5 Ways to Inspire Your Kids

Bring out your child’s creativity!

Check out number 5…  since I will be writing about that  paragraph  tomorrow.   It is the best of ideas for   parents… to get involved in how your child would like his or her room decorated.


I love working with kids and helping them develop a creative living space. Here are the top 5 ways to inspire your child.

1. Talk from the Heart
Give your child time to tell you what’s on his or her mind. And listen.Always listen.

2. Dream Together
Read about inspiring people. Honor a role model. I’ve made a lamp with images of inspiring people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Projects like this can bring a role model into your child’s room and heart.


3. Add Action to Compassion
Collect food for a food pantry. Save outgrown clothes for a shelter. Restore used furniture found on the curb, and give to a thrift store. When you empower your child to help others you build self-esteem and kindness.

4. Practice Positive Thinking
Surround your child with positive words and pictures. Make a “Calendar of Belief,” a chalkboard decorated by your family. At dinnertime, write in one positive thing from that day. You’ll find, at the end of the month, countless reminders of the good in your lives.

5. Buy Less, Create More
Necessity is the mother of invention. Redecorate your child’s room with what you have or find at thrift stores or garage sales. The more your child is involved, the better he or she will feel about the results.

Read how Kelee Katillac found a new purpose in life by redecorating an old chair in Room to Grow .

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Kelee Katillac is an interior designer and author of House of Belief and Kids’ Sacred Places . For more about Kelee and her work, .

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“Is it too HOT – where you are?”

These  are “Brady Family Cousins” – – and they sure do…  DO  a whole  lot of   FUN things  – –  even  on … the  really   HOT DAYS in Missouri!


It really is amazing to me – – that with all of those long skirts  and high neck “Collar with Bows” so tight around the neck  “DRESSES” – – that with the high  amount of  “HEAT”  to contend with – – that these young ladies were able to  … cook… clean the house…  do the laundry… and then have all kinds of things to do out side – play  games or even take long works – –  “how comfortable could they ever be?”


Just looking at their faces… they sure do look like they are having lots of FUN!


Even on SUNDAY… to go to CHURCH – – – one must wear layers and layers of material in just the dress – – and then a  very large and fancy “HAT” – – which would be on top of some very long hair – which would be rolled up in thick curls – and all of this held together with  a hundred “HAIR PINS” – – just thinking about the amount of the weight – – could throw you  “off”   balance.

Just  thinking…  back then “LADIES” would wear gloves – – and their DRESSES would have long sleeves to the wrist – – and with the gloves – – that may even over lap in the wrist area – –  – FORBID… any one letting any skin show other than the face!

A further thought…  as  HOT as it is  TODAY… and I do not have to wear all of those extra clothes – –  what could I say about my self – – if I even thought to say out loud…  “It is too HOT for me to do anything… TODAY… when it is 100 degrees!” – – “and that’s with me wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt???”

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“HOT” and “NO AIR-Conditioner”

Since it is so… “HOT”  – – in this month of JULY… “HOW would you like to have to dress like the girls in the PHOTO … that follows….  because with  no “AIR- CONDITIONER”  – – –  you feel that a dip in the LAKE – – and maybe you will feel cooler?”


Only a hundred years ago…and you are in the mood to get “cool” – – with a swim in the near-by LAKE – –  you would have to first put your “most fancy  SWIM-SUIT” on!  In the early 1900’s – – you may not remember … since you did not have to LIVE in those days – – but your daily dress attire would include… a very long dark color dress, with long sleeves and high collar. Under this dress would be corset and  pantaloons  or drawers – knickers of the most baggy of size that would button or maybe you would have to gather around the waist  – – and then  tie around the waist as tight as you want  – – then maybe two petticoats with at least six yards of material – and a couple of matching petticoats – depending on the weather.

Well – –  with all of those clothes on your body…  it is   surprising    that more women did not just pass out – – due to the HEAT. So… to take a   SWIM to COOL off – –  a young lady would take off  all of the above listed clothing  – – and then put on that “fancy swim-suit”  – – as the girls in the above photo have on. Is…  there much of a difference – – I think – – that the above  “SWIM-SUIT”  would almost cause – – a young lady to sink and drown.

When you have a situation of too much  hot weather – – no wonder someone – – decided he had enough and invented –  – something to “COOL the AIR” – – wonder if anyone has ever given  THANKS – – for that person to have  made our SUMMERS…  that are too  HOT – – just a bit  easier  for us  senior citizens to make it through the day!  

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“Family Visit to Missouri – check out the ZOO”

Some old PHOTOS of our visit to the Saint Luis Zoo in  our old home  town of   Saint Louis, Missouri – – with our Family – – when we came  up …  from Fort Lauderdale, Florida –  for a month  of  vacation …  in the summer of 1961.


On this visit to the “ZOO” we also  included our Aunt Irene Riley – – everybody loves to go to the ZOO – – especially the elders as long as there  are children – – because half the  FUN – – is to watch the young children  take in the large animals and to be able to hear each animal in their own environment – – communicate with their  own  surrounding animals – – just as if all of the animals know – –  exactly  – – what all of the other animals are saying.

In the PHOTO on the left –  Aunt Irene is wearing the blue/purple   on  white dress — the little boy up front with sword in hand  and cow-boy hat – – is my son, Lee Jr., – – and  the lady with  the  small child in her arms…   is my sister-in-law,  Cathy Stanley – – and the tallest boy with blue shirt  on  – – is Cathy’s oldest child and his name in Ralph — – and the younger children  – – that you see are also  Cathy’s.


One more PHOTO – – all of us – – and it looks like …  we all like to stand in the shade  to cool off… because it is always  HOT weather at the  “ZOO”  – and  we all  need to rest for awhile.


How do you like this… looks like the goat will eat – – even someone’s shirt – – that is Ralph Stanley.    Little Lee Jr., is giving the goat a pet or two – – he looks as if he is not too sure about being there in this  restricted  area…  but, is especially  set aside as the “Children’s Petting  Small  Animal Area” – – up close and able to get a real feel for the variety of small animals that are available…  for the children to visit  with   and  also see  in this special little area.

This was a FUN for the FAMILY visit  to the Saint Louis ZOO – – and with   these  old  PHOTOS  – – so  that – –   we will always be able to remember – – how we did look in 1961  – –  and to  be able  to keep  – – our  good memories…   up front and active.



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The weather – –  right NOW in Missouri – – is just  HOT enough – – so that everyone who wants  to have a good TIME – – will pack a lunch and cold beverage trunk  – –  all the best of  meat and vegetables   to Bar-b-Que  – eat in the shade of the trees – – and every so often – – take a running leap into the Lake – –  and just have lots of FUN!


The men in the ALDRICH  FAMILY are doing the unloading of all of the cars – putting food and  drinks into the area  – – for the right person to take care of…  on the left and with a cap on his head…  is Ralph Stanley – – the man with the very  good tan…. since he has the Aldrich Roofing  business – – is owner  Harry Aldrich – – and the man on the right is Lee Aldrich Sr.,  – – now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – – and spending a month in Saint Louis to visit with all the FAMILY.

In the photo… below  – – is Catherine Aldrich – – – with   the white dress on… and she is wife of Harry, the roofer – – – and little CATHY – in the black bathing suit and also the wife of Ralph – – and also mother of some of the small children already gathering around the  PICNIC TABLE – – you know that children are always   hungry    and always ready to swim and have lots of FUN – – when they are at the PICNIC – – with all of their relatives.img052

That almost looks like HARRY ALDRICH – – sitting at the PICNIC TABLE – – he is a real  comedian – – always full of jokes for the kids – loves to keep everyone   laughing – – and a good PICNIC   – – should always have someone who  just loves to keep everyone  having  good times and FUN!

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“The LIFE of RILEY – Bill and Irene”


After all  these past years – – at last a photo at home – – resting with company – – “LOOKS LIKE THE LIFE OF  RILEY”  – – to me??


After having supper – back in the day… man of the house…  in his  easy chair and reading the day’s newspaper – – company sitting around – all cozy  and comfortable – – and the wife … finally comes in to the living room – – just finishing the evening dishes – all nicely clean and put away – – gives notice that there is a nice “home made dessert”  ready and waiting to be served as soon as everyone is ready – – for more good eats!

That  is Irene on the left and the man of the house  – William B. Riley – reading  the news of the day – – so now before it gets too late – – Irene will start to serve  something very special …    for this night’s dessert – – – since the company is FAMILY!

Did you check out the first posted photo of  our Aunt Irene and Uncle Bill – – way back and when – –  I do not think that they changed too much – –  what do you think?

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