KIDS”


Has anyone ever given a second thought to putting the game of “MONOPOLY”… at the dead end of  some  streets  for  the neighborhood kids to play – – outdoors  – – in the good ole fresh air?

How would this look on the…  “cul-de-sac”  or better known as the “dead-end” area … where there are homes  and lots of children,  who would just LOVE having a place to PLAY the popular GAME of  “MONOPOLY” … with all of their  neighborhood FRIENDS!

These are just  some real good “Street ART” …  but with my IDEA of adding this as an extra… into  those areas, where the  children could play  a popular game… where they all know the rules, and would have lots of FUN … outdoors,  enjoying some FRESH AIR… and meeting new FRIENDS… this is  a step up from the game of “HOPSCOTCH” … where some movement of the body is building up…  instead of just turning into a “sofa-potato”… with all of the fresh-air, you can  in-hale…  for FREE.

This “Street-Art” is so good  and the IDEA of making something   similar for the children in the neighborhood – “WOW” – what a difference for the world!

This last piece of  “Street-ART” –  sends a message –  there is “ART” …  and then there is  “art” … and without good colors and in the right places, the world lacks some degree of  “pizzazz” …  we need a couple of steps  up in the coloring … to make everything more eye appealing.  D.V.

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“Sugar Cookies”

Recipe of the Day

Prep: 15 minutes + overnight
Cook:  1 hour
Total Prep:  1 hour 15 minutes


2 cups sugar
1 cups Crisco
3 eggs
1 cups buttermilk
1/2 tsp. salt
1 table almond flavor
1 teaspoon soda
4 cups flour
4 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon vanilla


Preheat oven to 350 degrees (when ready to bake).

Mix all ingredients and cover; refrigerate overnight.

Roll dough out on a floured board and cut out using a biscuit cutter.

Bake for 9-12 minutes or until just done.


When the children come home from School… you might have the cookies all ready for them to start to decorate… and  all of the family and friends will  enjoy…  COOKIES  decorated in many fancy ways … receiving … lots of … oohs and aahs … after dinner.

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“Let’s have some Chocolate Pudding Today”


2 large egg yolks
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
2 cups whole milk, divided
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract


Whisk egg yolks in a medium bowl until light yellow and they increase in volume. Whisk in cornstarch and 1 cup of milk. When the mixture is smooth, set aside.

In a medium saucepan, bring sugar, cocoa, salt, remaining 1 cup of milk just to a simmer over medium-high heat while whisking.

Remove from the heat.

Add small amounts of the cocoa mixture to the egg mixture while whisking constantly.

Once both mixtures have been combined, pour back into the saucepan and heat over medium-high while whisking constantly.

Bring to a full boil.

Reduce to a simmer and continue to whisk until the pudding thickens.

Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract.

Pour into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, allowing it to come into complete contact with the pudding’s surface.

Chill for one to two hours.

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