“New Year’s Resolutions – Are they working – YET”


“Make Good Reading – Count for Something…”

Are you still working on your New YEAR’S Resolutions? – –   Sometimes – when the NEW YEAR begins – it takes awhile for me to get into the swing of doing a lot of  “new things”  – that I had  selected to try to do – or maybe I should say – incorporate – with all that I am doing and still want to continue to do, too???

This year, I want to start to memorize new verses from the BIBLE – that is verses that have a special meaning to me – and that I feel will be beneficial should I want to talk about the particular verse with someone? When I was in school – and that was a long time ago – I must have missed that day  – that they taught the children  “how to memorize material”  – that was important  for  –  you – so that  for the rest of your LIFE – you would always be able to recall – when ever  important  material was needed?

Sometime ago – when I was looking through my Mother’s Bible  – I found on one of the first pages in her Bible a list of five (5) different important things  that each child should learn and memorize, forever! At that time – there was one item that I had  felt that I should learn – “memorize”  – so that I could recall the whole  “verse by verse”  and at anytime – the  “The 23rd Psalm.”  So, not knowing any special way  –   this is what I did – I counted the words in each line  – and as I was in bed at night – I would say each line , as best as I could remember , and using my fingers counting the words for that line. Some lines came to memory very quick  and  easy and  soon – I would say the whole Psalm as many times as I could  before  falling  to sleep  – but  then  – when I fell   asleep –   that was it – –  for me and   the night’s learning.

That was my way of learning the  “23rd Psalm” and before I knew it – I could say it anytime as –  I had committed it to memory. So, getting back to this New Year’s  resolution – today as I was reading the BIBLE – I came across a verse – that I think I am going to use as my  “start up verse”   – of leering more verses – those that I think will help me – and maybe – you just might like this verse, too?

Look up –  “PROVERBS 13:20”  “Walk   with wise men and be wise.”  “Companion of Fools and be broken.”  There are a  few more words – and in  your  or another Bible – you could read something  – maybe just a little different – but just those few words – they stand for so much – at least I think  for young people to pay attention – to these words – just so that your LIFE will be  just  a little better for you – and the best thing to learn early   in LIFE – is that your friends and peer group – will either  be a help to  you  – or they will act as  your friends – but they will work against you  in  harmful ways that you will not realize –   until it is too –  too  late!

I still remember some of the things that some of the NUNS  would say to us, KIDS – when we were in grade school – “Birds of a feather, flock together” and then there was –  “Empty tin cans  –  rattle the loudest” – so you can easily figure  out – – what they were trying to tell some of us, kids – RIGHT??   “Good Words will help you climb the ladder!”   “The Ladder of LIFE!”

TODAY – – I believe that we all should open the BIBLE and read together as a FAMILY – – our “world” is coming to big time trouble – – as we see  and hear in the daily news – – let’s make a change – – check out the BIBLE and encourage the whole FAMILY to take part –   – – Years ago… everyone was saying… “The  FAMILY that PRAYS together… STAYS together” “Let’s try to make a difference… NOW!”

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“A DREAM a Plan … to be… the BEST that you can be”

With so much going on in this world today – – and the average citizen has no real idea of what is going on – – and no idea how to plan for the future – –  sometimes  we must just  stop…  all activities and take a moment of time to spend with our CREATOR – – in PRAYER – – to figure if our DREAMS and PLANS  are  that which  we were created to accomplish – – in the TIME… that we are given to do so!



Something  that we need to think about – – the people we elect today for the POLITICAL offices – – should only be elected for two terms – – if they can not do any worthwhile  activity for AMERICA in that time frame – – we need new fresh blood – – and no longer the blood-suckers – – getting paid billions of dollars – – to sit  and sleep through the message  – – when the President speaks – – which speaks volumes of what they then do in their offices.



Something from President Ronald Reagan – – he sure could tell AMERICA in a way that we could all understand – –  – – America has a DREAM for all citizens – – Is it the same for all of us – – and are we making good plans to follow through with – – so that we can all live in PEACE?


Just have to  include this – – easy to remember and  we can PRAY  more often – – just having the melody playing in our mind – – when we need  HELP …  from the ALMIGHTY!




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When we first went to  the “Orphan Home” depending on the grades you received on your  “report card”  – – the “Mother Superior”     “MOTHER  ERENTTRUDE ALTHOEFER”  (Sister of Christian Charity)  – –   would go from one class room to the next – – to award those students that had very high grades – – mostly “GOLD STARS” – – which were worth $0.15 – – –  silver stars  $0.10 – – so it did pay to learn – – –  and some  “SPECIAL”  other prizes for special awards!

The class rooms would have  first and second graders in one room   and their teacher’s name was Sister Damion  – – third and fourth graders in another and I  was in the  fourth  grade – – we had Sister Florence for our teacher – – and the fifth and sixth grades – – they had Sister Alvira – – and the seventh and eight grade had Sister Gilbert and she changed her  name to Sister Margaret Mary – – later on – – can not remember what year that was

So… on the day that this was to take place for the awards – – they also had my littler brother, “TOMMY”  tagging along as he was so smart he could recite “t’was the NIGHT before CHRISTMAS” – – the whole long thing by heart – – and with such  expression and emotion – – it was like a real entertainment  show – – of what some of the kids could do if they wanted. “Tommy”  was told that he could also pick something from the table set up with all of these  prizes.

Since  “TOMMY”  did not know what  to select – – I went up and happened to see this  picture frame of a small child praying with the  two “Angels”  above her  – – and so I handed this to  “TOMMY”  – – and told him  – – that this would be for our little sister “EVE KAREN” – – to be hung over her crib, at HOME.

As you can see by the color – – this old  photo and frame have grown old and yellowed some what…  over the years – – since this hung over  our little sister’s crib – – for years and years – – till the day this crib was finally sold.

BUT… since this was an “award to  our little TOMMY”  – – for being smarter than all of the ORPHANS – –  I just could never part with it – – and I still have it – – when things have memories – – like most of the stuff  I have… then –  I save it  – – what can I do – – but to continue to save it – – and always remember the good old TIMES – – that are  a part of the memories!



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“Happy Birthday Kathleen and KAREN McClarren Scott”

Happy Birthday  “Kathleen and Eve Karen”                                                                                               just seven days old … twins.


“Little KATHLEEN” did not survive due to a crushed lung but “EVE KAREN’ was stronger and did   make  it – – each twin weight  ‘eight and a half pounds’  – – quite a load of baby – – just LUCKY that Mama was able to make it – – as for her last couple of months’   could not get out of bed – – so  the older children… Mary Ellen – Denny – Tommy  — were placed temporarily in the German Saint Vincent Orphanage.

So… to the survivor, “EVE  KAREN”  we wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY – –   WHO is NOW also in HEAVEN with her TWIN, KATHLEEN!

“EVE KAREN” did  marry Jim SCOTT and had two boys… “Christopher”  and  “STEVEN”  – – and in the last couple years “Chris” has join his MOTHER in HEAVEN.

In this PHOTO – – is KAREN and her husband JIM – – a trip to Hawaii and in this photo they are celebrating the purchase of a beautiful gift

that most women just LOVE – – diamonds and a very nice trip to Hawaii all at the same time – – “WOW”   – – WHO could  ask for  any thing  more???

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TO MY  “TWIN SISTERS”  KATHLEEN and KAREN”  LOVE and Best of  Wishes – – forever and ever more – – we all LOVE and miss you! – – D.V.

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“Birthday Party in HEAVEN… tomorrow”

“FEBRUARY 16th, 1946”


Do we all look HAPPY???

We surely should… It is “Visiting DAY – – and in those days – – that was the best ting that could happen – – getting together with your parents and in our case  – –  our brand new baby sister, “EVE KAREN” – – the surviving  “TWIN”  – – as  her identical  twin,  baby “KATHLEEN”  had a crushed lung at birth – – and in those days – – and conditions – – she was buried in the …  North  Saint Louis, MO  –  “Calvary Cemetery”  – – a place close enough for us to take walks  – –  since most  families  did not have automobiles  – – but we  did like to take long walks  – –   so to walk all around the neighborhood  – –  we  would include the Cemetery   sometimes…  to  visit others in the FAMILY …   buried there, too

Getting back to the “VISITING DAY” – -my Mother would always bring all kinds of good stuff to eat and some of the games and toys that we still had at our home in North Saint Louis – – and just having those very few hours on a SUNDAY afternoon – – were like being in HEAVEN – – and I am so grateful that my parents were able to be there – – as there were some children… that never ever had any FAMILY come to visit them.

When we first  went to this Orphanage – – they only had one VISITING SUNDAY a month – – but – – my parents would come out through out the week – – and what ever time that they could – – just to visit with us. It was against the “RULES” – – and that was one “RULE” that my PARENTS would break – – and I just LOVE them for doing that. Of course the NUNS were not HAPPY about that situation – – and of course some of the NUNS let us kids know exactly how they felt – –  – “thinking that we  were above the rules and being PRIVILEGED – – more so…  than others!

BUT… at the end of the day – – we were HAPPY as you can see – – and NOW that I think back it was all FUN.  Because… some time after our being there – – they changed “VISITING DAYS” to the second and fourth “SUNDAY” of the month – – which was good for everyone that would get VISITORS — – but…  even at that my PARENTS – – still came out even more  and since we are NOW in the “LENTEN SEASON” – – I remember so often on a FRIDAY EVENING DEVOTION – – while everyone was in the CHAPEL – – my FATHER would come to the ORPHANAGE – – and told  the NUN  answering the door bell… to get his kids ready – -“I AM TAKING THEM HOME” – – and a NUN would come to me  as I was kneeling at my spot – – tell me to get my coat and stuff and  go the “ENTRANCE DOOR” – – that my FATHER was taking us HOME!”

Now that  I am remembering even more – – “HOLLYWOOD” missed out in making a terrific story and MOVIE – – about the “McCLARREN FAMILY” living in the ORPHANAGE.  All kinds of “RULES” were broken – – because of my FATHER – – none of the other kids had a FATHER – – that would come out to see his  children  any time he felt like it.  I enjoyed the LIFE that I was given – – not what I would have selected – – but… thinking back – – “It was FUN and I have good memories…forever!” 

“EVE KAREN McCLARREN – – SCOTT”  has a big BIRTHDAY  PARTY tomorrow   in HEAVEN – – with her TWIN SISTER, KATHLEEN!”   D.V.

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“Happy Valentine’s Day” to YOU and ALL”

To all those that I do not get to see in person – – and to all those that read  what “GRANDMA” thinks is good for the DAY – – and to those that like some of the silly stuff that I can remember and pass on – – some old and some NEW – – as the world changes over the many years – – of seeing and doing so many things – –  that even if I wrote a book – it would  not contain all of the silly and special stuff  –  – just one person or FAMILY could remember to tell – – so that  – – just maybe  – – something of value was received by the reader – – something that would make a difference in a LIFE?

So… with all of that said – – It is that which is in the HEART – – and TODAY – – of all DAYS – – remember to send everyone your LOVE – – as with more LOVE shared – – that is TRUE LOVE – –  “What a wonderful world this would be” – –  and to  just  think – – that we all did our fair share  on this “VALENTINE DAY!


Happy Valentines Day images With Rose


This is the one DAY of the YEAR – – to remember the LOVE of YOUR LIFE – – –  Just a few words – – that you know will mean what you are saying – – is what is needed – – to show that … YOUR words are worth more than any thing that could be bought.

It is not the gifts that only money can buy – – It is what your “HEART” expresses to those you LOVE – – that speaks volumes – -and will last longer than TIME here or in the next.

Just being grateful and THANKFUL – – daily that you are LOVED – – and that that YOU have someone to give YOUR LOVE to – – is what LIFE is all about.




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